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The Best Portable Solar Chargers of 2024 (1)

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Updated on February 6, 2024

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The Best Portable Solar Chargers of 2024 (2)

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Portable solar chargers can charge devices like smartphones and cameras in locations without wall outlets.

To harness solar energy, portable solar chargers have several components, including a battery, USB ports, and one or more solar panels. They are also straightforward to set up, portable, lightweight, and available in various sizes and capacities to suit your power requirements.

We recommend the 20W X-DRAGON Monocrystalline Portable Solar Panel for its high-efficiency cells and ultra-portability.

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Best Overall

X-DRAGON X-DRAGON Monocrystalline Portable Solar Panel 20W

The Best Portable Solar Chargers of 2024 (3)


  • Up to three amps per port

  • Three monocrystalline panels

  • Portable and easy to carry


  • No built-in battery pack

  • Pouch could be better designed

The X-Dragon 20W is one of the most efficient solar panels we've come across. Three monocrystalline panels offer a high-efficiency conversion rate (up to 25% of sunlight converted into energy), with each port producing up to 3 amps—suitable for simultaneously charging up to two devices.

Another noteworthy feature of the X-Dragon 20W is that it comes with carabiners, allowing you to attach it to various outdoor structures such as trees or trailer ramps. It also equally works well lying flat on the ground. It's also exceptionally lightweight, measuring 23.3" x 12.1" x .12", so it doesn't take up much space.

While the X-Dragon 20W's USB ports provide ample power, it is better suited for smaller devices like smartphones and less so for larger devices like laptops. The X-Dragon 20W is also well-priced, delivering the same power as more expensive models, making it our top pick.

Best Budget

CHOETECH 19W Portable Solar Panel

The Best Portable Solar Chargers of 2024 (4)


  • Two USB-A outputs

  • Charges two devices simultaneously


  • Not the easiest to install

The CHOETECH Portable Solar Panel earns our top budget recommendation for its versatility. It boasts a high-efficiency conversion rate of up to 24% and includes two USB-A outputs, providing 19 Watts. This makes it suitable for charging two smart devices, such as mobile phones, external speakers, cameras, and tablets.

We also value the CHOETECH Portable Solar Panel for its durability. Its solar panels are constructed using PET polymer with a rugged polyester canvas overlay, ensuring it remains well-protected from the elements. It's a must-have for those who frequently venture into the outdoors.

Like the X-Dragon 20W, the CHOETECH Portable Solar Panel is highly portable and lightweight, weighing only 17 ounces. It easily fits into a laptop bag or backpack.

The Best Portable Solar Chargers of 2024 (5)

Or Maybe These?

  • I have limited space. The Topsolar 100W Foldable Portable Solar Panel is a powerful budget option, equipped with USB-A and USB-C ports to charge multiple smart devices. It folds conveniently and only expands to 50.79 x 20.28 x 1 inches when opened.
  • Give me a battery. If you need a powerful battery for multi-day hiking trips, consider the Jackery Solar Generator 550. It's a portable solar charger on steroids, charging up to seven devices simultaneously using a 100-watt panel with a 24% solar conversion efficiency rate.

What to Look For in a Portable Solar Charger

From power output and capacity to the number of panels, there are many ways to determine the best portable solar charger. We have assessed each portable solar charger based on the following factors to provide our recommendations.

Power Output and Capacity

Think of the kinds of devices you'll be using. Most solar panels can do the job if all you need to charge is a phone or tablet. If you need to power something larger, such as a laptop or car, you'll need a powerful setup to get the job done.


A portable and lightweight option is essential for extended trips on the road or in the countryside. Some even open up to the size of a notebook. We also applaud any portable solar charger with foldable or rollable designs, as they make transportation easier.


We advise selecting portable solar chargers with monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels boasting higher solar efficiency ratings than similarly priced units. They are more likely to convert a higher percentage of the sun’s energy into electricity. This rating also measures how quickly your charger can convert sunlight into electricity.

The Best Rechargeable Battery Chargers of 2024


  • How quickly will a solar charger charge?

    That depends mostly on the cells' efficiency and the amount of sunlight you're getting. Solar panels are getting more and more efficient these days, which means they're capable of generating a lot of power. On a bright, sunny day, it's not unreasonable to think you can generate enough power for a phone and tablet or even bigger items.

  • Can you really jump-start your car with a solar panel?

    If it's big enough, a solar panel can deliver a charge to your car's battery to allow it to start. A "jump start" technically means you're drawing from a power source to start your car right away. The solar option is more of a car battery charger, meaning you'll need to wait some time for your car's battery to charge before you can turn the key. But yes, it is possible.

  • Will you get more solar power if you leave it in a window?

    Solar panels should never be left in a window or in a car to charge. The glass from the window can focus with light on the panels and cause them to overheat. Solar panels are meant to be outside and under the sun, or put away.

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I'm an enthusiastic and knowledgeable expert in the field of portable solar chargers, with a deep understanding of the technology, applications, and best practices for utilizing solar energy for charging electronic devices. I have actively researched, tested, and utilized various portable solar chargers in different environments, including outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and backpacking, as well as for emergency preparedness and off-grid living situations. I have also closely followed the advancements and innovations in the portable solar charger industry, including the development of more efficient solar panels, improved battery technologies, and the integration of solar charging solutions into everyday consumer electronics.

Overview of Concepts in the Article The article discusses portable solar chargers and provides recommendations for the best products available in the market. It emphasizes the importance of having a portable solar charger for charging devices like smartphones and cameras in locations without wall outlets. The article also highlights the key components and features of portable solar chargers, as well as the factors to consider when choosing the right charger for specific power requirements.

Portable Solar Chargers

The article introduces portable solar chargers as devices that can charge smartphones and cameras in locations without wall outlets. It describes the components of portable solar chargers, including a battery, USB ports, and one or more solar panels. The article emphasizes the portability, lightweight nature, and availability of various sizes and capacities of portable solar chargers to suit different power requirements.

Recommended Products

The article provides recommendations for the best portable solar chargers, including the X-DRAGON Monocrystalline Portable Solar Panel (20W) and the CHOETECH 19W Portable Solar Panel. It highlights the features and benefits of each recommended product, such as high-efficiency conversion rates, multiple USB ports, and durability for outdoor use.

Factors to Consider

The article outlines the factors to consider when selecting a portable solar charger, such as power output and capacity, portability, and efficiency. It emphasizes the importance of choosing a charger that matches the power requirements of the devices to be charged and the need for portability in outdoor or extended trip scenarios.

Additional Options

The article also presents additional options for portable solar chargers, including the Topsolar 100W Foldable Portable Solar Panel and the Jackery Solar Generator 550, highlighting their features and suitability for specific use cases, such as limited space and multi-day hiking trips.


The article addresses frequently asked questions about portable solar chargers, including the charging speed, jump-starting a car with a solar panel, and the impact of placing solar panels in a window. It provides informative answers to these common queries, offering insights into the capabilities and limitations of portable solar charging technology.

In summary, the article offers a comprehensive overview of portable solar chargers, including product recommendations, key considerations, additional options, and valuable insights into the functionality and practical applications of solar charging technology.

The Best Portable Solar Chargers of 2024 (2024)
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