Financial Advisor Websites with Eye-catching Designs and Useful Elements (2024)

Competition in the financial market is huge. Advisory companies specializing in supporting individual and business clients have not only to present their services attractively but also to win the trust of their audience. Without this, it’s difficult to expect anyone to place their finances in the hands of such organizations. What makes the most interesting financial advisor websites stand out?

Why do financial advisors need a website?

Nowadays, almost every business needs to have an online presence to effectively attract new customers. Financial advisor websites are tools to present their offerings well.Important elements of such financial websites include contact forms, chats, and chatbots. Thanks to them, experts can more easily communicate with their existing clients and respond more efficiently to inquiries from users interested in their products. Acquiring new audiences for their services is also made easier by personalizing content. Websites of financial advisors help collect user data necessary to tailor marketing messages to their expectations.

1. The Pension Planner

Financial advice for retirees or those planning to retire is a service offered by financial advisors at The Pension Planner. On its website, the company shows users interested in financial management support that it understands their needs.

The video in the hero section suggests that retirement should be a period of enjoying life, not worrying. In this way, the company presents the greatest advantage of using its offer - the customer can focus on relaxing and enjoying their leisure time instead of worrying about their means to live and pursue their dreams.

Slightly below the hero section on the home page are key questions. By answering them, the recipient can reassure themselves that they have come across a company whose services can help them.

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Also noteworthy is the Client Stories page with case studies. Each story is described according to a template, which increases the clarity and comprehensibility of the entry. It’s divided into:

  • a brief description of the customer's situation and problem,
  • a detailed presentation of the implemented solution,
  • positive results.

The Pension Planner is giving users a free gift guide (A guide to preparing for modern retirement) in downloadable PDF format.

2. Define Financial

Planning a retirement is important, but it's not the only service that is possible to find on financial advisor websites. Define Financial additionally offers support with tax returns, selecting and managing insurance, and investments.

The company's website is strongly conversion-oriented. What catches the eye is the prominent Get Your Free Assessment call-to-action button in the hero section, which redirects to a form to schedule a free appointment.

The home page also lists the advantages of using Define Financial's services and points out the difficulties the customer will no longer face.

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In various parts of the website (including the expert subpages), you can find statistics and achievements expressed in numbers.

Case studies are also among the interesting elements of this financial advisor website. The descriptions are divided according to the profile of the client served - doing additional work, retired, or approaching retirement. This allows the visitor to quickly find a story that may match their own problems.

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A person convinced of the company's services can use the calendar to choose an appointment from available dates and times. The tool automatically sets the user's time zone, but they can choose a different one if they are planning an online meeting from another part of the world. There is also a page available after logging in for customers to manage their services.

Define Financial also offers additional downloadable materials. On the Tax Planning subpage, there is an Annual Tax Return Analysis file. The website also links to Taylor Schulte's Stay Wealthy podcast on financial management.

3. Black Lion Wealth Management

Black Lion Wealth Management is a financial advisor website providing services to individual clients. The company's specialties include financial management, tax settlement, and retirement planning.

The website of this company has a very distinctive design. The creators used color contrasts - individual sections and elements are white or deep green. Large high-quality photographs dominate the rather minimalist design.

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The home page even invites people to interact with it. It features a lot of buttons with which a user can browse the services offered or go to other subpages for more information.

A useful feature for those considering embarking on an investment adventure is the Market Data subpage with stock market information. The Research subpage, on the other hand, provides a useful collection of links to market research, reports, and financial data websites. Thus, it acts indirectly as a knowledge base.

4. Facet Wealth

Facet Wealth offers financial advice on managing household, career, retirement, and investment finances.

This company's website is strongly sales-oriented. The call-to-action button - Get started - that allows for scheduling an appointment already appears in the hero section and leads straight to the contact form.

Interestingly presented customer testimonials also motivate people to send an inquiry. They appear on the home page in the form of numerous videos, so the users can hear real stories from the mouths of actual customers.

It’s also worth appreciating the well-written, clearly explained advantages of the offered solution. Concise and easy-to-understand content is complemented by simple but well-illustrative graphics of these benefits.

The element that engages the user in interacting with the website is a quiz that makes it easy to determine the visitor's needs for financial advice. It’s short, and the questions are simple but specific. This allows the Facet Wealth company to get to know the client better before the first conversation and makes it easier to develop an offer tailored to the customer's needs.

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5. Humboldt Financial

Humboldt Financial offers companies support in managing benefits and remuneration and supporting employees in their settlements. In addition, it provides services to individual clients.

The hero section features a video telling the story of the company, how it supports its customers, and who they are. The video emphasizes that a significant portion of new customers come from referrals, which shows the high satisfaction of the companies and individuals served. This can also be seen from the customer reviews displayed on the home page. These consist of a comment and a point rating on a scale of 1 to 5.

Due to its extensive offerings, Humboldt Financial's website contains quite a lot of subpages and content. Solutions such as tiles with listed specialties make it easier to discover services, improve navigation and help organize information on the website.

Useful elements of financial advisor websites also include customer portals. This type of solution has also been used on this web page. It’s available after creating an account and allows the user to manage their services.

That's not all the Humboldt Financial website offers. On the Experts Guides subpage, users can download guides on buying a home, investing in real estate, and dealing with taxes.

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In turn, the Employers subpage includes a calculator for estimating the gains from taking advantage of the salary sacrifice - a system of benefits (e.g., pension) given to an employee instead of a higher salary, but with tax relief.

6. ZOE Financial

The ZOE Financial company provides a variety of advisory services to individual client related to real estate purchases, divorce and property division, household budget management, retirement, and taxes.

In the hero section, there is a Find An Advisor button that takes the visitor to a quiz. In it, the user has to answer a few questions, provide some of their details (age, zip code), and indicate the case they need help with. In this way, the company can easily tailor a quote and offer to their needs.

On the home page, its creators succinctly explained what the offer is about and how the service works. The process is described step by step and supplemented with screenshots.

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Texts on service pages are thoughtfully organized into sections. Statistics and charts also fit in with the financial advisor websites. These are plentiful on ZOE Financial's web page and show viewers, for example, what kind of return they can expect by entrusting the management of their finances to a specialist.

In addition to a well-designed website, ZOE Financial gives users access to downloadable PDF guides on various subpages. They cover a variety of topics, such as tax accounting for high-income earners and managing income in retirement.

The blog, with articles on consumer finance and a Market Drama video series on significant market developments, is also worth a look.

The company emphasizes its professional image by describing in detail the process of selecting advisors to choose the best ones (so that the client doesn't have to do it). In the video, the specialists working for ZOE Financial tell how they were vetted.

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7. Braun-Bostich & Associates

The Braun-Bostich & Associates advisory firm offers numerous services to companies, individuals, and families. With such an extensive range of services, it isn’t easy to build a website that is pleasant to look at. In this case, however, it has succeeded. A detailed menu makes it easy to quickly find subpages in which the reader may be interested. Navigation is also improved by buttons located in the content, as they help explore the website.

On the complicated web pages of financial advisors, it’s often possible to get the impression that the services of these companies are more for business. The creators of the Braun-Bostich & Associates portal have dealt with this problem by creating a Who we serve subpage. Placed, there are person cards, which describe well the characteristics of a specific model client and add downloadable ebooks tailored to their needs.

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This consulting company gives its audience access to the Intentional Wealth podcast. It’s related not only to finances but also to the choice of insurance. The program's episodes feature experts from the given fields.

8. Elitax

Elitax is a French company offering advisory services to individuals, corporations, and entrepreneurs (e-seller). Thanks to the good visibility of the contact information (it’s placed at the very top of the portal), a potential client can quickly contact this company.

The strengths of this financial advisor website are the well-designed subpages of individual services. It’s worth paying attention to the clearly organized sections (Individuals, Corporate - Human Resources, Relocation Service Providers, E-Sellers). When a more detailed option is selected, a longer description appears with feedback from the client below the content.

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This is the first website in our financial advisor websites ranking that puts a chatbot at the disposal of users. This allows for arranging meetings quickly. The calendar used for this purpose gives the possibility to choose not only the time and date but also a specific advisor.

On the Elitax portal, you can find many free information materials. In the Informations tab, you can find a lot of knowledge about taxes in France, along with statistics. In the General Information on Taxes in France section, there is even a video explaining how to apply for a tax refund for the first time.

9. EP Wealth Advisors

A person looking for a comprehensive service should take a peek at the EP Wealth Advisors portal. The company offers a great deal of support for the individual client, from investment management to retirement planning. It also offers services for business.

In a separate tab, Do you even need a financial advisor, there’s a quiz that allows the user to see if they even need the support of a financial advisor.

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The Events & Webinars subpage shows past and future events that EP Wealth Advisors offers to potential clients, categorized into Client Education Series, Informed Investor Market Outlook, and Webinars.

It’s also possible to find interesting materials in the Guides & Assessments tab. They relate to retirement planning and finances.

10. Blevins Franks

Blevins Franks is one of the financial advisor websites offering services to individual clients. What distinguishes this company from the others described in this article is that it operates in various countries around the world.

The web page is extensive and contains a lot of information, which isn’t surprising given how many countries the advisory services are provided in. The home page features tiles with landscapes from the countries where the company operates. These elements are buttons that redirect to subpages oriented to potential clients in the given territories.

Like previous websites, this one also offers users materials to download for free. These include guides on tax matters in France, Spain, or Cyprus, as well as videos and podcasts.

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The best financial advisor websites - how to build a web page of this type?

There is no doubt that the best financial advisor websites are distinguished by their clear, transparent design and concise content, which includes charts and statistics. Client testimonials (e.g., in the form of video) are also not insignificant, adding credibility to the messages published by the advisory firm. Podcasts, videos, and tutorials created by the team also help build a professional image.

Among the most important elements on the websites of financial advisors are quizzes, which allow them to get to know the customer better. It’s through them that companies collect data about their audience and have the ability to better tailor offers to their needs. Calendars, on the other hand, help make quick appointments.

Additional tools that may appear on the web page include financial calculators - their calculations sometimes help convince a user to contact an advisor. We can build you a financial website that includes all the elements you need for your business.

I'm a knowledgeable enthusiast in the field of financial advisory services, and I'm here to share insights and expertise on the topic. As an expert, I can provide in-depth information on the various elements that make financial advisor websites stand out and why they are essential in today's digital age.

Financial advisor websites play a crucial role in presenting services attractively and building trust with their audience. These websites serve as tools to effectively communicate offerings, engage with existing clients, and attract new audiences. They incorporate important elements such as contact forms, chats, chatbots, and personalized content to collect user data for tailored marketing messages.

Now, let's delve into the specific concepts mentioned in the article and explore the key elements that make the most interesting financial advisor websites stand out.

Financial Advisor Websites with Eye-catching Designs and Useful Elements (2024)
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