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He will never admit that he is rarely rich and wants to wear something nice.At this time, the boss s voice came from outside the curtain Young master, I see that your face is dirty.I have a dish of water here, let me wash immediately reduce blood sugar it for you.Ouyang Xia chuckled, this boss knows how to do business.The boss heard the sound of the curtain opening, and when he saw the person coming out, his eyes widened in amazement.The young man is tall and thin, and he is dressed in blue and embroidered white bamboo clothes, which looks elegant and refined.Under the casually tied black hair is a full forehead, delicate eyebrows, straight nose and lips that are neither thin nor thick.With a handsome and delicate face, even if you haven t grown up, you can still see how handsome it will be in the future, and your gestures are full of nobility, this must be a son of extraordinary background.Ouyang Xia stood up, and is there a smart watch that monitors blood sugar the bright lights bloomed from behind, reflecting him as slender as a delicate flower in the wind, adding a hazy beauty.For some reason, Si Yelin felt dry in his throat, turned his head away If your words don t satisfy the king, you will be doomed today.Stepping out of the water, Ouyang Xia came to the screen and saw a piece of clothing there, and directly Take it and put it on.You are presumptuous This is my master s clothes. Ling Shan and Ling Shui stepped forward, trying to catch him with one hand.He turned around and came to Si Yelin s side, raised his head to meet his gaze, I want to kill Boss Qi, and win with one move.Really I m arrogant.Who is Boss Qi Hovering here for many years, even Prince Gehar has a man who has friendship, and his influence spreads all over the border of the Western Regions.Last night they had seen what a strong taste is.They never knew that this son was so addicted to spicy food.Ouyang Xia said secretly, Bai was born in the royal family, and he doesn t know how to eat good things.I don t even think about it, living in a place with severe cold weather in the north, eating chili is very good for the body.Looking sideways at the dense forest behind him, he strode over, turned his back to lower blood suger Ling Shan and waved his hands I don t care, diabetes blood sugar levels high I want to eat pickled fish, a plate blood sugar monitor under skin is fine.Where is the prince going Convenience.Throwing The next two words, Ouyang Xia got into the woods, he held back all morning, his bladder was about to burst.After walking a little far, after making sure that the people behind were invisible, it was convenient to lift the hem of the clothes.Then he tied up his trousers, and when he was about to turn around, he suddenly smelled a trace of evil spirit in the air, he stopped in his steps, and slowly reached into his sleeve to caress the sleeve arrow.Then the maid opened the curtain, Ouyang Xia did not get out of the car, but said to the maid, It seems that this son is not welcome here, let s go to my sister s house.Okay.The maid beside Ouyang Xian was very clever, and said back It just so happens that the master sewed a lot of seasonal clothes for the son, and there is no need to bring everything.Since the son is not welcome here, go to live in our county palace, and the county king will certainly welcome you.After finishing speaking, she had to put it down.Curtain, ready to leave.Nanny Ling and Ouyang Gui were dumbfounded, how could this be different from what they thought.Ouyang Gui got off his horse and raised his hand Wait a minute, Axia, why are you angry The maid just now turned and glared at Ouyang Gui, blessed her body Master Ouyang, even though the servants are from lowly backgrounds, you know that you are safe and sound.Ouyang Xia folded her arms around her chest, and said with a light smile, It s just that I don t know how to do my homework, so I don t know if my brother is willing to help.Si Yelin raised his head, gave him a cold look, does glucophage lower blood sugar and said angrily, Then don t go back tonight.If you don t know how to do such a simple subject, it would a1c if blood sugar is 200 be embarrassing for the dignified son to say it.Ouyang Xia rolled her eyes, thought of something, smiled and said, Okay, okay, then I ll go back after I m done.But I ll go now, oh, I m just saying hello.Yeah.Suspecting him, he continued to do his own business.Ouyang Xia smiled slyly, took out a piece of paper from her bosom and threw it to him, then left Brother, this is your meal money for tonight.Food Si Yelin didn t know why, so he picked up the paper and opened it gently, and a picture came into view, which was exactly the picture of him lying in a tree and sleeping in the afternoon.When Zhou Zhengdong and Wei Chuan came in and saw Ouyang Xia who was drinking tea leisurely, they were very angry.How are you, boy We are so busy in class, you actually ask for sick leave Zhou Zhengchuan stepped forward and lightly tapped his shoulder without saying a word, and said with a smile on his face.Wei Chuan snorted softly and scolded him angrily You have no loyalty, you actually let your brother skip class.It made them worry terribly, but this kid was happy here.Ouyang Xia chuckled I asked for sick leave, isn t there a sick a1c if blood sugar is 200 how reduce blood sugar person in my family When the two of them heard this, they were almost out of breath, and said in unison, That s because your brother is sick.Come out, but why didn t they think of it The three of them looked at each other and sat down with a smile, and the attendants behind them also presented gifts to Ouyang Sen, which were all supplements and curiosities, which showed that they were very careful in choosing the gifts.Zhou Zhengdong looked around, and Ling Shan was already in front of him, and the two instinctively retreated.open.Ling Shan put the three obediences and four virtues in front of Ouyang Xia s eyes, looked at him who was puzzled, and said with a smile The prince said that the son is too lively, so I have to copy all these books.After finishing speaking, he didn t wait for Ouyang Xia reacted, turned around and left quickly.Ouyang Xia tilted her head, opened her eyes wide when she saw the words on it clearly, and picked up a book with two words printed on it female virtue.Look at the other three books, Women s Face, Women s Ring It turned out to be three obediences and four virtues.Hahahaha Seeing this, Zhou Zhengdong and the two couldn t help hugging each other and laughing loudly.The arrogant laughter spread does drinking water help to lower blood sugar throughout the courtyard.

His temperament is still uncertain, which is his greatest luck.When they arrived at the Hengjun Prince s Mansion, what to do when blood sugar is high there was a city in front of the gate, and the carriages and horses were like dragons.It was very lively.The dignitaries from various families came one after another, and the steward stepped forward as soon as he saw their carriage.Jiang Xiao raised the curtain and stood aside, letting Ouyang Sen come down first, followed by Ouyang Xia.The moment Ouyang Xia appeared, the sun a1c if blood sugar is 200 just hit his face, the boy s facial features were exquisite, his brows were clear, .

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and his beauty was so beautiful that even the girl who got off the car next to him was eclipsed.Everyone cast amazed gazes.They had heard about Tang Guogong s son s reputation for a long time.When they saw it today, they inevitably thought of a sentence in their hearts, such a young master is unparalleled in the world.He had seen this face before, and she was one of the many abducted boys and girls he had rescued.But I didn t think that she was born in a family of the rich and powerful in the capital.It was really a surprise.The woman looked up and saw Ouyang Xia, she didn IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública a1c if blood sugar is 200 t seem surprised, she lowered her head to drink water as if she didn t know her.Ouyang Xia felt Ouyang Sen pulling him, turned to look at Ouyang Sen, but saw him pointing at the door That woman is so beautiful.Pretty Ouyang Xia looked at the past and saw a group of dancers coming, the head of which was a woman with gorgeous features and delicate features, dressed in white clothes, elegant and graceful, her graceful figure was wrapped in the waist tucked clothes, making her look even more beautiful and agile, making people move Do not open your eyes.But at this time, there was a faint voice from outside, piercing the forest and coming through the leaves Si Yelin, Si Yelin, Brother Lin.Ling Shan and Ling Shui cheered, and said in unison It is the prince who has come.The rumor said Long said But the person blood sugar after eating a banana you just mentioned.Exactly.Ling Shui nodded, and said, Ouyang Xia, the eldest son of Duke Guo of Tang, is the one who thinks my master is very sweet.Rumor has it that the Taoist priest chuckled, and looked at Si Yelin In that case, why don t we go out and meet the lord When you see it, you hand him the flower, and you will know whether it is right or not.Outside, Ouyang Xia was riding a horse on the path, and he saw the is 70 low blood sugar after eating white horse of the bamboo house by the stream in front of him from a distance, and he felt that the horse looked familiar.Si Yelin stared at those wide eyes, surprised, unbelieving, and gleaming, as if filled with thousands of flowers and beauty, nodded unconsciously Camellia.Ouyang blood sugar after eating a banana max blood sugar level Xia looked at the camellia handed to her eyes, the flowers were full The shape is delicate and pink, and there is a red string tied underneath, which makes it even more beautiful, and I stretched out my hand unconsciously to take it.The moment the flower reached his hands, it bloomed wantonly, the petals stretched out, and the fragrance of tea overflowed.Several people were shocked, especially Ouyang Xia, who said in astonishment Si Yelin, this flower is so amazing He what fingers do you use to check blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 saw it for real just now, this flower only bloomed in his hands, what kind of species is it Yeah.Seeing him happy, Si Yelin nodded coldly, without saying a word.Seeing his cool appearance, Ouyang Xia tilted her head and hooked her mouth into a chuckle I didn t expect that the dignified and serious Prince Jing would also destroy flowers with his hands.Si Yelin looked at the person who was sleeping peacefully on the bed, his delicate face was not as playful and arrogant as usual, it was quiet and well behaved, like a bunny sleeping after eating, infinitely cute.Such a person is a variable in his life, and will sugar raise blood pressure blood sugar after eating a banana he can t understand it.After half an hour, the fever finally subsided, the breathing was stable, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.In the afternoon, Ouyang Xia woke up, looked at Jiang Xiao, who was lying on his stomach next to him, and the strange curtain above his head, and only remembered why he was lying here three seconds later.He accidentally fell into the mesalamine and blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 river, was bitten by a snake, and woke up here.Gently pulling Jiang Xiao s sleeve with his hand woke him up.Jiang Xiao opened his eyes and saw him wake up.He smiled lightly and said, Master is awake How do you feel It s just a little dizzy.Wang didn t want to give Sun Yuanyuan to him Concubine Since she is so distressed, then give it to his grandson.Jiang Xiao nodded, and secretly wrote down his instructions.Not long after, he called Ling Shan to serve Ouyang Xia, and he hurried back to what fingers do you use to check blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 Tang Guogong s mansion.Ouyang Xia fell asleep until the evening, and when he woke up again, he saw Si Yelin sitting not far from him, reading a book.Looking at the person who was reading with his head down, Ouyang Xia thought of the pleasant fragrance in his dream, and said softly, Si Yelin.Ling Shan and Ling Shui almost rolled their eyes when they said this, Si Yelin My son, don t remember what you did this morning.Si Yelin followed the sound and said, You don t have to get up when you re tired, Ling Shan will bring him the porridge.Yes.Ling Shan nodded, walked outside, and went to the kitchen to serve the porridge.

Your Majesty.Ouyang Xia knelt down, raised her head and said helplessly My parents are not at home.Originally, it was not up to me, a junior, to decide this matter.But I feel that I can no longer live together because of this matter.I would like to ask His Majesty for permission to let the two Uncle and the others moved out of Tang Guogong s mansion and formally separated.Ouyang Gui and his wife s expressions changed greatly, and they said in unison No Ouyang Su stepped forward and bowed respectfully Your Majesty, I don t care about the subject and my younger brother, but there are children in the family.If people get a glimpse of the reason, my children, I m afraid, their future will be ruined.Emperor Yan an pondered for a moment, and said Ms.Wang is not worthy of being the head of the family.Si Yelin picked up the tea without looking at him.Well, Ouyang Xia smiled and said I would like to thank Your Majesty for your praise.Emperor Yan an said I will make an order for Ouyang Su and others to move out of Tang Guogong s mansion within three days.What about you The child is also smart, and at such a young age, he already knows how to IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública a1c if blood sugar is 200 discard the small for the big, but at your age, I don t have such flexibility.He clearly hated Wang to the bone, but he used her death to force her children and grandchildren to move out of Tang Guogong s mansion in order to never All their thoughts.With such a strategy and such amazing talent, if it were his son, he would have something to worry about.Thinking of this, the light in Emperor Yan an s eyes dimmed a little, and then disappeared.Ouyang Xia chuckled, and said Your Majesty is also making decisions for the courtiers for the sake of my father.If you see a servant you don t know come in, just ask Jiang Xiao to call him.Kill.We are a noble family, and the government cannot control us by killing a few servants.Ouyang Xia looked at her sister who said it so lightly, and wanted to laugh.Although her sister said so, he knew that she also Just sell them, how dare you kill them casually.The two chatted for a while, and Ouyang Xian kissed Ouyang Sen s forehead before returning home in peace.As soon as she went out, Ouyang Xia dragged her younger brother to leave Tang Guogong s mansion.Not long after, the gatekeeper of Prince Jing s Mansion saw Ouyang Xia what fingers do you use to check blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 brothers coming over, and greeted them into the room with busy smiles.When Ling Shui reported the news to Si Yelin, he was not surprised at all, without raising his head Let the cook prepare dinner.Si Yelin looked at the gazebo in front of him, and said coldly The crossbow arrows will be delivered in the afternoon, and you will go back after you inspect them.I haven t thanked you for helping me make the scalpels and silver needles.Everything was good, which was beyond his expectation.Si Yelin said, It s just a pair of silver needles and a small knife.Ouyang Xia looked sideways at Ling Shui, and said, Ling Shui, help me bring that rabbit, I also prepared the scalpel today.He has to give it a try.He only tried one of them when he cut it with the nanny.In fact, he has to try the feel.Ling Shui and the two nodded, feeling extremely sympathetic to the little white rabbit.Ouyang Sen raised his head and said, Brother, are there any little white rabbits here Of course, if you want, you can ask the prince to give it to you.Ouyang Xia almost gritted his silver teeth Are you threatening me Si Yelin looked at him coldly and said, You are so disobedient, why is this king helping you Classwork is dropped.Looking up at the sky, Ouyang Xia felt that the good mood of the past few days was gone.My lord, in fact, you don t have to be so dedicated, you are just a substitute.Is it really good to have such professional ethics He was only twenty years old, and he made himself as serious as an old man, and he was so tired of living.Si Yelin said I always like to have a beginning and an end.Since I am your teacher, I will never give up halfway.Since you have no time to go to class, from today on, it will be the same when I come to your house.Holding her chest, Ouyang Xia was surprised Brother Lin, it s a good thing you re not a woman, otherwise I thought you fell in love with me.Ouyang Zhi nodded and said, Don t worry, father, the a1c if blood sugar is 200 son knows.He knew exactly what kind of person his wife was, which was why he agreed to marry her.At this time, a maid with delicate features came in and respected Fushen Master, the young mistress said that a new batch of high quality fabrics has arrived, and she wants you and the eldest young master to go to the backyard for tailoring, so that the tailors can make new clothes.I know.Now, you go down.Ouyang Su seemed a little impatient, he was now in trouble for the officialdom after moving out, who cares about the fabric.When he was troubled, in the small garden in the backyard of his house, a little cat jumped from the wall and rushed into the grass in the garden.Under the shade of the flowers and the green bushes, the bead like eyes were moving slyly.

Sitting on the side of the bed, Ouyang Xia felt her pulse and found that there was nothing abnormal, it was really just sickness, so she was really relieved.After exiting her room, Ouyang Xia sat on the main blood sugar after eating a banana max blood sugar level seat in the hall, looking at the sky outside thoughtfully.Not long after, an old nun came to invite, saying that it was from the old lady, and wanted to invite the eldest son to the front yard to discuss matters.Ouyang Xia chuckled, stroked his sleeves, and walked outside.In the hall, there was a lot of people just now, but this time it was as quiet as a corner.The tables had been cleared away long ago, and the maids also cleaned the courtyard.Obviously, they were active.Walking into the hall, I saw two rows of seats filled a1c if blood sugar is 200 with clean and where to check dogs blood sugar neatly dressed elderly people.Ouyang Xia couldn t tell who was with whom, but they all had beards, and their sitting posture seemed dignified.Sun Ming, without me, your Sun family is nothing Chapter 84 Not to mention how much the Sun family regretted losing Ouyang Xinying, the group of them returned to the inn with a long dragon like dowry, and the whole letter city immediately spread the word that everyone knew that the eldest daughter in law of the Sun family, That is, Ouyang Xinying and Sun Mingheli from Tang Guogong s mansion.All kinds of versions are spread all over the world, and any one of them can be written into a novel of millions of words.Ouyang Xinying took a bath again, and soaked her body with wormwood, which means to get rid of bad luck.After finishing all this, she sat by the window and looked at the crowded street below, still feeling like a dream.Ouyang Xia came over with hot tea, seeing her sad eyes, said Auntie, how is it Naturally, it s pleasant.Si Zhengdi took the lead and disappeared into the crowd.Ouyang Xia helped Ouyang Xinying off the carriage, and walked slowly with Zhou Zhengdong and others.Si Zhengdi unexpectedly waited for them to catch up before admiring the night view of Ming an City.Ouyang Xia and Ouyang Xinying walked slowly.Ouyang Xinying looked at the bustling night scene in front of him, and said with a smile It s still very shocking every time I come here, it s really beautiful.The first time Ouyang Xia saw it, she was also shocked It s really beautiful.Ruuo Si Yelin Here, the handsome prince stands under the neon lights and reflects the blood sugar after eating a banana max blood sugar level rainbow light, which must be extremely beautiful.The corner of his mouth twitched slightly, Ouyang Xia wondered if he was sick, why did he think of Si Yelin.Zhou Zhengdong took a step back to walk with them, and lightly touched his hand with his elbow Ah Xia, look there are many delicious foods over there.Well, people are also very smart.I just passed my eighteenth birthday half a month ago, and this is probably the first time I have traveled far.Ouyang Xia only uttered a few words It s really amazing.have.Wei Chuan also nodded It s really amazing.In fact, both the Wang family and the Sun family have officials, but overall, the Wang family is much better than the Sun family.lady.Si Zhengnan wandered casually in the courtyard, but didn t see his sweetheart, feeling very depressed, so he IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública a1c if blood sugar is 200 used the excuse to go outside for a walk.Before the banquet started, he deliberately avoided crowded places and walked under the green canopy.To say where the palace is the most beautiful, Si Zhengnan thinks that the flower gallery made of long purple vines is the most beautiful.The wooden frame is set up in a half moon arc, and the vines are entwined into a blanket.At this moment, Ouyang Xia had a better understanding of the prince s self righteousness.Si Zhengnan s face darkened Brother Emperor, I want to make my own decisions about my marriage.Seeing his resistance, Si Zhengdi immediately said with disdain The Marquis of Wuchang has power in his hands, what s wrong with you marrying her Zhengnan looked at him He holds power in his hands, why did the prince and emperor let me marry her Si Zhengnan, don t know what is good or bad Si Zhengdi naturally heard the sarcasm in his tone, and instantly understood the boy s love.I have been guarding myself for a long time.Well said Ouyang Xia secretly praised Si Zhengnan, and at the same time realized that Si Zhengdi s purpose this time was to match Si Zhengnan s marriage.He didn t understand what fingers do you use to check blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 that the Marquis of Wuchang was powerful, and with Si Zhengdi s personality, he should be afraid that Si Zhengnan would marry a helpful wife.This loss, Wuchang You have to eat when you eat, and you have to eat when you don t eat.If Huangfu Hui dies, then the crown prince can succeed.Now it is the opposite, with him in Huangfu Hui will not die, and the crown prince has offended such powerful officials as Wuchanghou.Hmph, what does it mean to lift a rock and shoot yourself in the foot, he will soon see it.Ouyang Xia thought for a while and decided to speak out The crown prince wants to a1c if blood sugar is 200 take advantage of Miss Huangfu s death to bring down King De.Now that he doesn t succeed, he will definitely use other tricks.The most important thing for us is to find someone who is exactly the same as Miss Huangfu Hui.Just in case.Si Zhengdi had arranged everything before they came to Ming an City, so they were so passive because they were not prepared.

Also, what s the matter with this girl Wuchang Hou Mou Guangqing greeted her coldly, and said Mother, can you tell my son in law why there is a woman who looks exactly like Huier coming out a1c if blood sugar is 200 of this courtyard Looking at Marquis Wuchang, he roared angrily, What nonsense, Marquis Wuchang, are you bewitched Don t you know how many daughters you have Marquis Wuchang ignored her anger and provoked the maidservant with the sword Tell the old lady what you told me just now.With the cold scabbard pressed against her chin, the servant girl trembled and said, It was the old lady who asked me to follow that fake Miss Huangfu and obey her orders., and told me not to tell the story.It s nonsense.The old lady pointed at the maid and said angrily, Come on, drag this lowly thing out for me and beat him to death.After listening, Wang Jingui s face was black and green, and he suddenly felt powerless looking at his mother who was what fingers do you use to check blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 drooping her head and saying nothing.Looking up at the sky, Wang Jingui looked at his mother coldly Mother, didn t I tell you not to bring him back Where can I pick him a1c if blood sugar is 200 up If Sister Ling doesn t come out to see the world, she won t even be able to find the blood sugar after eating a banana max blood sugar level master s house.You have to figure it out, it s none of our business.Why not your sister s business Since you decided to abandon her back then, everything a1c if blood sugar is 200 about her has disappeared., not afraid of hurting the old man.The huge information hidden in it shocked everyone, and Ba Shi was so scared that Sipa fell to the ground, especially without knowing it.The old lady was so angry that a1c if blood sugar is 200 she couldn t care about anything else, pointing at Wang Jingui and cursing You ruthless brother, she is your sister s only son.His body can t hold alcohol enough, if he doesn t eat something, he will definitely get very drunk.Aunt was not here, but no one made him hangover soup.The group of them drank for two hours before blood orange sugar leaving the restaurant and going back to the post house.Who would have thought that as soon as they entered the house, there was a heavy rain pouring down, and the cold wind hit the clothes, making people feel the chill and desolation of early a1c if blood sugar is 200 when should a diabetic test blood sugar winter.Chapter 99 My aunt was seriously injured In the early winter afternoon, the cold wind blew through the verandah, slapped the window edges mischievously, and danced fiercely with the wind chimes under the eaves.In the house, Ouyang Xia slumped on the couch, smoothed Jin Guo s hair, and communicated with it intimately.After these three days of being together, Jin Guo has become more and more attached to his master, without the resistance at the beginning, and he is obedient in his hands, and does not peck him.Si Mingcong said with a cold face, There is no misunderstanding.We saw them kill His Highness the Crown Prince with our own eyes.Ouyang Xia stood up, his eyes widened.Light slightly cold Prince Hengjun, we just found out that His Highness the Crown Prince is here.Gao Zhen quickly came to Si Zhengdi, reached out to touch his neck, and found that he had died long ago.Immediately, Gao Zhenxin was shocked, the crown prince was killed, and the court would usher in turmoil.He could imagine how furious His Majesty would be.Standing up, he stared at the two of them seriously King De, son of Duke Guo, a1c if blood sugar is 200 why did His Highness the Crown Prince appear here Si Zhengnan took a step forward and said, It was only when we came in that we found out that Brother Huang was mesalamine and blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 trapped here.Inside the box, he was being rescued.As long as he shows up, catch They have plenty of ways to ask things out.Ouyang Xia nodded and gave him a thumbs up Brother Rin is the best.Before, I kept thinking why the other party wanted to assassinate my aunt, but now it seems that it was intentional.What the other party wanted was to use my aunt s injury to drag us in In Ming an City, let his plan go smoothly.If Auntie leaves Ming an City safely, they will leave early in order to reach Fei s house, and the murderer s plan will be in vain.The aunt was seriously injured, and they had to stay and take a1c if blood sugar is 200 care of her, so the other party could rest assured that the plan would be carried out flawlessly.Have to say, well done If he was in front of me, I would definitely praise him.Look at this method, look at this strategy.If the prince is half as smart as him, he won t end up like this.These words seemed to have slapped Si Mingcong hard on the face, making his expression very subtle.Si Yelin has seen Gao Zhen s protection of Ouyang Xia for a long time.Based on his years of experience in handling cases, the son is not the real culprit.Furthermore, it is not leaving the yard, but just going to another room.After all, he is his wife s younger brother, and Gao Zhen looks down on Si Mingcong s actions.Who can really trust such a man who has neglected the relationship between husband and wife for a cheap concubine.When Ouyang Xia came to Ouyang Xinying s room, she found that she was really uncomfortable, and hurried forward Auntie.Ouyang Xinying suddenly heard Ouyang Xia s voice, and opened her eyes with joy Ah Xia.The wound is Doesn t it hurt Ouyang Xia gently lifted the quilt, what fingers do you use to check blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 lifted her clothes to check the wound, and felt relieved when she saw some inconspicuous redness and swelling.

This is the sleeve arrow he took from Ouyang Xia just now, and it just happens to come in handy.Secretly moving the mechanism, the sleeve arrow shot out quickly, piercing the man in black like lightning.The hand of the man in black who was holding the sword accidentally was stabbed, the pain caused the sword in his hand to fall, and Jiang Xiao s sword hit his neck in an instant.Unexpectedly, he would be arrested.The man opened his mouth to crush the poison in his teeth.The next second, he felt a pain in the back of his neck and fell into a coma instantly.Ling Shan grabbed the unconscious man in black with a does thyroid affect blood sugar big hand, flew to the courtyard, and threw him directly on the floor.Wei Wei, who was standing behind the pillar with Si Zhengnan, stepped forward and tore off his black scarf.It turned out that he was a man he had never met, with ordinary features, the kind of ordinary people who couldn t be found in the crowd.The problem is of course not.Ouyang Xia is not interested in dissecting living people.He studies medicine to save people, not to kill them.Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Ouyang Xia took other silver needles and slowly pierced into various parts of the man s brain in front of the man in black.The man didn t feel any pain.On the contrary, he felt that his body and soul were completely separated, and he couldn t even feel his hands and feet.Staring round, the man couldn t even control his breathing, he could only watch the needles piercing his body.When the last needle was left, Ouyang Xia looked at him with a smile as gentle as jade The next thing is the more exciting part.Holding the last needle, Ouyang Xia didn t pierce his head, nor pierced his head.To the neck, but directly into his heart.Jin Guo, there are fish here, you can eat it.Pushing it forward, Ouyang Xia signaled it to eat the fish in the water.But the golden fruit has never been a1c if blood sugar is 200 eaten, and to be precise, it has never seen it before.It just curiously probed into the plate, and there was no trace of fear in its eyes.Ouyang Xia propped her chin and smiled like an old what fingers do you use to check blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 father Your breakfast, lunch, and dinner a1c if blood sugar is 200 how reduce blood sugar are all made of it today.If you don t eat, you will be hungry.Jin Guo tilted his head to look at him, apparently disagreeing with his arrangement.Si Yelin came out of the cabin and saw him coaxing the golden fruit like a daughter, trying to make it swallow the fish inside.It s still a young eagle, and like an eagle, it rarely eats fish.Si Yelin said softly as he sat beside him.Ouyang Xia raised her eyebrows and said disapprovingly The society is so cruel.Ouyang Xia whistled lightly You trust me so much What if he is a bad guy Si Yelin looked at the rippling river and said, If you don t believe me, who do you believe I love to hear that.Picking up an orange and peeling it, Ouyang Xia really wanted to know where the oranges came from this winter.Si Yelin watched as he tore off the white scum under the skin bit by bit, revealing the pink flesh Your parents have returned to Duke Tang s mansion.Oh.Looking up, Ouyang Xia was surprised I just said why there is no news, what about my younger brother It didn t say that Ouyang Sen pulled his sleeve and cried with a sad face.Ouyang Xia chuckled This way I will be relaxed.I will be a second generation ancestor in the future and go to school with peace of mind.After graduation, there will be a job assignment.The master told you to enter the palace immediately.Ouyang Xia frowned, and then ordered someone to ask for leave from the academy, and he followed Ling Shan into the palace.The majestic and majestic palace, with red bricks and yellow tiles, stands majestically in the snow, covered with plain makeup and silver, and the chill makes the cloak flutter.Ouyang Xia and Ling Shan arrived outside the emperor s dormitory, and when they arrived, they heard that Dr.Luo had been invited into the palace.Doctor Luo Ouyang will sugar raise blood pressure blood sugar after eating a banana Xia was surprised.It is said that Luo Miracle Doctor is very skilled in medicine.He really wants to see it.Stepping into the emperor s bedroom, he saw Si Yelin with a stern face sitting on a lean to.On the bed, the emperor was moaning with his head in his arms.A white haired old man in his fifties was giving him an injection.Smelling and smelling, the eyelids became a little heavy, and when I turned over, I squinted my eyes involuntarily.The fragrance in the room was wafting, Si Yelin felt a little quiet around him, looked up, just in time to see Ouyang Xia who was lying on the couch and fell asleep.His long legs are placed by the window, in a naughty sleeping position, with what fingers do you use to check blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 his hands resting on his cheeks and covering half of his face, making his delicate face a little more cute, his hair is disheveled on the couch, and the sun shines on him from the window, dazzling gorgeous.Looking at the blanket kicked to the ground by him, Si Yelin stood up and sat down in front of the couch, picked up the blanket and covered him.Looking is 64 blood sugar low down at the person sleeping on the bed, she unconsciously stroked the black hair covering his face with her hands, and touched his smooth and warm face with her fingertips.

The meaning of the words came out, and Madam Lin blinked a little embarrassedly, and said with a smile Indeed Mrs.Jin said with a smile I have already understood why my cousin came here, but I am afraid that there is no room for turning around this matter.Mrs.Lin laughed after hearing this My cousin is speaking out of anger, isn t it yours Sister in law has no children, so she is as light as Li Tianran.But Axian is different, she has three children, so she can t take advantage of others.Jin said with a smirk Where is it cheaper for others, they are still the sons and brothers of Hengjun Wangfu, just my daughter, not the princess of Hengjun.Are you angry Without the protection of the mother, with such a concubine room, the child can grow up safely Besides, why would you give such a good position to a bitch, right Jin sighed softly and said I Naturally, I understand what you mean, but my daughter hurts herself, it s okay to be wronged for a while, but it s better to leave after a lifetime of wronged I love what my sister said.Si Yelin Ye Lin s expression was stern, he didn t speak any more, and walked towards the path together with him.They walked forward along the path.Although the path was flat, it was still slippery.They walked very carefully.As he was walking, he suddenly heard someone shouting for help in front of him.It was a man s voice.Si Yelin do steroids increase blood sugar said coldly Go and have a look.Yes.Ling Shan nodded, and turned towards the small forest in front of the small road.Not long after, he came down with a grown man on his back, looking like a hunter a1c if blood sugar is 200 with a painful expression.Ling Shan put him on will sugar raise blood pressure blood sugar after eating a banana the stone beside him and looked at Si Yelin Master, his foot seems to be injured.Let me take a look.Ouyang Xia tightened the a1c if blood sugar is 200 cloak on her body and came before the two of them.Orion looked up and saw a young man with exquisite features and luxurious clothes, who was a little dazed.With a joyful smile on Jin Shi s pale face, she said You carry her out and give it to her.Look at your aunt, she has another niece.Let me carry it.Ouyang Xia stepped forward to take the baby from her hand, hugged her firmly and walked outside.Seeing Ouyang Xia coming out, Ouyang Xinying s eyes never left the swaddling robe in his hand, and he couldn t wait to reach out his hand Let me hug the baby, is it really a girl Ouyang Xia nodded and said with a smile Indeed It s a girl.Ouyang Xinying took the child from him, gently lifted a corner of the quilt, looked at the little red face, her eyes were foggy It s so beautiful, it s very similar to you.Of course, if it was born from the same mother, wouldn t it look alike Hurry up and hold it in, and then you bathe and offer incense to your ancestors, and tell them that we have another daughter in Tang Guogong s mansion.Except for returning home at meal time, he didn t see the shadow of the eagle at ordinary times.Jin Guo rubbed his arm and cried happily.Turning to look at Jiang Xiao, let her bring some rabbit and rat meat to feed it.Hearing that there was something to eat, Jin Guo yelled happily and followed him into the house.Ouyang Xia leaned on the couch, breathed lightly comfortably, feeling tired enough today.After he lay down for half an hour, Ouyang Xia breathed a sigh of relief when news of his father s return came from outside.If the father comes back in get blood sugar down fast time, then the mother will not be depressed, and can relax and confine herself to confinement.Master, let s eat some food.After a busy afternoon today, I didn t even take a sip of the soup.Ouyang Xia said Later, I want to see Mrs.Hongliu.When he passed by, Mrs.Sure enough, just as the thought crossed his mind, the Imperial Guard saluted respectfully, and said anxiously, Your Majesty, your Majesty suddenly fainted and convulsed.Your Majesty, please enter the palace quickly.Get ready, I m afraid we won t be able to leave the palace for a1c if blood sugar is 200 a few days.Jiang Xiao realized something, nodded, and turned to prepare.You go back first, I ll be there in half an hour.With Miracle Doctor Luo here, the emperor won t die for a while, and he has to make preparations for the operation now.Ouyang Xia went to Ouyang Yuan s study to explain the situation to him, and after repeated assurances, he would tidy up the things he had made before.Outside Tang Guogong s mansion, Ouyang Xia took inventory of her belongings, got into the carriage, and drove quickly towards the a1c if blood sugar is 200 palace.How do you know I haven t eaten Standing up, Ouyang Xia looked at the table full of spicy and tempting food, her stomach growling.Ling Shan smiled and said The master just finished his work, so he came over because he knew that the son hadn t eaten yet.Ouyang Xia gave Si Yelin a thumbs up and said with a smile, My brother is really heart warming.After saying this, Si Yelin thought of what Ouyang Sen said to him, and the IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública a1c if blood sugar is 200 corner of his mouth slightly curled up This what fingers do you use to check blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 proves that what you taught my brother is not wrong.Ouyang Xia who was holding the bowl almost threw the bowl on the table, smiled awkwardly, and said Well, um, this dish is good, try a1c if blood sugar is 200 it.After finishing speaking, he raised a flattering smile and held him a piece of lotus coupler in front of his eyes.It was boiled, and he should like it.

In Tang Guogong s mansion, Ouyang Xian hugged Ouyang Han and sat on a chair, how long to fast for blood test sugar coaxing her to sleep.Inside the Small Buddha Hall, the Jin couple knelt in front of the ancestral tablet, folded their hands devoutly, and prayed silently, hoping that everything would go well.Ouyang Xian stood outside the door, looking at the figures of her parents kneeling upright, with white hair looming in her hair, tears streaming down her face.Turning around and walking out of the courtyard, she returned to her mother s small courtyard and sat silently beside the small bed.Xiao Cui handed her the silk handkerchief, and said softly, Master, don t hurt yourself by crying.Ouyang Xian wiped her tears lightly, and sighed, I always think why I don t want to be a man so that I a1c if blood sugar is 200 can distract my parents.However, she is a daughter in this life.Coming in front of them, Ouyang Xia made a bow Father, mother, aunt, I made you worry.Come and sit, you have worked hard Ouyang Yuan waved to him, motioning him to sit down.Sitting beside her father, Ouyang Xia took over the younger sister from Jin s hands.She hadn t seen her for about ten days.The child a1c if blood sugar is 200 how reduce blood sugar really looked fairer and tenderer, with rounder eyes, dark eyeballs, full of aura.Ouyang Xinying said with a smile See how much Han er likes my brother.I ve been making trouble these days.My brother won t cry when he comes back.Xiao Han er.Ouyang Xia took out a piece of beautiful jade from her bosom and handed it to her.Seeing her clenching her small hand, my heart softened immediately.His sister is really cute and smart.When Jin saw the jade, she hurriedly said This is not given by the prince again.With the personality of the emperor s younger brother, I m afraid This is the only one in this life.Hearing this, Eunuch Meng was surprised and said Your Majesty means this Your Majesty has always liked the prince, can t you see it Like Eunuch Meng was surprised, and said Your Majesty, How can this be good This worldly, this There are also good things about Long Yang in the worldly world, but who will come here in an open and aboveboard manner.The emperor glanced at him, and said You have seen him bend down for someone, not even me, but he can do it for Ouyang Xia..Eunuch Meng laughed softly and said It s true, this old slave has spent half his life in this palace, the word true love is so rare, who cares who he looks like.When a person falls in love with another person, there is no word of secularism in his heart.Pat on the chest and got into the carriage, telling them to go to Prince Jing s mansion quickly, so as not to be caught by their mother and go home for a blind date.When arriving at Prince Jing s mansion, Ouyang Xia went to the study behind as if entering no man s land.As soon as he walked out of the garden, he saw a maid walking over with tea in her eyes and hurriedly bowed to him.Ouyang Xia didn t pay attention, and walked straight towards the study room.As soon as he approached the study room, he heard Si Yelin s cold voice coming from inside.As court officials, these things can t be dealt with.If you are incapable, then naturally capable officials will take your place and redo them.Hearing his cold and unhappy tone, Ouyang Xia knew that a1c if blood sugar is 200 he was in an extremely mood today.not good.Soon three or four ministers came out, Ouyang Xia immediately dodged behind the pillar, watching them leave dejectedly.Huangfu narrowed his eyes slightly, and said with a smile Ms.Hongliu, you are very surprised to know me.Si Zhengnan gave him a look, and said coldly We know a lot of people, and you don t have time to be surprised in the future, eat quickly Let s break up after eating.Ouyang Xia almost laughed out loud, he found out that Si Zhengnan was very talkative and bickering with Huangfu Shu.In order to show how much he hated Huangfu Shu, Si Zhengnan quickly settled the bill in half an hour, dragged Ouyang Xia out of the teahouse, got into the carriage and left.On the second floor, watching the carriage slowly drive into the crowd, Huangfu smacked the corner of his will sugar raise blood pressure blood sugar after eating a banana mouth and raised a IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública a1c if blood sugar is 200 smile that he was sure to win It was you who wanted to show up, so I thought that we would never see each other again in this life, Anan, it was you who wanted to show up.They couldn t help but swallowed lightly, and instinctively took a few steps back, thinking that they could still see the sun tomorrow.Glancing at them coldly, Si Yelin asked, What s going on Ling Shui immediately said, I don t know, this subordinate is in the guest courtyard at this time, King De is only wounded, and Huangfu Shu is probably dying.Don t say it.Let s go and have a look first.Human life is at stake, Ouyang Xia can t control much, so he asked Jiang Xiao to take the guy and dragged Si Yelin out.In the guest house, they saw Si Zhengnan who was covered in blood, and Huangfu Shu who had at least ten wounds on his body, especially a cross cut what fingers do you use to check blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 knife wound on his chest.If he hadn t practiced martial arts, he might have died a long time ago.Alice.Uncle Emperor Seeing Si Yelin, Si Zhengnan held back his tears.

I want it, you can grab it for me.Si Yelin looked at his excited face, which he hadn t seen for a long time, and nodded involuntarily Okay It s just grabbing something, as long as his A Xia is happy, You can do anything.Ling Shan was shocked, Ling Shui was stunned, and Jiang Xiao was speechless.Prince, what is your principle Then what are you waiting for Ouyang Xia didn t care what happened, she pulled him up and ran away.Liang Guogong is undoubtedly a very low key family of dignitaries in the capital, and the descendants of the family are also prosperous in official career, but they are only extremely antiques, and the collection is the most among the dignitaries in the capital.This Duke of the State is not a low key person, he likes playing cats and dogs the most, but he gave birth to a vigorous son, and General Jin Tuan is a1c if blood sugar is 200 also known as one of the five powerful generals of the Shang Kingdom, making blood sugar after eating a banana max blood sugar level it hard to ignore .

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their existence.Mi Qian nodded, and said Of course there are.I have a fleet of mesalamine and blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 my own to bring things back from overseas, and they are in a private warehouse.If the prince wants to see it, it is also possible, but, we have what we can do.According to the rules here, I just hope that the son will not make a public announcement.If he made a public announcement, his auction what fingers do you use to check blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 may suffer losses.Ouyang Xia understood, and said Don t worry, I also have my bottom line.Thank you, then please come with me.Mi Qian stood up and asked him to walk in front.They then went out of the building, got into the carriage, and left Cuiyuexuan.The night was cold and cold, about half an hour later, they stopped at a big house, Ouyang Xia got out of the car and looked up at the private house hidden in the dark Treading the snow to find a trace.After entering the human body, as long as it eats certain food, it will grow wildly, and then eat the host.I am curious, how did the things in this tomb get into the belly of King Qing, has he been in the ancient tomb recently An Wang Wang and Liang Wang looked at each other, and Liang Wang said No, he has never left the capital.We have been in charge of the case given by the emperor for the past two months.We are so busy that we have no time to leave the capital.Check it carefully.If not, it means that someone deliberately planted this bug in his body with evil intentions.Eunuch Meng said Then how is Prince Qing He s fine.After a1c if blood sugar is 200 the operation, he will have to take care of him for about a month.As long as he doesn t encounter the tail of a sunny snake in this month, he will be fine.Concubine Qing came to her senses at this time, her face dead pale, With a trembling voice, he said The tail of the clear snake What will happen if we touch it Ouyang Xia said with a gentle expression, Then prepare for the funeral.Don t make a fuss, it s not cabbage, and there are plenty of them everywhere.That s scary too, I heard that bugs IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública a1c if blood sugar is 200 will swell when they encounter sweet water.Eighth Prince Everyone is about to die, blood sugar after eating a banana max blood sugar level no one a1c if blood sugar is 200 is afraid.Ouyang Xia didn t say anything, he was indeed tired today It s late at night, mother, go back and rest.Okay, then you go back toowait a minute.Jin suddenly grabbed his sleeve, surprised Looking at his neck, he narrowed his eyes slightly, thinking that he was wrong.Ouyang Xia is 121 high for blood sugar was shocked, remembering Si Yelin sucking on his neck, she hurriedly said What s wrong It s okay.Patting him on the shoulder, Jin smiled and said Go back, it s late at night.Ouyang Xia nodded, and walked past her to the inner courtyard.Jin looked at his straight back, suppressed the smile on his face, and looked a little at a loss.Si Yelin said softly If A Xia is in pain, call out, there are no outsiders here.Although he didn t hurt his bones, he was so ferocious that even a grown man couldn t stand it.It doesn t matter, I have suffered worse injuries than this one before.In his previous life, he was almost all wounded, so what are these whips The worst injury he ever suffered when he participated in the mission was that his heart was almost pierced.Hours.Now thinking about those days in the previous life, except for his medical skills, it suddenly seemed like a dream.Sometimes I dreamed back in the middle of the night, but I felt that it was a dream I had.The arm was a little swollen, and Si Yelin was so distressed that he stared at it.Ouyang Xia s eyes were even more distressed.Holding his hand, Ouyang Xia said with a slight smile Brother Lin must be curious, sometimes why do I say something strange How does he explain his news from the future and different time and space, and will they believe it Si Yelin said softly, I know that Axia has something to hide from me, don t worry, I will listen slowly when I have time in the future.Whoever dressed differently from them would be killed.Jin Tuan swept across the village with a big sword in his hands, ignoring the lively crowd around him, and stared at the innermost house in front of him.When he came to the small house, he ran to open the door, and many men in black slashed at him with swords.Bang, the big knife in Jin Tuan s hand was thrown out with such force as a mountain, causing them to retreat suddenly, and those who were not afraid of death would go forward again.Today, the Lord will give you a ride.Jin Tuan raised his knife and fell, constantly harvesting the life of the enemy, and the soldiers a1c if blood sugar is 200 behind him poured into the house.The fire illuminated the entire village, reflecting the mountains and forests dazzlingly, and there were bursts of killing sounds, and soon a strong smell of blood filled the air.

Madam, please go home.If you want to come, you can do it after the evening.After finishing speaking, he ignored Jin s ugly face and turned to ask someone to close the door.Jin frowned, looking worriedly at the .

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fasting blood sugar 119 big characters above, and finally could only leave with a sigh.When Si Yelin heard the news from the housekeeper, he glanced at Ouyang Xia who was sleeping soundly on the bed, and a1c if blood sugar is 200 said softly, Well done, don t bother with them.,dream Cough, cough, Ouyang Xia on the bed coughed suddenly, Si Yelin quickly got up and came to his side to lay his back, making him more comfortable.His wind cold turned into pneumonia, which was a bit serious.He coughed the most in the early morning, and at the beginning he coughed blood, which made him still worried.Ouyang Xia woke herself up from coughing, opened her eyes and saw him, and said softly I m disturbing you.The eyes were affectionate, naked and burning , Si Zhengnan s ears turned red instantly What s there to say.Staring at him, Huangfu said, We ve known each other for so long, why does Zhengnan still reject me When I went to see him in the capital, every time he was not free, or he stayed in Prince De s mansion and what considered low blood sugar did not go out.After finally catching someone, how could it be possible for him to leave a1c if blood sugar is 200 easily.Si Zhengnan could almost look at him at eye level, and found the seriousness in the man s eyes, and said, I m concentrating on medicine now, I don t want to do other things, Mr.Huangfu, I was wrong when I was young, I Huangfu Shu interrupted him Do you dare to say that you are not attracted to me I know, you are.So what Si Zhengnan looked sideways and said slowly, II don t want to like a man.This is the first hospital, and whether the hospital can be established nationwide to improve the health of the people depends entirely on this leadership.Ouyang Xian nodded and said with a smile You should pay attention to rest, have father and mother come A few times, it was in the evening, after all, father is not free during the day.Father is an official in the a1c if blood sugar is 200 court, so naturally he cannot take vacations at will.My mother is also haunted by my younger sister, and there are many chores at home, so I can t separate myself.Furthermore, Rin was very displeased with them for hurting him before, and he didn t have a good face when he treated Ouyang Yuan.Every time his parents came over, he would sit next to him to ventilate the air conditioning, making people restless, who could sit for a long time.Ouyang Xia didn t take it seriously, and said with a smile It s because you guys are .

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overcomplicated.As long as the person in the palace nods, any trouble will be fake.No matter how big it is, it can surpass the emperor.No matter how troublesome things are, the emperor won t a1c if blood sugar is 200 say a word.Ouyang Xian looked at him with a sullen face, reproaching him You are too willful, you are not allowed to raise this matter.I have already told my aunt that His Majesty will not agree to it.If you really want to get along with the prince, if you I really don t want to a1c if blood sugar is 200 marry a wife, and I will adopt Sen er s child to inherit the incense in the future, and the rest will not be discussed.Rangjue, he can figure it out, she really wants to knock what he is thinking.She loves the two younger brothers, but this belongs to Xia Er, what if they become blood feuds in the future It s best to keep the status quo.He s a man, so he naturally has needs, but he s not ready yet.Si Yelin hugged him in his arms, a1c if blood sugar is 200 and breathed lightly Ah Xia, don t move, let me be quiet for a while.Hanging her head on his neck, Ouyang Xia smelled the fragrance from him, and was a little confused Rin, you smell so good Now he knows that he is the only one who can smell the fragrance on his body, and every time he gets close to him, he becomes emotional, as if it has been infiltrated with drugs, and he can t quit it no matter what.At this time outside, the butler hurriedly came over with a look of embarrassment, afraid that something might happen.Ling Shan stepped forward to stop him, and said, What s the matter The housekeeper said, Jin Guo is injured, I want Shizi to go and have a look quickly.Ouyang Xia who was inside listened to the words, and quickly pushed Si Ye away Rin stood up and went to open the door.Ouyang Xia touched the sleeve arrow in his hand, whether he wanted to shoot it down and stew it.What if this is the last one Jin Guo is a female eagle, and it might be looking for a mate by next spring.If this is the only male eagle in the Shang Kingdom, could it be that his Jin Guo flew back to the Western Regions to find her husband No, Jin Guo grew up in Tang Guogong s mansion, how could he suffer so much.But it is an eagle, and it has the instinct of an eagle.When it realizes that it should find a mate, there is no one here.It is really possible that it will fly away from the Shang Kingdom.It s better here, if you go out of Shang Kingdom, there are many barbarians outside, so they won t shoot down his golden fruit.After thinking about it or pulling it down, Ouyang Xia hid the sleeve arrow and looked at the soldiers who were running out of breath Forget it if you can t make it in time, let it stand, let s see how long a1c if blood sugar is 200 it can stand Cut He didn t believe that it wasn t hungry, and he could wait here for ten days and half a month.

Jin smiled lovingly and said I heard from your father recently that you are very busy, and the hospital also heard that there is a free clinic.Don t hurt yourself.Mother, don t worry, I know my own health.But mother, young You should pay more attention to rest when you are older.Jin looked at her son s concerned eyes, and her eyes turned red when she thought of hurting him before Before, it was mother and father who made mistakes.I discussed it with your father.Life is short.For decades, you can live as you want.Just remember, you must take care of your health, and don t let your father and mother worry.Ouyang Xia smiled and said My son must take good care of me, and my mother is here to educate my sister well.That s fine.If you feel tired, you can also send your sister to Prince Jing s Mansion to make it more lively.Don t think that you are the son of the rich and powerful and you can cover the sky with your hands.You don t know how will sugar raise blood pressure blood sugar after eating a banana to see a doctor. Shut up.Jiang Xiao took a step forward and said sharply, That man hasn t died yet, yet you all want to jump on him, look at your feet, there s no mud on the soles of your shoes, there s no mud at all.I haven t been to the mountain before.Tell me, who sent you here You don t need to ask.Ouyang Xia s eyes were slightly cold, and he said, Take the four of them to Dali Temple, and they will be interrogated what are normal blood sugar levels throughout the day by Mr.Gao.The result.The faces of the four men changed drastically when they heard this, they exchanged glances with their companions, and stabbed Ouyang Xia with daggers from their sleeves.Master, be careful.Jiang Xiao shielded Ouyang Xia behind him, blocking the attacks of the four with the sword in his hand.Tell you Your Majesty, except for Ouyang Xia, I will not let anyone see my injury.Okay, then the slave will go back first.Seeing him nodding, Eunuch Meng bowed to him with a smile on his face, and smiled at the moment he turned around Disappeared in an instant.A prince who is not up to standard, he can think of it with the hair of his hair, His Majesty will never pay attention to him, let alone appoint the crown prince to see his wounds.I don t look at what stupid things I do, self righteous things.Chapter 210 Harvesting a lot of quiet night, heavy snow falls outside, the capital under the night is shrouded in a layer of white crystal, in the hospital pharmacy, a black shadow touches it, hidden in the corner, tiptoeing towards the medicine like a cat There is a separate medicine box next a1c if blood sugar is 200 to the shelf.Er Niu swallowed, tremblingly said Well, won t there be beasts here What kind of beasts It s impossible, and I ve never heard of it.Tianlong Temple is a small town below Tianlong Temple Growing up, there was the beast early on.Fart Don t forget, this is at the foot of Tianlong Temple Mountain, let s leave him alone, let s go.Okay.Looking around, it was pitch black, and there were occasional strange calls, the three of them stood up, thinking about something in their minds The horrific picture made him even more terrified.After more than an hour, they were far away normal blood sugar level chart pdf from Tiannan Mountain, and saw a small earth temple in front of them.They knew this place, and hurriedly opened the door to enter.Who would have thought that the lights were on inside, and someone was behind their backs Eat a deer, raw kind.Both sons were rescued by him, and Xizhong Country The Lord of the Chong Kingdom has to thank IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública a1c if blood sugar is 200 him for whatever he does.He wondered if he should first inquire about the special products diabetes type 2 fasting blood sugar goal of their country, so that it would be convenient for him to speak up.Si Yelin smiled slightly, and said softly He is not an upright gentleman.That is to say, we can ask him to repay favors in an unjust way Not being a gentleman is good If you are a gentleman, you have to pretend to be modest and kind on the surface.If not, it suits him, a1c if blood sugar is 200 he has always been interested in robbery.Okay.Si Yelin picked up a piece of green vegetable, put it in the clear soup, waved it, then scooped it up and put it in the fragrant sauce.The two ate for almost two hours before closing the table, followed by a habitual digestion.The backyard was brightly lit, and the lanterns swayed with the wind.This happened to be heard by Meier who came over, and he also became interested Do you want to compete with me That s fine, don t lose to tears.Cut If you lose, you are not allowed to appear in front of my grandfather again.Meier s eyes lit up, and he stretched out his hand It s a deal.Jiang Xiao stepped forward and whispered Patting his palm, he said, It s a deal.Chapter 228 Lu Ming was removed from his mother for a two day birthday banquet.Ouyang didn t go to the hospital this morning, but picked out gifts at home in Xiaoku.In previous years, when he was at Doctor Luo s house, he would be how to cut blood sugar sent back by someone, but this year he wanted to pick and send them over himself.Si Yelin kept the key to the storeroom in his hand, and he had never used it before.Today, when he opened it, he was immediately overwhelmed by the gold, silver and jewels in the storeroom.

When Ouyang Xia arrived at Lu Ming s ward, he saw that he was drinking medicine, and Duan Man was taking the bowl beside him, and he seemed to be in good spirits.After he moved in, except for the bathing service, everything else was handled by Duanman, a charming princess, without pretending to anyone else.It can be seen that the relationship between the two brothers and sisters is really deep.Your Majesty.Duan Man saw Ouyang Xia approaching and hurriedly got up.When he saw Meier holding flowers behind him, he almost vomited blood with anger.Facing Ouyang Xiafu, he walked out, pinched his ears and dragged him out of the room.Ah, cousin, please spare me Shut up.Duan Man threw him aside and slapped him bitterly Can you be more serious, can you Can you She was physically and mentally exhausted taking care of her younger brother, and now she has to take care of him, so let her be mad at her.At this time, there are many soldiers guarding the exit outside the village.When they saw the magistrate, they came over to salute.When everyone fell off their horses, Si Yelin ordered the soldiers who followed them to quickly set up camp on the spot.Ouyang Xia asked everyone to wear protective clothing, special shoes, masks, and will sugar raise blood pressure blood sugar after eating a banana spray disinfectant on their bodies.Seeing them like this, the magistrate didn t know why, can this really be prevented Ouyang Xia put on the equipment and led the doctors and students into the village.As soon as he entered, he saw many empty houses, only a few people sat at the head of the village, and stood up in horror when they saw them coming.Ouyang Xia said loudly Everyone, don t be afraid.We are here to treat you according to His Majesty s order. Great Great We are saved Doctor, they are all at the head of the village.When he returns to Xizhong Country, he will definitely not let him go, will splenda increase blood sugar and will definitely break his hands and feet, make him paralyzed on the bed for the rest of his life, and make his life worse than death.Duan Man whispered to Meier Eat some, don t starve yourself.We can t fall down.If we fall down, it will suit that bitch.Lu Ming looked at his sister s pleading eyes, picked up his chopsticks, Bow your head and eat noodles.Meier thought for a while and said, Why don t I go back to Xizhong Country He always felt uneasy about this situation.Duan Man glared at him, and said angrily You give me a place to stay here, and you are not allowed to go anywhere.You forgot what grandpa said at your birthday banquet, and you need to learn to be patient.Meier He raised his head and said arrogantly Why should I learn to be patient I don t need to inherit the throne.I can live as I want in the future.He has an elder brother, a younger brother, a father, and a mother who loves him.What are you afraid of.Lu Ming said Cousin, don t be impulsive, don t forget, we are not safe now.Of course Emperor Yan an would not do anything to him, but there must be a killer sent by that bitch in the capital, who wants to kill him at any time.His current appearance is really inseparable from Maier, and his skills can protect himself very well.Meier sat down on the chair, lay down on the table and said, Jada, you wait for me.Duan Man thought for a while, then looked at Lu Ming Shall we write to Grandpa I The letter to grandfather has already been delivered.Meier knew the seriousness of the matter, so he wrote to his grandfather early in the morning But what s the use, grandfather and the king are not compatible.General Gong looked at Ouyang Xia with a smile Fortunately, the son found out here early, otherwise we would have been on the ground before Xi Chongbing came over.Ouyang Xia looked at Si Yelin and said, Rin, didn t Xi Chongbing withdraw their troops Did you go to court Exactly, what s the matter Their letter has been sent to Xizhong King s Capital, and they are waiting for their reply.Ouyang Xia smiled and said Tell me, we have fought several times before, will they also get this disease This disease is nothing else, it is contagious after a few coughs.When these words came out, everyone s eyes lit up, but they really didn t think about it.General Hu laughed loudly and said If such a contagious cold spreads among them, they will not be as lucky as us.They have such a genius doctor as Shizi.Rescue His medical skills are very superb, I really want to meet him.Could it be, he is really.Yu Zheng looked at Fang De, thinking to himself that it s a good thing he didn t do anything to him.Fang Dechao bowed to the master, and said When we arrived, your majesty s life was not in danger, and there was a handsome young man sitting next to him.He said that he was the son of Tang Guogong from Shang Dynasty, Ouyang Xia, a contemporary genius doctor.Oh.The master s eyes lit up, and he said anxiously I wonder if I can meet you He has always been keen on medical skills, and he has been famous for Ouyang Xia, who was famous for his medical skills at the age of nineteen, but he didn t want to see him today.Fang De hurriedly sent someone to the next door to invite a1c if blood sugar is 200 Ouyang Xia over, and Wang Xi asked someone to quickly prepare good tea for the guests.

What s more, he was not wrong, I was not careful, he is not a god, it is impossible for him to teleport in front of me and stop me.He has to make it clear today, otherwise Lin Being possessive of him, Jiang Xiao will suffer a lot in the future.Si Yelin nodded, and said Okay, I promise you, I will never hit him in the future, okay Full of favours.Ouyang Xia hugged him, kissed his Adam s apple, and said with a smile, Thank you for finding me so quickly.Si Yelin smiled, his eyes filled with tenderness Jin Guo came back to IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública a1c if blood sugar is 200 find us, and it led the way.My daughter is awesome.Thinking of his family s well behaved golden and black fruits, he was full of pride.Seeing his anger disappear, Si Yelin s mood improved, and he pressed his forehead and said, But are you hungry Get some food.Si Yelin knew that he must have not is fasting blood sugar of 114 bad eaten all day, so he quickly picked him up and sat him down, took the coat next to him and put it on for him.Some people died of a very strong infectious disease, and after being buried, they were forcibly dug up and placed in ice water.It will produce this kind of germ.At that time, I was very surprised, how could this living person be infected, today, if someone deliberately infects people, it will indeed be infected.Bang, Fang De slammed on the table , Angrily said Who is so insane Human low blood sugar late afternoon life is so worthless, this is simply what animals do, put the germs from dead people on people, do they have any conscience.Ouyang Xia said a1c if blood sugar is 200 The doctor you mentioned earlier has some abilities, and after prescribing medicine for them, their condition improved.At that time, a mage appeared.This mage must have a great relationship with this matter.We need to find him out Fang De was so angry that his beard trembled, he still did not lose his composure, and said angrily Don t worry, my son, leave this matter to me, and you can save the people at ease.Fang De said with a serious face The a1c if blood sugar is 200 how reduce blood sugar other party must still be in it.Yes.Ouyang Xia nodded, and said They want to see how the medicine works, so they will never leave.The two looked at each other and went outside foods to eat to increase blood sugar go.Soon, all the doctors, medical students, and visiting people were gathered in the compound.Everyone lined up together, whispering, not knowing what was going on.Some of the people who knew it were panicked and looked around in uneasy mood, all the fear in their hearts was revealed on their faces.Fang De looked at all the doctors and said, Just now a sick person died of illness, but it was not because of illness, but because someone was so vicious that he changed his medicine, causing him to die.Everyone was stunned when he said this Wait, they just heard that one died, but they never imagined that he was poisoned to death.This method is so inhumane, he even wants to try it on him, let him also Taste how it tastes.Fang De said Such a person must have abnormal mentality.Your Majesty means that a1c if blood sugar is 200 if caught, he will will sugar raise blood pressure blood sugar after eating a banana be executed immediately, and if he resists, he will be killed on the spot.Aren t you afraid that he has other viruses in his hands Like this Weird, it is impossible to study only one kind, he will what fingers do you use to check blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 cultivate several kinds.Fang De s expression froze, and he felt bad for a moment Thisit s possible So try to capture him alive, if you can t open his mouth, just hand it to me, who a1c if blood sugar is 200 is also a doctor.Shizi is wise.Fang De De almost forgot, this person in front of him is the world s number one genius doctor, he has his own way to make the bad guys talk.Ouyang Xia walked out of the ward together with him, came to the small courtyard, looked at the green grass sprouting from the courtyard, and said with a smile I m more curious, where was his body dug out from.It is inevitable that it will touch her abdomen.Don t worry, it s all up to you Do you do it in front of my wife, do you mind Some husbands feel that their wives are not clean after being touched, but this is inevitable.If the blood in the uterus is not released, Mrs.Lu will have to suffer for the a1c if blood sugar is 200 rest of her life.Lu Nan nodded and said with a smile Don t worry, the other doctors told me that they said they were pushing the palace.Only in this way will my wife not suffer from the root cause of the disease in the future.Don t worry, the genius doctor, I am not that old fashioned and pedantic person.You are saving her life.My wife, I understand.Besides, it s just pushing the lower abdomen, and there are no other intimate actions, so he naturally doesn t mind.That s good.If that s the case, you should prepare more things.You foods to avoid low blood sugar can t be so polite.Liao Guanglan immediately said with a smile, He doesn t drink well.Because of his frail body since he was a child, Tang Guogong managed to take care of him a1c if blood sugar is 200 how reduce blood sugar so well that he couldn t just drink casually.Jiang Xiao immediately stepped forward and picked up a large bowl of wine, and smiled to everyone My father s body really can t drink too much wine, so How about a villain drinking on behalf of the master After saying this, everyone nodded their heads one after another, naturally they didn t dare to make things difficult for Ouyang Xia.It s not their identities, but the Miao people feel that embarrassing guests is a shameful thing.Only the Miao people who have no skills will embarrass the guests.Thus, Jiang Xiao and Ling Shan became Ouyang Xia s substitutes respectively.

Really, when it comes to not getting involved in their internal affairs, now I don t know if I can get away with it.The four patriarchs who doubted his identity before looked at him with admiration and conviction.Now they believe that this is indeed the most famous doctor in the world, Ouyang Xia.Wu Shen looked at him, and said softly, My son s medical skills really impress me.You know, the five of them had tried hard to cure this poison before, but all ended in failure.They didn t expect to save the patriarch at all, and they had no other thoughts.Now that he has taken a dose of medicine, his breath is much more stable.They will not approve of this kind of medical skills.That s right, you are young and promising.You are so amazing at such a young age, and your achievements in the future will definitely be unmatched.Then let s go quickly.As long as there is medicine, it can be drawn out no matter where it is.The four patriarchs came rushing over, seeing the mess in the room, they said in unison What s going on They heard that someone came to assassinate Ouyang blood sugar level 40 Xia just now, and they saw the fleeing man in a1c if blood sugar is 200 black from a distance, and they were very anxious.They rushed over.Ouyang Xia said It s the killer who came to target me.I m sorry, I surprised everyone.Wu Shen was surprised, and said, These killers are so bold that they came here to assassinate in broad daylight.Still in such a crowded place ,this this is too scary.Hei Guo came back from the outside at this time, and rushed to Ouyang a1c if blood sugar is 200 Xia s side to rub the quilt, as if his nose was rubbed by something 204 blood sugar dirty.Ouyang Xia raised her hand to caress the tip of its nose, then looked at her hand, and found that it was some fine powder.What do you mean As soon as the man spoke, he felt the breath of a beast behind him, and his hair shivered for a moment put up.Turning around, I saw Heiguo grinning at him, eyes full of anger.Jiang Xiao, Ling Shan, and Ling Shan held swords, and what was colder than their eyes was the light of the sword in their hands.The men in black looked at each other, and rushed towards Ling Shan with their swords in hand.The two sides fought in the grass.As soon as the sound was heard, the soldiers on duty at night rushed over, and the sleeping soldiers were also awakened.Ouyang Xia suddenly raised and grabbed the man in black s wrist, squeezed and twisted, and while the man in black was in pain, he let go, picked up the sword that had fallen in mid air and raised it slightly, turning around and slashing towards his neck.Can t study other viruses, right This kid always likes to study these things, he doesn t study medicine people, what else can he study besides viruses Oh, is it possible to study a1c if blood sugar is 200 how to behave Ouyang Xia nodded, and said, That s right, so we have to pay attention to some sudden infectious diseases, especially the previous epidemic in Wei State and the incident in Bianshui Village.They have confirmed that a1c if blood sugar is 200 how reduce blood sugar the incident in Wei State was caused by Shui Lin.Lin may be working on a more terrifying virus.Where to throw it after the research is over, it is naturally thrown to the country of Shang.In addition to the emperor s broken leg, Rin was in such a hurry to return home, there were also reasons for this.Shui Lin has long been crazy in his heart.He regards the Shang people as his enemies, and he will definitely find a way to create something again.Gu Yidang snorted coldly, and said You think beautifully, King Gu is the treasure of our Miao clan, how can it be taken away by outsiders.The blind man sneered, and said Now that Liao Guanglan is approaching the village, with his personality, do you think he will let you go He was kind to him, not only him, the patriarch treated the five patriarchs sincerely.No grace, but also love, if they knew that Gu Yidang poisoned the patriarch for the sake of the patriarch s position, the other four would definitely tear him up mercilessly.How did Gu Yidang know, and said with a firm temper This is a matter in our clan.Don t you want one person to do things and one person to be in charge Don t be kidding, if you don t have my help, you will never be the patriarch in your life.His words caught Gu Yidang s attention, and he said in astonishment, Can you really help me become the patriarch Dark Dragon Pavilion is a well known cult in the world, would you be willing to help him It s natural.However, even if they turned the house over to look, they still couldn t find half a box containing the Gu King.Li Quan ran outside quickly a1c if blood sugar is 200 and shouted to the guards Immediately seal blood sugar level 370 off the entire village, and no one is allowed to move.Anyone who sees a blind man should be caught or killed immediately, and he will be rewarded.Yes.The guards Bowing, he took a group of people and prepared to go out to seal the village.It was only when Ouyang Xia came out of Gu Yi s family that he learned about Gu King s news.He didn t say anything, went back to the guest room, asked Jiang Xiao to pack his things, and rushed back to the capital tomorrow.Jiang Xiao was surprised, and said, Master, you need to rest for two more days.After so many days of tossing around, Master still hasn t had a good night s sleep.

Ouyang Xia said After returning to Beijing, I will send you to my uncle s house.No Wu Rumei objected, and said anxiously I will just take a look at your wife.My son, I have no other intentions., I just want to a1c if blood sugar is 200 marry someone with peace of mind in the future.Putting up her hands to swear, Wu Rumei said loudly, I will never be entangled with you, I swear to God.Ouyang Xia said coldly When the time comes, just take a look and get out.He was really annoyed by this little girl.If it was him before, he would definitely throw her into the water to feed the fish.People who are usually gentle and elegant like jade can also be rude, Wu Rumei knew that he was really angry, so she shrank her neck and waited obediently beside her.Later, Ouyang Xia asked Jiang Xiao to arrange a cabin for her.Wu Rumei was secretly happy and sad.Don t worry, senior, you must not Let s eat, Ling Shan, take senior down for some food.Siqing looked at him with a smile and said, I heard that your cook came from the palace, so I m sorry.Please, what a normal blood sugar reading senior.Ling Shan stepped forward and bowed respectfully.Siqing turned around, couldn t wait to step out of the study, and left with Ling Shan.Ouyang Xia looked at Lu Feng and said, Brother Lu, what else can you say, senior He believed that when Lu Feng came, Senior Luo must have something important to tell him.Lu Feng made a bow and said This uncle is indeed very skilled in medicine.He once cured leprosy and plague, and his medical skills are excellent.Master said that but he can t be completely trusted.His temper has been unruly all his life, so he must never entrust important things to him.The master also said that the son is smart, so he must use all means to get the plague and leprosy medicine out of his mouth.Carrying the bed, if something happens, Si Zhengnan will regret it tomorrow.Yes.The dark guard bowed respectfully, and disappeared before his eyes like the wind.Si Yelin sat beside him and held his hand Huangfu Shu likes Zhengnan very much, but he is a man of courtesy.Ouyang Xia glanced at him and said, You were also a man of courtesy before.As a result, as long as he went to bed, he would never let himself go.When I got interested, I turned him over from one side to the other like frying fish, changing various positions.Si Yelin kissed his earlobe, and said with a smile No one in the court knows civil and military affairs, but this king is the most respectful person.Don t bother me, let me be busy for a while.Sometimes he won t let him get close Himself, or he would carry him to bed again.Putting the bracelet around his neck, Ouyang Xia closed her eyes and responded to his kiss.Axia.Si Yelin let go of him, the light in his eyes burning like fire, picked him up, and strode towards the blood sugar after eating a banana max blood sugar level big bed.In the restaurant on the other side, Huangfu Shu took the wet silk handkerchief from the attendant and wiped the cheeks of Si Zhengnan who was drunk on the bed.I ll do it myself.Si Zhengnan was not completely drunk yet, and reached out to snatch the silk handkerchief from his hand.Huangfu Shu said softly Are you sure you can wipe it Of course I can.You can t.Gently pressing him off the bed, Huangfu Shu said signs of low blood sugar in newborn You can t even sit up, since you can t drink, Just don t be brave.I m not.Rubbing his forehead, Si Zhengnan felt extremely uncomfortable.Huangfu has been drunk, so he naturally knows how it tastes.Si Zhengnan was drunk, and said, Why did you appear here There must be something, it a1c if blood sugar is 200 how reduce blood sugar s just a coincidence.He came to the capital this time for something important.Si Zhengnan didn t want to talk anymore, stroked his forehead, feeling a little headache.Huangfu Shu s attendant came in with a bowl of Hangover Soup, and handed it to him Master.Yeah.Huangfu Shu took it over, picked up a small spoon, put some to his mouth, and blew it slightly Drink some Hangover Soup, it will make you feel better.Quite a lot.Yeah.Si Zhengnan obediently opened his mouth, and slowly swallowed the hangover soup.After drinking it, he felt that his headache gradually disappeared.Handing the bowl to the attendant, Huangfu Shu pulled the quilt over his chest for him, and said, You rest here well, and I ll take you a1c if blood sugar is 200 back later.It s easy, I haven t poisoned yet.Ouyang Xia hurriedly stood up and bowed respectfully Senior, before I leave Ouyang Xia, it was not an offense to enter your house rashly and take away the medical books.Here, low blood sugar after gastric sleeve Ouyang Xia will compensate you.Are you Ouyang Xia She Zhongtian was surprised Suddenly, he exclaimed The number one genius doctor in the world, Ouyang Xia Ouyang Xia hurriedly said, Senior is wrong.This junior is not the number one doctor in the world.Senior s medical skills are much better than mine.She Zhongtian He snorted softly and said, So what if you are powerful If you have bad morals and a bad conduct, what s the use of it Si Yelin narrowed his eyes slightly, and let out a stern aura, not angry but mighty.She Zhongtian shrank his neck in fright, and said forcefully Why, can t you think hard It was obvious that they made mistakes first, and they wanted to do something to him Ouyang Xia tugged on Si Yelin s sleeve lightly, and looked at She Zhongtian with a smile Senior, it s our fault.

Now, let s play with my cousin later.Ouyang Xia said Where is Shu girl , very flattering.Thinking what happens if low blood sugar is not treated about her younger sister s lively personality, Ouyang Xia feels blood sugar after eating a banana max blood sugar level that gentleness is the best way to describe Shu Shu s personality.When Ouyang Xinying mentioned her daughter, she laughed even more happily It wasn t the late night that His Majesty teased her last night, she was still sleeping this time.I deliberately didn t wake her up, so you can sit with me in the palace for a while.There is a time limit for the concubine s relatives to visit the palace.Of course, it can be extended, as long as they leave the palace before dark.Compared with a1c if blood sugar is 200 how reduce blood sugar herself, her daughter often went out to Tang Guogong s mansion with her son to play, and came back at night to chat about everything about Tang Guogong s mansion and her elder brother and sister in law.As long as pancreatitis elevated blood sugar you work hard, beggars can reach the top.Cut, there is no way, I don t want to work hard.If he let me I wouldn t have been born into a wealthy family. You re still acting like a rascal.If he was a god, he would let this kid go to reactive hypoglycemia blood sugar monitoring school barefoot, and let him get nothing if he didn t work hard.Besides, this life is not over yet, what about the IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública a1c if blood sugar is 200 next life.The next life can be expected, and they never know it.Countless people wish to escape from this world, because what fingers do you use to check blood sugar a1c if blood sugar is 200 it is really bitter.Sitting on the box, Chuan Wei said, That s what I look like.Ouyang Xia shook her head, ignored him, and continued to inspect the goods.After he inspected one box, the people behind carried it away and sent it to the pharmacy for the pharmacists to start processing.Wei Chuan leaned close to him, and said in a voice that only the two of them could a1c if blood sugar is 200 hear Ah Xia, do you think Your Majesty will take pills Ouyang Xia hit a1c if blood sugar is 200 his abdomen with an elbow, and said, Don t talk nonsense.Looking at the quiet street, the officials looked gratefully at Ouyang Xia and Si Zhengnan You are still the prince, you have a way, they have been squatting here for a few days.Since the closure order came out, many people have tried every means No matter how hard they try to escape, it will be useless.Ouyang Xia looked at him and said, Never leave the city alone, any of them may be a carrier of the virus.Also, starting tomorrow, when you go to the hospital to receive disinfectant, the gates must be sprayed, and the soldiers must soak After the medicinal bath.Yes.Ouyang Xia and Si Zhengnan turned their heads and stepped into the carriage, and the car smoothly entered the inn not far from the Chongcheng Hospital in Chongcheng District.Ouyang Xia directly bought a large courtyard for everyone After moving all the materials in, everyone put on protective clothing and walked to the hospital not far away.Since they got sick, they stayed here and watched people die, and their fear grew day by day.Today, this person committed suicide suddenly, which made them even more desperate.Ouyang Xia stared at him with awe inspiring eyes, and said slightly angrily Do you know what sacrifices we doctors have made to save you and cure this disease.You are inevitable, and illness is the only way to avoid it.Why did we come here as doctors It s not to treat your illnesses.Unfortunately, our companion, Dr.Wang, died of a serious illness.Before I came here, I told him that he might die, but he said that it is his duty to heal the wounded.You easily seek death, are you worthy of us risking our lives to come here After listening to his words, the man lay on the bed with tears streaming down his face.Ouyang Xia looked around at everyone, and said in a firm voice I have developed a prescription that can treat this disease.

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