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"connexion" Definitions

  1. connection.

"connexion" Antonyms

breakup split bustup estrangement separation divorce parting falling out break-up falling-out split-up bust-up parting of the ways

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How to use connexion in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "connexion" and check conjugation/comparative form for "connexion". Mastering all the usages of "connexion" from sentence examples published by news publications.

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A sign taped in the reception window indicated that the Faith Connexion showroom was upstairs.
Other platforms, such as Canada's Social Venture Connexion (SVX), are taking a more cautious approach.
The actress teamed her plaid Faith Connexion dress with red over-the-knee Stuart Weitzman boots and a Tyler Ellis doctor bag.
Examples are Italian luxury shoe brand Bruno Magli, Paris fashion line Faith Connexion, along with a number of European and Asian cosmetics businesses.
In a 2009 interview with The Connexion, a French newspaper and website, he said the discipline of writing advertising copy later helped him.
According to the Connexion website, French mothers can take maternity leave of six weeks before a birth and 10 weeks after, a total of 16 weeks.
"John Thaw, who played me, seemed to be in a perpetually bad mood," he told The Connexion, "whereas I was absolutely delighted with my new life in France."
For example, you might be lusting after Beyoncé's $1,445 Faith Connexion painted parka, butCraves returns an embroidered military jacket along with other similarly colored military jackets, sans embellishments.
Page from Pieter Camper, The Works of the late Professor Camper, on The Connexion [sic] between the Science of Anatomy and The Arts of Drawing, Painting, Statuary &c. &c.
Cornerstone bands such as La Scred Connexion, a whole generation that goes from Kohndo to Nakk Mendosa, or others like Les Sages Poetes de la Rue, are still recognized today.
Eventually, he developed his unique style, and gained enough attention for it that he now tours internationally, though he works at Imperial Tattoo Connexion in Montreal for most of the year.
Andrew Dent, the executive vice president of research at the New York City-based consultancy Material ConneXion, says there have been some problems with longevity when it comes to electrochromic glass.
As soon as the sisters landed at the Tokyo airport, Kourtney was snapped wearingFaith Connexion x Kappa track pants, a sporty MSGM long-sleeve tee, backpack, black booties and tiny retro sunglasses.
Mike Monteiro, data product officer at Aspire (and former classmate of Mark Zuckerberg), showed off Connexion, a sensor-powered health booth that can detect your vital signs and health weaknesses through infrared and other sensors.
JOHANNESBURG, June 5 (Reuters) - Telkom SA, South Africa's biggest landline provider, said on Monday full-year earnings rose to 12.4 percent due to the strong performance of its mobile business and the consolidation of Business Connexion Group (BCX).
Sandow, a media company and consultancy, owns the design magazines Interior Design, Luxe Interiors + Design, and Galerie, and the materials research library, Material Connexion, prompting questions from some in the design industry about favoritism and privatization of the previously city-run event.
In them I seemed to draw from a source of inward joy, of sympathetic and imaginative pleasure, which could be shared in by all human beings; which had no connexion with struggle or imperfection, but would be made richer by every improvement in the physical or social condition of mankind.
A lambskin moto jacket ($350, originally $685) is among the Arrivals pieces that fall in five price categories — $100, $150, $250, $350, $450 — while a tiger-print tank top ($47.25, originally $189) and crepe suit jacket ($156, originally $624) are among the goods from Faith Connexion that start at 75 percent off.
Connexion Fellowships. Retrieved 18/12/2019. Additional Connexion churches were founded in Sierra Leone (see below). The Connexion had earlier efforts at congregation building in Canada.
Jacob Connexion is the designer brand casual/weekend branch of Jacob. The clothes ranges luxuriously from twenty to four-hundred dollars. Jacob Connexion include jeans, polo shirts, essential items, Capri pants and sweatshirts. Jacob Connexion clothing is inspired from European designs.
Together, Capella Films and Capella Intl. operated a highly active production and distribution hub whose partners included Universal Studios, German distributor, Connexion Films, American production arm, Connexion American Media Inc., Bregman-Baer Productions, and April-Connexion Films. Capella Films, Inc.
Previously in 2005, China Airlines installed Connexion by Boeing Ku-band services on its Boeing 747-400. The service discontinued in 2006 following the dissolution of Connexion by Boeing.
The new combined entity's annual revenue were in excess of R3 billion at the time. Founded in 1996 by the then CEO Benjamin Mophatlane and his twin brother Isaac, BCX merged with Seattle Solutions in 2001. ITWeb, 'Benjamin Mophatlane, CEO, Business Connexion'] This merged entity was renamed Business Connexion (Proprietary) Limited, the holdings company was renamed Business Connexion Group Limited and the company has traded since then under the current share code of "BCX". Business Connexion was separately listed on 28 May 2004.
The Connexion is a monthly newspaper and news website for the English-speaking expatriate community in France. It is edited in Monaco. It was founded in September 2002 and claims 7,500 subscribers and a print run of 50,000 a month.Advertisement The Connexion The Connexion reports news stories of events in France and provides advice for expatriates living there, including French property, healthcare, tax and law.
William John Townsend was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the son of Joseph and Mary Townsend. He was educated at Percy Street Academy in Newcastle. He worked in business for several years, before studying at Ranmoor College in Sheffield and becoming a minister of the Methodist New Connexion in 1860. He was President of the Methodist New Connexion Conference in 1886, and edited the Methodist New Connexion from 1893 to 1897.
The "Dry Scholarship" was also founded by public subscription in connexion with the Tasmanian scholarships.
Hachtroudi, Mohsen (1937) Les espaces d'éléments à connexion projective normale. Thèse de doctorat, Université de Paris.
Upon arriving in Nova Scotia he was converted by John Marrant of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, which was a Methodist splinter group. Perkins migrated to Sierra Leone, where he led a strike of carpenters against the Sierra Leone Company. Cato Perkins established the first Huntingdon's Connexion church, and later on other Nova Scotian settler preachers established churches in the Liberated African villages. Cato Perkins died in 1805 and his churches are the remnant of the Huntingdon's Connexion churches around the world.
Kerris Brass Band was in attendance at Sheffield's Methodist New Connexion, annual Sunday school treat in June 1883.
The smallest size is 2 and ranges up to 14. Like the "regular" Jacob store, tops are sized XS to L. Jacob Connexion opened in 1998 under the name Jacob Annexe. In 2003 the name was changed to Jacob Connexion. Jacob Connexion's target demographic is 25- to 35-year-old women.
In 2012, Rail Europe 4A launched the Rail Europe Connexion , a magazine and website for inspirational trips in Europe.
The Methodist New Connexion Church on Franklin Street was renamed Maughan Methodist Church in recognition of his pioneering work.
It was properly known as "The Lady Huntingdon Chapel" but became known as Top Chapel because of its position at the top of Astley Street. Its first minister was J. Johnson who was ordained at Spa Fields Chapel London by the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion. Lady Selina Hastings, the Countess of Huntingdon had been greatly influenced by John Wesley and George Whitefield and set up the Calvinistic Connexion within the Methodist Church. The Connexion still has several chapels, mostly in the south of England.
KAYE, John. Some account of the Council of Nicæa in connexion with the life of Athanasius. United Kingdom, n.p, 1853.
The secession was led by Alexander Kilham and William Thom, and resulted from a dispute regarding the position and rights of the laity. In 1791, Kilham denounced the Methodist conference for giving too much power to the ministers of the church, at the expense of the laity. The Plan of Pacification adopted by the conference in 1795 further entrenched his position, and Kilham was expelled from the conference in 1797. Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Sheffield (1828) Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Connah's Quay Kilham formed the New Connexion, based around his church in Sheffield.
The choice to consume alcohol is now a personal decision for any member. A central hall in Westminster, London British Methodism does not have bishops; however, it has always been characterised by a strong central organisation, the Connexion, which holds an annual Conference (note that the Church retains the 18th-century spelling connexion for many purposes). The Connexion is divided into Districts in the charge of the Chair (who may be male or female). Methodist districts often correspond approximately, in geographical terms, to counties—as do Church of England dioceses.
In Halifax he had become involved with the Methodist New Connexion Church and in Elland became a local preacher for them.
The Independent Methodist Connexion is a British group of Non-Conformist congregations that have their roots in the 18th century revival.
In 2003, Gill created Connexion.org, a social media platform for engaging the LGBT community in political activities. Connexion closed in September 2011.
Connexion to the cross lever was achieved using a crank (Kunstschloss). To balance the load it was usual to have two lifting rods.
Sophia Mort was the daughter of James Mort (July 1770 – 31 December 1827) and Dorothy Mort (c. 1773 – 4 December 1848), Her father was heavily involved with the Methodist New Connexion church and was a deeply religious man. After hearing John Wesley preach at Sunderland when he was seventeen years old, he went from being essentially nonreligious to a convert to the Methodist New Connexion. He began his career as minister of in 1797 (the year that the church was established) and served as president of the New Connexion Conference in 1805 (Manchester) and 1821 (Nottingham).
These extra double-decker buses are used mainly on connexion routes. Double-decker buses use about the same amount of fuel as an articulated 60-foot bus, but only take up the same road area as a regular 40 foot bus, meaning they free up space (especially downtown), and provide increased seated passenger capacity for longer connexion bus routes, lowering OC Transpo's operating costs. As a result of the purchase, the 60-foot articulated buses were being moved from connexion routes to Transitway and other mainline routes, replacing the 40-foot models currently used on some trips by those routes.
In the history of Christianity in England, a connexion was a circuit of prayer groups who would employ travelling ministers alongside the regular ministers attached to each congregation. This method of organizing emerged in 18th-century English nonconformist religious circles; this is why the otherwise old-fashioned spelling (connexion rather than connection) is retained in the British church. The Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, for instance, was founded by Selina, Countess of Huntingdon. Over time, as Methodism became a separate church, this structure of connexions came to form a new system of polity, separate from episcopal polity.
Drury, A.W. History of the City of Dayton and Montgomery County, Ohio. Vol. 1. Chicago and Dayton: Clarke, 1900, 414. A disproportionate number of Christian Connexion preachers in New England were involved in the eschatological stir fueled by speculations of William Miller. No fewer than seven of the 16 signatories to the 1840 call for an Adventist general conference were Connexion preachers.
The church was built in 1826 for the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion. The building has since been altered and used as a Baptist church.
In 2014 Christophe Decarnin became the creative director of French clothing brand Faith Connexion. In March 2017 the brand had its first runway show.
Many Methodist churches, such as the British Methodist Church, do not have bishops. In world Methodism, a given connexion (that is, denomination) is usually autonomous.
On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences, title page, 1834 On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences is one of the biggest selling science books in the 19th century. It was written by Mary Somerville in 1834. The book went through many editions and was translated into several European languages. In a review of the book in March 1834, William Whewell coined the word "scientist".
Perceived irreconcilable differences led to the schism of the Methodists movement and the formation of Primitive Methodism. In the early 20th century, however, the Wesleyans and Primitives were reconciled and reunited. The structure of the Primitive Methodists, though superficially broadly similar to the Wesleyan Connexion, also showed some pronounced differences. Both Primitives and Wesleyans employed a connexion system, employing a combination of itinerant and local preachers.
C2Net started out as Community ConneXion in 1994, an Internet Privacy Provider similar to an "Internet Service Provider" providing customers with anonymous Internet services, from dialup access to email accounts. Community ConneXion implemented the first double-blind anonymous mail forwarding service, aka "nym server", The Anonymizer5.01: Scans as well as being the company that commercialized the Anonymizer before selling it to Lance Cottrell's Anonymizer Inc.
We impose two natural conditions. The first is that the induced connexion ∇ and the induced volume form ω be compatible, i.e. ∇ω ≡ 0. This means that for all In other words, if we parallel transport the vectors X1,...,Xn along some curve in M, with respect to the connexion ∇, then the volume spanned by X1,...,Xn, with respect to the volume form ω, does not change.
By 2006, however, the company announced it was closing down its Connexion operation. Industry analysts cited technology, weight, and cost issues as making the service unfeasible at the time. The Connexion hardware that needed to be installed on an aircraft, for example, weighed nearly , which added more "drag" (a force working against the forward movement of the plane) and weight than was tolerable for the airlines. Since the shuttering of Connexion by Boeing, several new providers have emerged to deliver in-flight broadband to airlines—notably Row 44, OnAir and AeroMobile (who offer satellite-based solutions), and Aircell (which offers air-to-ground connectivity via a cellular signal).
City Connexion Airlines was an airline based in Burundi. The airline ceased all operations in 2000, however, no source for a declared bankruptcy has been found.
Rufinus's continuation was itself soon translated into Greek. The latest edition is in the Berlin collection of Greek Christian writings mentioned above in connexion with Eusebius.
Gods, Sages and Kings, p.167 The eighth star of the big dipper is according to his later reference to RV 3.56.2 in connexion with RV 1.164.
Nouvelle évidence d'une connexion terrestre entre Europe et Amérique du Nord au Crétacé inférior: Hoplitosaurus synonyme de Polacanthus (Ornithischia: Ankylosauria). C.R. Academie Science, Paris 313:971-976.
The city is home to experimental arts publication White Fungus. The Learning Connexion provides art classes. Other visual art galleries include the City Gallery. File:Wellington NZ7 3363.
The Evangelical Witness, the organ of the Methodist New Connexion Church, was founded in 1865 by J. H. Robinson as a monthly paper. Robinson was the English representative of the Methodist New Connexion and its Missionary Superintendent. Soon after the paper became semi-monthly, then weekly. Robinson was succeeded as editor and Superintendent of Missions by William Cocker, who held office until he returned to England in 1872.
He earned a teaching certificate in the common branches and briefly taught at an elementary school. He was baptized into the Christian Connexion at age 15. He learned of the Millerite message from his parents and after hearing powerful preaching at an advent camp meeting in Exeter, Maine, White decided to leave teaching and become a preacher. Consequently, he was ordained a minister of the Christian Connexion in 1843.
The DreiLänderBahn also offers a taxi service for connexion to the station. The DreiLänderBahn's multiples are filled at Finnentrop, Dillenburg and Siegen, where they are also cleaned externally.
It seems to me that girls ought to be early taught to discriminate, between the characteristic of a hymeneal connexion and of a dishonourable one apparently resembling it.
Cargnello was born in Montreal to an Argentine immigrant father of Italian descent and a Canadian mother of Lithuanian heritage."Paul Cargnello: French connexion". Le Devoir, March 9, 2007.
In 1997, Material ConneXion was launched by George Beylerian, former vice president of marketing and creative director of Steelcase Furniture. At Steelcase, Beylerian created a small exhibition of new materials, and recognized the need for a materials library service. Material ConneXion was acquired by SANDOW in 2011. In addition to its New York office, the company has locations in Bangkok, Bilbao, Daegu, Milan, Skövde and Tokyo, and also maintains an online materials database.
Ministers are appointed to circuits rather than to individual churches. Most notably, there are no bishops in the British connexion. The term full connexion is used in Great Britain and in Ireland to refer to presbyters and deacons being "subject to the rules and discipline of the Conference of the Methodist Church", and specifically that they are subject to being stationed (i.e. appointed to ministry in a local circuit) at the direction of the conference.
John Clifford, baptised in a New Connexion chapel and ordained after studying at the New Connexion's Midland Baptist College, became the President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain in 1888. Under his leadership, the New Connexion merged with the Union in 1891. Fittingly for a traditionally non-creedal denomination, no confession of faith was required from either side, Calvinist or Arminian. John Clifford became the first President of the Baptist World Alliance (1905 – 11).
One exception is the through connexion of RE trains from Würzburg/Lichtenfels via Hof as Regionalbahn trains to Bad Steben. This enables passengers to travel the whole route without changing.
The show has been remade into in Telugu language and Kannada language as Connexion broadcast on MAA TV and Star Suvarna and olso remade in Sri Lanka Sinhala language Channel.
The letter implies that some intention had been intimated from Avignon of sending Marignolli to Ireland in connexion with matters then in debate—a project which stirs Fitz Ralph's wrath.
Libo, in ancient Rome, is the name of a family belonging to the Scribonian gens. It is chiefly interesting for its connexion with the Puteal Scribonianum in the Forum at Rome.
There was also a Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion chapel at the north end of West Hoathly from 1826 until the early 21st century. The timber-framed building survives, but is disused.
In 1829 when he was twenty-one he was appointed to Tunstall, the mother circuit of the Primitive Methodist Connexion, and found that he was named on the plan as superintendent, an indication of the high regard in which he was held very early in his ministry. In 1831 he was transferred to Wearside and in 1832 to Guernsey to take over the Channel Islands mission. From 1835 to 1850 he worked in circuits on the Welsh border and in the Midlands until in 1850 he was moved to London to take responsibility for the publications of the PM Connexion. In 1857 he was asked to undertake a history of the Connexion to be published to mark its golden jubilee in 1860.
Smith proved to be a controversial figure in the Christian Connexion, leaving the denomination for several years to become a Universalist. He publicly renounced Universalism in 1823, but was not well received and reverted to it for a couple of years. Smith tried to re- enter the Connexion in 1827 by repudiating Universalism. His brethren were understandably hesitant to accept him, but his home congregation of Portsmouth, New Hampshire received him back in fellowship in 1840.
Material ConneXion maintains a physical library of over 8000 materials and processes categorized based on their chemical composition: Polymers, Naturals, Metals, Glass, Processes, Ceramics, Cement-based, Carbon-based. In 2016, the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) opened a Material ConneXion Library at its corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C. in partnership with the American Chemistry Council (ACC). The library features samples of innovative materials and products with an emphasis on health and wellness in the built environment.
Today it is the most important railway connexion between Germany and Switzerland. The connexion to the north towards Weinheim- Darmstadt–Frankfurt (Main) had been established since 1846 by the Main-Neckar Line, in which the Grand Duchy of Baden participated. In 1879 the Ried Railway (Riedbahn) followed, although Baden did not own any section of it. From 1861 there had also been a direct route to France after the completion of the Rhine bridge between Kehl and Strasbourg.
Thailand Creative and Design Center Material ConneXion is a materials consultancy, headquartered in New York City, that helps companies source advanced materials to enhance the performance, aesthetics and sustainability of their projects.
He had also changed the spelling of Livingstone to Leviston and then to Leveson. Eventually he also added the name Joseph, in acknowledgment of a connexion with the philosopher Joseph de Maistre.
The whole of Methodism within a country under the authority of the Conference. Note that different branches of Methodism mean that in any one country there may be more than one Connexion.
Christian Reflection in Africa: Reflection and Engagement. Carlisle, UK: Langham Global Library. He was born at Aliwal North, South Africa, on 7 September 1876. His parents were missionaries of the Primitive Methodist Connexion.
Martha died in 1848. Sherman was successor at the Surrey Chapel to Rowland Hill. Although he was subsequently became known as a Congregationalist, Sherman was originally ordained to the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion.
In June 1770 Dan Taylor was able to bring together many of those Arminian Baptists disenchanted with the ‘Old General Baptists’ in ‘The New Connexion of General Baptists’. Well organised from the outset, the Connexion thrived, particularly in the industrial areas of the English Midlands. By 1817, a year after Taylor's death, the Connection had 70 chapels. Taylor ministered to the Birchcliffe Baptist Church for twenty years until 1783 when he moved to a chapel in Wandsworth, south west London.
For many years before his death he was chairman of the district of the Methodist connexion of the Manchester area. He died at Didsbury on Sunday, 29 December 1867, shortly after resigning his tutorship.
Macfarlane lives in Cambridge to be close to Lake Karapiro for her rowing training. She holds a Diploma in Art and Creativity with honours, obtained through extramural study at the Learning Connexion in Wellington.
Saldanha was an accomplished linguist (he spoke English, French, and German with perfect fluency) and a general scholar. He wrote On the Connexion between true Sciences and Revealed Religion which was published in Berlin.
Other winners were Office with four awards, Airtel Super Singer and Jodi Number One with three awards, Deivam Thandha Veedu, Neeya Naana and Adhu Idhu Edhu with two awards, and Connexion with one award.
The History of Woman, and Her Connexion with Religion, Civilization, & Domestic Manners, from the Earliest Period. p.10 When Noah was five hundred years old, he became the father of Shem, Ham and Japheth ().
The Rev Dan Taylor (1738–1816) was the founder of the New Connexion of General Baptists, a revivalist offshoot from the Arminian Baptist tradition, one of two main strands within the British Baptist movement.
298 L. s.v. praesentanea hostia. Gellius's passage implies a conceptual connexion between the hostia praecidanea and the feriae succidaneae, though this is not explicated. Scholarly interpretations thus differ on what the feriae praecidaneae were: cf.
In 2007, Material ConneXion was named a “Top Eco-Innovator” by The New York Times for its efforts to make information on sustainable materials and sustainable design practices more readily available to designers and corporations.
With effect from the timetable change on 13 December 2009, passenger services are due to be exclusively providely by the Danube-Isar Express (Donau-Isar-Express),DB press release a Regional-Express line, that will connect Munich with Landshut, Plattling and Passau hourly.StMWIVT press release This was announced during the tender process to DB Regio. In addition a late weekend connexion from about 0:45 hours from Landshut to Passau will be provided. In connexion with this, the current Munich–Plattling Regionalbahn train will be scrapped.
The opening up of the Palatinate (Pfalz) was first realised in 1865 with a pontoon bridge from Karlsruhe–Maxau as well as a link between Mannheim and Ludwigshafen in 1867. A connexion with Bavaria followed the opening of the Baden Odenwald Railway (Baden Odenwaldbahn) in 1866. Negotiations for a route to Württemberg were particularly difficult because both states were competing for traffic between Germany and the Alpine passes. While Baden favoured a line via Pforzheim, Württemberg was interested in a more direct connexion at Bruchsal.
All Saints' Anglican Church dates from about 1340. It was restored in 1861. There was also a chapel of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion in the village in the 19th century.A Vision of Britain through Time.
He is mentioned in a work on the Bideford Witch trial, one of the last such events in England. In that text, the connexion to the Ernle at Newburgh Park, Coxwold, Yorkshire, is established from contemporary documents.
On the other hand, with a better link from the new line from Plattling through the Isar valley to Munich there was the attraction of a lucrative connexion with Bohemia. In 1874 work started on its construction.
The term scientist was coined by William Whewell in an 1834 review of Mary Somerville's On the Connexion of the Sciences. But the word did not enter general use until nearly the end of the same century.
After his expulsion, which was followed by a loss to the Connexion estimated at "29 societies and 4,348 members", Barker became the pastor of a church in Newcastle-on-Tyne, which had, like himself, left the Methodist New Connexion. Here it was Barker's custom to deliver daily lectures, followed by free discussions. He became a printer, and in addition to other publications began to issue a periodical called The Christian; his adherents were known as Barkerites. At this period he held a ten nights' discussion with the Methodist Rev.
UCS, which is now a division of Business Connexion, provides services in the retail value chain as well as traditional break-fix end-user device support to other market sectors. The acquisition has made Business Connexion a dominant player in the South African retail vertical, holding 28% of the Retail IT Services market share. UCS Technology Services UCS Technology Services is a service provider to retailers across the South African region. The company provides solutions for both large, multi-store, multi-country retail environments, as well as for small- and medium-sized retail operations.
He challenges America to stop its diplomatic and military belligerence toward Canada, and ends with a version of his patriotic poem of passionate loyalty to the British Connexion.Lett, W. P., Annexation and British Connexion, Address to Brother Jonathan, Ottawa: Mason and Jones Printers, 48 & 50 Queen Street, 1889, 20pp. Transcriptions of several versions of the poem "British Connexion" at Cook, pp. 304–309. Until his death in 1892, Lett opposed any traitorous hint of annexation, even after the debate had shifted to trade reciprocity or stronger commercial union.
In 1798, the Academy of the New Connexion of General Baptists was founded in Mile End, east end of London. In 1813 it moved to Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Daniel Taylor's younger brother, John Taylor, was also a Baptist pastor.
Bull's work has been included in numerous exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale (1986), documenta (1987) and Ars Electronica (1989). "Connexion," a career survey exhibition organized by Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Charlottetown, travelled to several public galleries across Canada.
On the outskirts of Leysdown is the graveyard of St Clement's Church, which was demolished in the 1980s. All Saints' (Anglican) church in Eastchurch and Sheppey Evangelical Church, part of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion are close to Leysdown.
Namma Ooru Connexion is a 2017-2017 Indian Tamil language game show which aired on STAR Vijay on every Sunday at 1:00PM (IST) from 19 March 2017 to 11 June 2017 for 13 Episodes. and hosted by Jagan.
This gives the Weingarten equation: The type-(1,1)-tensor is called the affine shape operator, the differential one-form is called the transverse connexion form. Again, both S and τ depend upon the choice of transverse vector field ξ.
Kore & Skalp are two DJs and producers who have worked together since 1997. Among others, they have made mixtapes, concerts and Scratch performances. And they have produced music for many underground groups, e.g. Eloquence, Costello and la Scred Connexion.
A Methodist New Connexion church has existed along Smyrna Street since 1844. Other faiths are also catered for, with a mosque on Bridgefield Street, and a centre and a church for Swedenborgianism on Radcliffe New Road and Stand Lane respectively.
H. B.Cotterill (1913) ebooksread.com Ancient Greece : a sketch of its art, literature & philosophy viewed in connexion with its external history from earliest times to the age of Alexander the Great [Retrieved 2011-09-15] (worldcat.org Retrieved 2011-12-05)K.Sheedy jstor.
He is best remembered as a historian of medieval Scotland. His 1862 work Scotland under her early Kings (2 volumes) was well regarded. He published a collection of essays, Historical Essays in connexion with the Land, the Church, etc. in 1874.
Retrieved 5 January 2019. The Connexion gave strong support to the Calvinistic Methodist movement in Wales in the 18th and early 19th centuries, including the foundation of a theological college at Trefeca in 1760. The Gospel Coalition Retrieved 20 May 2017.
For the second half of the nineteenth-century, leaders of the Connexion pursued a policy of alignment with the mainstream. What had been birthed as a strident protest against staid religiosity was drifting back in that direction. The temperance movement, the Sunday School movement, and the Bible societies all served as avenues of service through which Connexion members could demonstrate to other denominations the many similarities this cluster of once fringe bodies now shared with the major religious organizations. The Christian Church merged with the National Council of the Congregational Churches of the United States in 1931 to form the Congregational Christian Churches.
Its loading tracks have long since been lifted by the DB. The former log loading station at Klingenbrunn with its extensive trackage and a connexion to the 600 mm Spiegelau Forest Railway (Spiegelauer Waldbahn) has been reduced today to just one track and classified as a halt (Haltepunkt). The station at Spiegelau In 1953 a connexion was temporarily established (until 1956) to Freyung with a road-rail omnibus. In the second half of the 20th century passenger services were provided by Uerdingen railbuses; initially the VT 95 and later the VT 98. In the 1980s discussions again took place about closing the route.
The denomination was originally called the "Wesleyan Methodist Connexion". The 1891 conference endorsed the use of the term Church rather than Connexion, although it retained a Connexional polity. The name "Wesleyan Methodist Church" remained in use until the Methodist Union of 1932, when the church re-united with the Primitive Methodist Church and the United Methodist Church to form the current Methodist Church of Great Britain. Westminster Central Hall In 1898, Robert Perks, MP for Louth, proposed the creation of the Wesleyan Methodist Twentieth Century Fund (also known as the 'One Million Guinea Fund') which aimed to raise one million guineas (£1.1s.
Christian Messenger Vol.I,#1 25 December 1825, pp. 4–5) The Connexion soon became international, with churches planted in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec (1811) and Ontario (1821). In each case, the missions were extensions of preaching tours from neighboring American states.
Metaphysics received widespread critical acclaim upon its initial release,New release for Duncan Avoid on Hive Records, ReGen Magazine.Duncan Avoid - Metaphysics , Connexion Bizarre. and was named greatest album of the year by Xanopticon at Igloo Magazine.Xanopticon :: October 2004 Top-10, Igloo Magazine.
Welch was born in Glastonbury, England on December 31, 1825. He moved to the United States when his father emigrated in 1834. He attended public schools in Watertown, New York. At age 17, Thomas Welch joined the Wesleyan Methodist Connexion, founded the same year (1843).
A local holiday park company secured the rights to the word "Cuxland" since 1997 as a brand. In summer 2008 there were disputes about this. In connexion with that the county council decided in favour of the general and wide use of the term "Cuxland".
In the following years the railway network was further expanded. Lines in the upper Ore Mountains appeared after Schwarzenberg/Erzgeb. was given a railway connexion in 1858. In 1866, the railway to Annaberg-Buchholz joined the network and the line to Weipert followed in 1872.
The Founding of Vineland and Its Growth as an Agricultural Center, West Jersey and South Jersey Heritage. Accessed August 28, 2007. Welch was an adherent to the Wesleyan Methodist Connexion, which strongly opposed "manufacturing, buying, selling, or using intoxicating liquors." Hallett, Anthony; and Hallett, Diane.
Adventists practice believers baptism rather than infant baptism. Believers at their baptism pledge or vow to follow Jesus. The pioneer Adventist leaders came from a variety of denominational traditions. Ellen G. White's had a Methodist background, while James White's was from the Christian Connexion.
In the 1850s, the entrepreneur Thomas Molson built a church for the Connexion group near his brewery in Montreal. It was poorly attended as the city's population was predominantly Catholic. The building was adapted for use as a military barracks.Montreal Gazette, 15 February 1986.
The village is accessible from Makó from the west, about from Szeged. By ferry it is about and from Hódmezővásárhely it is about . In 2011, the Hungarian motorway M43 (under completion) made a connexion to the village. Public transport is provided by Tisza Volán.
Amongst them were Dr Ford, as well as Lady Ann, who was requested to occupy and reside in Lady Huntingdon's house adjoining Spa Fields Chapel, and carry on all needful correspondence (which was immense). She did this dutifully until her own death in 1804 and burial at Bunhill Fields. The principal trustee was the Reverend Thomas Haweis, who presided at the Convocation of the Connexion, comprising about 120 chapels. As rector of the Church of England parish at Aldwincle until his death in 1820, he ensured the Connexion kept as close to the Church of England as was possible; many chapels became part of the Free Church of England in 1863.
Zwiesel station An early plan to extend the line as far as Freyung and the Ilztalbahn with its connexion to Passau was stopped by opposition by the town of Grafenau for a railway route via Riedlhütte and St. Oswald with a station on the Schwaimberg. This promised a higher return as a result of having a station in the vicinity of the town centre. So the line was routed via the town of Grafenau with two halts at Grossarmschlag and Rosenau to the terminus. Subsequent plans to extend the line to Fürstenstein, in order to achieve a connexion to Passau that way, were also dropped.
In fact, in connexion with that the Rotenburg-Verden and Nienburg-Minden lines were to be doubled in order that goods traffic could be diverted from the Ruhrgebiet- Bremen section onto the four-track Hamm-Minden line. These plans have however had to take a back seat.
All Saints' Church dates from about 1340 and is a Grade I listed building dating mainly from the 14th century. There was a chapel of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion in the village in the 19th century.A Vision of Britain through Time. Retrieved 5 June 2018.
He ceased to be in 'Full Connexion' (that is, on the list of authorised ministers) with the Methodist Church of Great Britain in January 2017, following the conclusion of a disciplinary process which found him guilty of 'seriously impairing the mission, witness or integrity of the church'.
The castle receives only scant mention in the surviving records. In 1310 low-ranking Burgmannen from the area were mentioned in connexion with it, including those from Ahlden. The knight, Johann von Escherde, is named as the Burgvogt. The last mention of the castle is in 1340.
They are made up of the integrin (a transmembrane protein) instead of cadherin. They attach the epithelial cell to the basement membrane. Gap junctions connect the cytoplasm of two cells and are made up of proteins called connexins (six of which come together to make a connexion).
Both their organisations included an array of local, circuit, district, and connexion officials and committees. According to James Obelkevich, Primitive Methodism was more decentralised and democratic. Julia Werner concurs that the movement was decentralised. Most decisions and day-to- day policy were decided at a local level.
In 1959 Dijkstra used a balanced heap data structureE.W. Dijkstra, “A Note on Two Problems in Connexion with Graphs,” Numerische Mathematik, vol. 1, pp. 269-271, 1959 to improve upon an algorithm presented by Moore in 1957E.F. Moore, “The Shortest Path through a Maze,” Proc. Int’l Symp.
He is recorded in connexion with the diocese of Winchester between about 1150 and 1180. At about the time of the war he versified he was involved in a suit against John Joichel, who had an unlicensed opened a school in Winchester; he won the suit.
Initially there were 6 passenger trains daily (2 of which were expresses) in each direction between Mainz and Worms. In Mainz there was a connexion to the steamships of the Cologne and Düsseldorf Company for Steamships on the Rhine River (Kölnische und Düsseldorfer Gesellschaft für Rhein-Dampfschiffahrt).
Over the years, there were three separate Methodist churches located within North Augusta. There were two Wesleyan Methodist churches, one being called the Wesleyan Methodist New Connexion and one Methodist Episcopal church.Goldie A. Connell (1985) Augusta: Royal Township Number Seven. St. Lawrence Printing Co. ltd. p.
He also succeeded in having the collection of pathological specimens at the Melbourne Hospital transferred to the university, and thus began the pathological museum to which he was henceforth to give much time. It eventually became a great collection that was invaluable in connexion with the teaching of the subject. In 1883 Allen was appointed to the Central Board of Health, for which he drew up a set of by-laws for the use of local health authorities, and he did valuable work in connexion with an inquiry into tuberculosis in cattle, and also in connexion with freezing chambers for the frozen meat trade, then in its infancy. In 1886 Allen became dean of the faculty of medicine and succeeded in bringing in an amended curriculum for the medical course. In 1888 he was made president of the royal commission appointed to inquire into the sanitary state of Melbourne; typhoid fever was then common and the commission's report included the recommendation that a water-borne sewerage system should be adopted.
The Centre has a library with books/publications on history, literature, art, culture, mythology and works of eminent scholars and authors. An important cultural connexion between India and Guyana is cricket. With the advent of the Indian Premier League, many Guyanese players were contracted to play in India.
Inger, Sharpe & Cooper. Part of the cost of construction was realised through the sale of freehold property owned by the church on Woodborough Road. It was built originally as a New Connexion Methodist Church, but was later a United Methodist Church. The church building was demolished in 1969.
Newton, Sam.The Origins of Beowulf p.31 Rudolf Simek says that "it is not completely clear what role the stag played in Germanic religion" and theorizes that "the stag cult probably stood in some sort of connexion to Odin's endowment of the dignity of kings."Simek (2007:70).
In October 1969 he gave up office and announced his retirement. Out of parliament, Grey was President of the Independent Methodist Connexion in 1971. He was given the Freedom of the City of Durham in 1971, and was awarded an honorary degree by the University of Durham in 1976.
Thomas Featherstone Wearmouth, Methodism and the trade unions, p.43 From 1918 to 1921, he also served as Treasurer of the Miners' Federation of Great Britain.Hester Barron, The 1926 miners' lockout: meanings of community in the Durham coalfield, p.50 He was a member of the Methodist New Connexion.
The present-day Methodist Church is on High Street. There was originally a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel built on High Street in 1822; it was replaced in 1868. A Primitive Methodist chapel was built at Goldenhill in 1833. From 1892 to 1900 there was a Methodist New Connexion chapel.
The Salem Baptist chapel was erected in 1840. The Church of St Peter-in-Ely on Broad Street was built in 1890; the architect was James Piers St Aubyn and it contains a fine Ninian Comper rood screen. The Countess Free Church is part of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion.
Karl Gölsdorf was an active member of the German Railway Administrations Union and also brought his expertise to bear as the co-publisher of the paper Eisenbahntechnik der Gegenwart (Railway Technology Today). His collection of photographs earned special fame in connexion with this; it is owned today by the Deutsches Museum.
New Connexions Free Church is a church in the Cambridgeshire city of Ely. Part of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion along with over 20 other churches. They meet every Sunday as well as holding services and groups for people of all ages. The church is located at Larkfield, High Barns.
His work in connexion with the after-treatment of cases of infantile paralysis was of remarkable value, as was also his study of the anatomy of the Australian fauna. His monument is his great collection of specimens housed at Canberra, which has since had many valuable additions made to it.
As well as separating the sacral chamber from the profane passage, the threshold stone also serves to support a door slab or sealing slab. If the passageway was used, e.g. in connexion with secondary burials, for cultic purposes, it was given a covering of flagstones and a second, outer threshold stone.
Love Memorial Chapel, Victoria Road, Darlington 1883–84 St Paul's Methodist New Connexion Church, Kimberley 1884 Poor Law Offices, Shakespeare Street, Nottingham 1885–86 St Paul's Methodist, Leicester 1891 Westminster Buildings, Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham 1909 Abraham Harrison Goodall LRIBA (7 June 1847 – 1912) was a British architect based in Nottingham.
Lancaster took a keen interest in education, and he presented an endowment and new buildings to his old school which, as King Edward VII Grammar School, was opened by the King in 1906. Lancaster was knighted in connexion with the official opening. He received the freedom of King's Lynn in 1913.
Brazil became an important Portuguese colony and stop-over in the long journey to Goa. This Portuguese connexion led to the exchange of several agricultural crops between India and Brazil in the colonial days. Indian cattle was also imported to Brazil. Most of the cattle in Brazil is of Indian origin.
The village is first recorded in 1062 in connexion with the royal palace (Königshof) in Forchheim. The lords of Wiesenthau appear from 1128 onwards as ministeriales of the Bishopric of Bamberg. Whether at that time a castle already existed is not clear. The castle itself is first recorded in 1379.
In politics he was a philosophical radical. He attended, as a teacher, the Sunday school of the Methodist New Connexion, in Stamford Street, Manchester, during the greater portion of his life. On 5th Feb. 1869, he was killed by the accidental discharge of a revolver in the hands of a friend.
Methodists were sharply divided into the Calvinistic Methodists, who typically followed George Whitefield or preachers of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, and the Wesleyans. Unitarian congregations were only just being distinguished as anti-Trinitarians, from Arians. The New Jerusalem Church (Swedenborgians) was not included in the selections by the View.
The castle is not mentioned in the records. It is thought to have been founded by the lords of Blankena (Blankenhagen), who were closely related to those of Hodenberg. The lords of Blankenhagen were mentioned in the 13th century in connexion with Hodenhagen Castle. Their line seems to have soon died out however.
The Connexion supported the London Missionary Society, founded in 1795 by Thomas Haweis, chaplain to the Countess. The Society purchased the ship Duff and dispatched 30 missionaries to the South Seas in August 1796. All were tradesmen. There were six married missionaries with their families, among them William Henry and his wife Sarah.
In 1979, the Baptist Convention of Sierra Leone was added as a proprietary body. In 1998, the Countess of Huntington Connexion was added as a proprietary body and the Missionary Church of Africa (MCA) withdrew its proprietorship. In 1999, the campus officially changed its name to The Evangelical College of Theology (TECT).
Smith again attempted a re-entry to the Connexion with another repudiation of Universalism in 1827. His brethren were understandably hesitant to accept him, but his home congregation of Portsmouth, NH received him back in fellowship in 1840.Smith, Elias. The Life, Conversion, Preaching, Travels and Sufferings of Elias Smith, pp 360–1.
X, pp.629-31. It appears that Price began to preach among the Calvinistic Methodists. There is a report of him preaching with John Elias, at Newtown in 1830. It seems that he was not fluent in the Welsh language, which may be the reason for him transferring to Lady Huntingdon’s Connexion.
The United Methodist Church in Great Britain was a Protestant denomination which operated from 1907 to 1932. It was a relatively small grouping of British Methodism, formed in 1907 by the union of the United Methodist Free Churches with two other small groupings, the Bible Christian Church and the Methodist New Connexion.
There he became involved with the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion and ordained as a preacher. Marrant was supported to travel in 1785 as a preacher and missionary to Nova Scotia, where he founded a Methodist church in Birchtown. He married there before settling in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1790 he returned to London.
Savage and Egerton Ryerson were Canadian representatives at the 1876 Methodist Conference in England. In June 1876 the New Connexion building in Galt was officially made part of the Methodist Church of Canada. Soon after Savage was appointed the new minister in Galt. The congregation objected, and formed a Congregationist church in Galt.
Philip Embury began the work in New York at the instigation of fellow Irish Methodist Barbara Heck. Soon, Captain Webb from the British Army aided him. He formed a society in Philadelphia and traveled along the coast. In 1770, two authorized Methodist preachers, Richard Boardman and Joseph Pilmoor, arrived from the British Connexion.
On 18 October 2005 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between A-Connexion Management Services (ACMS), Navi-Mumbai and SSRIEIT. ACMS is involved in manpower supply to all cooperate and private sectors and placements, whereas SRIEIT is involved in academics, training and research related to electronics and telecommunication, computers and information technology.
Until the 1960s there had not been any building in the village for 100 years. Widmerpool is also the surname of a disreputable character in Anthony Powell's twelve-volume sequence of novels A Dance to the Music of Time. The connexion between the village and the character can be explored at Kenneth Widmerpool.
Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon, c. 1770 (unidentified artist) The Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion is a small society of evangelical churches, founded in 1783 by Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon, as a result of the Evangelical Revival. For many years it was strongly associated with the Calvinist Methodist movement of George Whitefield.
God Hondos receives the epithet Iovios in II and that of Çerfios in VI. This fact raises the question of whether these epithets were used alternatively in connexion with local or temporal constraints. Another similar instance is that of Tursa Çerfia and Tursa Iovia, who are found without and within the pomerium respectively.
The congregation petitioned her to make him a permanent minister; after her refusal, Aldridge left the Connexion, in 1776. Aldridge was called to the vacant Jewry Street Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist) in London. He remained there as minister, for over 20 years. He had Richard Povah there as assistant, in his last years.
They consequently ceased their connexion with the Basle Committee. Eipper, together with Schreiner, applied in March 1837 to Rev. John Dunmore Lang for appointment as missionaries to the Aboriginals at Moreton Bay. Schreiner decided to go to South Africa, but Eipper was accepted, together with a party of missionaries under the pastoral care of Rev.
According to Minorsky, we do not know whether the later governors of Astara still continued the line of the ispahbads. Even after the conquest of Northern Tālish by the Russians (1813) the family of the Tālish-khans maintained some special rights but the degree of its connexion with the ancient sipahbads would require painstaking investigation.
White's writings are sometimes referred to as the Spirit of Prophecy by Adventists. The term is dually applied to the Holy Spirit which inspired her writings. Early Sabbatarian Adventists, many of whom had come out of the Christian Connexion, were anti-creedal. However, as early as 1872 Adventists produced a statement of Adventist beliefs.
For the Dantean connexion and the likelihood that Dante knew of the Visio Karoli Grossi, see Silverstein (1936) and (1939), where he suggests that the image of the "Roman emperors" (Carolingians) sitting on bejewelled thrones in the afterlife would have been to Dante's liking. Le Goff states definitively that ("we know [that]") Dante read it.
Alan Harding, 'The Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion' (Oxford: OUP, 2003), p.315 Although Foster was willing, the scheme for a group of permanent chaplains did not progress. Foster was a founding member of the famous Eclectic Society, present at its first meeting on 16 January 1783.Josiah Pratt, 'Eclectic Notes' (London: J.Nisbet & Co., 1865), p.
The internet has encouraged the youth to new styles of music. Many songs have political and social themes, informing the populace and checking politicians. The independent film, Sweet Salone, displays many of these artists, fans, and their music. Mwana Musa (Musa Kalamulah) and the band African Connexion married Sierra Leone, Congolese and jazz rhythms.
Aldridge was born at Warminster, in Wiltshire. At age 23 he decided to become a preacher of the gospel, and was admitted to Trevecca College in South Wales. There he completed a theological course. He received a license, and for a number of years preached in the chapels of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion.
Hence if two Austrians say they are "playing Cossack", they are likely to be enjoying the Tarot game of Kosakeln. The name may therefore be a tribute to the influence of eastern Europe, especially Hungary, where Tarock games are popular and there may also be a connexion to the 3-player, 42-card, Tarock game of Husarln ("playing Hussar").
He tried to prevent duelling, which was rife in the district. Urwick was called in 1826 to the pastorate of the chapel in York Street, Dublin that had been built in 1808 by the Countess of Huntingdon's connexion. He filled the huge building, many students attending. With Henry Harvey he was a pioneer of the temperance movement.
Connexion is an Indian Tamil-language celebrity game show on STAR Vijay. The game is played by three teams – each team has one celebrity and the other person could be their friend or family. It is a team game and consists of four rounds. Before the actual games start, they have a warm up round known as Javvu Mittai.
In 1653, a Baptist meeting-house (the first in Ireland) was built in Swift's Alley, Dublin.'Baptists in Ireland - A Condensed History of the General Baptists of the New Connexion.' By James Hurford Wood. In 1835, it was sold, and an Episcopal Chapel was established, the church was officially consecrated in 1843 by the Church of Ireland.
Till his death he laboured for the spread of Catholic religion, especially in connexion with the foreign mission field; he was also in close touch with the greatest scholars of the day. He was appointed by the pope a commander of the Order of St Gregory, and was a member of the academies of Rome, Munich, Brussels, and Assisi.
In 1635 the Puritan clergyman, Richard Mather, and his family left for New England as a result of religious intolerance. Lowton's churches include the two Church of England churches of St Mary's and St Luke's and Lowton Independent Methodist, a member of the Independent Methodist Connexion. and Lowton Community Church. Lane Head Methodist church closed in 2010.
In 1857 the church was restored, the south arcade was rebuilt and south aisle was widened. The architect for these works was J.B. Clacy of Reading.Brodie, Felstead, Franklin & Pinfield, 2001, page 375 The Vicarage was designed by the Gothic Revival architect Charles Buckeridge and built in 1869. In 1820 a chapel was built for the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion.
In teleost and ganoid fish, the skull and shoulder-girdle are brought into connexion by derivatives of the skin-skeleton, not by bones of the shoulder-girdle. Discoveries like this alerted Parker to the failure of the great system of transcendental anatomy which Owen had done so much to establish.Parker T.J. William Kitchen Parker FRS. p40 & following.
William Hill (18 June 1827 – 5 January 1889) was an English architect who practised from offices in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. He was a member of, and designed churches for the Methodist New Connexion. His son William Longfield Hill (1864–1929) succeeded him in the practice, and later joined in partnership with Salmon L. Swann of Sheffield.
By the time Penrose opened in 1861, the Bible Christians were well established. In 1872 they had 18,438 members and 560 chapels. Discussions were held with the Methodist New Connexion, the Primitive Methodists and the United Methodist Free Church between the 1860s and 1900s, and in 1907 the Bible Christians united with them to form the United Methodists.
In 1907 the United Methodist Free Church merged with the Methodist New Connexion and the Bible Christians to form the United Methodist Church. Claremont Street Chapel was founded in 1891 and closed in 1961. It did not have a graveyard. The premises was most recently used by Wright’s Upholstery Ltd as a three-piece suite showroom.
In his last years he did much committee work in connexion with missionary societies and was one of the founders of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Perry died on 2 December 1891 and was buried at Harlow, Essex. He married, in 1841, Fanny, the daughter of Samuel Cooper, who survived him. He had no children.
Sept Days is a weekly Chinese language Chinese newspaper in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It publishes a Chinese Language Newspaper Sept Days, a Business Weekly and a monthly Newspaper La Connexion in French. It also has a readers club organizing all kinds activities. It published 7 books including Elite Chinese Canadians(2018 ), Inspired by Norman Bethune (2014) etc.
In 1844, some Anglican clergyman in the south-west of England, reacting against the Tractarian movement, founded the Free Church of England. Soon afterwards, in 1845, Price became the Free Church of England’s minister at Ilfracombe. The Connexion and the FCE assembled in united conference under one president. Price was the President for a number of years.
Savage was the third and last editor of the paper, taking office in 1872. In 1874 the New Connexion Methodist Society was consolidated with the Wesleyan Methodist Society to form the Methodist Church of Canada. The Evangelical Witness was merged with The Christian Guardian. Savage continued as associate editor of the merged paper for some time.
Americhem also won the Material of the Year award from Material Connexion in NYC for their photochromatic "blushing bottles." Americhem U, a series of informational seminars for customers, was introduced in 2011 and continues to this day. On December 28, 2012 Americhem Inc. purchased Infinity Compounding in Swedesboro, NJ later changing their name to Americhem Infinity Engineered Compounds.
Fabrice "Fabe" (born in 1971 Paris, France) is a French rapper from Barbès, a district of Paris. He is one of the founders of Scred Connexion, an underground French rap group. He started rapping around 1991 releasing his first work as early as 1995. He is mostly known for his thought-provoking and clever use of lyrics.
The early-twentieth-century Catholic Encyclopedia, in its article entitled "Rites", applied the term "rite" loosely to some practices that certain religious orders followed at that time, while stating that they in fact used the Roman Rite. What follows is a transcription of that text, leaving unaltered its no longer true statements and its spelling (e.g. "connexion").
This encouraged the connexion of Thale in 1862 to the railway line from Wegeleben. In 1909 a branch line from Blankenburg (Harz) followed. In 1922 the resort was given town rights. From 12 to 14 June 2009 Thale was the venue for the Saxony-Anhalt Day held under the motto Thale sagenhaft ("Legendary Thale"), and attracted around 200,000 visitors.
During this time, the castle was rebuilt into a schloss. In 1634, the castle was plundered after the Battle of Nördlingen. After the baron died of the plague in 1635 in Stuttgart, his son James Frederick Buwinghausen took possession of the property. He subsequently became well known as the Obervogt of Calw, especially in connexion with witch trials.
He attacks political and provincial opponents of Confederation. The British Connexion had to be maintained at all costs. He campaigned in prose and verse to retain the Union Jack during the national flag debate that followed the signing of Confederation.Lett, W. P. Poetry on "Homelands", "Loyalty, Royalty and the Flag" and "Imperial Wars and Warriors", transcriptions at Cook, op.cit.
Today it is part of the Intercity-Express (ICE) lines from north and central Germany to Frankfurt. Just as important is the Regional-Express connexion from Fulda to Frankfurt and the Stadt-Express link from Wächtersbach to Frankfurt. With the Main–Weser Railway it is one of the most important north-south freight lines in central Germany.
The Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion was founded in 1783 by Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon, as a result of the Evangelical Revival. It seceded from the Church of England, founded its own training establishment – Trevecca College – and built up a network of chapels across England in the late 18th century.Abstract of history. Retrieved 22 January 2020.
Apollophanes () of Cyzicus was connected by friendship with the Persian satrap Pharnabazus II, and afterwards formed a similar connexion with Agesilaus II. Soon after this, Pharnabazus requested him to persuade Agesilaus to meet him, which was done accordingly.Xenophon, Hellenica 4.1.29Plutarch, Agesilaus 12 This happened in 396 BCE, shortly before the withdrawal of Agesilaus from the satrapy of Pharnabazus.
From its inception in the New England Christian Connexion movement of the 18th-19th century, the congregation has maintained five tenets of that movement: 1. the Lordship of Jesus Christ as the sole head of the church; 2. the use of no other name than "Christian"; 3. the canonical Scriptures as the only rule of faith and practice; 4.
While the European Union has placed a consistent focus on the proportionality test in the context of policy issues, namely human rights, the proportionality test in the Australian context is a matter of constitutional interpretation with respect to legislative power under the Constitution. Unlike Europe, the proportionality test as a means to characterize whether Commonwealth legislation falls under a head of power under section 51 of the Constitution of Australia,. has attracted divergent viewpoints, in which Kirby J has remarked that the 'test has not enjoyed universal favour'.. However, Owen Dixon CJ made clear that 'the question is essentially one of connexion, not appropriateness of proportionality, and where a sufficient connexion is established, it is not for the Court to judge whether the law is inappropriate or disproportionate'..
Thus all of the Canadian congregations were related to the New England movement. The failed Rebellions of 1837 (led principally by Louis-Joseph Papineau and William Lyon Mackenzie) severely undercut the Connexion's Canadian wings. Churches survived solely in Ontario, and mostly north and east of Toronto, Ontario. Conflict between the Connexion and the Disciples of Christ also disrupted the former's Canadian growth.
Marcel Berger's 1955 paperBerger, Marcel . (1955) Sur les groups d'holonomie des variétés à connexion affine et des variétés riemanniennes Bull. Soc. Math. France 83v 279-330. on the classification of Riemannian holonomy groups first raised the issue of the existence of non-symmetric manifolds with holonomy Sp(n)·Sp(1), although no examples of such manifolds were constructed until the 1980s.
Share of the Halberstadt-Blankenburger Eisenbahn- Gesellschaft, issued 1. May 1870 Blankenburg station was opened on 31 March 1873 by the Halberstadt-Blankenburg Railway Company (Halberstadt-Blankenburger Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft or HBE). In its early years trains only ran to the station from Halberstadt. The main purpose of the line was to provide a connexion for the Blankenburg smelting works to the railway network.
In May 1792 he married Mary Pawson, second daughter of Marmaduke Pawson, farmer, Thorner, near Leeds, by whom he had six children. Two of his sons, Joseph and William, became ministers in the Methodist connexion. While he was in Macclesfield his wife died. When stationed in London he married his second wife, Lucy Hine of Kingsland Crescent, in October 1805.
A book of letters to Thomas Jefferson mentions in connexion to a letter of 1798 that explorer Mungo Park had tried unsuccessfully to find Housa and Timbuktu (1795–7). In a later expedition he went near Timbuktu while descending the Niger River. After being attacked many times by Africans he drowned in the river. several days' journey to the southeast.
Jones 2001, pp. 82, 95. However, he managed to alienate a number of members of his congregation, particularly when he expelled two granddaughters of the prominent Welsh Calvinistic Methodist leader Daniel Rowland for marrying "outside the Connexion". Not long afterwards, Jones's wife died; and in 1799 he became engaged to Gwen Prydderch, a young woman of 28 (30 years his junior).
An animal nutrition laboratory was built at Adelaide, and field stations were established in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Some especially valuable research work was done in connexion with the growth of wool on sheep, and the value of cystine and phosphates as supplementary feeding. His doctoral students include Roy Elwood Clausen, Carl L. A. Schmidt, and Selman Waksman.
Emma-Jane Kirby, BBC News, 2 July 2009. Retrieved 24 June 2015. French authorities closed down the camp in a September 2009 dawn raid and detained 276 people.Dawn raid on Calais "Jungle". The Connexion, 22 September 2009. Retrieved 24 June 2015.French police round up 200 migrants in Calais swoop. Agence France-Presse, 21 April 2009. Retrieved 24 June 2015.
Local passenger services were also relatively frequent; for example, in 1988 a total of twelve pairs of trains operated. Despite its importance, thanks to its high traffic density, the line remained, operationally, just a branch line. Together with the Sassnitz and Stralsund railway, and the connexion to the Mukran Ferry Port, the line was electrified. Electrical services began on 27 May 1989.
Maughan Church, Adelaide photograph by Ernest Gall, 1896 James Maughan was born at Seaton Burn, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne and from an early age attended the Methodist New Connexion Sunday-school. He was a brilliant speaker, and at age 20 was called on to replace the ailing Rev. J. Hilton. In 1848 he was appointed minister on probation, preaching in the Bradford circuit.
The origin of the name Zeterklippen is not entirely clear. It is not derived from Zeter or Zintar or Brunnen des Ziu ("Thor's Spring"). Also unlikely is the connexion with the Upper German word zêter which is a call for legal or military assistance. In 1407 the name first appeared as de Zetterberg, in 1592 as am Zetterklebe and in 1640 as Setterklee.
The building was later used by Methodists, but it was demolished after they opened a permanent church of their own. Rocks Chapel stood on Old Road in East Grinstead. The Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion sold Zion Chapel in 1980. The following year, members of the town's Providence Strict Baptist Chapel moved in; their former place of worship on London Road was later demolished.
Rodway emigrated to Australia and settled in Hobart, Tasmania. Rodway was registered under the first Tasmanian Dental Act 1884, but is mainly remembered for his interest in botany. In 1896 he was appointed honorary government botanist for Tasmania, and held this position for 36 years. His work in this connexion was largely done at week-ends and during his holidays.
They had been together for some twenty-five years. They had one son (who would predecease his father), and three surviving daughters who were later baptised in Madras. Although Maria was buried like a Christian, and not cremated as a Hindu,Grant, 'Origin and Progress of English Connexion with India', Calcutta Review, No. XIII, Vol. VII (January–June 1847), p. 260.
Telenor Connexion Expands Machine-to-Machine Services Using Cisco IP NGN Infrastructure - Cisco Systems, February 9, 2010. Telenor Objects has a similar role supplying connectivity to machine to machine networks across Europe. In the UK, Business MVNO Abica, commenced trials with Telehealth and Telecare applications which required secure data transit via Private APN and HSPA+/4G LTE connectivity with static IP address.
Other scholars have suggested, because of her connexion to a lord of Armagnac, that she was from Gascony. She wrote in the trobar clus style, one of the few women to do so. Her only surviving work is tied up with her vida and a razo. According to her vida she was noble, beautiful, charming, and learned, skilled at composing songs about fin'amors.
Beekeeping in the Middle Ages was a major forest activity because honey was still the only sweetener for food until the 19th century. As a result, the rights for beekeeping were managed at a high level. This form of activity is mentioned, for example, in connexion with the Nuremberg Imperial Forest. The existence of honey hunting operations helped to protect the forest.
As vice- president or member of the council, his connexion was maintained until his death. He started its research and endowment fund with the sum of £1,000 in 1908, and on several other occasions gave financial aid when it was required. Verco was knighted in 1919. The database WoRMS contains 150 marine species named by J.C. Verco, many of which have become synonyms.
The erection of a Fives court on the Recreation Ground of the University of Melbourne is noted in the Council minutes of Trinity College in 1873,Minutes, Trinity College Council, 30 May 1873, vol. 1., p. 18. and there were newspaper reports of an "annual tournament in connexion [sic.] with the University Fives Club" in 1881, when Professor Herbert Strong acted as judge.
However, often the location and connexion of the finds was not noted. In addition, the older finds include very few items of pottery, because pieces of old ceramic vessels were not looked after in the 19th century. Excavations were carried out as early as 1874 by a Romhild doctor. In the early 20th century systematic excavations were carried out by prehistorian, Alfred Götze.
He was born on 7 June 1847 in Bradford, Yorkshire, the son of George Goodall and Martha Harrison. He was articled to Richard Charles Sutton between 1863 and 1868 and stayed as his assistant until 1874. He practised as an architect in Nottingham from 1874 until his death. He was responsible for the design of many Methodist New Connexion Chapels in England.
This gives the equation of Gauss: where is the induced connexion on M and is a bilinear form. Notice that ∇ and h depend upon the choice of transverse vector field ξ. We consider only those hypersurfaces for which h is non-degenerate. This is a property of the hypersurface M and does not depend upon the choice of transverse vector field ξ.
On leaving Methven, Dick spent another decade as a teacher in Perth. During this interval he made his first independent appearance as an author. The Christian Philosopher, or the Connexion of Science and Philosophy with Religion, was published first during 1823. Several new editions were published during the next few years, the eighth edition being published in Glasgow during 1842.
Watson was born on 22 February 1781, at Barton- upon-Humber, in Lincolnshire. He was the seventh of eighteen children of Thomas and Ann Watson. His father, a saddler, held Calvinist views, and Richard was brought up in the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion. Reacting against those teachings, he attended a Wesleyan chapel as a boy, and was received there in 1794.
Anthony Forbes Moreton "Tony" Clavier (born 19 April 1940) was the Archbishop of the American Episcopal Church/Anglican Church in America. He was born in Yorkshire, England. Clavier entered the Bernard Gilpin Society, Sands House in Durham in 1958, leaving a year later to take a job as a teacher. In 1961, he was ordained a minister of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion.
The Angevin pound was "the ordinary standard of the currency in the continental possessions (12th-century ) of the early Plantagenets"Robertson, Eben William. (1872). Historical essays in connexion with the land, the Church etc. P. 44. Roger of Hoveden wrote that its value was set at about one-fourth of an English pound by an ordinance of Richard the First.
His writings include: "A dissertation of the Fable of Papal Antichrists" (London, 1816); "A Winter Evening Dialogue ... or, Thoughts on the Rule of Faith" (London, 1816); and various journals, letters, and MSS. in connexion with his residence in Rome; his notes on the old archives of the English College there are of historical interest; all are in the Westminster archdiocesan archives.
An agreement was finally reached in the state treaty of the 4 December 1850, whereby Württemberg was granted the right to build the direct Stuttgart–Mühlacker–Bretten–Bruchsal route (Württemberg Western Railway) even on Baden territory, while Baden was permitted to build and operate the Karlsruhe–Mühlacker line, which ran partly in Württemberg. The connexion with Bruchsal was taken into service in 1853.
Lauterbach harbour Lauterbach station Lauterbach is a village in the borough of Putbus on the German Baltic Sea island of Rügen. The village has a population of about 500 and lies southeast of Putbus on the Bay of Greifswald. Lauterbach has a harbour and a connexion, via a branch line, to both the standard gauge railway network and the Rügen Light Railway.
The Poltimore performance was given "in connexion with the Chess Club". "Reg Wreford" was a member of the band. The name of this group, the "farce", the jokes and the songs, would not be acceptable today because of the racist content.Devon and Exeter Gazette, 24 December 1903; January 1904 There their first child, Harry Albert Thomas Coles, was born on 1 February 1903.
He married in 1877 Mary Benson, daughter of Edward Sunter, who survived him with a son and a daughter. He was created C.M.G. in 1909. Moncrieff was a man of outstanding capability, versatility and energy. During his 42 years connexion with the South Australian government he never had more than a few days holiday at a time, and never applied for sick leave.
Title page of Mary Somerville's On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences (1834), an early popular-science book. Popular science (also called pop- science or popsci) is an interpretation of science intended for a general audience. While science journalism focuses on recent scientific developments, popular science is more broad-ranging. It may be written by professional science journalists or by scientists themselves.
Quinn, 2004: 12 At the same panel hearing, the committee elected not to list the Ebenezer Chapel, a Methodist chapel at Stone Street.Quinn, 2004: 4 A New Connexion chapel is evidenced in Windy Nook in 1855 though the chapel at Stone Street was opened in 1865; one year later than the "beautiful little Gothic church" opened by the Primitive Methodists at Albion Street at a cost of £340.Whellan, 1855: 389Author unknown, Windy Nook Methodist Church, Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums (retrieved 3 July 2012)Antliff, 1864: 554 The New Connexion amalgamated with the Primitive Methodists in 1942 and services were held in Ebenezer until 1963 while the Albion Street chapel hosted Sunday School. By 1976, a new building was erected alongside the old chapel and that new building still stands as the Windy Nook Methodist Church.
The Professor, he says, 'shall lecture and give instruction on the principles and history of Mental Philosophy, and on its connexion with Ethics.' He distinguishes two great departments of philosophical thought — so recognizedly different as already to be assigned for separate treatment to two other Professors in the University — and he enjoins that they shall be afresh discussed in their connexion with one another, yet with respect to their distinction. It can scarcely be his meaning that his Professor should attempt the invidious task of harmonising the possibly divergent accounts given of Logic by the Wykeham Professor and of Ethics by Whyte's Professor, of performing in public the higher synthesis of his colleagues' several contributions to philosophic truth, or — less arrogantly — of indicating or reinforcing their latent consonance. Such a task, had it been required or suggested, I could not have undertaken.
"Ely, Ezra Stiles. The Journal of the Stated Preacher to the Hospital and Almshouse, in the City of New-York, for the Year of Our Lord 1811. New York: Whiting and Watson, 1812. 75 He also called for the banning of the procreation of the poor by separating families in the Almshouse: "No sort of connexion [sic] should exist between men, women, and children.
The conference of 1812 was held in Leeds, and Entwisle was elected president. Henceforward he filled a leading place in the connexion, and did much to mould its policy and guide its affairs. The later years of Entwisle's ministry were spent in Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield, and London, where he was several times reappointed. In 1825 he was elected president of the conference a second time.
Cosens was probably baptised in a Baptist church in Weymouth in 1836 or 37,D Watts, Black Pearls which would mark his joining the Baptists. His first appointment with the Baptists was as an assistant pastor at the New Connexion General Baptist Church at Aylesbury in 1837.David Watts, story of George Cosens on Black Pearls His first pastorate at Cradley Heath began in November 1837.
Meeting with Asbury on November 14, 1784, Coke explained Wesley's intentions and proposed to ordain him. Asbury, catching the spirit of democracy in the new country, refrained from accepting the ordination until approved by the American connexion. Messengers were sent, calling the American itinerants to Baltimore on December 24. Eighty one preachers were entitled to membership; nearly sixty of them were able to arrive for the conference.
Many of his congregation abandoned him, and the Calvinistic Methodist Association suspended him, and effectively expelled him from the connexion. He still held the trust-deeds of the chapel, and attempted to turn his congregation out of it, but was eventually persuaded to hand them over in 1806. He was forced to "retire, snarling", and is supposed to have spent the rest of his life in Wales.
Local passenger rail services run hourly, the line being worked by Regional Express Line No. 9 (Regionalexpresslinie 9). Trains run alternately to Lietzow (with connexions to the Sassnitz-Rostock- Stralsund services) and to Stralsund. Three to five pairs of long-distance services run daily, most going to Rostock via Berlin to west or south Germany. At weekends, there is a direct Eurocity connexion to Prague.
The following year the Queen appointed him Deputy Clerk of the Closet. In June 1863 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society as The Author of – Life of Doctor Arnold – Historical Memorials of Canterbury – Syria and Palestine in connexion with their History – Lectures on the Eastern Churches – and Lectures on the Jewish Churches The collected Works of Dean Stanley take up 32 bound volumes.
A mysterious find of £80 in his bed enabled him to pay his debts. At a somewhat later period he held forth at the old Rectifying House and the old Soap House, Islington, and in 1788 he laid the foundation-stone of the chapel since known as Islington Chapel in Church Street. He was received into Lady Huntingdon's Connexion and ordained. About this time he married.
In 1867 joined the water- supply department, and in 1868 was appointed a lecturer in civil engineering at the University of Melbourne. He left the water-supply department in 1875, and during the next three years acted as consulting engineer to Louis Brennan in connexion with his torpedo. In 1882 Kernot became chairman of directors of the first company to introduce electric lighting to Melbourne.
From the early days of Methodism in Nottingham around 1740, services were held in a variety of locations as the society grew. In 1782 they moved to Hockley Chapel in Goose Gate. When the New Connexion took over this chapel, the Wesleyans left and purchased some land in Halifax Place.You have nothing to do but to save souls The Evolution of the Nottingham Central Methodist Mission.
Often overlooked is the change following what may be called "Hugh Bourne's Pentecost". In 1804, some "revivalists" from Stockport led the MichaelmasHolliday Bickerstaffe Kendall, "History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion" (1888), Ch. II, p. 27 Love Feast at Congleton where they spoke of John Wesley's teaching of "entire sanctification". Jesse Ashworth, who knew some of these revivalists, records the change in Hugh Bourne and his companions.Rev.
The Methodist New Connexion entered China in 1860, immediately after the close of the second opium war, and after the signing of the Treaty of Tianjin, which opened China to the Christian missionary. The pioneers of the movement were Revs. John Innocent and W. N. Hall, who established themselves in Tianjin, which was then a pioneer mission field. Hall died of fever in 1878.
Ballou was born in 1803 on a farm in Cumberland, Rhode Island, to Ariel and Elida (née Tower) Ballou. He was raised a Six-Principle Baptist until 1813 when his family was converted in a Christian Connexion revival. Ballou married Abigail Sayles in early 1822, the same year he converted to Universalism. His wife died in 1829, shortly after giving birth to a daughter.
In 2007, he also worked as producer, wrote instrumental pieces and released his maxi Pour ceux qui dorment les yeux ouverts ("For those who sleep with open eyes"). On the maxi were tracks with Sexion d'Assaut, rapper Koma (from Scred Connexion) and a singer Carole. Continuing to record tracks with Sexion d'Assaut at two Inch'All Star battles, he became a well-known French freestyler.
That year the consistorial court prohibited her chaplains from preaching in the Pantheon in Spa Fields, Clerkenwell, which had been rented by the Countess. To evade the injunction, she was compelled to take shelter under the Toleration Act. This placed her among classified dissenters. Such prominent members as William Romaine and Henry Venn did not want to be classified in that status, and left the Connexion.
The ancient market town of Lewes has a well-established history of Protestant Nonconformism. Many chapels were established in the 18th and 19th centuries in the town itself and in its suburbs of Southover and Cliffe. One such place of worship was the Jireh chapel. In or around 1805 a dispute arose between Jenkin Jenkins, the minister at Cliffe's Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion chapel, and its congregation.
He is a native Breton speaker and a fluent speaker of Cornish. His bardic name is Morgan. Per Vari Kerloc'h was welcomed at the Welsh National Eisteddfod in Cardiff (Kerdiz in Breton) in 2008. An article in English published in the newspaper "Connexion" explains that after 2 years as a disciple, it is possible to become an Ovate, Bard or Druid, as in Wales.
Broad Oak is a village in Sturry parish, Kent, England. It lies west of the A291 road to Herne Bay; the centre of the village is about half a mile northwest of the northern edge of Sturry village. Mead Manor is 14th century and mentioned in the Domesday Book. Broad Oak Chapel, built in 1867, is a Chapel of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion.
He thus joined the ministry of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, which was a sect that practiced a combination of Calvinism and Methodism. It separated from the Church of England in 1783. After he was ordained as a preacher on May 15, 1785 in Bath, Marrant left for Nova Scotia. After an eleven-week journey from England, he arrived in Nova Scotia in November 1785.
It features videos for each song seamlessly blended together. The DVD also features a new song in the middle called "Bad Connexion", and as easter egg an alternate version of the movie. It's about 10 minutes shorter and some of the songs are in a different order. To access it, do the following: While on the title page of the DVD there are two choices.
It is mentioned several times by Livy in connexion with sacrifices offered in atonement of prodigia. It was restored by Augustus.Monumentum Ancyranum IV 6. Two inscriptions found near the church of S. Sabina indicate the approximate site of the temple, which corresponds with its place in the lustral procession of 207 BC,Livy XXVII 37, 7 near the upper end of the Clivus Publicius.
Burke identified the "discontents" as stemming from the "secret influence" of a neo-Tory group he labelled as the "king's friends", whose system "comprehending the exterior and interior administrations, is commonly called, in the technical language of the Court, Double Cabinet".Lock, Burke. Vol. I, p. 277. Britain needed a party with "an unshaken adherence to principle, and attachment to connexion, against every allurement of interest".
Murray was the second son of Rev the Hon. Gideon Murray, a Church of England clergyman. Gideon was the third surviving son of Alexander Murray, the 4th Lord Elibank, but he had little connexion with Scotland, and raised his family in England. David Murray was educated at Beverley School, and then at Christ Church, Oxford and Lincoln's Inn, where he was called to the bar in 1773.
His report was completed in 1244. Richard of San Germano presents a few details with regards to the beginning of Conrad's rule and the end of Frederick's regency that cannot be found elsewhere.Jacoby, 86. According to him, Tommaso of Aquino, Count of Acerra, left for the Holy Land in June 1242 in connexion with Conrad's assumption of power to be the king's representative in the East.
It describes "Clayton West" as a township and large village. The manufacture of fancy woollens, as well as twine and flax spinning seems to be the prevalent industry of the village. The church of All Saints, constructed in 1875, is now listed along with Congregational, Baptist, New Connexion Methodist, Primitive Methodist and Wesleyan chapels. Kelly lists the charities for distribution as being £13 annually .
Marcoat was a minor Gascon troubadour and joglar who flourished in the mid twelfth century. He is often cited in connexion with Eleanor of Aquitaine and is placed in a hypothetical "school" of poetry which includes Bernart de Ventadorn, Marcabru, Cercamon, Jaufre Rudel, Peire Rogier, and Peire de Valeria among others.Harvey, 102. Of all his works, only two sirventes survive: Mentre m'obri eis huisel and Una re.
Telkom(BCX) Hartebeesthoek Satellite Earth Station Business Connexion (Pty) Ltd. (BCX) is a South African-based information and communications technology (ICT) company.Sharedata, BCX Annual Report 2010 BCX is also listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) The ICT group has a wide footprint with operations in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. In Africa, Bcx expands to Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Zambia and Tanzania.
Connexional polity in Britain has always been characterized by a strong central organization which holds an annual conference. The connexion is divided into districts in the charge of a chairperson. Methodist districts often correspond approximately, in geographical terms, to counties – as do Church of England dioceses. The districts are divided into circuits governed by the circuit meeting and led and administrated principally by a superintendent minister.
Beginning in the 1970s, rumba, Congolese music, funk and soul combined to form a popular kind of Afropop. Major bands of this era included Sabannoh 75, Orchestra Muyei, Super Combo and the Afro-National. Sierra Leoneans abroad have created their own styles, such as Seydu, Ansoumana Bangura, Abdul Tee- Jay, Bosca Banks, Daddy Rahmanu, Patricia Bakarr and Sidike Diabate and Mwana Musa's African Connexion.
The Ohio Christian Book Association, established in 1843,State Board Recommends 10 Ohio Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places , Ohio Historical Society, 2009-08-28. Accessed 2013-11-10. was a publishing house associated with the denomination that later became known as the Christian Connexion,Morrill, Milo True. A History of the Christian Denomination in America: 1794-1911 A.D.. Dayton: Christian Publishing Association, 1912, 152.
For, whereas Fosbury, and later Bishop's Cannings in Wiltshire, became the main seat of the ERNLE family; significantly, they also held Yatesbury for centuries, perhaps starting in or before 1428 (and no earlier than 1412 when no ERNLE is recorded in an early subsidy roll for Wiltshire). For example, Francis ERNLE, third son of John ERNLE, of Burton in Bishop's Cannings (d. 1572), was described as gentleman, of Yatesbury in his will, and his children retained the connexion. In 1412, however, we see that while the ERNLE family was present as major landholders in Sussex, they had not yet forged their connexion with Wiltshire, viz.: Inquisitions and assessments relating to feudal aids : with other analogous documents preserved in the Public Record Office, A. D. 1284-1431, vol. 6. p. 520 Sussex A.D. 1412 p. 522 [same county] WILLELMUS ERNELE habet maneria etc. cum pertinenciis, que valent xxi. li. xiij. s.
He had done some very good research work in connexion with the embryology of the marsupials, and on Australian earthworms. Later he took up the amphibia, on which he eventually became an authority. In January 1900, he was president of the biology section at the meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, and chose for the subject of his address "The Rise and early Progress of our Knowledge of the Australian Fauna", a work of much value to all interested in the history of research in the natural history of Australia. In addition to being secretary of the Linnean Society and editor of its Proceedings, Fletcher was an executor of Macleay's will and he had much work in carrying out the provisions of it as financial and legal difficulties arose in connexion with the appointment of a bacteriologist and the foundation of the research fellowships.
Doing so, Egerton admitted his views had changed; he now supported free trade. He did so not on any theoretical basis but from his own experience: "I myself have been compelled to be a somewhat close observer of the connexion between the prices of provisions, and the employment and happiness of the people. Accident has cast my lot in the midst of a dense population, with respect to a large portion of which, this accident has made me a distributor of work and wages; and I have seen the operation of what I believe to be the connexion between the prices of provisions, and the happiness and employment of the people in various conditions." The last period of high food prices in 1841–1842 had seen social unrest in the manufacturing districts of Lancashire, which no one who had witnessed it could wish to see return.
The Rotenhan family has its roots in three von Langheim brothers, who were the co-founders of Langheim Abbey in 1132. Later the name "de Rotha(ha)" was used. In 1229, reference is made to a Winther and Wolfram "de Rotenhagen" in connexion with an allodial holding of the family rather than a fief. The doorway to the staircase entrance belongs to the late Romanesque-early Gothic period.
St. Hilda's Church is an active Anglican congregation in the village of Georgeville, located in the Cayo District of Belize. Its current facilities were consecrated in 2004 by the Right Rev'd Sylvester Romero Palma. The mission is currently served by the Right Revd Philip S. Wright, Bishop of Belize, and the Revd David B. Alenskis, currently the priest in charge and a missionary in connexion with SAMS-USA.
He stopped racing at 28 to run a cycle shop and then an electrical-goods shop in the place St-Jean at Melun, in Greater Paris. It is still there. He then became director of a branch of Conforama, a furniture chain, in the town and ran a company called Marinelli Connexion, which had 150 employees and ran delivery vehicles painted yellow. His was the largest business in the town.
It has been recommended that the equipment should be retained as a broadcasting heritage exhibit. The other transmitters on the site form, with STCA880A, Australia's largest collection under one roof of retired and operating radio transmitters. Dating from 1948 or possibly earlier, they are, except for one recovered from 4QN Clevedon in 1960, in their original locations. The significance of the site lies essentially in its connexion with the transmitters.
Jacob (branch) is the fashion store of the brand, targeting women in their early-twenties to mid-forties. They are known for a more formal attire compared to Jacob Connexion (listed below) including business suits and semi- formal dresses into their line of clothing. Sizes range from XS-L. The line includes jewellery and accessories along with dress pants, sweaters, cardigans, dress shirts, blouses, knit tunics, leggings, etc.
In 2015, 16 kilometers (between Ciney and Evrehailles-Bauche) are operational. In 2016, the terminal section between Ciney and Braibant - which is parallel to the Bruxelles - Luxemburg main line then undergoing a track / overhead renewal - has been rebuilt. Connexion with the national railway trains at Ciney was suspended for two seasons. Modernization of the main line is continuing and Infrabel plans to free some unused space in Ciney in 2021-2023.
The development of the material and processes has been supported by the Picnic Green Challenge, the Environmental Protection Agency, National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA), ASME, the National Science Foundation, NYSERDA, 3M New Ventures, The DOEN Foundation, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a license agreement with Sealed Air. In addition to an array of awards, Ecovative's materials have been extensively highlighted in Material ConneXion libraries around the world.
From 2002-2004, she served as a member of the office of the chairman, as well as the company's chief administration and human resources officer (a position she held until 2004). In 2004, Koellner was named the president of Connexion by Boeing, a position she held until 2006, when she was named the president of Boeing International. She remained in this position until her retirement from Boeing in 2008.
Today an old farmhouse stands in the middle of the site. At the beginning of the 20th century the foundations and parts of a vault were reported to have been found. The castle was attributed to the Lords of Blankena or Blankenhagen, who were mentioned in the middle of the 13th century in the records in connexion with the Hodenhagen Castle. Their line must have soon died out however.
He was the inventor of the hybrid genre of the sirventes- planh in 1237. The troubadours had a connexion with the rise of a school of poetry in the Kingdom of Sicily. In 1220 Obs de Biguli was present as a "singer" at the coronation of the Emperor Frederick II, already King of Sicily. Guillem Augier Novella before 1230 and Guilhem Figueira thereafter were important Occitan poets at Frederick's court.
The Methodist New Connexion, also known as Kilhamite Methodism, was a Protestant nonconformist church. It was formed in 1797 by secession from the Wesleyan Methodists, and merged in 1907 with the Bible Christian Church and the United Methodist Free Churches to form the United Methodist Church. In Australia, it joined with those plus the Wesleyan Methodist Church and Primitive Methodist Church as the Methodist Church of Australasia in 1902.
At the age of 20 she joined the Wesleyans. On 12 April 1798 Hannah Spurr became the second wife of Alexander Kilham, founder of the Methodist New Connexion, who died at Nottingham eight months later (20 December 1798). Hannah Kilham opened a day-school in Nottingham, spending her vacations at Epworth, her husband's early home. There she became acquainted with Quakers, and in 1802 joined the Society of Friends.
St Dunstan's Roman Catholic church is in West Hoathly. English Heritage describe the building as "a curiosity": it was a cottage with an attached butcher's shop until its conversion into a church in 1957. In Sharpthorne, the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion—a small Nonconformist denomination with links to Methodism—has a place of worship, the Sharpthorne Community Church. It was founded by members of an older church in nearby Turners Hill.
Although East Grinstead was not on the road, its population grew steadily and it became increasingly important economically. By 1801, more than 2,600 people lived in the town. Nonconformist religious views continued to prosper locally, and in 1810 the town's first non-Anglican church was established. Zion Chapel was linked to the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, a small evangelical Calvinist denomination started in 1783 by Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon.
The Hochtannberg Pass forms the link to the Allgäu Alps. The Faschinajoch is the connexion with the Bregenz Forest Mountains. Walther Flaig, a well-known alpine guide and author from Vorarlberg, had a significant influence on the definition and extent of the Lechquellen Mountains. The name he gave to the mountains and his definition of their extent was included in the Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps (AVE).
Lassing is the largest known carbonated talc deposit in the Eastern Alps. Geologically, it is part of the northern greywacke zone in Upper Styria. The deposit consists of two fields, the North and South Field, that latter having no connexion to the surface of the terrain. It is covered by unconsolidated rock, about 60 metres thick. Lassing talc was discovered in 1891 by the local landowner, Krennmoar, during construction work.
Martí de Riquer (1964), Història de la Literatura Catalana, vol. 1 (Barcelona: Edicions Ariel), 185–86. All these coblas were edited and published by Paul Meyer in Les derniers troubadours de la Provence (Paris, 1871). The dates, the connexion through his interlocutor with Marseille, and the abundance of illegitimate issue with which he could be identified suggest that Lo bord was a son of James I of Aragon.
The Countess of Huntingdon Free Church Ely was founded in 1785 by Selina Hastings, the Countess of Huntingdon. The church is part of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, a small protestant denomination of just over 20 churches. During its history it has also been part of the historic Congregational Union. The congregation now is baptistic in nature, practising believer's baptism and having a congregational model of church governance.
There is possibly no connexion > between them. The English word is now generally supposed to be derived from > Latin Orcus. Also, in an unpublished letter sent to Gene Wolfe, Tolkien also made this comment: > Orc I derived from Anglo-Saxon, a word meaning demon, usually supposed to be > derived from the Latin Orcus—Hell. But I doubt this, though the matter is > too involved to set out here.
In Wales, Presbyterianism is represented by the Presbyterian Church of Wales, which was originally composed largely of Calvinistic Methodists who accepted Calvinist theology rather than the Arminianism of the Wesleyan Methodists. They broke off from the Church of England in 1811, ordaining their own ministers. They were originally known as the Calvinist Methodist connexion and in the 1920s it became alternatively known as the Presbyterian Church of Wales.
Her third husband was poet Austin Straus, whom she married in 1981. After divorcing her first husband, Coleman worked a variety of odd jobs to make ends meet as a single mother, including waiting, typing, and even editing a soft-core pornography magazine. She and Straus hosted a radio show, Pacifica Radio's "Poetry Connexion", from 1981 to 1996. On the show they interviewed both local and internationally known writers.
The crucial factor was that these events occurred at a time when the movement had more to lose than ever before. Following their exit from the Church of England, chapel building and a larger ministry became a necessity. In addition to this the Connexion invested in schools, pension funds, and foreign missions. Also, through hard work and clean living, many Methodists had increased their wealth and owned property.
The reviewer considered it a literary hoax and called it an "impudent attempt at humbugging the public"Silverman, 143 and regretted "Mr. Poe's name in connexion with such a mass of ignorance and effrontery".Silverman, 157 Poe later wrote to Burton that he agreed with the review, saying it "was essentially correct" and the novel was "a very silly book". Other reviews condemned the attempt at presenting a true story.
The L-610G prototype flew its maiden flight on 18 December 1992; four years after the L-610M. During the time that the now-defunct Ayres Corp. owned LET, the aircraft was also known as the Ayres L-610, and for a time was marketed as the Ayres 7000. The customer for the Ayres 7000 was to have been City Connexion Airlines before bankruptcy problems sidelined the program.
The device work under an Android platform was modified to include a VPN linked to two electronic certificates: one for the device and the other for the user. This makes it possible to secure communications and to keep track of the actions performed by each user. In terms of connectivity, these devices can use conventional operated networks but also specific networks of security forces based on Tetrapol with a Bluetooth connexion.
Finkelstein (right) with Francis Maude, at a Policy Exchange event in 2013 Between 1990 and 1992, Finkelstein was the editor of Connexion, Britain's first Internet and data communications newspaper. Finkelstein joined The Times in August 2001 as part of the leader writing team and was Comment Editor from March 2004 to June 2008. He became Chief Leader Writer in June 2008. He began The Times blog Comment Central in September 2006.
Wesleyan Deaconesses and the Wesley Deaconess Order were founded by the Rev. Thomas Bowman Stephenson in 1890. Deaconesses began to work overseas from 1894 following a request for a deaconess to serve in South Africa.Graham, D., Relations between the Wesley Deaconess Order and the Missionary Society, accessed 26 December 2016 The Conference of the Methodist Church of 1998 admitted all existing members of the Methodist Diaconal Order into Full Connexion.
In 1796, Watson preached his first sermon, andemoved to Newark-on-Trent as assistant to Thomas Cooper, as a Wesleyan preacher. In 1796, he entered the Methodist itinerancy, and was received into full connection as a travelling minister in 1801. Meanwhile, he was stationed at Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Castle Donington, and Derby. In 1801, Watson married Mary Henslow of Castle Donington, daughter of a Methodist New Connexion preacher there.
Its connexion with Durham and Northumberland is shown by various allusions, such as that to St. Cuthbert in a collect (intercedente beato Cudbertho Sacerdote; p. 185 of the Surtees Soc. edition). This fragment represents the fusion of the Roman and Gallican uses that had taken place all over North-Western Europe since the first Frankish Emperor Charlemagne (768-814) or even earlier (Duchesne, Origines du culte chrétien, 2nd ed., 89-99).
Lang filed for re- election but did not campaign. In the 2003 race Lang placed third, and said the reason for his loss was on account of the fact that he only spent $10 to file and nothing on his campaign. He was succeeded as mayor by Ernie McAlister. Lang is chief executive officer of Capitol Broadband, a wireless communications company, and of its subsidiary Connexion Technologies, specialized in FTTH networks.
The cost in connexion with the new scheme was expected to amount to 22 million Kronor. The Riksdag, however did not accept the new plan in its full extent. The time of drilling was reduced to 240 days for the infantry, to 300 days for the navy, while for the cavalry and artillery the time fixed was 365 days. The plan, thus modified, was then accepted by the government.
He met John Wesley at Birstall in 1761, and by his advice attended the conference in London that year, when he was appointed the first travelling preacher of the connexion in Wales. A graphic account of his experiences in Glamorganshire and Pembrokeshire, and afterwards in various parts of England, Ireland, and Scotland, is given in his "Autobiography". Like many other early Methodists, he had a full share of hardships and persecutions.
It was what is now called the Schoolroom but without the extensions. The Tithe Map of 1846 describes it as a Meeting House. The Hethersett Society had now been transferred to the Norwich Circuit. In the years following the death of John Wesley there were various secessions from the Wesleyan Methodist Church; the most notable were the Methodist New Connexion (1797), the Primitive Methodists (1810) and the Bible Christians (1815).
The incumbent's tithes > have been commuted for a rent-charge of £250, and the glebe comprises five > acres: a rent-charge of £5 is paid to the parish-clerk. The church is a > small ancient edifice, in a state of considerable dilapidation. There are > places of worship for Independents and Wesleyan Methodists; a day school in > connexion with the Church, and a Sunday school belonging to the > Independents. The Rev.
Brewer was born at Newport in Monmouthshire about 1752. Influenced by a minister of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, he took to preaching in the villages around Bath, and afterwards preached with popularity throughout Monmouthshire. Intending to enter the national church, he applied for ordination, but was refused by the bishop. Brewer persisted in preaching, whether ordained or not, and for some years he settled at Rodborough in Gloucestershire.
This church became known as North Augusta United Church around 1925 during a church union. The Wesleyan Methodist New Connexion Church was built around 1858 on the south side of Branch Road. This church was used until the church union of 1874, when the congregation amalgamated with the Wesleyan Methodist Church and began using their church. The building was unused for a period before being converted into a private home.
Her On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences (1834), intended for the mass audience, sold quite well. Arguably one of the first books in the genre of popular science, it contained few diagrams and very little mathematics. It had ten editions and was translated to multiple languages. It was the most popular science title from the publisher John Murray until On the Origin of Species (1859) by Charles Darwin.
Haftbefehl was involved with eight contributions at the sampler Kapitel 1: Zeit für was Echtes. He also gained attention by bis contribution on the sampler La Connexion and on singles from fellow rappers Kollegah and Manuellsen. On 29 October 2010, Haftbefehl released his first album called Azzlack Stereotyp, which reached 59 on MusicLine's Top 100 chart on November 15, 2010. After the closing of the label Echte Musik he launched his own label called Azzlacks.
He wrote a number of books, mostly by his own admission "potboilers". He estimated his annual income from journalism and other literary undertakings to have been less than £200 per year. He died in 1908. Frost claimed it was not until he read the poetry of Mary Shelley that he learned of "the connexion between the influence of circumstances in the formation of character and the new organization which Owen desired to give society".
William Henry was born in Sligo, Ireland in 1770, the son of George and Sarah Henry. He trained as a carpenter and joiner and worked in the Sligo shipyards. As a young man, he joined in the persecution of itinerant Methodist preachers but in 1791 was converted and joined the Calvinistic Methodist group known as the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion. They arranged for Henry's tuition under John Walker, Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin.
The junction with the Gernroder-Harzgerode railway (the Selke Valley Railway or Selketalbahn) was in Eisfelder Talmühle and that with the South Harz Railway (Südharzeisenbahn) was in Sorge. At Nordhausen and Wernigerode stations there were junctions with the standard gauge trains of the Prussian state railways, later the Deutsche Reichsbahn. At Drei-Annen- Hohne was a connexion with the Halberstadt-Blankenburg railway. Around 1925 the NWE had about 250 employees and about 100 seasonal workers.
The Society was founded, wrote Capen, "for the purpose of investigating the principles of Phrenology, and to ascertain the bearings of the science upon the physical, moral and intellectual condition of man." p 140Spurzheim, J. G., Capen, N., & Stanton A. Friedberg, M.D. (1833). Phrenology in connexion with the study of physiognomy: Illustration of characters, with thirty-five plates. Boston: Marsh, Capen & Lyon Its first meeting, December 31, 1832, was held on Spurzheim's birthday.
There were three variants: Reutte–Ehrwald–Gaistal–Leutasch, Reutte–Fern Pass–Imst (Fernbahn) or Reutte–Ehrwald–Garmisch. Because Garmisch already had a connexion to Munich at the time, a direct link from Munich to Innsbruck, and hence the development of the Außerfern region, suggested itself. The Mittenwald Railway from Garmisch to Innsbruck was opened in 1912 and the Garmisch–Reutte line on 29 May 1913. Both routes were electrified from the start.
Not until after the Second World War did the situation for the railway improve, not least through the transportation of oil in the area. Consideration was even given to rebuilding the dismantled section. In 1959 running powers were taken over from the renamed and now defunct Lower Saxon State Railway Office. But passengers opted more and more for road transportation, because the through connexion from Verden to Walsrode had not been re-established.
Megaliths too are erected by ancient folk, giant, usually over man high stones which are sole or in groups. Most megaliths as well are considered to have a connexion to the penis and fertility. A stone in the center of a graveyard set up at the end of battle to inter the combatants is often called a napakivi, in which case the attendant mythology described above will not be attached to it.
Pedro was married three times. By his first marriage, to a Navarrese princess, he forged a connexion with the lineage of the folk hero El Cid, and scholars have suggested that Lara patronage lies behind the epic Poema de mio Cid. Pedro's second wife was a relative of Henry II of England. Pedro's trans- Pyrenean connexions explain his adoption of seals for authenticating documents; he is the first Spanish aristocrat from whom an examples survives.
It also was lined by increasing numbers of industrial facilities, such as those at Union Mills. Construction of the larger mills prompted the great improvements to navigation. For instance, Union Mills featured a two-and-a-half-mile long canal and towpath, and one upper and two massive lower locks, all directly upon the river. Where the Rivanna meets the James River at Columbia, the Rivanna Connexion Canal merged with a much longer canal.
French hip hop group Scred Connexion sampled it on their 2001 track "La Scred Reprend Du Service." American hip hop duo Kidz in the Hall sampled the track on their 2006 song "Move On Up" featuring Mike Payne. The shows Soul Train and One Hit Wonderland and 1989 movie King of New York used the song. The song was the subject of a documentary of the same name, about Paul, which was released in 2009.
Hurdman Station was opened in 1983 as part of the first phase of Ottawa's bus rapid transitway. It was one of the transitway's busiest stations. Previously, it was the station where the main transitway route from downtown to the west branched off in two directions: one to the east toward Orléans and the other toward South Ottawa. Connexion routes serving Kanata and Barrhaven used to have Hurdman Station as the downtown terminus before September 2013.
In 1907, the Bible Christian Church in England was amalgamated with the United Methodist Free Churches and the Methodist New Connexion, to form the United Methodist Church. In Canada, the Bible Christian Church had already been amalgamated, in 1884, into the Methodist Church of Canada, which later became part of the United Church of Canada.The Bible Christian Project In Australia, it merged into the Methodist Church of Australasia on 1 January 1902.
After about three years of probation and trial, he was a local preacher. He was then sent to a Methodist school at Leeds, kept by James Sigston. Leaving the Wesleyan communion, Barker joined the ministry of the Methodist New Connexion. In this body he officiated for a year, 1828–9, as assistant to the superintendent of the Liverpool circuit, which he left with a recommendation to go out as a travelling preacher, on trial.
The Air Jordan XIX used innovative materials. The upper section of shoe was developed in collaboration with the global materials consultancy Material ConneXion, who sourced Nike a sleeving normally used in architectural applications for protecting PVC pipes from bursting. In theory, this allowed for a shoe without laces, because the sleeving does not stretch. Nonetheless, the Air Jordan XIX model did include a set of laces behind the sleeve to better secure the shoe.
He travelled extensively during his career; England (1845, 1860), Italy (1851, 1857, 1864), Greece, Egypt, Palestine and Asia Minor (1871–72).Biography of August Wilhelm Zumpt in ADB: Zumpt, Gottlob @ Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie His papers on epigraphy (collected in "Commentationes epigraphicae", 2 vols., 1850, 1854) brought him into conflict with Theodor Mommsen in connexion with the preparation of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum, a scheme for which, drawn up by Mommsen, was approved in 1847.
Later, John Allbut (William Allbut's grandfather) and Thomas Allbut (William Allbut's father) took over the business. This printing press published material from many genres including, but not limited to, children's literature, Christian literature, and books related to the pottery industry. Sophia's father-in-law Thomas Allbut (31 March 1777 – 29 December 1857) was a New Connexion Methodist and publisher of children's literature (Elements of Useful Knowledge [1835]). Thomas Allbut and Sydney Allbut (c.
Zaku was first showcased to the public as a playable demo at the 2007 Retro-Gaming Connexion convention in Congis-sur-Thérouanne, France. The finished game was published on 24 October 2009 by Super Fighter Team. The title was the first new release for the Atari Lynx whose game cartridge has an authentic "curved lip" plastic shell, reminiscent of officially licensed Lynx titles. It shipped with a packaging mimicking those of licensed Lynx releases.
Barrhaven Centre station is the southerly terminus of the Southwest Transitway in the Barrhaven neighbourhood of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is the main western terminus of rapid route 95 for trips not coming from or heading to Cambrian. As of December 24, 2018, connexion bus service (formerly express service) was added to Barrhaven Centre with the addition of new route 275, which travels between Cambrian and Mackenzie King station as an alternative to route 95.
Elder Jones had entered the ministry in 1801.The Centennial of Religious Journalism He organized several Christian churches in New Hampshire and Boston, Massachusetts, prior to settling in Haverhill, Massachusetts and preaching in nearby Salem. In 1811, he attended worship at the Christian Church in Assonet, Massachusetts. In his memoirs, it is mentioned that this church had formerly been of the Baptist denomination, but had come in recent years into the Christian Connexion.
In fact, Kronig and Pauli remained friends for many years into the future. They exchanged many ideas in physics through letters. But it remains an historic fact that Kronig had told Pauli about electron spin before Pauli had published his paper showing that two electrons can inhabit the same orbital (W. Pauli, "On the Connexion between the Completion of Electron Groups in an Atom with the Complex Structure of Spectra", Z. Physik 31, 765ff, 1925).
Demetrios in connexion with the temple of Artemis mentions some object (perhaps an image or a stone) "fallen from Zeus". Between 53 and 57 AD Paul wrote the letter 1 Corinthians from Ephesus (possibly from the 'Paul tower' near the harbour, where he was imprisoned for a short time). Later, Paul wrote the Epistle to the Ephesians while he was in prison in Rome (around 62 AD). Roman Asia was associated with John,Durant, Will.
In 1999, the county began the renovation and development of the site, which was officially completed in 2003. The most notable member of the von Altenstein family was Karl Sigmund Franz, Baron of Stein zum Altenstein (1770–1840), who is often confused with his namesake and predecessor in office, Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein, the well-known "Baron vom Stein". Thise Rhineland family has no genealogical connexion with the Franconian Steins of Altenstein.
In the 17th and 18th centuries the town was famous for its ale. Prince Charles Edward Suart passed through Leek on his march to Derby (1745) and again on his return journey to Scotland. A story in connexion with the Civil Wars is told to explain the expression "Now thus" occurring on the tombstone of a citizen, who by this meaningless answer to all questions sought escape on the plea of insanity.
Kuppen are typical of the Central Uplands and the Prealps of Europe. For example, the many domed summits of the Fichtel Mountains or the Pohorje are called kuppen, but they also occur in hilly areas. In this connexion, for example, a part of the Rhön Mountains is known as the Kuppen Rhön (Kuppenrhön) and Kuppe or Koppe is often part of the name of mountains and hills, e.g. the Wasserkuppe and the Schneekoppe.
In the World War II Thale had the monopoly on this product (from 1934). Tourism blossomed from the 19th century onwards in connexion with the radon rich water of the Hubertus Spring, which had been opened up in 1836. As a result, various literary figures visited the place, including Heinrich Heine (Die Harzreise) and Theodor Fontane and especially the Bode Gorge. In addition tourists from Berlin enjoyed the summer resort of Thale.
They had two children. In 1803, he withdrew from the Wesleyans, and joined the New Connexion, resenting an unfounded charge of Arianism. In 1805, he became assistant secretary of the New Connexion's conference, and in 1807 he was fully admitted to its ministry and was appointed secretary. He was first stationed at Stockport, then from 1806 at Liverpool, where he engaged in literary work for Thomas Kaye. In 1807, Watson resigned his ministry.
Rodrigo was a younger son of Pedro Fróilaz de Traba and his second wife, Mayor Rodríguez.Simon Barton, The Aristocracy in Twelfth-century León and Castile (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997), 297–98. He is first mentioned in the Historia compostellana in connexion with the coronation of the young Alfonso VII on 17 September 1111 in Compostela. He took part in the ceremonies as the honorary alférez (armiger), alongside his father as steward.
In 2001, Viasat started working with Boeing on Connexion broadband for airliners. The company acquired Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications' products unit, Comsat Laboratories in 2001 for an undisclosed amount. Comsat Laboratories is Viasat's technology and product development group for communication systems focusing on developing new technologies for extremely bandwidth efficient, high data rate satellite transmission. In 2001, Viasat also purchased US Monolithics, a company focused on designing high frequency broadband circuitry, for around $30 million.
CEB Maintenance Initially founded in 1987, CEB Maintenance Africa (Proprietary) Limited offers information technology services. In May 2011 the company started operating as a subsidiary of Business Connexion Group Limited. Accsys The Accsys business currently forms part of Business Connexion's Innovation division and is an award-winning South African Software Company specialising in People Management solutions. With more than 2000 companies on its solutions, over 14 million payslips per year are initiated by Accsys systems.
Königshütte Waterfall Königshütte Waterfall () is a waterfall in the village of Königshütte in the borough of Oberharz am Brocken in the Harz Mountains of Central Germany. The waterfall has a relatively low volume and falls through a height of 12 metres (some sources give 15 or 20 metres). The stream empties shortly thereafter into the Kalte Bode. The waterfall is man-made and was constructed in connexion with an old quarry in 1994.
Between 1857 and 1863 Petty was involved with work at Hull where he was behind building the Jubilee Chapel on Spring Bank. Then the connexion honoured Petty by asking him to assume the governorship of the Elmfield residential schools for boys opened at York early in 1864. The following year it was decided to accept into Elmfield a number of young ministerial candidates and Petty added to his duties those of theological tutor.
One of his poems, "Call Me by My Christian Name", was included in E. H. Dewart's 1864 Selections of Canadian Poets.Dewart, E. H. Selections of Canadian Poets, Montreal: J. Lovell, 1864 (304pp), pp. 260–261. Lett was too busy to take the time to publish an anthology of his own poetry other than his Recollections and the "British Connexion". The former, written in near doggerel cemented his obscurity in Canadian literary history.
267-70 The Wesleyan Methodist Church followed the Wesleys in holding to an Arminian theology, in contrast to the Calvinism held by George Whitefield, by Selina Hastings (founder of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion) and by Howell Harris and Daniel Rowland, the pioneers of Welsh Methodism. Its Conference was also the legal successor to John Wesley as holder of the property of the original Methodist societies.Davies, R. E. (1985) Methodism, 2nd ed. Peterborough: Epworth Press.
Barton W. Stone In 1832, many of the Christian Churches in Kentucky and Tennessee led by Stone united with the churches led by Alexander Campbell. A minority continued to operate within the orbit of the Connexion. Of the majority of churches that aligned with the Stone-Campbell movement, many continued to use the name Christian Church, even though they no longer considered themselves part of the Christian Connection. The confusion over names which this created continues.
Smyth was survived by his wife Emma Charlotte, née Hay, whom he had married on 15 August 1856 at St Paul's Church, Melbourne, and by a son and daughter. He was buried in the St Kilda Cemetery. Smyth was an able and hardworking man, not suited to be the head of a department. He is remembered for his book on Aboriginal people and their cultures in connexion with which he had the assistance of many helpers.
Neither of them inherited any titles, but the 12th Duke arranged for them to inherit the lands. In recognition of this, and the multiple family connexion, Charles Wimsey was created, in 1820, Viscount St. George, Earl and Duke of Denver. Although strictly first Duke of the new creation, he is almost always called (as in the case of Lord De La Warr) 13th Duke of Denver, since the title was recreated promptly in the same family.
He then became a Fellow of Merton College.Obituary, Royal Society of Chemistry In 1892, he became the Savilian Professor of Geometry at the University of Oxford, based at New College. He worked on problems in chemistry with Augustus George Vernon Harcourt. In 1869 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society and in 1895 delivered, jointly with Harcourt, their Bakerian Lecture on the Laws of Connexion between the Conditions of a Chemical Change and its Amount. III.
Rees has become an acknowledged scholar on John Calvin (1509-1564) and of Calvinism since the publication of four books, three in the Welsh Language, on John Calvin and his Welsh Disciples in the period 2008 and 2012. He delivered the prestigious Davies Lecture on John Calvin and the Connexion at the General Assembly of his denomination in Lampeter in 2008. This has been subsequently published as Y Gwron o Genefa: John Calfin a'i ddylanwad (Caernarfon, 2012).
William Carvosso (1750–1834) was an early Wesleyan leader in Cornwall, England. He was converted to Christianity at age 21 and went on to become a Class Leader in the Wesleyan Connexion and a prominent figure of the church. Towards the end of his life he roamed all over Cornwall preaching. He learned to write after he was 65 and wrote a famous memoir, edited by his son Benjamin Carvosso, filled with his journal and letters.
He was a prominent member of the Wesleyan Connexion, a trustee of the Northgate Wesleyan Chapel and one of the chief promoters and subscribers to the erection of the new chapel in Northgate street. He was a steadfast supporter of the Temperance movement and was a justice of the peace for many years. He lived his last days with his daughter and son in law at Lorraine House, Gloucester. His brother Reverend William Allen conducted his funeral service.
The rise of Pisan and Genoese trade in connexion with increased military activity, especially against the enemies of the Christendom, has a contemporary parallel on the other side of Italy in the growing Republic of Venice.Erdmann 1977, 111. The taifa of Denia at its peak. In 1011 the Pisan annals record that a "fleet from Spain" came to destroy the city, which suggests that the aggression was planned and organised and not merely a piratical raid.
This was incorporated as a supplement to Part III of Morgan's Systems of Consanguinity and Affinity (1871). When Fison returned to Australia in 1871 he began investigating similar problems in connexion with the aborigines. This led to his becoming acquainted with Alfred William Howitt, with whom he was afterwards to do a great deal of worthwhile work in Australian anthropology. Fison returned to Fiji in 1875 and, when the training institution for natives was established, he became its principal.
The chief aim was to achieve > strong and sounding lines, magnificent epithets, and powerful declamation. > This again led to abuse and to mere bombast, mouthing, and in the worst > cases to nonsense. In the best examples, such as in Marlowe, the result is > quite impressive. In this connexion it is to be noted that the best medium > for such expression was blank verse, which was sufficiently elastic to bear > the strong pressure of these expansive methods.
He was elected vice president of the institution in 1924 and served as its president from 1927-1928. In 1920 he was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire for "services rendered in connexion with 1914-18 war" and in 1931 received the Territorial Decoration for service as a volunteer Colonel in the Engineer and Railway Staff Corps. He married Netta Taylor on 3 April 1895 and fathered five sons and one daughter.
He deplores the spread of Caffyn's errors 'in Kent, Sussex, and London, but especially in West Kent.' When the assembly met (1701) the Northamptonshire churches complained that Caffyn had not been properly tried. The assembly, after debate, affirmed by a large majority that Caffyn's declaration, with his signature to 'the aforesaid expedient,' was sufficient and satisfactory. The minority seceded, and formed a new connexion under the name of the 'general association,' branding the majority as 'Caffinites.
Old brewery on the castle rampart, today a residential home The emergence of the castle needs to be seen in connexion with the westward expansion of the rule of the Principality of Lüneburg in the 14th century. At that time Ahlden was the part of the estate of the Bishopric of Minden. Bunkenburg was built on the state border and secured the water route of the Aller. In 1431 Ahlden was captured by the Dukes of Lüneburg.
Clarendon Mission (1885) Simpson's earliest recorded commission was his work to redesign and extend the Ann Street chapel of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion in 1857. Later known as London Road Congregational Church, this building survived until 1974 but was demolished during urban renewal in that inner part of Brighton. In 1861, he redesigned Salem Strict Baptist Chapel in Bond Street in the North Laine area of Brighton. This chapel for the Strict Baptist community dated from 1787.
He was appointed vice-chancellor in 1893 and held the position until his death. He found time to take an interest in the public service association of which he was president several times. He was the prime mover in organizing the public teachers' provident fund, and he was also associated with the public service provident fund. In connexion with his own department he edited the Education Gazette and was responsible for a paper for juveniles, The Children's Hour.
Himes was born in Wickford, Rhode Island. His parents intended for him to become an Episcopal priest, but when a business deal went sour he was unable to complete his education and was apprenticed to a cabinetmaker in New Bedford, Massachusetts. At 18 he joined the Christian Connexion church in New Bedford where he was licensed as an exhorter. In November 1825 he married Mary Thompson Handy, and the following year was ordained to the ministry.
Dompierre is located in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, about southeast of Paris and west of Mâcon, where there is a TGV (high-speed rail) station and A6 turnpike access. Due to its central location in France, the village takes full advantages of close infrastructures as the Route Centre-Europe Atlantique (east-west connexion road from Atlantic Ocean to Switzerland border), passing through the north of the territory. Dompierre is served by the road exit number 8 "Dompierre-les- Ormes".
Also in 2009, the Norwegian incumbent Telenor concluded ten years of machine to machine research by setting up two entities serving the upper (services) and lower (connectivity) parts of the value-chain. Telenor ConnexionAbout us - Telenor Connexion. Retrieved October 20, 2010. in Sweden draws on Vodafone's former research capabilities in subsidiary Europolitan and is in Europe's market for services across such typical markets as logistics, fleet management, car safety, healthcare, and smart metering of electricity consumption.
He was born at Orléans in 1128; died at Tournai in September 1203. He entered the Order of the Canons Regular at Saint-Euverte in Orléans about 1150, then studied canon law and Roman law at Bologna university, returning to his monastery in 1160. He was elected abbot of Saint- Euverte in 1167 and of the Abbey of Sainte-Geneviève at Paris in 1177. The latter monastery he almost entirely rebuilt, establishing a monastic school in connexion with it.
Toplady never married, though he did have relationships with two women. The first was Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon, the founder of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, a Calvinist Methodist series of congregations. Toplady first met Huntingdon in 1763, and preached in her chapels several times in 1775 during his absence from Broadhembury. The second was Catharine Macaulay, whom he first met in 1773, and with whom he spent a large amount of time in the years 1773–77.
Neil Costello is co-producer. Other musicians include Henry Spinetti on drums, Dave Bronze on bass, Mark Edwards on keyboards and Mal Pope on backing vocals. There is also a special guest appearance from well-known harmonica player Paul Jones on the title track of the One Way Ticket album. In January 2011 Haworth announced a short tour of smaller venues in the UK, including appearance at the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion Conference at Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire.
On the same day a new station, Bibliothèque François Mitterrand, opened in order to create a new connexion with Métro Line 14, located between Paris-Austerlitz and Boulevard Masséna, which was closed and replaced by the new station. Another new station, St-Ouen-l'Aumône-Liesse, opened on 24 March 2002. Located between Pierrelaye and St-Ouen-l'Aumône. The C3 branch (from Ermont–Eaubonne to Argenteuil) transferred to the Transilien Paris – Saint-Lazare suburban rail network on 27 August 2006.
He was received on trial at Welland Canal in 1850. He entered the Methodist New Connexion ministry in 1851. Savage's charges were Toronto (1852), London (1853–54), Toronto (1855), Hamilton (1856–57), Toronto (1858), Cavan (1859–60), Aurora (1861–63), Nassagaweya / Ellis Church, Puslinch, Wellington County (1864–1866), London (1867–69), St. John's, Toronto (1870–71), London (1872–75), Toronto (1880) and London (1881). He was president of the Conference in 1862 and 1874, and District chairman 1868–69.
In April 1774 the chapel in Prince's Street, Westminster, was repaired by her and opened for him. In the same year he preached the anniversary sermon at Lady Huntingdon's College at Trevecca, and later visited many places in England, preaching for the Connexion. Subsequently he was presented by Lord Robert Manners to the rectory of Bloxholm-cum-Digby in Lincolnshire, which he retained till his death. He visited Dublin around 1783, and drew large congregations in the city.
In the 19th century there were Annual Conferences in each colony (including New Zealand). Various branches of Methodism in Australia merged during the 20 years from 1881. The Methodist Church of Australasia was formed on 1 January 1902 when five Methodist denominations in Australia – the Wesleyan Methodist Church, the Primitive Methodists, the Bible Christian Church, the United Methodist Free and the Methodist New Connexion Churches came together. In polity it largely followed the Wesleyan Methodist Church.
Trefeca (also Trefecca, Trevecca, and Trevecka), located between Talgarth and Llangorse Lake in what is now south Powys in Wales, was the birthplace and home of the 18th-century Methodist leader Howell Harris (). It was also the site of two Calvinistic Methodist colleges at different times; the first sponsored by Selina, Countess of Huntingdon (an English methodist leader) in the late eighteenth century; the second supported by the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Connexion in the later nineteenth century.
While Janus has the first place Vesta has the last, both in theology and in ritual (Ianus primus, Vesta extrema). The last place implies a direct connexion with the situation of the worshipper, in space and in time. Vesta is thence the goddess of the hearth of homes as well as of the city. Her inextinguishable fire is a means for men (as individuals and as a community) to keep in touch with the realm of gods.
Orange Scott (February 13, 1800 - July 31, 1847), was a Methodist Episcopal minister, Presiding Elder, and District President. He presided over the convention that organized the Wesleyan Methodist Connexion in 1843, and was among the founders of what became known as the Wesleyan Methodist Church, having separated from the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was born in Brookfield, Vermont, the eldest of eight children. The family was poor and Orange was working full-time when he was twelve.
5 Lancaster's association with Piper led to a second departure in his professional career: stage design. In connexion with the Festival of Britain, Sadler's Wells Ballet mounted a new work, Pineapple Poll by John Cranko, and approached Piper to design it. He could not take the commission and recommended his colleague. This was an opportunity Lancaster had keenly awaited since he was eleven, when his mother took him to see Diaghilev's production of The Sleeping Beauty.
It was not until the second half of the 18th century that a continuous road was built along the bottom of the valley. The construction of the Murg Valley Railway began with independent sections from Rastatt and Freudenstadt. On the Baden side the first section from Rastatt to Gernsbach went into operation in 1869, Württemberg followed in 1901 with the route from Freudenstadt to Klosterreichenbach. After several expansion stages, a continuous railway connexion was finally established in 1928, i.e.
After his expulsion, Kington and others of the same persuasion formed an organization called the United Brethren. Although the new organization had a different name, its structure and meeting format appears to have mirrored that of the Primitive Methodists, with both male and female officers.Werner, The Primitive Methodist Connexion: 63–68; Smith, "The United Brethren," Improvement Era, 13:819; Wilford Woodruff, "extract of a letter to the Millennial Star," History of the Church, 3:150–54.
Transdev, in conjunction with three other operators, runs an right-of-way bus line of TransMilenio system in Bogotá unner the name Connexion Móvil. The contract started in 2000, and was recently extended until December 2023. In May 2018, Cable Movil, a consortium consisting of Transdev Chile and Fanalca, won the contract to operate the new TransMiCable cable car operation in Bogotá, starting from December 2018 for a period of 5.5 years with a possible 2.5 year extension.
Jarvis Hall is a former Nonconformist chapel in the village of Steyning, in the Horsham district of the English county of West Sussex. Since its construction in 1835, the Classical-style building has been used by four different Nonconformist Christian denominations: the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, Wesleyan Methodists, the Salvation Army and Plymouth Brethren. The Brethren occupied it last and for the longest time. After about 150 years of religious use, it was sold for residential conversion.
Meanwhile, Wesleyan Methodism was growing in strength in Sussex. In 1807, the Lewes and Brighton Wesleyan Circuit was formed; it covered a wide geographic area and controlled ten chapels by 1841. In that year, the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion congregation stopped meeting at the Jarvis Lane chapel and it was sold to a local butcher. According to deeds and newspaper reports, a Wesleyan congregation was formed in Steyning in about September 1841 and acquired the chapel in 1843.
In connexion with this name, the castle rock (the "Stein") (the "stone") is also confirmed as the seat of his office. In documents originating in the period between 1246 and 1276, a ministerialis called Hiltpold is named after the three associated lordly estates of Lauf, (Wenzelschloss), the castle on the "Alter Rothenberg" hill and Hiltpoltstein. In 1251 he was called Hilteboldus de Hilteboldestein; in 1254, Hiltepoldus de Rotenberge. The "lead name" (Leitname), Hiltpold, was preserved throughout the Hohenstaufen period.
When fifteen years old he was apprenticed to Mr. Oliver, a clothier of Tavistock; and soon afterwards began preaching in the town. At the end of his apprenticeship he returned to his father's business at Bodmin, and preached in the town hall. Eyre's father expelled him from home. Through a friend Eyre was able to enter Trevecca College, and with the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion he ministered at Tregony, Cornwall, Lincoln, and Mulberry Gardens Chapel, London.
After the death of Queen Urraca on 8 March 1126, Rodrigo and his brother Diego were among the first to do homage to her successor, Alfonso VII. In this connexion, they are the first Castilians listed by the Chronica Adefonsi imperatoris, which says of Rodrigo postea ab eo factus est consul ("later made count by him [the king]").Barton, 127. On 17 June 1126 Rodrigo made a donation to the Benedictine monastery of San Pedro de las Dueñas.
In 1862, Nicholson returned to England and in 1865 married Sarah Elizabeth Keightley. He never returned to Australia but kept his interest in it, and occasionally contributed papers relating to it to the journals of learned societies. In 1890, he was appointed to represent the interests of the Central Queensland separation league in London, and in connexion with this headed a deputation to Lord Knutsford. Nicholson died in England on 8 November 1903 shortly before his ninety-fifth birthday.
Burns early in life joined the Methodist New Connexion, and at the age of sixteen delivered his first public address in a Methodist house near York. In 1824 Burns married Jane, the daughter of George Dawson of Keighley. He departed in 1826 for London. Here in the midst of hardship he commenced his career as a religious writer by the compilation of the Christian's Sketch Book (1828), of which a second series, with the same title, was issued in 1835.
While in South Wales he promoted an Arminian secession from Baptist churches, having relations with the new connexion of General Baptists. He has been claimed by the Unitarians, but held aloof from the Joseph Priestley school, and maintained Sabellian principles on the worship of Jesus Christ. During a part of 1802 he conducted a morning service in the vacant Presbyterian chapel at Lynn. He was a strong advocate of slave emancipation, and was an honorary member of the Pennsylvania abolitionist society.
From its beginning, the Wesleyan Methodist Connexion strongly opposed (1) the "manufacturing, buying, selling, or using intoxicating liquors", and (2) "slaveholding, buying, or selling" of slaves. With the first edition of their Discipline, the Wesleyan Methodists expressly required for the Lord's Supper (Communion) that "unfermented wine only should be used at the sacrament." This requirement was about 25 years before Welch used pasteurization. So it is clearly evident that pasteurization was not the only method used to prepare it unfermented.
He had met her 15 years previously at a gramophone dance at the Turner household, a connexion vitalised through his older brother, dramatist John Hastings Turner, a professional acquaintance of Drake's actor friend Marie Tempest, the promoter of the actors' union, Equity. Turner said he would never commit perjury, even to save Drake's life. They married in December 1938, and Drake gave up her career during the marriage to support him. They had one child, Deirdre, born in March 1940.
William Henry Dines BA FRS (5 August 1855 – 24 December 1927) was an English meteorologist. Dines was born in London, the son of George Dines, also a meteorologist. He was educated at Woodcote House school, Windlesham, and afterwards entered Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, where he obtained a first-class in the mathematical tripos in 1881. He afterwards carried out investigations for the Royal Meteorological Society on the subject of wind forces, and in connexion with this work designed the Dines pressure-tube anemometer.
The Bethesda Chapel, Dublin, 1786 engraving In 1791 Walker was asked by the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion to act as tutor to William Henry, originally from Sligo. He was later a missionary on Tahiti. At the Bethesda Chapel, Dublin, a centre for evangelicals, Walker was a chaplain from 1794 to 1804. It had been founded in 1786 by William Smyth, nephew of Archbishop William Smyth, a wealthy Dublin merchant and follower of William Romaine, and was attached to a female orphanage.
The Hornungskuppe (called the Hornsberg in the Middle Ages) is a wooded hill, , in the Thuringian Zipfel on the border of Hesse and Thuringia in Germany. It is part of the natural region of the Seulingswald. The Hornsberg was mentioned in documents dating to the 12th century in connexion with the eponymous noble family. It belongs to the parish of Widdershausen in the borough of Heringen in the Hessian county of Hersfeld-Rotenburg and the parish of Dankmarshausen in Thuringian Wartburgkreis.
In 1885, Moorhouse was appointed Bishop of Manchester. He left Melbourne on 10 March 1886 and was enthroned as the third Bishop of Manchester on 18 May 1886 when nearly 60 years of age, but his energy was not abated. He made visitation tours of the 600 parishes in his diocese and became familiar with their peculiar difficulties. There had been strife in connexion with ritual in the diocese which had caused much ill-feeling, and here he successfully strove for peace.
On June 10, 2011, Jordan released "Hush Hush" as the third and final single from her self-titled debut album. This was followed by her feature on Sean Paul's single "Got 2 Luv U", which was released on July 19, 2011.Connexion à l’iTunes Store All the while, she began working on her second album at Roc the Mic studios in New York City with frequent collaborators StarGate. During a video blog released in November, Jordan revealed she had nearly finished the album.
The Born rule is essential to the Copenhagen interpretation,, p. 586: "In this connexion [Born] succeeded in obtaining a statistical interpretation of the wave functions, allowing a calculation of the probability of the individual transition processes required by the quantum postulate.". and Max Born speaks of his probability interpretation as a "statistical interpretation" of the wave function."... the statistical interpretation, which I have first suggested and which has been formulated in the most general way by von Neumann, ..." Born, M. (1953).
A rubbing of a memorial bronze created by Eric and Max Gill in 1905 Gill was born in 1882 in Hamilton Road, Brighton, the second of the 13 children of (Cicely) Rose King (d. 1929), formerly a professional singer of light opera under the name Rose le Roi, and Rev. Arthur Tidman Gill, minister of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, who had recently left the Congregational church, after doctrinal disagreements. He was the elder brother of graphic artist MacDonald "Max" Gill (1884–1947).
The Spanish orientalist José Antonio Conde was the first to propose a connexion between the military orders and the Islamic ribāṭ: > It seems highly probable that from these rábitos developed, both in Spain > and among the Christians in the East, the idea of the military orders, so > distinguished for their valour and the outstanding services which they > rendered to Christianity. Both institutions were very similar.J. A. Conde, > Historia de la dominación de los Árabes en España, 3 vols. (Madrid: > 1820–21), 1.619, n.
The Methodist Church of Australasia was a Methodist denomination based in Australia. On 1 January 1902, five Methodist denominations in Australia – the Wesleyan Methodist Church, the Primitive Methodists, the Bible Christian Church, the United Methodist Free and the Methodist New Connexion Churches came together to found a new church. In polity it largely followed the Wesleyan Methodist Church. This Church established a General Conference, meeting triennially, for Australasia (which then included New Zealand) in 1875, with Annual Conferences in the States.
Roe Head School in Mirfield Mary Taylor's father Joshua, a cloth manufacturer, and his wife Anne had six children of which she was the fourth. Her father, a radical and member of the Methodist New Connexion, was bankrupted in 1826, but determined to repay his creditors. Mary was an impulsive, clever child who shared her father's independent traits. She met Ellen Nussey and Charlotte Brontë in 1831 at Roe Head School in Mirfield where they became firm lifelong friends despite having opposing views.
Karlsruhe, 1846 (online) while the mountain near Badenweiler can still be found on maps today as the Blauen.vgl. Geodatenviewer Baden-Württemberg , retrieved 26 July 2013 The name Blauen is borne by various mountains, hills and settlements in Germany and Switzerland. In 1880 in his book on Upper German place names, Oberdeutschen Flurnamenbuch, the cultural historian, Michel Buck, made a connexion between the name Blauen and historical mining activity, by proposing that name was derived from the word Bla = smeltery.Michel Buck: Oberdeutsches Flurnamensbuch.
Some people suppose that these ruins formed the old Priory of St. Modiud the Simple, but this is not the case. The ruins now standing were surrounded by a deep fortified moat, and the building itself consisted of the usual tower and square keep. This, in fact, was the ancient castle of the Lord of Moydumha, sacked in the thirteenth century at the time that Barry and Camagh Castles were levelled. There is a tragic story told in connexion with this house.
Italian cities (like Pisa, Lucca, Florence, Genoa, and Piacenza) also appear often. Terramagnino also alludes to Paolo Lanfranchi de Pistoja and Dante da Majano, proving a connexion with peninsular Occitan poets. Terramagnino may be the same person as the author of an obscure sonnet, "Poi dal mastro Guitton latte tenete", addressed to a Guidonian of the "Tuscan school". The Guidonian scholar replied with an even more obscure poem of his own, following Terramagnino's rime, but citing the authority of Saint Jerome.
The congregation originated as New Connexion Methodists from a chapel in Hockley after their split from the Wesleyans in 1797.History, gazetteer, and directory of Nottinghamshire, and the town and county of the town of Nottingham. William White 1832 The first building on the Parliament Street site opened on 4 April 1817. It was made of brick and plaster to seat five hundred but on 15 February 1826 the church re-opened with a gallery to increase the seating to one thousand.
This sort of installation dramatically simplifies the overall complexity of FTTH wiring in multi-unit dwellings, eliminating both the large coax cabling and the need to convert formats from light to electrical. Users were quickly forthcoming; announced in September, only a month later an official press release announced that Connexion Technologies would be using ClearCurve on 30 November 2007."Corning Cable Systems Announces First Sale of ClearCurve Product Solution", Business Wire, 30 November 2007 Since then many additional partners have been announced.
This office is presently headed by John Sopko. In September Sopko said in connexion with the effort, "all I'm seeing is a modus operandi that's woefully out of touch at best, and delusional at worst". He also said, "It seems that time and again, people have to be reminded that Afghanistan is not Kansas". He complained that many people, especially at USAID, design programmes "without considering the fact that you have a tribal government, that you have a criminal element there".
Heaton was an amiable, persistent man. He had no special ability as a speaker but, specializing in everything relating to the postal department, he became a formidable critic, and brought about many reforms not only by reducing postage rates but in connexion with parcels post, telegrams, the telephone, and money orders. Underlying all his work was the feeling that the removal of obstacles to communications between different parts of the world would lead to better knowledge and better feeling between nations.
While at Sheffield and afterwards in the Chester circuit, 1835–7, Barker strongly advocated teetotalism. From 1837 to 1840 he conducted a weekly periodical called The Evangelical Reformer. At the conference of 1839 he was moved from Mossley to Gateshead, a comparatively new circuit, and there denounced socialism. Barker was expelled from the Methodist New Connexion, at the conference which met at Halifax in 1841, on the grounds that he "had denied the divine appointment of baptism, and refused to administer the ordinance".
Denison's barb was named after him by Francis Day In India his training as an engineer was useful in connexion with irrigation and public works of which he was a strong advocate. He passed a town improvement act in 1865 and revised the land revenue assessment principles. In November 1863, when Lord Elgin died, Denison for two months became Governor-General of India. During this period he recalled an order for the withdrawal of troops involved in the Sitana campaign.
367–372; 4.1.2–4.1.7 These relations included mathematical relations, scientific relations such as co-existence and succession, and the relations of identity and difference. It was left to the Scottish philosopher David Hume to reduce these kinds of mental association to three: "To me there appears to be only three principles of connexion among ideas namely Resemblance, Contiguity in time or place, and Cause or Effect".Hume D. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (Cohen R. (ed.) Bantam, London, 1965) p.
He wrote incisively and with conviction, and was one of the driving forces in bringing about a union of Methodist churches to reduce the wastage of duplicate services. In 1874 the Methodist New Connexion Society was consolidated with the Wesleyan Methodist Society to form the Methodist Church of Canada. The New Connection paper The Evangelical Witness was merged with The Christian Guardian. David Savage, editor of The Evangelical Witness, continued as associate editor of the merged paper for some time.
Longitudinals: The apical whorls, except the embryonic one, are crossed by high, sharp, slightly oblique ribs. But these on the later whorls break up into tubercles, between which on the different rows there is a slight irregular connexion by flattened ridges, which are oblique, interrupted, and on the base sinuous. Besides these the surface is roughened by minute wavy irregular lines of growth. The colour of the shell is white, with a translucent layer of porcellanous glaze over brilliant pearly nacre.
The Pressig-Rothenkirchen–Tettau railway was an Upper Franconian branch line that branched off at Pressig from the Franconian Forest Railway and ran to Tettau. The line was closed in 1993. Heinersdorf station After the completion of the Franconian Forest Railway in 1885 the first request for a spur to Tettau was submitted to the government in Munich in 1890. A railway connexion was of particular interest to the local glass and porcelain industry resident in the so-called "Tettau Corner" (Tettauer Winkel).
He was a trustee of this chapel, and for many years faithfully > discharged the duties of book-steward to the Methodist New Connexion, of > which communion he was for upwards of half a century a consistent member, > and a highly acceptable preacher. He was diligent, upright, and enterprising > in business as a citizen. He associated enlightened views with active > usefulness ad his piety was sincere and unostentatious. He departed this > life full of years, leaving an unblemished reputation and fragrant memory.
To ensure a continuous outlet for the band's music, Yoshiki founded the independent label Extasy Records in April 1986, and released their second single "Orgasm". Taiji would officially rejoin the band in November of that same year. The songs "Stab Me in the Back" and "No Connexion", for the February 1987 Victor Records sampler Skull Thrash Zone Volume I, were recorded with Pata (ex:Judy) as a support guitar player. Soon after these recordings Hide (ex:Saver Tiger) joined as a guitarist.
Children then develop a more mature command of understanding other's intentions when they are able to represent an action as caused by a prior intention that is separate from desire. Thus, research suggests that by the age of fifteen months, humans are capable of understanding intentional acts in others. The ability to distinguish between intention and desire develops in early childhood. Gestures and object-directed actions have also been studied in connexion with the development of the understanding of intention.
The original body founded as a result of Wesley's work came to be known as the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Schisms within the original Church, and independent revivals, led to the formation of a number of separate denominations calling themselves "Methodist". The largest of these were the Primitive Methodist church, deriving from a revival at Mow Cop in Staffordshire, the Bible Christians and the Methodist New Connexion. The original church became known as the Wesleyan Methodist Church to distinguish it from these bodies.
The Methodist Council also helps to run a number of schools, including two public schools in East Anglia: Culford School and the Leys School. It helps to promote an all round education with a strong Christian ethos. Other Methodist denominations in Britain include: The Salvation Army, founded by Methodist minister William Booth in 1865; the Free Methodist Church, a holiness church; the Church of the Nazarene; the Wesleyan Reform Union, an early secession from the Wesleyan Methodist Church; and the Independent Methodist Connexion.
According to Kunstmann, he could have come from the family of the lords of Wiesenthau; the first member of this noble family is Bero of Wiesenthau who was named in 1128. The name Dietrich first surfaces in connexion with this family in the year 1156. However, the lords of Dietrichstein from Carinthia could also have been responsible. They are mentioned several times as a Bamberg ministeriales family who were witnesses in deeds and as citizens in legal cases that related to Upper Franconia.
This calendar may be used not only in the churches of the First Order, but also in the churches and chapels of the Second Order, and Third Order Regular (if aggregated to the First Order) and Secular, as well as those religious institutes which have had some connexion with the parent body. It may also be used by secular priests or clerics who are members of the Third Order. The order has also its own ritual and ceremonial for its receptions, professions, etc.
In 1923 Young was a member of the committee of inter-Imperial exchanges at the Imperial economic conference held at London, and showed himself to be a man of wide knowledge. From this time onwards Young's opinions were much valued by state and federal governments. He was chairman of a special committee appointed by the South Australian government in 1927 to advise on the state finances. Again in 1930 he was chairman of the advisory committee to advise in connexion with the depression.
Since 1884 he had been a loyal supporter of the imperial authorities, and carried a reputation for high diplomatic gifts. On the 19th of September following Lerotholi's death, the national council, with the concurrence of the imperial government, elected his son Letsie II as paramount chief. The completion in October 1905 of a railway putting Maseru in connexion with the South African railway system proved a great boon to the community. During the Bambatha Rebellion in 1906 the Basotho remained perfectly quiet.
Evangelical ministers dissatisfied with both Anglicanism and Methodism often chose to work within these churches. In the 1790s, all of these evangelical groups, including the Anglicans, were Calvinist in orientation. Methodism (the "New Dissent") was the most visible expression of evangelicalism by the end of the 18th century. The Wesleyan Methodists boasted around 70,000 members throughout the British Isles, in addition to the Calvinistic Methodists in Wales and the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, which was organized under George Whitefield's influence.
Nyembe is known for playing Nandi Sibiya from 1 until 2012 on Zone 14.She also portrayed the character of Lily on SABC 1 hit teen-drama Yizo Yizo (2001-2004), and the leading character in the SABC 1 sitcom Izoso Connexion, from (2006-2007).She acted in feature films, including Reasonable Man (1999), Saturday Night at the Palace (1987) and supporting actress in Yesterday, in 2004. In 2007 she appeared in the drama series Jacob's Cross, playing the role of Thembe Makhubu.
Karl Friedrich Plattner (2 January 1800 – 22 January 1858) was a German metallurgical chemist. He was born at Kleinwaltersdorf, near Freiberg in the Electorate of Saxony, on 2 January 1800. His father, though only a poor working miner, found the means to have him educated first at the Bergschule (mining school) and then at the Bergakademie of Freiberg. After he had completed his courses there in 1820 he obtained employment, chiefly as an assayer, in connexion with the royal mines and metal works.
He and Wood attended the LSO's first concert, on 9 June 1904.Jacobs, p. 100 The programme consisted of the prelude to Die Meistersinger, music by Bach, Mozart, Elgar and Liszt, and finally Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. In a favourable review in The Times, J A Fuller Maitland noted that 49 members of the new orchestra were rebels against Newman's no-deputy rule, 32 had left the Queen's Hall Orchestra earlier, and the other 21 had no connexion with Wood and Newman.
Ly's parents are from Mali and he grew up in Montfermeil, a district of Bosquets. He started making films with his friends Kim Chapiron, Romain Gavras, and JR, in the collective Kourtrajmé. He directed his first films, notably for Oxmo Puccino, and his first documentaries, ' (365 days in Clichy-Montfermeil), filmed after the 2005 French riots; Go Fast Connexion; and 365 jours au Mali (365 days in Mali). In 2011, Ly was given a three year prison sentence for kidnapping and false imprisonment.
The reredos seems to be a composite of salvaged pieces from different sources. The Free Church building dates from 1906 and replaced a church on the same site formed in 1824 by members of Zion Chapel in East Grinstead and the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion. The village has two pubs, the Crown and the Red Lion. Facilities for football, netball, five-a-side and tennis are available on the large recreation ground while the cricket club now has its own ground.
To promote the Concordat he found it necessary to visit Rome, where he was engaged in the most difficult negotiations for seven months. He was thus able to take part in the solemnities in connexion with the definition of the Immaculate Conception. Finally, on 18 August 1855, the Concordat was signed and on 5 November it was published as a law "applicable throughout the empire". For the homogeneous introduction of the concordat sixty-six bishops assembled in Vienna in 1856.
The grave of Robert Chambers, St Andrews Cathedral churchyard The Book of Days was Chambers's last major publication, and perhaps his most elaborate. It was a miscellany of popular antiquities in connection with the calendar, and it is supposed that his excessive labour in connexion with this book hastened his death. Two years before, the University of St Andrews had conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Laws, and he was elected a member of the Athenaeum Club in London.
If the 30 or so winning entries in the first stage accurately reflect the proportion of original works to completions of Schubert, it would seem that about 20 per cent, i.e., something over 100 different "finishings" of the Unfinished, were submitted. Among the remaining 80 per cent of entries - the original works - there was a tremendous diversity of approach and character, and many submitted scores that had only the most tenuous connexion with the ideals outlined in the conditions of entry.
At Tilly, in the Diocese of Bayeux, Michel Vingtras established, in 1839, the politico-religious society known as La Miséricorde, in connexion with the survivors of La Petite Eglise, which was condemned in 1843 by Gregory XVI. Daniel Huet, the famous savant (1630–1721) and Bishop of Avranches, was a native of Caen. Bishop de Nesmond authorized the establishment of the priests of the Congregation of the Mission of Saint- Lazare in the diocese of Bayeux in 1682.Fisquet, p. 113.
Georgian Christian literature emphasizes her connexion with Jerusalem and the role played the Georgian Jewish community in the growth of Christianity. Certainly, early Georgian liturgy does share a number of conspicuous features with that of Jerusalem. The Black Sea coastal kingdom of Lazica (Egrisi) had closer ties to Constantinople, and its bishops were by imperial appointment. Although the Lazican church originated around the same time as its Iberian neighbour, it was not until 523 when its king, Tzath, accepted the faith.
Electrical studies, however, engaged most of his attention, especially in connexion with the theory of the voltaic cell and the electric discharge in rarefied gases. De la Rive began his scientific labors soon after the new era was opened in the history of electricity and magnetism by the discovery of electro- magnetism, and by Ampere's electro-dynamical theory. His father had a share in this discovery, and his house was visited by others eminent in the same line of research.
In the 1948 King's Birthday Honours Reed was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services in connexion with publication of historical and other New Zealand works. He was promoted to Commander of the same Order (CBE) in the 1962 New Year Honours, in recognition of his contribution as a writer and publisher of New Zealand historical works. In the 1974 Queen's Birthday Honours, Reed was appointed a Knight Bachelor, for services to literature and culture.
An inscription of Ghiyath-ud-Din Tughluq, dated A.D. 1323, recently found at Kalyani, shows that the latter town was also conquered by Ulugh Khan in this expedition, but the absence of Kalyani's name in this connexion in contemporary history shows that Bidar at that time was a more important town than Kalyani, the glory of which seems to have faded with the decline of the Chalukyas. In this inscription Kalyani is mentioned as only a qasba, or minor town.
By 1798 the Connexion had founded its own academy to train its pastors and lay preachers. Initially, the academy was located in Mile End, the east end of London, before moving to Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, in 1813. The Connexion's academy re-located again in 1855 (to Leicester) and in 1882, as the ‘Midland Baptist College’, to Nottingham. It finally closed around the time of the First World War and its assets were transferred to Rawdon Baptist College (‘The Northern Baptist College’).
Franconia itself was initially no immediate battleground, but due to its central location within the Empire it was frequently traversed by plundering armies. After the Battle of the White Hill in 1620, where the Catholic League were victorious, Emperor Ferdinand II began a comprehensive re-Catholicisation. The bishops of Franconia received back all the estates that they had lost since 1552. In connexion with this the Bishop of Wurzburg received Kitzingen, which hitherto had been enfeoffed to Brandenburg-Ansbach for centuries.
In 1892 a tunnel for the railway was added for Uzerche-Seilhac-Tulle and Argentat. The construction of the viaduct gave a new dimension to Uzerche. This viaduct of 142 meters long, with 12 arches, was completed in 1902 and made possible the connexion of station 'PO Corrèze', north of the city, to the station 'la petite gare' in the centre of the city. The railway functioned until 1969 when it was closed down and is now used as a footpath.
As a result the society was criticised because funding was used to buy several German locomotives without any connexion to the railway history of Austria. These engines were however used commercially for special services with great success. On the retirement of older locomotives from the ÖBB in the early 1990s the ÖGEG also obtained many electric and diesel traction units. ÖGEG's historical railway vehicles are in service today on the ÖBB railway network, on Austrian private railways and also abroad.
In 1829 he published Spiritual Cabinet and other editions. Previously to this date he had been baptised by the Rev. Mr. Farrent, the pastor of a general baptist congregation at Suffolk Street Chapel, in the Borough; but he did not sever his relations with the Methodist New Connexion. After a few months spent in mission work on behalf of the general baptists in Edinburgh and Leith in 1829, he was from 1830 to 1835 the pastor of a congregation connected with that body in Perth.
In 1854 bishop Von Ketteler re-established the philosophical and theological school in connexion with the seminary at Mainz, and he appointed Moufang regent of the seminary, as well as professor of moral and pastoral theology. Moufang became a canon on 6 November 1854. He was appointed as spiritual adviser and member of the diocesan court on 2 December of the same year. On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his priesthood the theological faculty of Würzburg awarded him an honorary Doctor of Theology degree.
His numerous observations of Mercury were of much service to Lalande in constructing tables of that planet. Besides the treatise already mentioned he was the author of Meridianus speculæ astronomicæ cremifanensis (Steyer, 1765), which treats of his observations in connexion with the latitude and longitude of his observatory, and Decennium astronomicum (Steyer, 1776). After his death, his successor, Dom Derfflinger, published the Acta cremifanensia a Placido Fixlmillner (Steyer, 1791), which contain his observations from 1776 to 1791. He died at Kremsmünster on 27 August 1791.
Presidents follow Wesley's example in travelling the length and breadth of Great Britain, visiting and preaching in local Methodist chapels. Presidents also have an important role representing the Methodist Church in the wider world (notably appearing at the Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph in Whitehall). The first century of British Methodism was characterised by multiple splits from the original Wesleyan Methodist Church. Other Methodist branches, such as the Primitive Methodist Church, Bible Christian Church and the Methodist New Connexion had their own conferences and presidents.
The Catholic Encyclopedia vol 3, New York: The Encyclopedia Press, Inc., 486 "The earliest decree in which the children [of clerics] were declared to be slaves and never to be enfranchised [freed] seems to have been a canon of the Synod of Pavia in 1018. Similar penalties were promulgated against wives and concubines (see the Synod of Melfi, 1189 can. Xii), who by the very fact of their unlawful connexion with a subdeacon or clerk of higher rank became liable to be seized by the over-lord".
Berman, who believes that writers supportive of gay rights have ignored professional literature dealing with efforts to change sexual orientation, noted in this connexion that though Burr conducted a two-hour interview with the psychoanalyst Charles Socarides, Burr does not mention this. According to Burr, his argument that in A Separate Creation that sexual orientation is innate prompted a call by Southern Baptists to boycott Disney films and theme parks because the book was published by Hyperion, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.
A newly discovered barrow of this type lies in La Trinité-sur- Mer. Barrows with enclosures of wooden posts (without stone) are the Middle Neolithic enclosures of the Passy type, some of which are ascribed to the Cerny culture. This type of mound with wooden post or palisade enclosures are also found in the region of the early Funnelbeaker culture: the Konens Høj and Niedźwiedź type graves in Central Germany and Poland. British, French and Nordic sites have no cultural connexion with one another at all.
In 1886 with John Burns, Henry Hyndman and Jack Williams he was indicted for seditious conspiracy in connexion with the Trafalgar Square riots, after conducting his own defence he was acquitted. Champion bought a half-share in a printing plant and published a paper called To-Day, and in 1885-86 George Bernard Shaw's early novel Cashel Byron's Profession appeared in it as a serial. It was published separately by Champion in 1886. This was the first of Shaw's works published in book form.
Loco No. 1 with trailer car 3 in Lokwelt Freilassing The full journey on the original route took 75 minutes. In 1961, as a result of the growth in private car ownership, the section between Brannenburg station and the present valley station in the village of Waching was sacrificed because it crossed the federal road. At the same time the railway lost its connexion to the Deutsche Bundesbahn network. As a result, the length of the line was reduced to and journey times to 55 minutes.
Ruleta Rusa was expected to be released some years before its final release date, unfortunately the launch of the album was delayed because of the lack of creative connexion between Sabina and Jorge Álvarez, who used to be his producer. Álvared was so shocked when he heard Sabina's new songs that he broke the tape. This disagreement came because of Sabina's abrupt change of style to Rock Music. Despite this fact, Sabina in the end managed to convince his producer to recover some of the songs.
Everton Football Club have a long and complex history. The club's roots loosely lie with a Methodist New Connexion congregation who had a chapel on the corner of Breckfield Road North and St. Domingo Vale in Everton, Liverpool. Initially formed as St. Domingo FC, named after the chapel, the football team was renamed Everton in 1879 after the district of Everton. Since then Everton have had a successful history winning the Cup Winners' Cup, the league title nine times and the FA Cup five times.
He moved to Basingstoke, then to Wallingford, Oxfordshire, and later spent some three years in Guernsey. Returning to England, he ministered for a time at Ashby-de-la-Zouch, but his views on baptism caused his ejection from Lady Huntingdon's Connexion. Garrett went into the business of a cotton dyer at Leicester. He soon, however, resumed preaching, and, after ministering for some time at Nottingham, established himself just before 1800 at Lant Street Chapel, in the Borough, Southwark, having also a lecture at Monkwell Street Chapel, London.
The exact truth as to St. Stephen's life cannot now be established. However, the connexions with Milo, whose short episcopate (1074–75) would argue against any later invention by a biographer; the connexion, too, with Benevento, which held particular interest for reforming popes; and the lack of miracles during his life, would all argue for at least some details being historically sound. J. Becquet, 'Saint Etienne de Muretet l'archevêque de Bénévent, Milon', Bulletin de la Société Archéologique et Historique du Limousin, 112e année, vol. 86, pp.
Guthrie came to Australia in 1890 and in the same year was appointed demonstrator in chemistry at the University of Sydney under Archibald Liversidge. In 1892 he was made chemist to the New South Wales department of agriculture. In this department he did much research in connexion with soil analysis, manures, and the milling qualities of wheat. He was also closely associated with William Farrer and his work on wheat breeding; Guthrie devised methods to test small quantities of grain and assess their quality.
Scred Connexion is a French rap collective launched in the 1990s composed by Fabe, Koma, Haroun, Mokless and Morad, with the assistance of Butch. Fabe decided to quit his rapping career in 2000 and quit the collective after releasing one additional solo album. "Scred" originates from a track by collective member Koma in his first maxi Époque de fous and is verlan for discret (meaning discreet). The collective released six musical projects with each member keeping his independence and solo projects they worked on concurrently.
In October 848, Carloman was present at his father's council in Regensburg, where the Slavic commander (dux) Pribina was rewarded for his service in defending the Bavarian frontier. In the charter confirming the grant, Carloman signed his name first among the secular magnates (after the ecclesiastics). In the 840s, Carloman had a liaison with Liutswind, daughter of the Bavarian count Ratolt and sister-in-law of Count Sigihard of the Kraichgau. This was Carloman's first politically independent action, and it confirms his close connexion to Bavaria.
He was succeeded in the ministry by his eldest son, Matthew. For the future of the General Baptists, Antitrinitarianism, of one type or another, took possession of their congregations in the south of England. The New Connexion of General Baptists was formed, chiefly in the Midlands, by Dan Taylor in 1770; the older body arrived at Socinianism (in its modified English form) and became a small remnant. Caffyn's own church at Horsham ceased to be Baptist, and was known as 'Free Christian' from 1879.
After another year at Oxford Woodhouse was elected Craven fellow and returned to Greece for two years, his main work being in connexion with the explorations at Aetolia. Woodhouse was awarded the Conington memorial prize at Oxford in 1894 for an essay which was expanded into a substantial volume, Aetolia. Its Geography, Topography and Antiquities (1897). In 1897 Woodhouse was appointed lecturer in classics at the University College of North Wales, Bangor; on 28 March 1897 at the parish church, Sedbergh, Yorkshire, he married Eleanor Emma Jackson.
A few examples include Carl Sagan on astronomy, Jared Diamond on geography, Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Dawkins on evolutionary biology, David Eagleman on neuroscience, Donald Norman on usability and cognitive psychology, Steven Pinker, Noam Chomsky, and Robert Ornstein on linguistics and cognitive science, Donald Johanson and Robert Ardrey on paleoanthropology, and Desmond Morris on zoology and anthropology, and Fulvio Melia on black holes. Mary Somerville's On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences (first edition 1834) was arguably the first book in the genre of popular science.
The procedure in a wager of law is traced by Blackstone to the Mosaic law, Ex. xxii. 10; but it seems historically to have been derived from the system of compurgation, introduced into England from Normandy, a system which is now thought to have had an appreciable effect on the development of the English jury. It also has some points of resemblance, perhaps some historical connexion, with the sponsio and the decisory oath of Roman law, and the reference to oath of Scottish law.
The statue of Tanaquil placed in the shrine of Sancus was famed for containing remedies in its girdle which people came to collect, named praebia.Festus s.v. praebia; Robert E. A. Palmer "Locket gold, lizard green" in Etruscan influences on Italian Civilisation 1994 As numerous statues of boys wear the apotropaic golden bulla, bubble or locket, which contained remedies against envy, or the evil eye, Robert E. A. Palmer has remarked a connexion between these and the praebia of the statue of Tanaquil in the sacellum of Sancus.
Privately she paid considerable attention to the profitability of her books. Through personal connections she could secure John Murray as the publisher of her first book Mechanism, and he remained her publisher throughout her long career. Murray later commented that despite him having made little profit he was very pleased to have had the honour of publishing the works of such an extraordinary person. Her second book On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences sold 15,000 copies and established her reputation in elite science.
Caroline Göldel argues that the Tafelgüterverzeichnis is not a list of renders owed to the king and his entourage, but was drawn up in 1165 by Otto of Andechs, then provost of the Kornelimünster, in connexion with the canonisation of Charlemagne. She believes Frederick I was made a canon of Aachen at that time, and that the register records the benefices associated with this honorary canonry. John Freed states that it was compiled in 1173 or 1174 to protect the interests of the diocese of Bamberg.
In 1834 he was named professor of history, and a few months later professor of law at the University of Munich. He now joined a Catholic circle including Joseph Görres, Johann Adam Möhler, Ignaz von Döllinger, and Johann Nepomuk von Ringseis. In 1838 he founded with Guido Görres the militant "Historischpolitische Blätter". In consequence of the Lola Montez affair, in connexion with which Phillips signed, with six other Munich professors, an address of sympathy with the dismissed minister Abel, he was relieved of his chair in 1847.
The once independent village emerged from the merger of Königshof and Rothehütte on 1 April 1936. Rothehütte was particularly known for being the home of several iron works such as the Neue Hütte and the Lüdershof. Königshütte used to have a railway connexion to Blankenburg (Harz), but passenger services were withdrawn on the electrified section from Elbingerode–Königshütte on 30 May 1999 and the line was closed completely on 31 August 2000. The hitherto independent municipality was incorporated into the town of Elbingerode on 1 January 2004.
Circuits are grouped together to form Districts. All of these, combined with the local membership of the Church, are referred to as the "Connexion". This 18th-century term, endorsed by John Wesley, describes how people serving in different geographical centres are 'connected' to each other. Personal oversight of the Methodist Church is exercised by the President of the Conference, a presbyter elected to serve for a year by the Methodist Conference; such oversight is shared with the Vice- President, who is always a deacon or layperson.
He assembled a motley crew of childhood friends and embarked on a lifelong quest to break into the mainstream French hip-hop scene. With his breakout album, Trop Loin (1998), he quickly topped the French charts for the opening weekend, and did not relinquish this position for two weeks.Banlieue Connexion/Doudou Masta In 1998 he released his first album Trop Loin. An important member of the Double H Label, with Cut Killer he went on to produce possibly his best work to date in "Mastamorphoze" in 2003.
The rock castle was probably built in 1246 by Pope Innocent IV during the unrest over the excommunication of Frederick II. Not until 1257 was it mentioned in the records in connexion with a knight of Kropsberg, castellan of the Breitenstein and Dienstmann of the counts of Leiningen. The knight was named in 1265 as Burkhard of Breitenstein. In 1339 James of Flörsheim was appointed as Burgmann. After the death of King Rudolph of Habsburg fighting broke out in 1291 between the Habsburgs and their opponents.
From there it ran at that time between the two tracks of the main line as far as Neusäß, where it rejoined the original trackbed. Since 1949 there has been a bus connexion from Augsburg to Welden in parallel with the railway. In the following decades this, together with the growth of private motor vehicles, resulted in a decline in traffic on the railway line. From the summer timetable of 1975 there were no services at all on Saturday afternoons, Sundays or public holidays.
A period of decline for Nonconformist worship was reversed in the late 18th century, and a group of Independent Christians (who advocated Congregationalist polity) began meeting in 1780. In 1784, they erected a chapel in Tarrant Street in the town centre. The congregation had early links with Presbyterianism and the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, a localised Calvinistic sect, but by the 19th century the chapel was aligned with the Congregational Church. The former Providence Congregational Chapel was founded at nearby Marehill in 1845 by Trinity Church.
There were 61 boys enrolled in 1905. In the following year the school was closed by the trustees for the Connexion, because of financial difficulties, but was reopened in 1907 owned by a company formed by the old boys. A laboratory, workshop, and classroom costing £1,500 were added in 1909. Of John Heath, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, Past and Present tells us that ‘John was reared in England, largely spending his boyhood and youth in Crewe, to which place his parents removed during his early childhood.
In 1925, while walking in the hills above the town prior to a meeting of the Library's council, Lewis suffered a fall down a quarry which left him paralyzed for the rest of his life. Although elected President of the Library in 1926, this was a largely honorific appointment. An active lay member of the Calvinistic Methodist Connexion, Lewis was elected Moderator of the denomination in 1925, although he declined the post. He was an interested correspondent in the trial for unorthodoxy of Thomas Williams (Tom Nefyn).
Express fares were premium peak period bus routes, treated as a second fare zone by OC Transpo. Express bus passes for adults and students, and regular senior bus passes, were also accepted. On January 1, 2017, the Express fare was discontinued, and Express routes were rebranded as Connexion routes. Since this change, the entire OC Transpo network is treated as a single fare zone. The agency also cited the Confederation Line (Line 1), which opened in September 2019, as a reason for discontinuing the Express fare.
In the same period began the algebraization of the algebraic geometry through commutative algebra. The prominent results in this direction are Hilbert's basis theorem and Hilbert's Nullstellensatz, which are the basis of the connexion between algebraic geometry and commutative algebra, and Macaulay's multivariate resultant, which is the basis of elimination theory. Probably because of the size of the computation which is implied by multivariate resultants, elimination theory was forgotten during the middle of the 20th century until it was renewed by singularity theory and computational algebraic geometry.
In 1873 Cockburn-Campbell was nominated a member of the old Western Australian Legislative Council and became chairman of committees. He was for some time editor of the West Australian but retired in 1887 due to ill health and was succeeded by John Winthrop Hackett. In 1890 he was appointed one of the delegates sent to London to give information and assistance in connexion with the passing of the Western Australian constitution bill. He also gave evidence before the Colonization Committee of the House of Commons.
His doctoral dissertation (entitled Sur les espaces d'éléments à connexion projective normale) was on differential geometry. By significantly generalizing the work of Cartan to the case of hypersurfaces in ℝⁿ, he constructed a projective connection used in studying systems of differential equations known as the Hachtroudi Connection. His subsequent research involved using intrinsically defined affine and Weylian connections to study the invariants of differential systems relative to different groups of transformations. He was a Distinguished Professor at University of Tabriz and University of Tehran.
For a short time this ironworks was owned by the Prussian king Frederick the Great. 1912 map of Thale Part of the Prussian Province of Saxony since 1815, the first wrought-iron wagon axle to be made in the German lands was manufactured here in 1831. In 1835 the oldest sheet steel enamel works in Europe was founded in Thale. Following the town's connexion to the railway network in 1862 with a line to Berlin the place flourished as did the number of workers.
Odo II (or Eudes II; died 1144) was the bishop of Beauvais from 1133 until his death. Odo was a close friend of Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis and he attended the dedication of the new Abbey of Saint-Denis in 1140, and may have attended the consecration in 1144. Through his close connexion to Suger he may have acquired the handsomely illustrated coronation ordo (liturgy) that was discovered in Beauvais Cathedral in the sixteenth century and is now Latin manuscript (lat.) 14192 in the Bibliothèque nationale.
I am à l'ancienne is the debut and first solo album from R&B; singer/rapper K.Maro. The album is produced by DJ Short Cut, and includes "Le clan chill" featuring Corneille. Also very notable is "Symphonie pour un dingue" in two versions (original and remix) and written by Louis Côté who later on composed K. Maro's most successful song "Femme Like U". The remix version of "Symphonie pour un dingue" was done on a Sonny Black beat used in Corneille et Kulcha Connexion hits.
In 1843, the infant Methodist community (which had formed in September 1841) acquired a chapel built eight years earlier for the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, a local Calvinistic Methodist denomination. They joined the Lewes and Brighton Circuit by March 1844, at which time there were 33 members. The "neat" building was called Trinity Chapel by 1855, and its Sunday school thrived. Consideration was given in 1874 to expanding the premises, but the congregation and trustees decided to move out and build a larger chapel instead.
In medieval Iberia, an alférez (, ) or alferes (, ) was a high-ranking official in the household of a king or magnate. The term is derived from the Arabic (al-fāris), meaning "horseman" or "cavalier", and it was commonly Latinised as alferiz or alferis, although it was also translated into Latin as armiger or armentarius, meaning "armour-bearer". The connexion with arms- bearing is visible in several Latin synonyms: fertorarius, inferartis, and offertor. The office was sometimes the same as that of the standard-bearer or signifer.
The monastery of Sandoval, founded by Ponce and his kin in 1167. Ponce de Minerva (1114/1115 – 27 July 1175) was a nobleman, courtier, governor, and general serving, at different times, the kingdoms of León and Castile. Originally from Occitania, he came as a young man to León (1127), where he was raised probably in close connexion to the royal family. His public career, first as a courtier and knight in the military retinue of Alfonso VII of León and Castile, began in 1140.
The castle may date to the Carolingian era, because its archaeological finds date to the 9th century. Because other finds are clearly of Saxon origin, it is possible that the 9th- century castle was built on the site of an even older hillfort. Little is known of the significance of the castle. From its strategic location – the castle lay close to an important crossroads – it may have had a military purpose in connexion with the overthrow of the local Saxon population by the Franks.
Castletown Methodist Church on Arbory Street, founded in 1932, is part of the Methodist Church in the Isle of Man, which in turn is part of the British Methodist Connexion. It can trace its history back to the visits of the founder of Methodism John Wesley to the town in the 18th century. It is sometimes known locally as Arbory Street, formerly to distinguish it from the Malew Street chapel when the former was the Wesleyan Methodist and the latter the Primitive Methodist Chapel.
The Brockweir Inn. An inn called the George, on the south side of the road to the river bank, was recorded from 1793 and had changed its name to the New Inn by 1840. In 1840 the village had three other public houses, called, in connexion with its trade, the Ship, the Severn Trow, and the Bristol. There was then also a beerhouse called the Spout north of the village in a row of cottages that was later formed into a single dwelling called Spout House.
Woldstedt (1956) spoke of channels (Rinnen) in another connexion. The advancing ice followed the depth contours, conserving and deepening them. When the ice sheet retreated, dead-ice (Toteis) remained deep in these channels; it was their thawing that then enabled the rivers to flow down their old valleys. During the marine regression of the Weichselian glaciation that ended about 12,000 years ago, in which the northwest German plain was not covered by ice, the rivers of the Cloppenburg Geest cut deeply into the valley sands.
The German humanist Johann Reuchlin attached himself to Heynlin, whom he followed to the young University of Basel in 1474. In 1478, he was called to teach theology in the newly founded University of Tübingen, where his learning, eloquence and reputation secured for him the same year the rectorship. The opposition, however, he met from the Nominalists Gabriel Biel, Paul Scriptoris, and others, rendered his service here of short duration. He severed his connexion with the university, proceeded to Baden-Baden and thence to Berne, where he engaged in preaching.
The Wesleyan Reform Union is an independent Methodist Connexion founded in 1859 and based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1859 by some members of the Wesleyan Reform movement. The leaders of the Wesleyan Reformers had been expelled from the Wesleyan Methodist Church at its Manchester Conference in 1849.David Barton, "By Schisms Rent Usunder": The Wesleyan Reform Movement in Derbyshire, Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society, May 1999 The expelled ministers and first leaders of the Wesleyan Reformers were James Everett, William Griffith and Samuel Dunn.
Elias Smith had heard of the Stone movement by 1804, and the O'Kelly movement by 1808.Douglas Allen Foster and Anthony L. Dunnavant, The Encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell Movement: Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, Churches of Christ, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2004, , , 854 pages, entry on Christian Connection The three groups "declared themselves one" by 1810. At that time the combined movement had a membership of approximately 20,000. This loose fellowship of churches was called by the names "Christian Connection/Connexion" or "Christian Church."C.
He also wrote his "Narrative of the Magnetic Pole Journey", which appeared in the second volume of Shackleton's Heart of the Antarctic. In 1910 the honour of Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George was conferred on him, and visiting England in connexion with the scientific results of the Antarctic expedition, Oxford University gave him the honorary degree of Doctor of Science. In 1911–12 he provided public and practical support for the Japanese Antarctic Expedition which was wintering in Sydney.Sue Myatt, Professor Edgeworth David and the Shirase Expedition, australianmuseum.net.
East Grinstead's first Nonconformist church was the Zion Chapel, built in 1810 for the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion. The small evangelical Calvinistic group owned the church until 1980; it is now used by Baptists and is called West Street Baptist Church. Trinity Methodist Church is the much- expanded successor to older places of Methodist worship in the town; the community dates back to 1868. The United Reformed Church community meets in the Moat Church, a former Congregational chapel built in the Early English Gothic Revival style in 1870.
This was the former train connexion between the towns of Tienen and Diest, nowadays still prominent in the landscape, partly coinciding with Sportlaan and Stadsbeemd streets and further used as a tourist cycle track. Of the old Halen train station, nothing is left. To defeat France, the German deployment plan based on work by Alfred von Schlieffen and Helmuth von Moltke included a rapid push through Belgium to avoid the French fortifications along the border with Germany. The rapid capture of Liège, a big railway junction, was crucial for the Germans.
Belgrave Street Congregational Chapel's schoolroom was taken over by the Board in 1870. When the Brighton School Board was founded in 1870, it took over two schoolrooms based in Nonconformist chapels in inner suburban areas. One was at the London Road Chapel () on Belmont Street, which dated from 1830 and which was used by the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion until 1881, after which it adopted a Congregational character. Thomas Simpson had extended the building early in his career, in 1856–57. The chapel was demolished in 1976, 18 years after its closure.
The Copenhagen interpretation denies that the wave function provides a directly apprehensible image of an ordinary material body or a discernible component of some such,, p. 586: "there can be no question of an immediate connexion with our ordinary conceptions".Heisenberg, W. (1959/1971). 'Language and reality in modern physics', Chapter 10, pp. 145–160, in Physics and Philosophy: the Revolution in Modern Science, George Allen & Unwin, London, , p. 153: "our common concepts cannot be applied to the structure of the atoms." or anything more than a theoretical concept.
Between 1858 and 1861 he made many observations in connexion with terrestrial magnetism. His most important contributions to physics, however, were his researches on radiant heat made in conjunction with La Provostaye. The two physicists concluded that radiant heat, like light, was a disturbance set up in what was then called the ether and propagated in all directions by transverse waves. They showed in a series of "Mémoires" published in the Annales de Chimie et de Physique that it manifests the characteristic phenomena of reflection, refraction, and polarization, as well as of emission and absorption.
They also made a study of the latent heat of fusion of ice, and a careful investigation of the range of applicability of the Dulong-Petit law representing the law of cooling. He also worked in connexion with the establishment and development of laboratory instruction in physics. When the Ecole pratique des hautes études was founded in 1869 he was commissioned to organize the physical laboratory. During the Siege of Paris (1870–1871), he succeeded after many difficulties in establishing electrical communication with d'Alméida who was outside the lines.
According to Kenner, it is not necessary to suppose that he gave up his connexion with the Florentine court at this time, because, in the following years, he struck medals for the court in Mantua, as well as coins for Guastalla and Castiglione, especially as he was again working in Florence in 1614 (certainly in 1615). The medals, which he made after 1620 for Prince Vincenzo II of Mantua, may very well also have been struck at Florence. His further sojourn in Tuscany seems to have been rendered distasteful to him by intrigues.
In the early 1850s, while still a boy, Thomas Caulker was sent by his father to London for his health and to acquire a Christian education in the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, pioneered in the eighteenth century by the evangelical Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon. The Caulker family and other Afro-European families frequently sent their children to England for an education. The younger Caulker lived with the Rev. J. K. Foster and his wife (Foster had formerly been a president of Cheshunt College, closely associated with the Methodist-leaning Connection).
" Gore Browne was described at this time as "a thorough Catholic and a true Evangelical." His church of St Hilda's was, apart from the mother parish of St John's, the only church in Darlington then where Catholic ceremonial was in use and all sacramental privileges provided. "There was never any local opposition; but emissaries from Protestant societies occasionally came to point out the connexion between vestments and the Vatican. A Kensit lecturer on one occasion was rash enough to invite anyone in the audience to speak in answer to his statements.
His brief work in international law is represented by the posthumous volume International Law (1888). Maine had published in 1885 his one work of speculative politics, a volume of essays on Popular Government, designed to show that democracy is not in itself more stable than any other form of government and that there is no necessary connexion between democracy and progress. In 1886, there appeared in the Quarterly Review an article on the posthumous work of J. F. McLennan, edited and completed by his brother, entitled "The Patriarchal Theory".Maine, Henry (1886).
Had he lived a little longer, Williams Pantycelyn would no doubt have approved of these moves, because as a Methodist, he himself became a firm advocate of Calvinist Reformation doctrine and frequently invoked stern warnings against Arminianism, Arianism, Socinianism, Sandemanianism and other teachings. [See: G.T. Hughes: p. 7]. Williams Pantycelyn travelled throughout Wales (he is said to have partly supported his ministry by selling tea,)BBC Wales preaching the doctrine of Calvinistic Methodism. He needed to be not only a theologian and an advocate for the new Connexion, but an organiser and administrator.
Although the Mecklenburg Railway Company had completed the line, it lacked an east–west link that would also connect to the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Because there were no financially influential backers, the route Güstrow - Teterow – Malchin – Neubrandenburg was built on the initiative of the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin under sovereign ownership. The route was opened on 11 November 1864 at Teterow station in the presence of both the Mecklenburg grand dukes. This was followed in 1867 by a railway connexion over the Prussian border to Strasburg (Uckermark).
He is said to have attended Westminster School from 1803 to 1805, but the records are not clear. He attended Christ Church, Oxford after which for several years he enjoyed a European Grand Tour until 1813. In 1818 he was nominated as Member of Parliament for the rotten borough of Evesham, which seat his father had held, but was ousted on petition by Sir Charles Cockerell. His political leanings were far from clear and in his address of thanks, he described himself as "unbiased by any political party of connexion".
All three agree on the centrality of John of Procida in the Vespers. The Liber emphasises his connexion with Michael VIII Palaeologus, the Byzantine emperor. The famous story of the provocation of the Vespers through the rape of a Sicilian woman by a French soldier is contained within the Rebellamentu and La vinuta di lu re Iapicu in Catania, the other Sicilian chronicle by Atanasiu di Iaci. The Liber Jani has a similar story, but in it the woman turns a knife on the Frenchman and his comrades come to his aid.
One of the first Everton FC teams, 1878 St. Domingo Methodist New Connexion Chapel was opened in 1871 in Breckfield Road North, Everton, Liverpool. The chapel took its name from its location on the corner of Breckfield Road North and St. Domingo Vale. St. Domingo related addresses in Everton have their origins in St. Domingo House, a building built in 1758 by West Indies trader and sugar boiler George Campbell who would frequent the Colony of Santo Domingo and later became Mayor of Liverpool (1763). In 1877 Rev.
Sir Thomas Burnett was one of the dissenters and protestors. In May 1701 he was nominated, with others, for a peerage, but the King, being at the time ill, did not sign the patents, which subsequently lapsed. In 1703 Sir Thomas made a protest against the Act allowing the importation of French wines and brandies as "dishonourable to Her Majesty, and inconsistent with the Grand Alliance in which she is engaged." His votes recorded in connexion with the Union are in favour of the first article and of the whole measure as carried.
Her book Women's Suffrage in Many Lands (1909) appeared to coincide with the Fourth Congress of the International Women's Suffrage Alliance. This book and The Renaissance of Girls' Education (1898) made big contributions to the debate on the education and rights of women in Zimmern's time. In the former she noted an "intimate... connexion between enfranchisement and the just treatment of women." While most of her arguments are moderate and pragmatic, she acknowledges the militant tactics of British suffragettes as effective in making women's suffrage "the question of the day".
Ben Swift Chambers (1845–1901) By 1877, Rev Chambers’ career in the Methodist ministry brought him to the New Connexion Chapel in Liverpool. Once settled at St Domingo's he became an avid supporter of the Band of Hope movement, a temperance organisation for working-class youngsters, and formed a cricket club to provide local youngsters with healthy exercise as well as the opportunity to develop the qualities of Christian sportsmanship. To that end Chambers persuaded the members of Young Men's Bible Class to start St Domingo Football Club in 1878.
61-62 In this work, which was published by Naumann and later revised by Bernhard Cotta, the most important hills are described in the relevant map sheets, for example: 33. The Mittenberg, a conical hill in the centre between Tollenstein, Schönfeld and Neuhütte; rock, coarse splinters, with grey feldspar crystals.Naumann: Section VII, p. 94 Today the descriptors "cone", "conical hill" or "conical mountain" are mainly used as morphological terms in geography for a steep-sided, isolated hill or mountain, because they are not always seen or described in connexion with volcanic processes.
Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion is a small society of evangelical churches, founded in 1783, which today has 23 congregations in England. There is also a growing number of independent, charismatic churches that encourage Pentecostal practices at part of their worship, such as Kingsgate Community Church in Peterborough, which started with 9 people in 1988 and now has a congregation in excess of 1,500. Various forms of Protestantism developed from the ferment of the English Civil War onwards. The Quakers (formally, the Religious Society of Friends) were founded by George Fox in the 1640s.
Subsequently, the original result was canvassed by the State Board, and the Democratic candidate was declared elected, giving the Democrats a majority in the New York State Senate. In January 1892, he was appointed to the New York Court of Appeals to fill the vacancy caused by the appointment of Robert Earl as Chief Judge after the death of William C. Ruger. Two weeks later, his connexion with the Emans letter became known to the public during Emans's trial for contempt. The Bar Association inquired, and Maynard had a lot of explaining to do.
Beatrice station is a south-west Transitway station located in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada suburb of Barrhaven. It is served by OC Transpo buses and opened on November 12, 2014. Beatrice Station is located near the corner of Chapman Mills Drive and Beatrice Drive in the heart of Barrhaven's shopping core and is served by a notable rapid-transit route, route 99. Connexion route 406 is extended from/to Riverview Station via Nepean Woods Station and the Vimy Memorial Bridge to provide residents with improved connections to events at the Canadian Tire Centre in Kanata.
June Cotner (2009)June Cotner (born February 6, 1950 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American author, anthologist, speaker, and publishing/marketing consultant; her latest anthology is Gratitude Prayers: Prayers, Poems, and Prose for Everyday Thankfulness (Andrews McMeel Publishing).Andrews McMeel Cotner's collected works have sold nearly one million copies.North Kitsap Herald Cotner conducts publishing workshops New Connexion at bookstores across the country and has also made presentations at the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association Conference, the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Conference, and The Learning Annex in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.
The named Wormberch had already surfaced by the 13th century in the documents and commodity schedules of the County of Regenstein-Blankenburg in connexion with the mining of iron ore. In the 19th century the mountain was still being called Wormsberg or Wormberg, but a convincing derivation of the name has yet to be found. Around 1850 the first trig post was erected on the summit of the Wurmberg to assist in surveying the Harz mountains. It was replaced in 1890 by a wooden tower, also used for trigonometric measurements, that stood until 1930.
In 1859 Cape was elected a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly for Wollombi, and interested himself in the educational life of the colony as a commissioner of national education, a fellow of St Paul's College of the University of Sydney, and in connexion with the Sydney School of Arts. He visited England in 1855 and was again in England 1860–1863. He died at London on 14 June 1863. A memorial was placed in St Andrew's cathedral by his former pupils, however it was destroyed in 1941 during renovation.
He was quick to discover and take advantage of the weak points in an opponent's case, and his powers of mental calculation frequently stood him in good stead, as when, for example, an apparently casual glance at the plans of a railway enabled him to point out errors in the engineering data that were sufficient to secure rejection of the scheme to which he was opposed. In consequence, there was scarcely an engineering proposal of any importance brought before Parliament in connexion with which his services were not secured by one party or the other.
He had become assistant organist at St Peter's Cathedral soon after he arrived, and had been conductor of the Government House Choral Society and the Cathedral Choral Society. Later he became conductor of the Adelaide Philharmonic, and in 1889 entered into partnership with I. G. Reimann as joint director of the Adelaide College of Music. He was very successful as a lecturer but about the middle of 1891 the partnership was dissolved. The school continued under Reimann, and in 1898 developed into the Elder Conservatorium of Music in connexion with the university.
The side elevation of the chapel Members of Zion Chapel established a daughter church in nearby Turners Hill in 1824. It was rebuilt in 1906 but was still part of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion; since then it has become an independent Free Church. In April 1847, a schism occurred in Zion Chapel's congregation: some members left and founded a new Congregational church. After worshipping in hired rooms around East Grinstead, they built Rocks Chapel as their permanent place of worship; the building held its first service on Good Friday 1850.
In the new building lived the Marquis of Ariza, the Russian ambassador, Prince Tatischef, and the famous provisionist of the French army and great financial Gabriel-Julien Ouvrard, in 1823 and 1824, at which time were held on its halls magnificent soirees and banquets, until it acquired the Catalan Marquis of Riera, who invested large sums in the decoration. The extension of the house and gardens was considerable, besides providing in front, on calle del Turco, other big housing for garages and offices, with which had connexion through a tunnel.
Ayouch started his career as a scriptwriter and director with the advertising agency Euro-RSCG. In 1992, he directed Les Pierres bleues du désert, a first short film with Jamel Debbouze which tells the history of a young man convinced that there are large blue stones in the desert. In 1993, he ended up settling in Casablanca, where he lives with his family and where he created a production company. Since then he directed two short films, Hertzienne Connexion (1993) and Vendeur de silence (1994) for which he received international recognition.
George Mahon was a key figure in the history of a football team formed at another Everton chapel. Reverend Ben Swift Chambers, minister of St. Domingo Methodist New Connexion Chapel, encouraged young members of his congregation to play cricket. Members later took up football to provide a team sport for them to play during winter. Initially formed in 1878 as St. Domingo FC, named after the location of the chapel on the corner of Breckfield Road North and St. Domingo Vale, the football team was renamed Everton in 1879 after the district of Everton.
Hilda Ellis Davidson further links accounts of the jötunn Þjazi's eyes flung into the heavens by Odin and the frozen toe of Aurvandil tossed into the sky by the god Thor, the eyes in the prior case becoming stars and the toe in the latter case becoming a star known as "Aurvandil's Toe". Davidson comments that "these myths are evidently connected with names of constellations, but the strange reference to a frozen toe suggests that there is some connexion with the creation legend of the giant that emerged from the ice".Davidson (1990:199–200).
The railway was built between 1928 and 1930 and opened in three stages. The first was the long centre section between Grainau and the Eibsee which went into operation on 19 February 1929. On 19 December 1929 it was followed by the long section between Garmisch and Grainau, including the important tourist connexion to the main railway network of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. On 8 July 1930 the last long section between the Eibsee and the – now closed – summit station of Schneefernerhaus was opened, including the final long Zugspitze Tunnel.
The church was originally designated as Methodist New Connexion, one of the many factions of the original Wesleyan Methodist church, it merged into the main Methodist Church of Great Britain in 1932. Methodism reached its peak at the beginning of the 20th century when there were eight Methodist churches in the Hillsborough area. However, Hillsborough Trinity is the only one remaining, as the other seven have been demolished or now being used for other purposes. The church has changed very little externally over the years, although a new church hall was added in 1963.
The Old Barn (Alte Scheune) in Rethwisch The village of Rethwisch was first documented in 1297. In 1299, a clergyman from Doberan Abbey was installed in Rabenhorst. In the war damage assessment of 1312 of the damage caused by the conflict between Rostock's townsfolk under Nicholas and the troops of Henry the Lion an administrator (magister curie) of Doberan Abbey, a cemetery and a sexton were mentioned in connexion with the place. In addition to the administrator, there were at that time about twenty households in the village, all of which had German names.
Members of the community began to think that Lukins was bewitched and he himself declared that he was possessed by seven demons, who could only be driven out by seven clergymen. Rev. Joseph Easterbook contacted Methodist ministers in connexion with Rev. John Wesley who agreed to pray for George Lukins: An account of the exorcism was published in the Bristol Gazette. The newspaper reported that George Lukins, during his alleged possession, claimed that he was the devil, made barking noises, sung an inverted Te Deum, and was very violent.
Victoria County History, (1912), A History of the County of Hampshire: Volume 5, Fawley There seems to have been a close connexion between Fawley Manor and the manor of Bitterne, which also belonged to the bishops of Winchester. In 1546 John Skullard was tenant at Fawley Manor, which remained in the hands of that family until 1681. In 1705 the manor was conveyed to Edward Peachey, and a family settlement concerning Fawley Manor was made by William and Erlysman Peachy in 1765. In 1801 the manor was conveyed to Robert Drummond of Cadlands.
The emergence of Landesburgen began in the Late Middle Ages and was a result of the decline of royal centralised power and the associated displacement of power "from former great territories to regional territories". In the early stages of this development regional lords used their allodial castles as a means of forming and preserving contiguous territories. In this connexion such fortifications took on the function of a territorial castle (Territorialburg). An example is Zülpich Castle, which was built by the archbishops of Cologne to secure their estates from attack by the counts of Jülich.
In the mid-19th century most of England and Scotland's 24 Baptist churches were in Sussex and Kent. There were 5 further churches in Wales Sussex remains a stronghold of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, a group of churches where Sussex has 7 of the 21 congregations in England, all located in the east and centre of the county. Its first church was set up in 1761 in North Street, Brighton in what was originally Selina, Countess of Huntingdon's garden. There is also a Hutterian community near Robertsbridge.
Joseph Ritson was subsequently the leading figure in Primitive > Methodism in West Allen, and he gave to the Connexion one of its foremost > ministers of the present time. Joseph commenced business at Ninebanks as > builder and joiner, built up a prosperous trade, and was known and trusted > all round as a man of character and probity. Frank, manly, free from cant, > inclined to sternness and severity, yet having the heart of a child, his > worldly success never cooled his devotion in the Lord’s service, and a > revival was his joy.
Slight amendments were attempted in the acts of 1825 and 1831, but the first really important Factory Act was in 1833 applying to textile factories generally, limiting employment of young persons under eighteen years of age, as well as children, prohibiting night work between 8.30 p.m. and 5.30 a.m., and first providing for "inspectors" to enforce the law. This is the act which was based on the devoted efforts of Michael Sadler, with whose name in this connexion that of Lord Ashley, afterwards Earl of Shaftesbury, was from 1832 associated.
Elias Smith had heard of the Stone movement by 1804, and the O'Kelly movement by 1808.Douglas Allen Foster and Anthony L. Dunnavant, The Encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell Movement: Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, Churches of Christ, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2004, , , 854 pages, entry on Christian Connection The three groups merged by 1810. At that time the combined movement had a membership of approximately 20,000. This loose fellowship of churches was called by the names "Christian Connection/Connexion" or "Christian Church."C.
He did some interesting experimental work in connexion with locating sound by wireless, which proved useful in the 1914-18 war when methods of locating submarines had to be devised. Taylor visited Europe in 1922 and studied broadcasting developments. On his return at the end of that year he formed an association for developing wireless in Australia and was elected its president. At a conference of wireless experts called together by the Commonwealth government in May 1923 Taylor was elected chairman, and did valuable work in framing broadcasting regulations for Australia.
He identified himself with the Reform Party in politics, and took an active part in various local elections. He was frequently asked to enter Parliament, but declined to concentrate on his practice. He formed various partnerships, but was always the guiding spirit of the firm, and became known from one end of the Province to the other as a sound and learned lawyer. His connexion with Mr. Charles A. Sadleir lasted for many years, and the firm of "Burton & Sadleir" was one of the best known in the western part of the Province.
The so-called Agrivarian Wall () was mentioned by the Roman historian, Tacitus (Annals II, 19-21), in connexion with the campaign by the Roman general Germanicus in 16 A.D. which included the Battle of the Angrivarian Wall. It was here that the legions of Germanicus and the army of Arminius had their final conflict. The relevant text in the annals (II, 19) records: There are conflicting views today about the purpose of this earthwork. One theory is that it was an early historical border fortification between the Angrivarii and the Cherusci.
The Low German house is similar in construction to the neolithic longhouse, although there is no evidence of a direct connexion. The longhouse first appeared during the period of the Linear Pottery culture about 7,000 years ago and has been discovered during the course of archaeological excavations in widely differing regions across Europe, including the Ville ridge west of Cologne. The longhouse differed from later types of house in that it had a central row of posts under the roof ridge. It was therefore not three- but four-aisled.
Born in Buckinghamshire in 1979, his father's work with General Motors took the family to the United States at the age of six and on to the outskirts of Paris at the age of nine. His mother was a big influence for what was to become a passion for engineering. He achieved a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering with French at the University of Bath, completing his dissertation at University in Lyon, France. He had previously worked for French radio station Connexion FM and the Energy Saving Trust before he started in television.
On these areas a shopping centre and car park is being built. The town of Grafenau and the rural county of Freyung-Grafenau have invested a total of 1.3 million euros in this conversion, which also includes re-routing the roads. In summer 2008 the construction of a new platform was begun, which is east of the present one at the end of the line opposite the bus stop. This will enable a shorter connexion between bus and railway and a barrier-free access to public transport facilities.
The first few double-decker buses arrived in Ottawa on August 23, 2012. The following day Ottawa mayor Jim Watson and transit chair Diane Deans introduced the first of the 75 double-decker buses at a ceremony at Ottawa city hall. The new double-deckers started entering service in October 2012, and are used throughout the system, including on Connexion routes from Kanata, Barrhaven, and Orleans. Two of the new double-decker buses were in service as of September 10, 2012, and were temporarily used on peak period routes 22 and 30 (serving Orleans).
D. P. Harmon above citing G. Dumézil Archaic Roman Religion p. 586: the Welsh king Math could live only if he kept his feet on the lap of a virgin, except at wartime. This theme shows a connexion with the fundamental theological character of Iuno, that of incarnating vital force: virginity is the condition of unspoilt, unspent vital energy that can ensure communion with nature and its rhythm, symbolised in the fire of Vesta. It is a decisive factor in ensuring the safety of the community and the growth of crops.
He left an illegitimate son named Henry, who was brought up by Elizabeth and is thought to be the Henry Hastings who was treasurer of the Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge from 1745 to 1747. She supervised the education of her siblings and her four half-sisters lived at Ledston Park for many years. In 1726, she arranged Theophilus's marriage to Selina Hastings (1707–1791), a key figure in the early Methodist movement and founder of the evangelical sect known as the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion.
At the ensuing election Parkes was returned with a small majority and formed his fifth administration, which began in March 1889 and lasted until October 1891. The proposal to join the colonies of Australia into a federation became a major political issue. As far back as 1867, Parkes had said at an intercolonial conference: "I think the time has arrived when these colonies should be united by some federal bond of connexion." Shortly afterwards, a bill to establish the proposed federal council was introduced by him and passed through both the New South Wales houses.
According to the Libellus constructionis Farfensis, a late ninth- century source, Probatus was "born in the Sabine province" and "fully educated from childhood in the chant of the holy Roman Church", that is, the Old Roman chant.Costambeys 2007, 154n: Savinensi natus provincia and maxime vero sancte Romanae Aecclesiae cantu a pueritia plene imbutus. This may suggest a connexion with the Roman diocese, but it need not suggest that he learned the chant in Rome. He was a deacon of Farfa in 769, when Abbot Alan died and was replaced by his chosen successor, Guicpert.
Wallis was Headmaster of Manchester School of Design in 1844–1846. > In two years from the time of Mr. Wallis taking the charge, the funds of the > school were flourishing; the interest taken in it by the public was great, > and nearly half the Institution was occupied by the pupils, while the > applications for admission were more numerous than could be accommodated. > Under this management the public, who care little for abstract art, were > taught the close connexion between the instruction of the School of Design > and their private pursuits.Samuel Sidney.
The Ophite teaching may be used to illustrate that of Saturninus, his connexion with that school being closer than with any other. It would have been natural to think that the number of seven archons was suggested to Saturninus by astronomical considerations; and this supposition is verified by the statement in the later chapter (c. 30) that the holy Hebdomas are the seven stars called planets. In fact, the sphere of the seven stars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon, were supposed to be presided over, each by a different archon.
Located within the church is an ancient blank bell from Ullenhall.British History Online: Emmanuel entry Ladypool Road mission hall was opened in 1894 by the Sparkbrook Gospel Mission (founded 1886).British History Online: A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 7: The City of Birmingham – Religious History In 1849, a group called the Methodist New Connexion, opened a chapel in the area, their first for 11 years along with a similar chapel on Bridge Street in the city centre.British History Online: Protestant Nonconformity Lloyd House is a Georgian building situated on Sampson Road.
North terminal Together with the renovation and rebuilding work as part of the Saarbrücken 21 (Eurobahnhof) project, the pedestrian tunnel, which previously ended at platform 16, and to about 2001 at platform 22, was extended into the district of Rodenhof. There a new entrance was built, the North Terminal, which connects to a new Park & Ride area with several hundred spaces; a direct connexion to the Ludwigsbergkreisel and from there to the A 1, A 620 and A 623 motorways is planned. If required the DB-Servicepoint may be opened again.
Concerning the Prince de Beauvau's rescue efforts, he quotes a description by the Chevalier of Boufflers in Coquerel. He cites Coquerel, Histoire des églises du désert in connexion with the Hugenots generally, but it is not entirely clear whether this is the work containing the Boufflers quote. In the decades following 1724, enthusiasm for the persecution of Protestants continued to wane; after 1764 they "enjoyed a practical toleration for a quarter of a century before the law secured them a legal toleration"Perkins, p. 78. by the Edict of Versailles in 1787.
In 1913 Baker began to teach history, geography and English at Walford Girls School in Malvern before she was promoted to senior mistress soon after; a role in which she began in 1917 after the death of then sitting senior mistress Ellen Benham. In 1917, Baker moved the Walford Girls School to its present location in Hyde Park. Moreover, she started the Old Scholar's Association soon after her promotion and move of the school. Baker, due to her Angelican connexion, was welcoming to students who belonged of all faiths and denominations.
He was born on 16 February 1797 at Nibley in Gloucestershire, the son of Thomas Parsons (died 1803) and Anna Stratford, (died 1812), both from farming families. After attending the parsonage school at Dursley and the grammar school at Wotton-under-Edge, he was apprenticed for seven years to a tailor at Frampton-on-Severn. In 1815 Parsons became a teacher at as Sunday-school set up at Frampton. He joined the church in the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion at Rodborough Tabernacle in 1821, and on 8 September that year entered Cheshunt College.
From the first a devoted student and scholar of antiquity, he devoted much time to the examination of Oriental manuscripts in the Vatican library, and a first volume, entitled Horae Syriacae, published in 1827, showed promise as a great scholar. Pope Leo XII appointed him curator of the Arabic manuscripts in the Vatican, and professor of Oriental languages in the Roman University. His academic life was, however, broken by the pope's command to preach to English residents of Rome. A course of his lectures, On the Connexion between Science and Revealed Religion, attracted much attention.
XIII (May 1839), pp. 571–579. while The Edinburgh Review in 1830, referring to the first edition, understood Miller's premise to be that "all the events of this world have an intrinsic connexion" and that "the study of human events, as well as of external nature, tends to illustrate the divine perfection" before entering into a detailed discussion of how the historian could reconcile the existence of evil in the world with God's omnipotence.Review: "Lectures on the philosophy of modern history", The Edinburgh Review, January 1830, Vol. L, No. C, pp. 286–344.
Nevertheless, the Deutsche Bundesbahn withdrew its passenger services on 2 October 1960. Goods traffic between Rotthalmünster and Kößlarn ended on 1 January 1970, and on 1 January 1996 the remaining section between Tutting and Rotthalmünster was closed. The entire line has now been dismantled and a cycle path built on the old trackbed. In 2007 the old railway facilities were released by the Federal Railway Office in a process based on § 23 of the General Railway Law (Allgemeines Eisenbahngesetz) and thereby lost their final connexion with the railway.
Temple observed that, in contrast to the Bishop of London's sermons, listening to Lang brought on an intellectual rather than emotional pleasure: "I can remember all his points, just because their connexion is inevitable.... And for me, there is no doubt that this is the more edifying by far."Iremonger, p. 52 Lang was a member of the cathedral's governing body, the Dean and Chapter, and was responsible for the organisation of special occasions, such as the service of thanksgiving for King Edward VII's recovery from appendicitis in July 1902.
In a letter to philospher William Whewell, he wrote that the general public needed "digests of what is actually known in each particular branch of science... to give a connected view of what has been done, and what remains to be accomplished." Indeed, as the British population became not just increasingly literate but also well-educated, there was growing demand for science titles. Mary Somerville became an early and highly successful science writer of the nineteenth century. Her On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences (1834), intended for the mass audience, sold quite well.
His sphere of activity was also very wide: he was in Burgos in 1144, he signed the fueros of Pancorbo in 1146, and in 1148 he was at Castro surit on May 2 and Burgos on May 10. In all he appears in twelve different locations, besides León and Navarre as mentioned above. The numerous references to him in Alfonso VII's charters of 1147 suggests that he probably took part in the campaign against Almería that year. On 20 November 1148 he is recorded in connexion with the Lara family.
It was originally associated with the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, a small Calvinistic Methodist denomination found mostly in Sussex, but the cause was unsuccessful. Rev. Lambert returned to Brighton, where he was later associated with Zion Chapel in the town's Bedford Street. Jarvis Lane, on which the originally unnamed chapel stood, was named after its most prominent building—Jarvis House, a 15th-century timber-framed farmhouse. The land around it was part of a tenement called Gervases in 1403, and the name originated with the family of Robert Gervays, recorded in 1255.
In April 1943 a confidential analysis by Isaiah Berlin of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for the British Foreign Office described Davis as: :defeated for the governorship of his State in 1942. Commonly known as "puddler Jim" since he started his career as a steel worker. He was born in South Wales, became a Labour politician during the last war and Secretary of Labour shortly afterward. He is violently hated by organised labour, since he is regarded as having prostituted his labour connexion only in order to betray his fellow-workers over and over again.
In the Catholic Church, fabrica ecclesiæ () is a term meaning, etymologically, the construction of a church, but in a broader sense the funds necessary for such construction. This expression may also be used to designate the repairing and maintenance of churches, the daily expense of worship, and to the amount requisite for covering these expenses. In this particular connexion, the expression is first met with in the letter of Pope Simplicius to Gaudentius, Bishop of Aufina (19 November 475); however, even then it was not new, being borrowed from profane usage.
Tyldesley Top Chapel faces the Market Square John Wesley preached in Shakerley four times, between 1748 and 1752, laying the foundations for a place of worship. In the 1780s George Whitfield who worked with Wesley early in his ministry also preached there. Tyldesley's first place of worship, Top Chapel was built in the Square in 1789 for the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion which had broken from the Church of England. Thomas Johnson, gifted the site on the highest point of Tyldesley and Lady Huntingdon, a supporter of Wesley supplied money for building materials.
In May 2006, she got breast implants. Her first film with her new breasts, French ConneXion of Marc Dorcel Productions, came out at the beginning of 2007. In the meantime, Tran also modelled for the cover of Marquis magazine, a leader in fetishism. She also continued working and touring as an exotic dancer in nightclubs of various countries. Katsuni, redevenue Céline Tran, s’attaque à la BD, L'Opinion, 13 June 2014 Céline Tran at the 2008 AVN Expo In July 2008, Céline Tran released My Fucking Life, a French-language film made for Marc Dorcel Studios.
The Haufendorf of Heudorf bei Meßkirch around 1575 A Haufendorf is an enclosed village with irregular plots of land and farms of greatly differing scale, usually surrounded by a stockade fence (German: Ortsetter). They are typically found in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, whence the name. Haufendörfer (pl.) differ from most other types of village in that they are irregularly laid out. A large number of Haufendörfer emerged in connexion with the medieval open field system (Gewanneflur), where each farmer farmed strips of different fields and the location of these field strips continually changed.
They, however, refused to make any promises; and were expelled from the Wesleyan Methodist Church on 25 July. Meetings of sympathy with them were held, with one in Exeter Hall, London, on 31 August 1849. These expulsions were damaging to the Wesleyan Methodist connexion: between 1850 and 1855 more than 100,000 members joined the Methodist Reformers, and it was not until 1855 that the Wesleyan Methodist Church began to recover from this disruption. In a short time 20,000 copies were sold of a small pamphlet entitled Remarks on the Expulsion of the Messrs.
His work in connexion with mining brought him into intimate contact with a large number of prominent mining engineers. In 1905 he was elected Secretary of the Midland Institute of Mining, Civil, and Mechanical Engineers. In 1908 the Institution of Mining Engineers, which had for many years had its headquarters at Newcastle upon Tyne, decided to move to London; simultaneously, the institution was in many respects reorganised. As its general secretary died in 1907, this position was offered to O'Shea, which he assumed on 2 September 1908 and held until his death.
Mwana Musa was an able composer who worked with musicians such as David Toop, Steve Beresford, Ray Carless, Ugo Delmirani, Robin Jones, Mongoley (Lipua Lipua) Safroman (GO Malebo)Len Jones one of Sierra Leones finest guitarists, Lindel Lewis, Ayo-Roy MAcauley leading guitarist from Sierra Leone, Kevin Robinson, Paapa Jay-Mensah etc. African Connexion was signed to Charlie Gillet's Oval Records and produced "C'est La Danse", "Moziki", "City Limits", "Midnight Pressure", "Dancing On The Sidewalk", a soca-tinged soukous, and "E Sidom Panam" - typical Sierra Leone dance music.
In Landshut and Regensburg, terminal stations were built that were converted to intermediate stations in 1880 and 1873 respectively. For the businessmen participating in the Ostbahn the continuation of historical trade links across the borders to Austria and Bohemia, albeit using the faster railways, was extremely important. As a result, the first link to the Austrian railway network was made as early as 1 September 1861 at Passau via a junction with the Empress Elisabeth Railway. In the same year a connexion with the Bohemian Western Railway to Pilsen followed.
Pons de Monlaur or Montlaur was a Provençal baron and troubadour of the early thirteenth century. He was the lord of Montlaur-en-Diois and married Guida, sister of Hugh IV of Rodez, in 1235. Hugh was a patron of troubadours and Pons had a connexion through his wife also to Sordello, who addressed her in several poems under the senhals (epithets) N'Agradavit and Restaur. The French painter Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli, during a stay in Montlaur, collected the local oral history and enjoyed retelling the legends of Pons de Montlaur.
Route 88, the primary route in the community (every 15 minutes most of the day) which connects Bells Corners with Kanata, Algonquin College and Billings Bridge, also increases in frequency, particularly in rush hour. The rush hour connexion routes 252 and 256 that connect Bells Corners to downtown Ottawa saw slight reductions in service. In the summer of 2011 an experimental bicycle taxi service was introduced within the community. Starting in 2013, modifications are being made to the Robertson Road and Moodie Drive intersection to increase capacity for through traffic.
The castle ruin can still be seen today. Aitken was never received into the Wesleyan Methodist Connexion and ministry; in 1834–5 his requests for formal recognition by Conference were denied but he was permitted to occupy Methodist pulpits, by the Wesleyan Methodist Association, a splinter group. He remained in sympathy with them until the Warren controversy arose in 1835; the conservative Jabez Bunting seems to have always viewed Aitken as a divisive figure who was inimical to his own ambitions. Aitken was clearly a preacher of tremendous eloquence and power.
This name arose in connexion with the fighting during the Thirty Years' War, when the population of the Holy Roman Empire often used old field fortifications as refuge castles or hidden livestock pens. Particularly in Catholic areas this action was taken to protect people from the Protestant forces of the Swedish king, Gustavus II Adolphus. Whether the individual fortifications were actually used as fighting positions, however, is usually speculative. Many of the often well preserved earthworks in the forests of Europe were probably later associated wrongly with this religious war.
Each church was asked to participate in a community survey so as to find a policy in each church which will best match the needs of its locality. The Methodist Church hopes that this plan when fully implemented will put the entire connexion in a strong position for regrowth and redevelopment in the 21st Century whilst holding fast to the emphasises of the Wesleyan tradition on which it was formed. In 2002 The Methodist Church in Ireland signed a covenant for greater cooperation and potential ultimate unity with the Church of Ireland.
It has been speculated, on the basis of onomastics and geography, that Fortún was a relative of the Banu Qasi, a muwallad clan that was once the third power in Spain, and that his position in the Rioja may have derived from this connexion. The Banu Qasi leader Musa ibn Musa, the "third king of Spain" (tercer rey de España), had two sons who were both rulers in the Rioja in the late ninth century: Lubb ibn Musa in Viguer and Arnedo and Fortún ibn Musa in Tudela.Peterson, 21. Lubb is just the Arabic version of Lope (and thus Ochoa).
In recent years, IFE has been expanded to include in-flight connectivity—services such as Internet browsing, text messaging, cell phone usage (where permitted), and emailing. In fact, some in the airline industry have begun referring to the entire in-flight-entertainment category as "IFEC" (In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity or In-Flight Entertainment and Communication). The airline manufacturer Boeing entered into the in-flight-connectivity industry in 2000 and 2001 with an offshoot called Connexion by Boeing. The service was designed to provide in-flight broadband service to commercial airlines; Boeing built partnerships with United Airlines, Delta, and American.
"But at Medina he seems to have cast off all shame; and the incidents connected with his marital relations, more especially the story of his marriage with Zainab the wife of his adopted son Zaid, and his connexion with Mary the Coptic slave- girl, are sufficient proof of his unbridled licentiousness and of his daring impiety in venturing to ascribe to GOD Most High the verses which he composed to sanction such conduct." Tisdall, W. S. C. (1895). The Religion of the Crescent, or Islâm: Its Strength, Its Weakness, Its Origin, Its Influence. Non-Christian Religious Systems (p. 177).
Upon retirement in 1930 Sir William and Lady Sybil made a move from the United Kingdom to Dublin, Ireland. There he took the position of Assistant managing director with the brewing firm Arthur Guinness Son & Co., a role he held until a year before his death in 1944. (He probably made this choice through an earlier connexion with Lord Iveagh,although this cannot now be confirmed.) An enthusiastic gardener, he frequently exhibited and took many prizes at flower shows in Dublin. Lady Sybil died on 25 March 1941 at their home, 98 James Street, Dublin, part of the Guinness estate.
His governing purpose throughout was to avoid wasting his energies on particular publications, but to build up the various branches gradually and systematically by the publication of more comprehensive "collections" and "libraries" and by the issue of scientific periodicals. The Kirchenlexikon (Church Lexicon) was the great centre of his fifty years' activity as a publisher. It was the first comprehensive attempt to treat everything that had any connexion with theology encyclopedically in one work, and also the first attempt to unite all the Catholic savants of Germany, in the production of one great work. Herder had nursed this project since 1840.
Elizabeth Rawdon, Countess of Moira in the Peerage of Ireland (23 March 1731 – 11 April 1808) was a literary patron and antiquarian; she also held five English peerages in her own right. She was born at Donington Park, Leicestershire, England and died at Moira, County Down, Ireland. Born as Elizabeth Hastings, she was the daughter of Theophilus Hastings, 9th Earl of Huntingdon and Selina Shirley, founder of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion religious denomination. Elizabeth was 16th Baroness Botreaux and 15th Baroness Hungerford, inheriting the titles on the death of her brother Francis Hastings, 10th Earl of Huntingdon.
Finally, Hume examines causal relations, arguing on behalf of materialists that our observations of regular mind-body correlations are enough to show the causal dependence of the mind on the body, and that, since "we are never sensible of any connexion betwixt causes and effects" in general, our inability to detect any a priori connection between mind and body does nothing to show causal independence. Finally, Hume weighs in on the topic of personal identity. Notoriously, he claims that introspective experience reveals nothing like a self (i.e., a mental substance with identity and simplicity), but only an ever-changing bundle of particular perceptions.
During this time he worked with Joyce Allan, from whom he obtained illustrations for his scientific papers. He resigned in 1925 to become scientific director of the Great Barrier Reef Investigation Committee. Between April and August 1926 he was supervising the sinking of a bore on Michaelmas Reef near Cairns, and he returned to Sydney in August intending to visit Japan in connexion with the third Pan-Pacific Science Congress. Not being well he decided to abandon the journey, and though it was hoped that a rest would restore his health, he died suddenly on 14 September 1926.
Holliday Bickerstaffe Kendall says of Richard Jukes, “although he was a prolific and popular hymn-writer of his day, is in some danger of being forgotten.” Kendall, “Origin and History of the Primitive Methodist Church”, 1906, Vol 2, p.33 The major biography of Jukes has the title "Poet of a Million", reflecting this claim to fame. Kendall also says, “Jukes’ hymns have been sung from one end of the Connexion to the other, by tramps in the street and Christians in the chapels; and the late Dr. Massie says, the hymn entitled “What’s the news,” &co.
The composer appeared to be working more towards the production of formal classical works which display a significant grounding in the Argentine lyricism, usually associated with tango, plus elements of classical music and piano improvisation. This work features vocal and violin lines, full orchestra textures and Otero's pianism. The album emphasizes melodic and slow tempos and the bandoneon is present in two of the pieces, driving the listener into an Argentine atmosphere, both timbrical and melodic. Otero received two Latin Grammy nominations for Ritual as Best Classical Album and Best Contemporary Classical Composition for his composition entitled "Connexion".
There are many aims; one of them is to guarantee the linguistic rights of Catalan-speaking people and the use of Catalan as a connexion tool in the fields and territories where it is spoken. As of 2016, there were 12,000 associates, more than 55,000 followers on Facebook and more than 30,000 followers on Twitter. Also, every six months, the NGO publishes a magazine called Corbella whose print run is 9,000 copies. In 2008, this magazine was awarded a prize for being the best cultural association media. The prize was awarded by the Federació d’Ateneus de Catalunya.
It is worth quoting Berkeley's words on this issue (Section 53): > What inclines men to this mistake (beside the humour of making one see by > geometry) is, that the same perceptions or ideas which suggest distance, do > also suggest magnitude ... I say they do not first suggest distance, and > then leave it to the judgement to use that as a medium, whereby to collect > the magnitude; but they have as close and immediate a connexion with the > magnitude as with the distance; and suggest magnitude as independently of > distance, as they do distance independently of magnitude.
According to Forest Department Special Secretary K.D.R. Jayakumar, the relationship between famine and bamboo flowering, while widely believed to be true by the tribal locals, has not been scientifically proven. John and Nadgauda, however, strongly feel that such a scientific connexion exists, and that it may not simply be local myth. They describe a detailed mechanism demonstrating the relationship between the flowering and the famine. According to them, the flowering is followed by a large quantity of bamboo seeds on the forest floor which causes a spike in the population of the rodent genera Rattus and Mus who feed of these seeds.
Methodism traces its roots to the 18th-century Anglican preacher John Wesley and, to a lesser extent, his brother Charles. The Wesley brothers began an evangelical revival within the Church of England. They adopted unconventional and controversial practices, such as open-air preaching, to reach factory labourers and newly urbanised masses uprooted from their traditional village culture at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Over time, John Wesley organised converts locally, founding Methodist "societies", organised into "circuits", and linked in a "connexion". John and Charles Wesley, along with four other clergy and four lay preachers, met for consultation in London in 1744.
The first compartment coaches in the 19th century comprised several cabins on one undercarriage, similar to the post coaches. Compartment coaches with doors for each compartment, without any connexion between compartments, were built up to the end of the 20th century. The disadvantages of this design were that passengers could not use the toilet or visit the dining car and that train staff had to climb along the outside of the coach on running boards in order to check tickets. Countless four-, six- and eight-wheeled vehicles of this type were used in Germany and especially by the Prussian state railways.
De fisco Barcinonensi ("Concerning the Barcelonian Fisc") is a letter (epistola) from a group of bishops in the province of Tarraconensis in the Visigothic Kingdom to the treasury agents in Barcelona. The letter reminds the officials of the fixed rate of public tribute and demands that exactions in excess of that amount should stop. In the manuscripts, De fisco is preserved after the acts of the Second Council of Barcelona of 540, but its signatories are mostly those of the acts of the First Council of Zaragoza of 592. Most scholars believe it should be dated in connexion with the latter council.
His position caused initially the rupture with the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists under Howell Harris in 1742–3; and then the creation of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion in 1756, about the same time when Wesley broke with James Hervey. In the 1770s a very sharp debate occurred between Wesley and Augustus Montague Toplady. Wesley was a champion of the teaching of Arminius, defending his soteriology in a periodical entitled The Arminian and writing articles such as Predestination Calmly Considered. He defended Arminius against charges of semi-Pelaganism, holding strongly to beliefs in original sin and total depravity.
Starting from a detailed account of the phenomena of the senses, Hartley tried to show how, by the above laws, all the emotions, which he analyses with considerable skill, may be explained. Locke's phrase "association of ideas" is employed throughout, "idea" being taken as including every mental state but sensation. He emphatically asserts the existence of pure disinterested sentiment, while declaring it to be a growth from the self- regarding feelings. Voluntary action is explained as the result of a firm connexion between a motion and a sensation or "idea," and, on the physical side, between an "ideal" and a motory vibration.
In answer to the doctrine of final cause, of design in nature, he pointed to those things which cause destruction and danger to man, to the evil committed by men endowed with reason, to the miserable condition of humanity, and to the misfortunes that assail the good man. There is, he concluded, no evidence for the doctrine of a divine superintending providence. Even if there were orderly connexion of parts in the universe, this may have resulted quite naturally. No proof can be advanced to show that this world is anything but the product of natural forces.
His governing purpose throughout was to avoid wasting his energies on particular publications, but to build up the various branches gradually and systematically by the publication of more comprehensive "collections" and "libraries" and by the issue of scientific periodicals. The Kirchenlexikon (Church Lexicon) was the great centre of his fifty years' activity as a publisher. It was the first comprehensive attempt to treat everything that had any connexion with theology encyclopedically in one work, and also the first attempt to unite all the Catholic savants of Germany, in the production of one great work. Herder had nursed this project since 1840.
The station building and goods shed at Haidmühle were used jointly by both railway companies and the customs authorities. The route ran from Waldkirchen initially in an easterly direction to Neureichenau and then northeast towards the border station, gaining 346 m in height. In its early years and after the forced annexation of the Sudetenland through trains ran from Passau to Haidmühle, whilst the Freyung line was given at junction at Waldkirchen. Plans from the Czech side to extend the route again to Haidmühle, in order to build a better connexion there to Bavarian bus services, were scrapped.
He became a doughty fighter in the controversies that raged during his period, and in 1876 came into conflict with the Freemasons in connexion with an address delivered on 9 October on opening the Catholic guild hall at Sydney, and published under the title Hidden Springs. He accused the Freemasons of a conspiracy to subvert religion and take over the education system.J. Franklin, Catholics versus Masons, Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society 20 (1999), 1-15. Other publications included Christ and His Kingdom (1878), and two series of Lenten lectures Arguments for Christianity (1879) and Christ's Divinity (1882).
There he taught economics, philosophy, and theology; he was popular with students and with lay audiences across the Midwest who attended his lectures promoting public schools. Mann also employed the first female faculty member to be paid on an equal basis with her male colleagues, Rebecca Pennell, his niece. His commencement message to the class of 1859 was to "be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity". Antioch College was founded by the Christian Connexion, which later withdrew its financial support causing the college to struggle for many years with meager financial resources due to sectarian infighting.
The History of Miami County, Ohio. Chicago: Beers, 1880, 366. The area's first residents were Quakers; they organized in 1813 and built their first church building in 1820. A group of Christian Connexion-affiliated people founded a church two years after the Quakers; it took the name of "Hopewell" following a naming discussion at the original meeting, during which one of the charter members said she "hoped the church might do well". The earliest structure, a log building, was built in 1820 out of town, but it was later removed and replaced by a frame structure on the same site.
In 1822, Jeffreys received an appointment of staff surgeon to the HEIC, and was assigned to Calcutta, where he was assigned to duties at the General Hospital. Hearing of the beneficial climate of the remote hill station of Simla (Shimla), Julius obtained a leave of absence and visited the outpost in 1824. While in Simla, Julius wrote an article "Climate of the Hill Provinces (of the Himalayas), and its Connexion with Pathology". The article resulted in the establishment of additional Himalayan hill stations, and his promotion to staff surgeon in the army camp at Cawnpore (Kanpur).
The Methodist Reform Church was a Christian denomination that was formed in 1849 in England by a breakaway from the Wesleyan Methodists. The leaders of the Wesleyan Reformers had been expelled from the Wesleyan Methodist Church at its Manchester Conference in 1849.David Barton, "By Schisms Rent Usunder": The Wesleyan Reform Movement in Derbyshire, Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society, May 1999 The expelled ministers and first leaders of the Wesleyan Reformers were James Everett, William Griffith and Samuel Dunn. In March 1850, 400 delegates met at the Albion Chapel, Moorfields, London to establish a new connexion.
Some established schools and acted as schoolteachers. Extramarital affairs were also prominent in the community and some Settler men had mistresses and provided for their illegitimate children; many times they left land and property for them in their wills. The majority of Nova Scotians were Methodist or members of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion; a smaller minority were Baptist. One half to two thirds of the Nova Scotians were Methodist; the former Anglican settlers converted to Methodism and the Methodists incorporated Moses Wilkinson's congregation, Boston King's congregation, and Joseph Leonard's Anglican congregation which was openly Methodist.
The work is also filled with many fictional sources, which makes Jerome similar to Virgilius Maro Grammaticus, an Irish pseudo-grammarian of the 7th century. Whether there is any relationship between the two has been considered by Herren (1994), but the evidence is not conclusive in proving a certain, direct connexion between the authors. The title Aethici Cosmographia was first incorrectly given a work published in 1575 by Josias Simmler and later by Grovonis in 1696. The text has some identical geographic observations but the framing is completely different, in this case more of names in lists.
Hill's first recorded commission was in 1852 to build a terrace of nine houses, and his work for the next five years was at a similar, mundane level. At this time most architects traditionally confined their works to the area close to their office. Hill was to gain commissions for more substantial buildings, and for gaining such commissions in other parts of the country. Webster identifies two reasons for this: the first was his willingness to enter competitions for the design of buildings in other parts of the country, and the second being his membership of the Methodist New Connexion.
Müller was a conservative writer whose vision of the state was one of an absolute power, in contrast to theorists who emphasized the rights of man such as Montesquieu and Rousseau.Eastern Europe: An Historical Geography, 1815-1945 p23 Müller endeavoured to comprehend the connexion between political and social science, and, while using the historical method, to base them upon philosophy and religion.Cf. the preface to the first volume of the Elemente, where he treats exhaustively the differences between his work and Montesquieu's '; cf. also the sixth book of this work, and the above-mentioned work of 1820.
1834), daughter of the 1st Earl of Moira by his third wife, Elizabeth Hastings, 16th Baroness Botreaux (daughter of the 9th Earl of Huntingdon by his wife, Lady Selena Shirley, founder of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion). Despite her noble lineage, authorisation for the marriage was withheld by Louis, Count of Provence (the future King Louis XVIII), and the couple never wed. In 1807 Antoine Philippe's pulmonary tuberculosis worsened. His elder brother wanted to take him to Devon to benefit from the fresh air but, twelve miles out of Twickenham, they had to stop at an inn at Salthill (near Windsor).
The 19th-century historian W. F. Skene, stated that members of Clan Macfie were the ancient inhabitants of Colonsay. He also wrote that the clan was one of the seven clans of Siol Alpin, and that "their genealogy, which is preserved in the manuscript of 1450, evinces their connexion by descent with the Macgregors and Mackinnons". The seven clans of Siol Alpin could, according to Skene, trace their descent from Alpin, father of the traditional first King of Scots: Cináed mac Ailpín. However, even while stating all this, he wrote that there was nothing known about the early history of Clan Macfie.
His work includes drama, poetry, and prose, and he has been considered one of the last great writers of Spanish Baroque literature. He was born at Alcalá de Henares (or, less probably, Plasencia). He studied law at Salamanca, where he produced a comedy entitled Amour and Obligation, which was acted in 1627. He became secretary to the count of Oropesa, and in 1654 he was appointed secretary of state as well as private secretary to Philip IV. Later he obtained the lucrative post of chronicler of the Indies, and, on taking orders in 1667 severed his connexion with the stage.
The name of Pistoia appears for the first time in history in connexion with the conspiracy of Catiline (62 BC),Patricia J. Osmond, "Catiline in Fiesole and Florence: The After-Life of a Roman Conspirator," International Journal of the Classical Tradition 7, no. 1 (2000): 3-38. but it was only after the sixth century that it became important; it was governed, first, by its bishops, later by stewards of the Marquis of Tuscany. It was the first to establish its independence, after the death of Countess Matilda, and its municipal statutes were the most ancient of their kind in Italy.
This revival is a landmark in the history of the Connexion. William Williams Pantycelyn had just published (1744) a little volume of hymns entitled Aleluia, the singing of which inflamed the people. This led the Bishop of St. David's to suspend Rowlands's licence, and Rowlands had to confine himself to a meeting-house at Llangeitho. Having been turned out of other churches, he had leased a plot of land in 1759, anticipating the final withdrawal of his license, in 1763, and a spacious building was erected to which the people crowded from all parts on Sacrament Sunday.
One of these was Lady Hasting's daughter-in-law, Selina Hastings (1707–1791), founder of the evangelical Methodist sect known as the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion. Methodists were often accused of Jacobitism, because they rejected existing structures and practices; conversely, many "Jacobite" demonstrations during the 1730s were led by Tories hostile to the Welsh Methodist revival. Often associated with social conservatism, crypto Non- Jurors included Mary Astell (1666–1731), an educationalist sometimes called the first English feminist. Daughter of a wealthy, upper-class Non-Juror merchant, in 1709, she set up a girls' school in Chelsea.
He held the seat at the next general election in 1906, with a majority of 2,114 votes over his Liberal opponent, St. George Lane Fox Pitt. In April 1907 it was announced that he would be resigning from parliament "on account of additional responsibilities which have been cast upon him in connexion with his business". He formally left parliament on appointment as Steward of the Manor of Northstead on 27 April 1907. In February 1919 he was appointed a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his service at the Ministry of Information during the Great War.
It was a period of depression following a financial crisis, and Edgar opened a free labour bureau, gave a home to committees of unemployed that were formed, and did much organizing in connexion with relief measures. Living close to a slum district of bad reputation, he met with many difficult problems. A "Sisterhood" was formed which did valuable work with children and outcast women, and in 1895 the South Yarra home for unfortunate women was taken over. A hospice for men was opened in Lonsdale Street, Melbourne which was afterwards removed to La Trobe Street, Melbourne and finally to Arden Street, North Melbourne.
Their first chapels came into being in the north-west of England and met together for the first time in 1806 at Manchester. Annual Meetings and exchange of preachers constituted the only tangible link between the churches for many years. Of the early leading figures, the most prominent was Peter Phillips of Warrington; he is generally regarded as the denomination’s founding father. By trade he was a chairmaker, but as an unpaid minister and preacher he travelled a wide area of the country and was instrumental in the affiliation of many churches to the Connexion during a period of over 50 years.
Buss realised that the "free touch of an original work was entirely wanting", and that the printed images lifted from his plates seemed lifeless and uninspired. But, he concluded, "Time was up", and the unsatisfactory illustrations for part 3 had to be issued.R. W. Buss, 'My connexion with The Pickwick papers' (2 March 1872), in W. Dexter and J. W. T. Ley, The origin of 'Pickwick' (1936) The publishers summarily dismissed him, which worried Buss throughout the rest of his life. The commission went instead to Hablot Knight Browne, but Buss never held his dismissal against Dickens.
While the Big Sunday School on Roe Street, financed by public subscription was completed in April 1814, the Methodists could not agree with Whitaker's insistence that it should be non- denominational, and withdrew to build their own denominational school on Mill Street in 1819. The Primitive Methodists established themselves in Macclesfield in 1819, and had their own well-attended Sunday School classes and built their own building in 1835 on Beech Lane. Lord Street Sunday School, started in 1820-1 by the Methodist New Connexion, met in the vestry of Parsonage Street Chapel. They erected a building of their own in 1869.
The tracks were covered with cast iron roofing, some of which remain today. Today this through station has eight tracks (one of which is a passing loop for goods trains) and seven platforms with lengths between 348 and 421 metres. In the 1970s the Bahnhofs-Center appeared immediately next to the station building at the point where Gebhardtstrasse enters the station square. The underpass beneath the tracks was extended as far as Karolinenstrasse during the building of the U-Bahn and offers a direct connexion from the south of Fürth to the city centre using the railway and U-Bahn.
Although denominations and movements such as Strict Baptists, General Baptists, Presbyterians, Quakers, Methodists and the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion were particularly successful in East Sussex, many congregations and chapels were also founded in the west of the county, which was also a stronghold of Roman Catholicism. In particular, the town of Worthing, near Angmering, had several Nonconformist places of worship by the mid-19th century. George Robert Paul, a Worthing resident and the son of Sir John Dean Paul, 1st Baronet, founded a church with the name Church of Christ at the south end of Angmering village in 1846.
Finstergrün Castle belongs to the Evangelical Youth of Austria In connexion with Jugendburgen one frequently comes across the names Gustav Wyneken, Robert Oelbermann and Karl Oelbermann. In 1910, the progressive educationalist, Gustav Wyneken, was the chairman of the Bund für freie Schulgemeinden and publisher of its magazine. He also tried to found a new school or "Jugendburg" to serve his progressive educational project based on the concept of upbringing as the "Formation of People in the Sense of a Worldview" (Formung des Menschen im Sinne einer Weltanschauung). For Wyneken it was about a redefinition of the relationships between teacher and pupil.
In 1907, a union of smaller groups with the Methodist New Connexion and Bible Christian Church brought about the United Methodist Church (Great Britain), then the three major streams of British Methodism united in 1932 to form the current Methodist Church of Great Britain. The fourth-largest denomination in the country, the Methodist Church of Great Britain has about 202,000 members in 4,650 congregations. Wesley's Chapel in London was established by John Wesley, whose statue stands in the courtyard. Early Methodism was particularly prominent in Devon and Cornwall, which were key centers of activity by the Bible Christian faction of Methodists.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge."But at Medina he seems to have cast off all shame; and the incidents connected with his marital relations, more especially the story of his marriage with Zainab the wife of his adopted son Zaid, and his connexion with Mary the Coptic slave-girl, are sufficient proof of his unbridled licentiousness and of his daring impiety in venturing to ascribe to GOD Most High the verses which he composed to sanction such conduct." Tisdall, W. S. C. (1895). The Religion of the Crescent, or Islâm: Its Strength, Its Weakness, Its Origin, Its Influence.
Beyond Malton, there is a postulated stretch of Roman road leading towards York, which it is possible may be an extension of the causeway. Evidence for it is very slim: it is mentioned by Drake in 1736, but Codrington could find no trace of it in 1903, and writes that there is "some uncertainty as to the connexion". Archaeologists Philip Corder and John Kirk reported a possible section of Roman road at Brandrith Farm () in 1928, but it is unknown whether this relates to the same structure as Drake observed, or has any association with the Wheeldale structure.
Kore has released a number of underground mixtapes cooperating with Eloquence, Costello and the Scred Connexion. He has produced for K-Reen, Rohff and Booba and took part in a number of Raï'n'B Fever releases, some prominently baptized by his name like in 2006, in 2008. He worked with brother DJ Bellek launching him the project A.W.A. (acronym for Arab With Attitude) producing and co-producing for artists like Lacrim, Nessbeal, Sadek, S.Pri Noir. He has prominently worked with Skalp (born Pascal Boniani Koeu, also known as Skalpovitch in the producing duo Kore & Skalp from 2001 to 2006.
The Senior Wrangler that year was Thomas John I'Anson Bromwich and Whittaker tied John Hilton Grace for second, all three along with three other participants, including Bertram Hopkinson, went on to be elected Fellows of the Royal Society. He also received the Tyson Medal for Mathematics and Astronomy in 1895. In 1896, Whittaker was elected as a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and remained at Cambridge as a teacher until 1906. In 1897, Whittaker was awarded the Smith Prize for his work on the paper On the connexion of algebraic functions with automorphic functions, published in 1888.
Eastbound trips of routes 11, 82, 97, and 173 travel on Woodridge Crescent eastbound, then on Bayshore Drive southbound, and then their regular route from Richmond Road onward. A second platform allows rapid route 61 to pass through the station via a new transitway segment between Pinecrest station and Bayshore station, which was built in 2009. All Kanata and Stittsville Connexion routes serve this stop at the station. Due to service reorganization in the Crystal Beach area with the elimination of old express route 59, select route 61 trips start at Bayshore Station as an extension of local route 152.
Australian Women Biographical Entry In 1913 Tilly Aston did teaching training and become head of the Victorian Education Department's School for the Blind, the first blind woman to do so. Her appointment was not without criticism from staff and officials of the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind because of her disability and she was required to "sever her connexion with the blind societies she had helped to found". She proved a competent educator and administrator, but her school years were not happy ones. She retired in 1925, after suffering a slight stroke, and received a small allowance in lieu of superannuation.
In Constantinople, under the third abbot, hegumen , when the hostility of Patriarch and Emperor had somewhat subsided, Studius, a former consul, founded the famous Studium monastery in c. 460. Marcellus provided the first monks for the Studium in 463. The Studium was put in the hands of the Acoemetae and became their chief house, so that they were sometimes called Studites. At Agaunum (St Maurice in the Valais) a monastery was founded by the Burgundian king Sigismund, in 515, in which the perpetual office was kept up; but it is doubtful whether this had any connexion with the Eastern Acoemetae.
Living in North London, he worked energetically for the temperance cause with pen and speech. He was made an hon. M.A. of Bates College, Maine, U.S.A., in 1869 and afterwards D.D. On his father's death in 1876 he took over the pastorate of New Church Street Chapel, where he had assisted, but resigned it in 1881, to devote himself to temperance work. He represented the Baptist New Connexion at the centennial conference in America in 1880, acted as secretary to the Temperance Hospital opened in 1881, and was president of the Association of General Baptists held at Norwich in the same year.
Bruegel's woodcut depicts a procession led by the Time, on a chariot drawn by horses, followed by Death. On the background, life seems to continue as usual: maypole dancing, romantic couples, villagers. However, it is clear that Time and Death will catch up to all of them eventually. As Birtwistle explained, Bruegel's image is "made up of a (necessarily) linked chain of material object which have no necessary connexion with each other", which relates to his work as a "piece of music as the sum of musical objects, unrelated to each other, apart from one's decision to juxtapose them in time and space".
Waite also gave an adjoining estate of to the government of South Australia for the purpose of founding an agricultural high school: Urrbrae Agricultural High School. Waite was working until a few months before his death from heart failure on 4 April 1922; he was survived by his wife, son and three daughters. One of his daughters, Elizabeth Macmeikan (died 5 April 1931), left the residue of her estate, some £16,000, to the University of Adelaide to be used for the study of sciences relating to the land, either in connexion with the Waite Research Institute or otherwise.
Running alongside the district highway it reached the station of Arnstorf, a massive three-storey building on the northwestern side of the market town. In 1908 the construction of the Aufhausen–Kröhstorf railway was approved, but this stub line could not be opened until 1915, when the market town of Eichendorf finally received a railway connexion. On 30 December 1953 there was a big celebration to mark the line's 50th anniversary. The anniversary special was hauled by locomotive 64 438, decked out in festive decorations, which left Landau at 13:10 and arrived in Arnstorf at 14:31.
United Methodist Free Churches, sometimes called Free Methodists, was an English nonconformist community in the last half of the 19th century. It was formed in 1857 by the amalgamation of the Wesleyan Association (which had in 1836 largely absorbed the Protestant Methodists of 1828) and the Wesleyan Reformers (dating from 1849, when a number of Wesleyan Methodist ministers were expelled on a charge of insubordination). It merged with the Bible Christian Church and the Methodist New Connexion to form the United Methodist Church in 1907. The United Methodist Free Churches had sent missionaries and established congregations in various colonies of Australia.
This arrangement was planned ever since the global rebranding of Veolia Transdev in 2013. In October 2007 Transdev acquired a 50% shareholding in Connexxion.Transdev buys majority stake in Dutch bus firm Reuters 2 July 2007Transdev Acquisition Creates Fourth Largest Public Transport Corporation Group in Europe CNW Group 5 July 2007Annual Report for year ended 31 December 2007 Connexion In February 2013 Transdev's shareholding increased to 86%.State Sells Rest of Connexxion Mergers & Acquisitions February 2013Annual Report for year ended 31 December 2013 Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten Veolia Transport Nederland operated bus, train and ferry services around Netherlands since 1997.
These may have been in the area of Parma and given around 936–45, when Hugh was distributing public lands there to counter the rise of the Anscarids. Acting as a Frank and in accordance with the Salic law, Milo named as heirs to his lands his brother Manfred and nephew Egelric. He provided an annuity for the convent of San Zaccaria in Venice from the revenues of Ronco all'Adige, and specified that if Manfred and Egelric failed to produce heirs then all his lands should devolve to the convent. This generosity with a Venetian house suggests an otherwise unknown connexion.
There are many owners of land who > are only able with the utmost difficulty to maintain existing payments in > connexion with their property. If these are called upon to pay heavy > additional taxation it is inevitable that in many cases they will be > compelled to resort to a reduction of the labour bill on their estates—a > form of economy which in almost all cases they have in the past made > sacrifices to avoid.The Times (14 June 1909), p. 7. In reaction to the formation of this League there was formed a Budget League-- chaired by Winston Churchill--to promote the "People's Budget".
Joscelyn Godwin, "Schwaller de Lubicz: les Veilleurs et la connexion Nazie", in Politica Hermetica, number 5, pages 101-108 (Éditions L'Âge d'Homme, 1991).Joscelyn Godwin, Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism, and Nazi Survival, pages 54-55 (Adventures Unlimited Press, 1996). . For Hess being a member of Les Veilleurs, Godwin cited Pierre Mariel, L'Europe païenne du XXe siècle, magie noire en Angleterre, tziganes, gitans et romanichels, l'Allemagne païenne (Paris, Genève: la Palatine, 1964). Les Veilleurs delivered its manifesto in December 1919, its politics conveyed through a series of letters called "Appeals" and signed by its members.
In 1862 the Birkenstädt Brewery was founded in present-day Müritzstraße by the town harbour; the brewery closed again in 1920. In 1869 the grammar school (Gymnasium) opened, initially as a progymnasium, (today it is the Richard Wossidlo Grammar School). In 1848/49 the country road (Chaussee) from Malchow via Waren to Neubrandenburg was built and, with its connexion to the Waren–Malchin railway in 1879, Waren developed into a transport hub. In 1885 the Mecklenburg Southern Railway from Parchim via Waren to Neubrandenburg was opened and, in 1886, the Lloyd Railway from Neustrelitz via Waren to Rostock followed suit.
For several years O'Shea taught at coal mines of Derbyshire and the neighbourhood of Sheffield. He summarised the results of this experience in the book Elementary Chemistry for Coal Mining Students published in 1911, which was specially intended for students who had little or no preliminary knowledge of chemistry. O'Shea's most important contributions to pure chemistry are scientific articles on the "Constitution of Bleaching Powder "and " Preparation of Pure Iron". He also made a number of contributions on the applications of chemistry to mining problems, especially in connexion with explosions in coal mines, mining explosives, the by-products of coking, coal-washing, etc.
In 1785 John Marrant (1755–1791), an African American from New York and the South who settled in London after the American Revolutionary War, became ordained as a minister with the Connexion. He was supported in travel to Nova Scotia as a missionary to minister to the Black Loyalists who had been resettled there by the Crown. Many of the members of the congregation which he organized in Birchtown, Nova Scotia later chose to emigrate and resettle in Sierra Leone, the new British colony in West Africa. What was called a Province of Freedom was founded in 1792.
The true principle is one of causal connexion. The causal nexus was broken if there intervened, between the culpa of the defendant and the damage, some other cause without which the damage would not have occurred. Where a man wounded another not mortally, who died in consequence of being neglected, he was liable for the wounding but not for the death. But if the original act was wilful it is generally held, though there is no explicit text, that intervening negligence of the injured person was no defence, though there was the same breach of causal nexus.
He founded the Empire Review in 1901 and that connexion remained for the remainder of his life. Cooke assumed the additional surname of Kinloch in 1905, which was also the year that he was initially created a knight bachelor. From that time a career in politics followed. Kinloch-Cooke became a member of the London County Council in 1907. He was elected at the January 1910 general election as a Unionist Member of Parliament (MP) for Devonport, and he held that seat until his defeat at the 1923 general election by the Liberal Party candidate Leslie Hore-Belisha.
Aldridge also edited John Marrant's account of his life, A narrative of the Lord's wonderful dealings with J. Marrant, a black. The circumstances were that Marrant was ordained in the Huntingdon Connexion in 1785, and related his experiences to Aldridge. More content was added later, in the 4th edition, and Elrod assumes that its source is the ordination sermon given by Marrant to the Countess of Huntingdon. The work is an Indian captivity narrative, and it has been suggested that Aldridge's role accounts for the lack of discussion in the work of the issue of race, given that Marrant was an African American.
Wesley himself journeyed around the country, preaching, evangelizing and establishing local worshipping communities, often under lay leadership. Soon these local communities of worshipping Christians formalised their relationships with neighbouring Methodist communities to create Circuits, and the Circuits and Churches contained within them, were from the very beginning 'connected' (hence the peculiarly Methodist concept of the 'Connexion') to the centre and Methodism's governing body, the annual Conference. A Circuit is a group of Local Churches under the care of one or more ministers. The Circuit is the main functional unit of Methodism, in that a large number of activities are organised at this level.
In 1859, Warre was elected a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. In 1860 he returned to Eton as an assistant master, and in 1884 became Head Master, a position which he retained until 1905. He took much interest in sport at Eton, and the high standard of rowing which the Eton eights attained was due in a large measure to his coaching. His 45 years' connexion with Eton thoroughly identified him with its traditions and ideals, and, without being remarkable either as a scholar or as a teacher, he wielded a personal influence which has seldom been surpassed.
Several bus companies, including the state-owned Perum DAMRI and private company Primajasa, provide services to various destinations from the airport. Jabodetabek Airport Connexion which consist of Perum DAMRI, Perum PPD, Big Bird dan Sinar Jaya Megah Langgeng serve routes from the airport to certain malls and hotels in Greater Jakarta. The buses operate from 06.00 to 23.00 with routes: Travel time to and from the center of Jakarta (at the Gambir Station) takes around 70 minutes, depending on traffic. Buses to the airport leave from the various terminals in central Jakarta (Gambir) and surrounding areas.
Due to her devotion to the job she suffered a breakdown after 18 months and was compelled to resign. However she still sought to aid the sick and the poor, known throughout the town of Douglas in her efforts to relieve distress and hardship. In her later years Nelly Brennan achieved her ambition to have a house built for herself, and making a will leaving the house to a young woman whom she had reared as her own and following her death to the Wesleyan Connexion. She became actively involved in the Douglas Dorcas Society, some of the early meetings of which took place at her home in Wesley Terrace.
While it is but natural that the study of documents should be chiefly done in the Vatican archives, most investigators also carry on work in the important collection of printed books known as the Vatican Library. In October, 1892, there was opened in connexion with the archives and the Library a consultation library, the "Bibliotheca Leoniana", in order to facilitate research, historical and Biblical. Governments, academies, libraries, archives, and corporations contributed to it, and it has already reached very large proportions. The archives themselves are so organized that nearly every student of history may discover there something of special importance in his own province.
The construction of a new mill, between 1787 and 1791, was financed by Frederick William II, because the mill had become famous far beyond the city of Potsdam as the result of a legend. The task was given to the master builder, Cornelius Wilhelm van der Bosch, who erected a bigger smock mill based on the Dutch prototype in place of the post mill. Following the accession of Frederick William IV in 1840, the landscape architect, Peter Joseph Lenné, smartened up the area around the mill. In connexion with this, a triumphal way was planned by the king, in honour of Frederick the Great, but it was only partially realised.
He was ordained at Hamilton in 1864, and served the church at Waterford, Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto, Niagara, and Hamilton a second time. He was originally connected with the New Connexion Methodist body, but joined the Wesleyan Conference in 1867, and was an ardent advocate of union. In 1874 he became editor of the Canadian Methodist Magazine and Sunday School periodicals, retaining that role until 1906. The Methodist Magazine which Withrow edited for many years Withrow was the author of The catacombs of Rome and their testimony relative to primitive Christianity (1874), History of the Dominion of Canada and Our Own Country: Picturesque and Descriptive.
Also in 2012, the Church of England announced that Durham had been chosen as the partner university for the Common Award for ministerial training. This scheme provides for a common suite of awards, validated by Durham, for all ordinands in the Church of England and its partner churches from September 2014. The Methodist Connexion decided in 2012 that our would be centralising ministerial training in two centres, meaning the withdrawal of ministerial trainees from the Wesley Study Centre, with the last ministerial candidates graduating in 2014. It was announced in 2014 that the centre would be remaining open as a research and postgraduate education centre.
The harmonium was restored funded by the Ireland Funds France.France Projects Supported Ireland Funds. The Irish Chaplaincy works closely with the other church in Paris which holds english language services, St. Josephs Church run by the Passionists (currently served by two Irish born priests).Oh come, all ye faithful - The Irish Chaplaincy in Paris is one of two in the capital that hold regular Mass in English The Connexion - French News and Views The only part of the older College des Lombards remaining, is the Chapel, which since 1927 used by the Saint-Éphrem-le-Syriac Church,La chapelle du collège des Irlandais L’église Saint - Ephrem le Syriaque www.
The castle was built in the mid-14th century as New Falkenstein (Burg Neu-Falkenstein) by the lords of Bolanden-Falkenstein, whose family home was on the Donnersberg hill at Falkenstein Castle in the Palatinate, and immediately next to Nüring Castle, which probably dated to the 11th century. It was first mentioned in 1364 in connexion with the imperial war against Philip VI of Falkenstein. The castle changed owners in quick hereditary succession from the end of the 14th century. The counts of Sponheim were followed by Philip of Nassau (1385) and the lords of Hattstein as well as the lords of Kronberg, who were initially vassals (Lehnsmannen) and then owners.
As a youth, he appeared in the provinces, in minor parts; and at Bath in 1768 he formed a connexion with a Mrs Walmsley, a milliner, who bore him a son, but whom he afterwards deserted. His first London appearance was at the Haymarket in 1776 as Flaw in Samuel Foote's The Cozeners, but when George Colman took over the theatre he was given better parts and became its leading actor. In 1779 he was at Covent Garden, and played there or at the Haymarket until his death. Ascribed to him are The Last Legacy of John Edwin, 1780; Edwin's Jests and Edwin's Pills to Purge Melancholy.
The Standard or Central Tibetan endonym Bod "Tibet" () is pronounced , transliterated Bhö or Phö. Rolf Stein (1922) explains, > The name Tibetans give their country, Bod (now pronounced Pö in the Central > dialect, as we have seen), was closely rendered and preserved by their > Indian neighbours to the south, as Bhoṭa, Bhauṭa or Bauṭa. It has even been > suggested that this name is to be found in Ptolemy and the Periplus Maris > Erythraei, a first-century Greek narrative, where the river Bautisos and a > people called the Bautai are mentioned in connexion with a region of Central > Asia. But we have no knowledge of the existence of Tibetans at that time.
He entered local politics on graduation, whilst gaining a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Huddersfield Holly Bank College of Education (now part of the University of Huddersfield).Debrett's People of Today, 2011 He spent a total of six years going to evening classes and day-release classes to get the qualifications needed to go to university.David Blunkett, 'On A Clear Day' He worked as a clerk typist between 1967 and 1969 and as a lecturer in industrial relations and politics between 1973 and 1981. By 1970 Blunkett was a Methodist local preacher based at Southey church in the Sheffield (North) circuit of the Methodist Connexion.
With Beaumont, he wrote Philaster, which became a hit for the King's Men and began a profitable connexion between Fletcher and that company. Philaster appears also to have initiated a vogue for tragicomedy; Fletcher's influence has been credited with inspiring some features of Shakespeare's late romances (Kirsch, 288–90) and his influence on the tragicomic work of other playwrights is even more marked. By the middle of the 1610s, Fletcher's plays had achieved a popularity that rivalled Shakespeare's and cemented the pre-eminence of the King's Men in Jacobean London. After Beaumont's retirement and early death in 1616, Fletcher continued working, singly and in collaboration, until his death in 1625.
The solidarity tax on wealth ( or ISF) was an annual direct wealth tax on those in France having assets in excess of €1,300,000 (since 2011).French wealth tax explained in full in The Connexion It was one of the Socialist Party's 1981 electoral program's measures, 110 Propositions for France. First named IGF (Impôt sur les Grandes Fortunes), it was abolished in 1986 by Jacques Chirac's right-wing government, but re-established in 1988 as ISF in slightly different terms after François Mitterrand's re-election. In September 2017, the French government decided to abolish ISF and replace it with the tax on real estate (IFI), from 2018.
Uhlhorn, D. Basilid. Syst. 65 f. The supreme power and source of being above all principalities and powers and angels (such is evidently the reference of Epiphanius's αὐτῶν: Irenaeus substitutes "heavens," which in this connexion comes to much the same thing) is Abrasax, the Greek letters of whose name added together as numerals make up 365, the number of the heavens; whence, they apparently said, the year has 365 days, and the human body 365 members. This supreme Power they called "the Cause" and "the First Archetype," while they treated as a last or weakest product this present world as the work of the last Archon.Epiph.
There is no evidence that the sect extended itself beyond Egypt; but there it survived for a long time. Epiphanius (about 375) mentions the Prosopite, Athribite, Saite, and "Alexandriopolite" (read Andropolite) nomes or cantons, and also Alexandria itself, as the places in which it still throve in his time, and which he accordingly inferred to have been visited by Basilides.Epiphanius, Panarion 68 C. All these places lie on the western side of the Delta, between Memphis and the sea. Nearer the end of the 4th century, Jerome often refers to Basilides in connexion with the hybrid Priscillianism of Spain, and the mystic names in which its votaries delighted.
Barker was appointed successively to the Hanley circuit 1829–30, and to the Halifax circuit 1830–1. At Halifax, contrary to the rule for preachers of his standing, he married a Miss Salt, of Betley, in Staffordshire, and was sentenced by the next conference to lose a year of his probation. He went on to Blyth, in the Newcastle-on-Tyne circuit, 1831–2, a disciplinary migration; and to the Sunderland circuit for six months, 1832–3, with residence at Durham. Popular if accused of heretical views, he was in 1833 admitted into 'full connexion,' and appointed, by an innovation, the third married preacher at Sheffield, 1833–5.
Bad Berleburg railway station The Rothaar Railway () is a 48 km long German branch line running from Kreuztal on the Ruhr–Sieg line to Bad Berleburg via Erndtebrück () with a through connexion to Siegen. The line was opened to Hilchenbach in 1884 and extended to Erndtebrück and Marburg in 1888/89. The single-tracked line runs between Kreuztal and Hilchenbach along the southern slopes of the Ferndorf valley and winds tightly in order to gain height through the Rothaargebirge mountains using two switchbacks between Hilchenbach and Erndtebrück. The tunnelling under the ruins of Ginsburg castle by the Schloßberg Tunnel, near the long-distance walking trail of the Rothaarsteig, is particularly picturesque.
William Conybeare drew this cartoon of Buckland poking his head into a prehistoric hyaena den in 1822 to celebrate Buckland's ground breaking analysis of the fossils found in Kirkdale Cave. In 1818, Buckland was elected a fellow of the Royal Society. That year he persuaded the Prince Regent to endow an additional Readership, this time in Geology and he became the first holder of the new appointment, delivering his inaugural address on 15 May 1819. This was published in 1820 as Vindiciæ Geologiæ; or the Connexion of Geology with Religion explained, both justifying the new science of geology and reconciling geological evidence with the biblical accounts of creation and Noah's Flood.
" W. H. Allen, minister from 1871-5, addressed the people of Burnley people on the questions of wages and industrial relations. At a meeting in the church in 1891, the Baptist Movement achieved the creation of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland, by means of an agreement between the General Baptists and the Particular Baptists. The event has been described by Dr Underwood, historian of the Baptist Movement in England, as follows: "In 1891, the Association of the New Connexion met at Burnley ... and it was resolved by an overwhelming majority to accept the invitation offered. No confession of faith was asked for or given by either party.
Sylvain Richard (born 17 February 1979), better known by his stage name 20syl (pronounced "vain-seel", ), is a French rapper, disc jockey and producer. He is a composer and MC in the group Hocus Pocus, member of beatmaker collective of DJs C2C, one half of the Hip Hop/Electronic duo AllttA and quadruple world champion DMC Team. He published his first EP, Motifs, in 2014, followed by Motifs II in 2015. During his career, he also produced for artists and groups such as Diam's, Disiz, Kohndo, Slum Village, Fabe, Scred Connexion, Nakk, Sully Sefil, and is involved in projects such as Just Us vol.
Because of the fertility of the börden another connexion has been made to the word bören, whose primary meaning was "yield" or "output", thus a börde would be a "land that produced a rich yield". Semasiological comparisons are made in this regard to the word tragen ("to carry", "to bear"): the related words Ertrag ("yield") and Getreide ("grain") stem from the Middle High German getregede ("that which is borne"). In the heraldic motto of the House of Alsleben is the term Vorborde, which is translated today as "for the ancestral land". See also: Beauce and the terms Gau and Gäu as part of the name of various landscapes or administrative districts.
It was released as a limited collector's item in cartridge form, complete with a box and manual published by the association Retro-Gaming Connexion (RGC) in 2013. The game engine was rewritten especially for the Atari Jaguar to make use of the console's several processors: the GPU and blitter perform polygon rendering; the GPU performs on-the-fly data decompression; the DSP plays stereo music and sound effects; and the 68000 CPU performs JIT compilation and execution of the scripts. The Jaguar version is playable in the original graphics 16-color mode and Deluxe 15th Anniversary graphics 256-color mode. It can be played in normal and speed-run modes.
A passenger train arriving at the terminal station of the Schnaittach Valley Railway The stub line was opened on 5 December 1895, after connexion of Schnaittach to the railway line from Nuremberg to Bayreuth was dropped in favour a route through the Pegnitz Valley. An extension to the village of Betzenstein 12 km away was never established due to disagreements over the course of the line and the outbreak of the First World War. Train crossings took place in the former station of Schnaittach Markt. Since 27 September 1987 the line has been integrated into the Greater Nuremberg Transport Network (VGN) and has been given a line number of R31.
The project of forming such a society was first broached in connexion with the bicentennial celebration of the battle of Lützen on November 6, 1632. A proposal to collect funds for a larger monument to Gustavus Adolphus having been agreed to. The existing memorial, a simple stone at a crossing where the King had died, was rather popular with the locals (and some newspapers), which didn't want to have it replaced by a more pompous statue. It was then suggested by Superintendent Grossmann that the best memorial to the great champion of Protestantism would be the formation of a union for propagating his ideas.
From 1881 to 1885 and again from 1889 to 1898 he represented Cantal in the Chamber of Deputies, and in 1900 he became a senator. Charmes is, however, best known for his connexion with the Revue des Deux Mondes. In 1893 he began his famous political writings in the Revue, and in 1907 became its editor. He takes a high place among the journalists of the Third Republic, and his articles and studies, both literary and political, in the Journal des Débats and Revue des Deux Mondes were one of the features of French literary history during the last years of the 19th century.
His work in connexion with citizen defence was important, but his introduction of the non-forfeiture principle into life assurance policies was much more so. He had adapted the idea from somewhat similar principles that had been made law in the state of Massachusetts, United States of America, in 1861. Templeton, however, in 1869 introduced a clause in the policies of the newly formed National Mutual Life Association which provided that overdue premiums would automatically be advanced against the surrender value until the surrender value was exhausted. The principle was adopted by other companies, and has proved of the greatest benefit to an immense number of people.
Threlfall now became a consulting engineer and established a high reputation as an electro-chemist, combining chemical insight with the aptitude of an engineer. He joined the firm of Albright and Wilson, large producers of phosphorus, at Oldbury, and continued his connection until the time of his death. His experience in this direction was to prove of the greatest service to his country during the 1914–18 war, particularly in connexion with smoke screens and tracer bullets. In 1915 he was on the Board of Invention and Research, in 1916 he joined the advisory council for scientific and industrial research and also the munitions inventions board.
Pata actually asked Yoshiki to join Judy, as at the time X Japan was going through member changes, but he declined. According to Yoko of United, Pata was a roadie for brief X member Hally and used Hally's guitar when he joined X himself. Pata first played with X Japan (then named X) in 1987 as a session musician, on the songs "Stab Me in the Back" and "No Connexion" for the sampler Skull Thrash Zone Volume I. After supporting them at a couple live shows, he officially joined the band later that year. They released their first album Vanishing Vision in 1988 and toured extensively in support of the record.
Some of them made careers in the management and administration for their masters and rose in social standing, leaving their former unfree status behind them. An old fief of the Dahns was mentioned in 1285, which the family was granted by the Bishopric of Speyer in Hinterweidenthal, near the town of Dahn and which came from the imperial abbey of Hornbach. It is therefore quite possible that the southwest Palatine or Wasgau Dahns originally came from the retinue of the abbey at Hornbach. This connexion may be the reason that the Dahns were initially employed as imperial ministeriales and then increasingly as ministeriales to the bishop.
In 1997 he participates in the workshop Daro Daro in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and in 2003 in the group show Cameroon Connexion, curated by Yann Quennec in the gallery Pravda in Paris. Koko Komégné promotes art and artists in Cameroon: he participates to over 500 radio programmes, 100 TV programmes and 500 interviews on newspapers and magazines. In 1979 he creates the first association of artists of Cameroon Cercle Maduta ("meduta" means "images" in the Douala language) with the artists Viking Kanganyam, Jean-Guy Atakoua and Samuel Abélé. Cercle Maduta closes in 1983 when Koko Komégné founds with other artists the CAPLIT – Cercle des Artistes Plasticiens du Littoral.
Trefecca College, 191? Thomas Charles, a Welsh Calvinistic Methodist had tried to arrange for taking over the Trevecca College buildings when the trustees of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion removed their seminary to Cheshunt in 1792; but the Bala revival broke out just at the time, and, when things grew quieter, other matters pressed for attention. A college had been mooted in 1816, but the intended tutor died suddenly, and the matter was for the time dropped. Candidates for the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Connexional ministry were compelled to shift for themselves until 1837, when Lewis Edwards (1809-1887) and David Charles (1812-1878) opened a school for young men at Bala.
Failing to rally them to the good cause he determined anyhow to organize the great cultivated middle class into a political party. Hence the "June Union," whose programme was progress and reform in the spirit of the constitution, and at the same time opposition to the one-sided democratism and party-tyranny of the Bondevenner or peasant party. The "Union" exercised an essential influence on the elections of 1852, and was, in fact, the beginning of the national Liberal party, which found its natural leader in Hall. During the years 1852-1854 the burning question of the day was the connexion between the various parts of the monarchy.
By no means…there is > a necessary connexion to be taken into consideration. Angela Coventry writes that, for Hume, "there is nothing in any particular instance of cause and effect involving external objects which suggests the idea of power or necessary connection" and "we are ignorant of the powers that operate between objects". However, while denying the possibility of knowing the powers between objects, Hume accepted the causal principle, writing: "I never asserted so absurd a proposition as that something could arise without a cause." It has been argued that, while Hume did not think that causation is reducible to pure regularity, he was not a fully fledged realist either.
Severus nowhere clearly points to the class of readers for whom his book is designed. He disclaims the intention of making his work a substitute for the actual narrative contained in the Bible. "Worldly historians" had been used by him, he says, to make clear the dates and the connexion of events and for supplementing the sacred sources, and with the intent at once to instruct the unlearned and to "convince" the learned. Probably the "unlearned" are the mass of Christians and the learned are the cultivated Christians and pagans alike, to whom the rude language of the sacred texts, whether in Greek or Latin, would be distasteful.
The German section, EUROPARC Deutschland, of this umbrella organisation has also organised the merger of many large conservation areas in Germany.EUROPARC Deutschland: Verbandsphilosophie, accessed on 31 March 2008 In 2005 the national park was included in the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas. Currently the national park employs 188 staff, of which 59 work in the national park head office in Wernigerode or its outpost in Sankt Andreasberg OT Oderhaus. The 40 employees of the national park warden service, who are also known as rangers, conduct guided tours and look after tasks in connexion with environmental training, include the maintenance of information posts and national park buildings.
Following the opening of the Landau–Arnstorf railway in 1903, Eichendorf, which was still without a railway connexion, pressed for the construction of a stub line to Plattling. This was turned down, however, by the Royal Bavarian State Railways on the grounds that it would be uneconomic. As a result, Eichendorf, then a market town of 1,300 inhabitants, endeavoured to have a railway line to Aufhausen. The Minister of Transport in Munich not only supported this application, but went further and pushed through an extension of this planned line to Kröhstorf, in order to open up most of the valley of the River Vils.
The only part remaining is Haus Gadenstedt at Oberpfarrkirchhof 12 which dates to the year 1582. At the time of the first settlelement there was still ancient forest, typical of the Harz, on the heights of the Klint, which had first to be cleared, hence the suffix -rode in the town name which means "clearing". The town was first mentioned in the records in 1121 in connexion with Count Adalbert of Haimar who had moved here from the region near Hildesheim and henceforth was titled the Count of Wernigerode. On 17 April 1229 the settlement was granted town rights along the lines of that for Goslar.
Lett was an opinionated man of high principles and morality, unafraid to speak his mind forcefully and directly. He frequently opposed slavery in his verse and prose.Lett, W.P. Open letter to the Editor Opposing Slavery, Ottawa Citizen, 29 January 1861 He was concerned that any revival of the movement to annexe Canada to the United States would reintroduce slavery into Canada, the destination to freedom for slaves using the Underground Railroad until abolition in 1865. In his Address to Brother Jonathan published in 1889,Lett, W. P. Annexation and British Connexion, Address to Brother Jonathan, Ottawa, Mason and Jones Printers, 48&50 Queen Street, 1889, 20pp.
It was the construction of these larger mills which prompted the great "second generation" improvements to navigation which were coordinated by the Rivanna Navigation Company. Union Mills alone featured a canal and towpath, one upper and two massive lower locks, all directly upon the river. Where the Rivanna meets the James River at Columbia so too did the Rivanna Connexion canal merge with the James River and Kanawha Canal, itself an altogether impressive work intended to connect Richmond with the Ohio River and the West. The series of locks which connected the two works lie just outside the town, and are mostly buried by sediment today.
The Heritage of the Printed Book Database, formerly the Hand Press Book Database, contained almost 5 million entries for books printed during the hand press era, from the introduction of printing technology to Europe around 1450 to the mid-19th century, with descriptions facilitating comparison of variant versions. At that time 41 institutions had contributed entries, which are primarily based on examination of the item rather than on retroconversion of earlier bibliographic entries. The database is continuously updated, primarily by member institutions. The HPB database was hosted by the US-based OCLC from September 2007 until 2013, and uses OCLC's FirstSearch and Connexion software.
The construction of the hut goes back to a proposal by the Munich alpinist, Ferdinand Kilger, in 1890. This was taken up in 1895 by the Coburg branch of the German Alpine Club, a branch which had been founded in 1879. In 1901 the first hut was finished and, in the years that followed, it was given a water connexion (the "drinking quality water" was drawn from the Grünsteinsee, a lake which has now dried out), an electrical generator and, in 1908, a telephone line. After the First World War the building was extended for the first time and, in 1962, the material ropeway was built.
In those parts of the governmental Department of Magdeburg which belonged originally to the former Archdiocese of Magdeburg and the Diocese of Halberstadt all Catholic life was not entirely destroyed during the Reformation. Besides fourteen monasteries that continued in existence, there were in Halberstadt a number of benefices in connexion with the cathedral and the collegiate Church of Sts. Peter and Paul. As the entire native population had become Protestant these monasteries were only maintained by the immigration of Catholics who, from the time of the Treaty of Westphalia, though in small numbers, steadily came into the country; thus there arose around the monasteries small Catholic communities.
The Baptist Union of Great Britain, formed in 1812, did not include General Baptists. However, “in order to allow more churches to join, it had reduced its doctrinal basis to the bare minimum in 1832, simply asking for agreement in the sentiments usually denoted as evangelical. This had resulted in a number of churches from the New Connexion joining”.Beynon, Graham (2005) ‘The Rise and Development of the English Baptists’, ‘The Theologian’; After the so-called 'Down Grade Controversy' resulted in the defeat of those Calvinistic theological conservatives like Charles Spurgeon, who were sceptical of the value of modern Biblical criticism, the path was open to greater unity.
Three churches were established in England in his name—one in Penn Street, Bristol, and two in London, in Moorfields and in Tottenham Court Road—all three of which became known by the name of "Whitefield's Tabernacle". The society meeting at the second Kingswood School at Kingswood, a town on the eastern edge of Bristol, was eventually also named Whitefield's Tabernacle. Whitefield acted as chaplain to Selina, Countess of Huntingdon, and some of his followers joined the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, whose chapels were built by Selina, where a form of Calvinistic Methodism similar to Whitefield's was taught. Many of Selina's chapels were built in the English and Welsh counties.
Doña Goto's adoption took place shortly after the death of the last count of Castile, García Sánchez, in 1028, when King Sancho took over the county and imposed his son Fernando, García's nephew, as count. Salvador and his brother Munio were loyal supporters of King Sancho. In 1033, Salvador and his brother confirmed the king's donation to the monastery of San Salvador de Oña, with which the Salvadórez were to maintain a strong connexion. After the king's death in 1035, Salvador decided to serve Fernando as count of Castile and, after 1037, as king of León, rather than García Sánchez III, Sancho's heir in Pamplona.
Elias Smith Elias Smith had heard of the Stone movement by 1804, and the O'Kelly movement by 1808. The three groups merged by 1810. At that time the combined movement had a membership of approximately 20,000. This loose fellowship of churches was called by the names "Christian Connection/Connexion" or "Christian Church."C. Leonard Allen and Richard T. Hughes, Discovering Our Roots: The Ancestry of the Churches of Christ, Abilene Christian University Press, 1988, By 1808, O'Kelly's followers and the Smith/Jones movement were cooperating closely, and Stone's Christians in Kentucky would soon follow suit. Adherents' anti-organizational commitments prevent one from referring to “union” per se, at least before the middle of the century.
He also participated in the design of Connexion by Boeing, Celestri, Discoverer II, and SBIRS-Low. In the early 2000s, Elliott led the design and build-out of the DARPA Quantum Network, which was the world's first quantum cryptography network, operating 10 optical nodes across the Boston region to provide highly secure key distribution non-stop through both telecom fibers and the atmosphere. He then served as the founding Project Director for GENI, the Global Environment for Network Innovations, a national suite of experimental infrastructure created across 60+ university campuses by the National Science Foundation for at-scale research in future internet architectures, services, and security. He is currently BBN's Chief Technology Officer.
He was also responsible for the Hampden Bridge (see picture) over the Kangaroo River. In 1903 de Burgh became acting principal assistant engineer of water supply and sewerage, a year later visited Europe to study dam construction and water supply, and after his return did important work in connexion with the Burrinjuck Dam and Murrumbidgee irrigation scheme. He was appointed chief-engineer for harbours and water supply in 1909, and in 1913 chief-engineer for water supply and sewerage. He designed and supervised the construction of the great reservoirs for the Sydney water supply at Cataract, Cordeaux, Avon, and Nepean, for the Chichester scheme for Newcastle district, and the Umberumberka scheme at Broken Hill.
The America Line was originally the central element of direct links from Magdeburg and, most importantly, Berlin to the North Sea ports. It was given its colloquial name because many emigrants from East and West Prussia, Silesia and the provinces of Posen and Pomerania travelled on the line to Bremerhaven, where there was a connexion to emigration ships sailing to America on the Columbus Quay (Columbuskaje). In the opposite direction, many goods trains laden with fresh fish ran from Bremerhaven to the capital of the German Reich. Because Kaiser Wilhelm II occasionally travelled on this route from Berlin to the naval bases on the North Sea, it is sometimes also called the Emperor Line (Kaiserlinie).
Cattell first wrote, "I find it takes about twice as long to read...words which have no connexion as words which make sentences, and letters which have no connexions as letters which make words. When the words make sentences and the letters words, not only do the processes of seeing and naming overlap, but by one mental effort the subject can recognize a whole group of words or letters". G. Reicher and D. Wheeler developed the basic experimental paradigm to study the WSE, referred to as the Reicher-Wheeler paradigm. In this paradigm, an observer is presented with a word or nonword string that is followed by a mask (brief stimulus to measure effects on behavior) .
As a result, it was decided to create a new route that started in front of Stapelburg on the line from Ilsenburg and rejoined the line to Vienenburg in Saxony-Anhalt. That also meant that the construction work in Lower Saxony could be viewed by the planning authorities as the renovation of an existing line which enabled the installation of level crossings On 12 April 1995 the Ilsenburg–Stapelburg line was closed again and, on 2 June 1996, the new link was taken into service. Stapelburg was given a railway connexion for the third time with a new halt. The line was initially worked by Interregio trains, but they soon disappeared again.
The procedure in a wager of law is traced by Blackstone to the Mosaic law, Ex. xxii. 10; but it seems historically to have been derived from the system of compurgation, introduced into England from Normandy, a system which is now thought to have had an appreciable effect on the development of the English jury. It also has some points of resemblance, perhaps some historical connexion, with the and the decisory oath of Roman law, and the reference to oath of Scots law (see Oath). The use of the oath instead of the real or feigned combat - real in English law, feigned in Roman law - no doubt represents an advance in legal development.
SuA, 17, p. 82 This underscores the fact that resident monarchs in Bodfeld patently did not come here to celebrate an important church festival, whereas they always did in other places such as Quedlinburg, Magdeburg or Goslar. In 1967, Friedrich Stolberg, however, pointed out that this site was related to Saxon hunting lodges like Siptenfelde and its proximity to the Königsstieg ("King's Path") suggests there is a connexion. In all probability there was also a link between this hunting house (Jagdhaus) mentioned in 1483 and 1531 and the village of Erdfeld on the old Halberstadt Military Road, mentioned in 1343 in a deed by the Count of Regenstein and which lay just 1½ kilometres away.
In 1901 he commenced researches into the problems of the upper air, and designed or perfected several instruments for use with kites, as well as a form of the Hargraves box-kite, which proved of great value. In 1905 he was appointed by the Meteorological Office director of experiments in connexion with the investigation of the upper air, and in 1907 designed a meteorograph for use with balloons. He also produced, in conjunction with Dr. Napier Shaw, the microbarograph and a recording mercury barometer, as well as various other instruments. From 1901 to 1902 he was President of the Royal Meteorological Society and in 1905 was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.
Buch was a strategically located town and port on the Atlantic, in the bay of Arcachon. When Pierre, the seigneur of Grailly (ca 1285 – 1356) married Asalide (the captaline de Buch), the heiress of Pierre-Amanieu de Bordeaux, captal de Buch, in 1307, the title passed into the Grailly family, a line of fighting seigneurs with origins in Savoy. The title is best known in connexion with the famous soldier, Jean III de Grailly, captal de Buch (r. 1343–1376), the "captal de Buch" par excellence, immortalized by Jean Froissart as the confidant of the Black Prince and the champion of the English cause against France during the first phase of the Hundred Years' War.
He also distinguished himself in his work performed at the Hôpital Saint-Antoine.François-Amilcar Aran at Who Named It (biography) With Duchenne de Boulogne, the eponymous "Aran-Duchenne spinal muscular atrophy" is named. Aran first described the disease in an article titled Recherches sur une maladie non encore décrit du systéme musculaire (atrophie musculaire progressive) (1850).Aran-Duchenne spinal muscular atrophy Who Named It He was known for his translation of foreign works, he translated James Henry Bennett’s Practical Treatise on Inflammation of the Uterus and Its Appendages and on the Connexion with other Uterine Diseases as Traité pratique de l'inflammation de l'utérus, and Joseph Skoda’s Abhandlung über Perkussion und Auskultation as Traité de percussion et d’auscultation (1854).
In 1849 he became minister at Macclesfield, followed by a year in Derby, another year in Dewsbury, two years in London, two years in Leeds, and three each in Dudley and Bristol. He was sent to Melbourne, Victoria aboard the Blanche Moore to serve as a New Connexion missionary, arriving in August 1862. He visited Adelaide in November 1862, and found he could be more usefully employed there. Within weeks the congregation had swollen to such an extent they had to move from the West Adelaide Assembly Rooms ("Hillier's Rooms") in Hindley Street to White's Rooms on King William Street, then built a manse on Whitmore Square and a new Church on Franklin Street.
In 1871 the town of Jever was linked via Sande (part of the East Frisian Coastal Railway); Brake received a railway connexion in 1873 and Nordenham in 1875. The Grand Duchy of Oldenburg gained an important link to the south in 1876 with the so-called Southern Railway from Oldenburg via Quakenbrück as far as Eversburg on the Osnabrück–Rheine line. In 1897 the route from Jever to the harbour at Harle, opened in 1888 as the Jever–Carolinensiel railway, was finally taken over by the GOE. At the same time boat services to Wangerooge were started and a narrow gauge railway, the Wangerooge Island Railway laid from the jetty to the town.
February 18, 1814 - On 18 Feb. 1814, Bouchette presented before the House of Assembly his project to produce a large-scale map of Lower Canada accompanied by his future book, A topographical description of the province of Lower Canada, with remarks upon Upper Canada, and on the relative connexion of both provinces with the United States of America. March 6, 1814 - The 104th Regiment from New Brunswick stays the night at Long's Farm on March 6, 1814. They were on their historic march where all 500 men of the regiment walked in winter conditions for 375 miles from Fredericton to Quebec City – without losing a single man – and then onward to Kingston, Ontario.
The Mowbray connexion > with Kentdale had come to an end upon the accession of Henry II, who placed > Hugh de Morevill in possession of Westmarieland in return, possibly, for > past services and in pursuance of the policy of planting his favourites in > regions of great strategic importance. Probably the change of paramount lord > had little, if any, effect on the position of William de Lancaster in > Kentdale. In Cumberland further west, William was probably castellan in the castle of Egremont under William fitz Duncan. Such proposals are based on his transaction with his cousin Gospatrick son of Orme, whereby castle service at Egremont was due to William for Workington.. See page 381.
In doing so, Treloar deliberately did not make judgments on the historical value of the records and items submitted to the AWRS as he believed that this task should be left to others.Condé (2007b), p. 455 On 3 June 1919 he was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), for "valuable services rendered in connexion with the war".Letter from Base Records Office, AIF to J.L. Treloar, 15 November 1919, VX39804 Treloar arrived back in Australia on 18 July 1919. The large quantity of artefacts and records which the AWRS had gathered were also returned to Australia in 1919, though work on organising them into an archive was not completed until 1932.
Matthew's gospel makes no reference in this narrative its timing on the evening of Sabbath day: the first mention of the Sabbath day and controversies around Jesus acting on the Sabbath comes in Matthew 12. The Pulpit Commentary suggests that the events did take place on the evening of the Sabbath, the "original connexion [being] preserved, as it seems, in Mark and Luke" and lost in Matthew. When the sabbath was over (), people were free to carry out their sick. Alternatively, "should the day not have been a sabbath, we may presume that the evening was chosen as cooler for the sick to be moved, and as more convenient to those who carried them, the day's work being done".
Having come into an inheritance through the death of his wealthy father, Sir Rowland Hill, he built his own free chapel, Surrey Chapel, in Blackfriars Road, London, which opened in 1783. The chapel's trust deed ensured it would not subscribe formally to the theological standpoint of any particular denomination. Despite Rowland Hill's own Calvinistic Methodist leanings, and a funding contribution towards his chapel from Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon, the chapel was not a formal part of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion. Instead, it operated a relatively open door policy, attracting preachers from a wide range of denominations whilst also providing substantial facilities for non-religious meetings, and was operated by a Congregational form of management.
Conference by formal vote gave him > permission to appeal for and collect funds throughout the Connexion; and at > once, with untiring energy and indomitable courage, he set to work. The > result was that on one of the finest sites in Aldershot there was erected a > magnificent church. Adjoining the church was built a Soldiers' Home, which > at that date, was one of the best to be found in any command. This > magnificent block of buildings--to it a Wesley Hall was later added by the > civilian members of the congregation--is one of the finest in British > Methodism, and stands today as a monument of the work done by Mr Allen > during the years he was stationed at Aldershot.
In 1824, members of Zion Chapel established a daughter church at nearby Turners Hill (present building pictured). West Street Baptist Church (formerly Zion Chapel) is a Baptist church in East Grinstead, a town in the district of Mid Sussex, one of seven local government districts in the English county of West Sussex. Founded in 1810 as a chapel linked to the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, it was the first Nonconformist place of worship in East Grinstead; the town's subsequent development made it a local centre of both Protestant Nonconformity and alternative religions. The red-brick building is still used by a Baptist community, and is protected as a Grade II listed building.
The DAK was to hold Cyrenaica regardless of who held Sollum, Bardia or Tobruk and a new line was to be built further back at Gazala. In a report on 12 May, Paulus wrote that sea communications between Italy and Libya should be reinforced, that any air and anti-aircraft units sent to Libya should be German and that the army in Libya needed ammunition, fuel and food first, then more vehicles before the dispatch of more men, of whom medium artillery and anti-tank gun crews should have priority. The Tobruk garrison settled into a routine of patrols, air raids and minor attacks, some to regain positions in the Medauar salient and some in connexion with WDF operations.
Elias Smith Elias Smith (17 June 1769 – 29 June 1846) was a preacher, physician, journalist and clergyman. Smith, along with the preacher Abner Jones, founded a group of Christian Churches in New England that eventually merged with other like-minded, regional groups to become the denomination known as the Christian Connexion. Smith founded The Herald of Gospel Liberty in 1808, which he claimed (in his autobiography) to be "the world's first religious newspaper". It was not the first in the world, but may have been the first in the U.S. The Herald had two purposes: (1) reporting news of revivals and (2) promoting "religious liberty", by which he meant an end to tax supported churches.
Patrick Scott and James Winraham, who held wadsets (mortgages) over Edrington, resigned "the lands of Edrington", with fishings etc., and "the manor-place" [castle], on 16 June 1661 by sale, recorded in the Great Seal of Scotland, to James, Master of Mordington, "eldest lawful son of William Douglas, 2nd Lord Mordington, and his heirs male, whom failing to William Douglas his next younger brother and his heirs male, whom failing to Francis Douglas his second brother" etc. The Lauder connexion continued as Lords Mordington intermarried with the Douglas of Whittingehame family who had intermarried with the Lauders of The Bass about 1537. George Douglas, 4th Lord Mordington was married to Catherine Lauder (both died 1741).
In October 1808 he preached his trial sermon with the Wesleyan Methodists and was duly appointed a local preacher; but, continuing to associate with the Bournes and to attend camp-meetings, his name was omitted from the preachers' plan in June 1810, and in September his quarterly ticket as a member of the society was withheld from him. After this he made common cause with the Bournes and James Crawfoot. With them he founded the Primitive Methodist Connexion, and became one of the best-known preachers of the new society. He worked mainly in northern England, as well as in London and Cornwall, were most successful in adding members to the church.
Romaine and Foster between them represented an extremely isolated, but strategically important, outpost of the then growing evangelical revival. The Revival was being furthered under the itinerant leadership of John Wesley and George Whitefield, both of whom had built private chapels in the metropolis (the Foundry in 1739 and the Tabernacle in 1756 respectively) - but neither of whom had close allies with a parish, until Romaine and Foster. In addition to serving under Romaine, Foster preached regularly at St Antholin, Budge Row, St Swithin, London Stone, St Peter, Cornhill, Christ Church, Spitalfields, and St Margaret, Lothbury. In 1777, Foster was approached by Thomas Haweis to become the permanent minister of a key chapel in the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion.
The Marriage Act 1880, 1880 No. 21 repealed the Marriage Act 1854, 1854 No. 12, and the amendments of 1858, 1868, 1875, and 1876. The 1880 Act revised the list of religious bodies. The twelve bodies listed were: The Church or the Province of New Zealand, commonly called the Church of England; The Presbyterian Church of New Zealand; The Presbyterian Church of Otago and Southland; The Roman Catholic Church; The Wesleyan Methodist Society; All Congregational Independents; Baptists; The Primitive Methodist Connexion; The United Methodist Free Churches; The Lutheran Church; All Hebrew Congregations; and The Society of Friends. It allowed for marriages that did not comply with the Act to be declared void.
Benito Mussolini had no plans to invade Egypt, intending to remain on the defensive in Libya if war came. After the fall of France in 1940, the 5th Army could send reinforcements east and on 7 August, Mussolini ordered an invasion, to occupy Egypt and establish a land connexion with Italian East Africa. In August a lull fell on the frontier, most of the British armoured units had been withdrawn from the frontier to Mersa Matruh, to conserve their ability to defend the port and the 7th Support Group took over, to establish observation posts from Sollum to Fort Maddalena, ready to delay an Italian offensive; Hussars reconnoitred further into Libya.Playfair, 1954, pp.
Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon (24 August 1707 – 17 June 1791) was an English religious leader who played a prominent part in the religious revival of the 18th century and the Methodist movement in England and Wales. She founded an evangelical branch in England and Sierra Leone, known as the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion. She helped finance and guide early Methodism and was the first principal of Trevecca College, Wales, established in 1768 to train Methodist ministers. With construction of 64 chapels in England and Wales, plus mission work in colonial America, she is estimated to have spent over £100,000 on these activities, a huge sum when a family of four could live on £31 per year.
The British Evangelical Council focussed, in reaction to the 1967 Keele University conference, "to draw in churches predicated on Scriptural ecumenicity." It was opposed to the World Council of Churches.Cleric Details British Religious Trends, March 22, 1974, Bangor Daily News. Groups of churches linked to Affinity include the Apostolic Church, the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (South East), the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (East Anglia), the Evangelical Movement of Wales, the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, the Free Church of Scotland, the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales and Ireland and the Evangelical Connexion of the Free Church of England.
The absolute timing and the connexion with the glacial classification of North Germany and the Netherlands has been problematic. The Biber glacial was fought to correlate either to the Eburonian complex or the Pre-Tiglian complex in the Netherlands. In the former case it would correspond to MIS 56 to 62, which would place it in the period between 1.6 and 1.8 million years ago, in the latter case it would roughly correspond to MIS 96 to 100, and would therefore have taken place about 2.4 to 2.588 million years ago. The correlation was fraught with problems however due to the fact that the corresponding depositions in the Netherlands were probably not governed by climatic changes.
Lewes is an ancient borough and market town on the River Ouse. The adjacent village of Southover, now part of the town, was chosen by William de Warenne, 1st Earl of Surrey in the 11th century as the site for his Cluniac Priory dedicated to St Pancras. The area went on to develop a strong Protestant Nonconformist tradition in the 18th and 19th centuries: denominations such as the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, Unitarianism, Methodism, Quakers, Baptists, Strict Baptists, Presbyterianism and Congregationalism were all represented. The General Baptist Chapel, the first Baptist place of worship in the area, was founded at Southover in 1741, possibly by a group associated with an earlier church (now Unitarian) at nearby Ditchling.
Farel joined Lefèvre at Meaux to help in the training of preachers, before Farel left for Switzerland where he was one of the founders of the Reformed churches. In 1507 he took up his residence in the Benedictine Abbey of St Germain des Prés, near Paris; this was due to his connexion with the family of Briçonnet (one of whom was the superior), especially with Guillaume Briçonnet, cardinal bishop of Saint-Malo, father of Guillaume Briçonnet, the later bishop of Meaux. He now began to give himself to Biblical studies, the first-fruit of which was his Quintuplex Psalterium: Gallicum, Romanum, Hebraicum, Vetus, Conciliatum (1509); the Conciliatum was his own version. This was followed by S. Pauli Epistolae xiv.
Zwiesel station On 9 August 1928 the first test run on the line took place. At the official opening on 3 September 1928 people massed at the stations and halts and the newly opened railway carried about 2,500 passengers to Bodenmais that day. All the reports expressed hopes that the line would soon be extended through the Zeller Valley (Zellertal). The planned extension from Bodenmais through the Zeller Valley to Kötzting did not come to fruition however, because in 1927 the privately run Regentalbahn had opened a railway from Gotteszell to Blaibach just a few kilometres away and, as a result, a connexion between the Forest Railway and the railway network via Cham already existed.
It is one of the first terminals in Europe partially owned by an airline. On 17 May 2004, Lufthansa became the launch customer for the Connexion by Boeing in-flight online connectivity service. In autumn 2003, the implementation of a new sales strategy initiated by then-incumbent Executive Vice President Thierry Antinori to make the company fit for the digital era led to the abolition of commission payments for travel agencies and led to a revolution in the German travel business with many travel agencies disappearing from the market on the one hand, and the rise of new digital distribution platforms on the other hand.Axel Kaune (Hrsg.): Konfliktmanagement im Tourismus - Die Einführung der Nullprovision.
Goodson was born in Clerkenwell, London, England, on March 24, 1808, the youngest child of Henry Goodson Sr. (a shoemaker) and Ann (Goldsmith) Goodson. Goodson and his family were religious non-conformists and were members of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion. By the time Goodson was 10 years of age, he and his family had moved to the Bloomsbury area of London. His father had a shop on Little Russell Street near the present day Charles Dickens Museum. In September 1818, when Goodson was 10 years of age, he began attending St. Paul’s Cathedral School. Goodson's early education in music at St. Paul’s would become a building block for his lifelong musical pursuits.
The Brown Jurassic or Brown Jura ( or Braunjura) in earth history refers to the middle of the three lithostratigraphic units of the South German Jurassic, the latter being understood not as a geographical, but a geological term in the sense of a lithostratigraphic super group. Formerly and even occasionally today in the popular scientific literature, this term is equated to the chronostratigraphic series of the Middle Jurassic. This is however not quite correct, because the Brown Jura does not exactly coincide with the chronostratigraphic boundaries of the Middle Jurassic. In addition, the term Dogger, which was formerly frequently used (and sometimes is today) as a synonym should no longer be used in connexion with the South German Jurassic.
The White Jurassic or White Jura ( or Weißjura) in earth history refers to the upper of the three lithostratigraphic units of the South German Jurassic, the latter being understood not as a geographical, but a geological term in the sense of a lithostratigraphic super group. Formerly and even occasionally today in the popular scientific literature, this term is equated to the chronostratigraphic series of the Upper Jurassic. This is however not quite correct, because the White Jura does not exactly coincide with the chronostratigraphic boundaries of the Upper Jurassic. In addition, the term Malm, which was formerly frequently used as a synonym should no longer be used in connexion with the South German Jurassic.
The Black Jurassic or Black Jura () in earth history refers to the lowest of the three lithostratigraphic units of the South German Jurassic, the latter being understood not as a geographical, but a geological term in the sense of a lithostratigraphic super group. Formerly and even occasionally today in the popular scientific literature, this term is equated to the chronostratigraphic series of the Lower Jurassic. This is however not quite correct, because the Black Jura does not exactly coincide with the chronostratigraphic boundaries of the Lower Jurassic. In addition, the term lias, which was formerly frequently used (and sometimes is today) as a synonym, should no longer be used in connexion with the South German Jurassic.
Disputes over slavery placed the church in difficulty in the first half of the 19th century, with the northern church leaders fearful of a split with the South, and reluctant to take a stand. The Wesleyan Methodist Connexion (later became The Wesleyan Church) and the Free Methodist Churches were formed by staunch abolitionists, and the Free Methodists were especially active in the Underground Railroad, which helped to free the slaves. Finally, in a much larger split, in 1845 at Louisville, the churches of the slaveholding states left the Methodist Episcopal Church and formed The Methodist Episcopal Church, South. The northern and southern branches were reunited in 1939, when slavery was no longer an issue.
It also describes how water always needs somewhere to go and often takes part of the land with it, causing cliffs to fall apart leaving faults and intrusions behind. She saw no contradiction in using fancy to present fact, writing of the natural world: "Can any magic tale be more marvellous, or any thought grander, or more sublime than this?" Buckley married at the age of 44, but continued publishing under her maiden name, although one of the later editions of Eyes and No Eyes gives her married name (Mrs Fisher). She also edited two other publications: Mary Somerville's Connexion of the Physical Sciences (1877) and Heinrich Leutemann's Animals from Life (1887).
Ewald Schuldt realised that the Funnelbeaker and Globular Amphora cultures buried their dead in the main chamber hall (Kammerdiele) or a secondary hall and then filled the graves in. He thus concluded that there were close links between the builders of the megalithic sites, the Funnelbeaker culture and members of the Globular Amphora culture. By contrast, the burials of the Single Grave culture always took place in the upper part of the earth fill (Füllboden) of the grave chamber and access to the site was generally achieved by force from above. This suggested that they were carried out by strangers who no longer had any connexion with the burial concept of the builders of the megalithic sites.
Marabá is located in a low altitude area in the connexion of two rivers - Itacaiúnas and Tocantins - and suffers from annual floods due to the topography and direct influence of four rivers: Itacaiunas, Tocantins, Tauarizinho and Sororó. In addition to the basins related to these rivers, the municipality is inserted in the basins of the rivers Aquiri, Tapirape, Gray, Black, Parauapebas and Red. Of these, the basins of the Tapirapé, Cinzento and Preto rivers are included totally in the area of the municipality. The basin of Itacaiúnas stands out for bathing the whole municipality, in whose mouth is the municipal headquarters of Marabá and covers the largest area, that is, 5,383.4 km².
The privileged position of the Cape native was seen to be an obstacle to the federation of South Africa. The discussion which followed, based partly on the reports that the ministry contemplated disfranchising the natives, led, however, to no immediate results. Another disturbing factor in connexion with native affairs was the revolt of the Hottentots and Hereros in German South West Africa. In 1904 and the following years large numbers of refugees, including some of the most important chiefs, fled into British territory, and charges were made in Germany that sufficient control over these refugees was not exercised by the Cape government. This trouble, however, came to an end in September 1907.
When it was abandoned as the family seat at the end of the 13th century, for several decades, trances of the castellans of Hiltpoltstein disappeared from the records. It is likely, however, that it became a common fief with the nearby Winterstein Castle as the same lead name of Neidung is used in connexion with both castles. For example, in 1305, a Nendunch von Hilpolstein is mentioned; in 1326 a Neydungk von Winterstein. When in 1329, Emperor, Louis the Bavarian, on inheriting from his brother, divided the estate of Wittelsbach in the Treaty of Pavia, Hiltpoltstein went to Count Palatine Rupert and, thus to the Electorate of the Palatinate (until then Nordgau, later Upper Palatinate).
On 5 August, a day after Britain declared war on Germany, the Allies cut the German sea cables between Monrovia and Tenerife, leaving the radio station at Kamina the only connexion between the colony and Germany. The same day the acting-Governor of Togoland, Döring sent a telegram to Robertson proposing neutrality, in accordance with articles X and XI of the Congo Act, which stated that colonies in the Congo Basin were to remain neutral in the event of a conflict in Europe. Döring also appealed for neutrality because of the economic interdependence of the West African colonies and their common interest in dominating local populations. On 6 August, the Cabinet in London refused the offer of neutrality.
1548, but probably the idea suggested itself to others earlier than this. There is evidence that one Antonio Bellotto organized this in connexion with a certain confraternity at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Milan as early as 1527. During the 1520s and ’30s, in the Archdiocese of Milan, Italy, this prayer devotion was extended beyond Holy Week and often added to Pentecost, the feast of the Assumption and at Christmas. Evidence seems to favour the conclusion that a Capuchin Father, Joseph Piantanida da Fermo, was the first to organise the arrangement by which the Forty Hours' Exposition was transferred from church to church in Milan and was there kept up without interruption throughout all the year.
Déjazet was born in Paris in 1798, and made her first appearance on the stage at the age of five. It was not until 1820, when she began her seven years' connexion with the recently founded Gymnase, that she won her triumphs in soubrette and "Breeches roles", which came to be known as "Dejazets." From 1828 she played at the Théatre des Nouveautés for three years, then at the Théâtre des Variétés, and finally she became manager, with her son, of the Folies-Déjazet, later renamed the Théâtre Déjazet. Here, at the age of sixty-five she still had success in youthful parts, especially in a number of Sardou's earlier plays, previously unacted.
Do you approve of the proposed law for the alteration of the Constitution entitled 'Constitution Alteration (Monopolies) 1910'? The proposal was to add section 51a to the Constitution to read as follows: > 51a. When each House of the Parliament, in the same session, has by > Resolution declared that the industry or business of producing manufacturing > or supplying any specified goods, or of supplying any specified services, is > the subject of a monopoly, the Parliament shall have power to make laws for > carrying on the industry or business by or under the control of the > Commonwealth, and acquiring for that purpose on just terms any property used > in connexion with the industry or business.
The police system of London is described in detail in a record of 930–940. Here the free people were grouped in associations of ten, each under the superintendence of a headman. The bishops and reeves who belonged to the "court of London" appear as the directors of the system, and in them we may see the aldermen of the wards of a later time. The use of the word bertha for ward at Canterbury, and the fact that the London wardmoot at a later time was used for the frankpledge system as well as for the organisation of the muster, point to a connexion between the military and the police systems in the towns.
Warmund's activity between 969 and 996 is undocumented, but he was probably occupied in the 980s with the rebuilding of the cathedral of Ivrea. A contemporary inscription on a stone tablet built into the choir records that "Bishop Warmund built this from the ground up". Besides the choir, he also constructed twin bell towers to house the new larger bells. He also performed work on the ambulatory and crypt, and it is probably in connexion with his renovations that he commissioned the scriptorium to produce a sacramentary and other texts for the new altars. From 996 to 998, Warmund was forced from his see by the margrave of Ivrea, Arduin, over land disputes.
At the lower and internal surface corresponding to this part, they are divided into two, by a very distinct furrow. They are thick, long and wide, of a slightly oval form at the posterior part, and truncated obliquely at the anterior part: the lower is longer; the upper adheres at its middle part in the two anterior thirds near the union of this part with the lower; this connexion is indicated at the upper part by a slight ridge. The posterior third of the two branchiae is floating and free, and is continued as far as the entrance of the siphon. The lamellae are fine and very contiguous, undulated, and a little oblique from behind, forwards.
Arago orally communicates the results of some experiments that he has conducted on the influence that metals and many other substances exert on a magnetic needle, which has the effect of rapidly reducing the amplitude of the oscillations without altering significantly their duration. He promises, on this subject, a detailed memoir.) but (after Faraday's explanation of 1832Philosospical magazine 1840) is now known as eddy current. Arago is also fairly entitled to be regarded as having proved the long-suspected connexion between the aurora borealis and the variations of the magnetic elements. In 1827 he was elected an associated member of the Royal Institute of the Netherlands, when that institute became the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1851, he became foreign member.
The name Wootton derives from Old English for "wood farm".Old Hampshire Gazetteer - Wootton According to the Domesday Book, Wootton ("Odetune") was held by one Godric from the King before 1066, but by 1086, most of the estate had been placed under the New Forest.Domesday Map - Wootton A Primitive Methodist chapel was erected in Wootton after a preacher visited the hamlet in 1843 and "converted a number of sinners . . . and formed a society of nine members."John Petty, (1864), The history of the Primitive Methodist connexion, page 445 The chapel building still survives and is a red brick structure with a slate roof on Tiptoe Road.Hampshire Treasures Volume 5 (New Forest), page 265 The two-storey brick building to the west of it was once a shop.
On the morning of August 9, the special committee assigned to review the Presbyterial charges against Lusk was called to give report. In the meanwhile, Lusk observing he had communications to make, "presented two papers to the Moderator," James Milligan, "intimating verbally his purpose of withdrawing from our connexion, and bidding the Moderator farewell, he left the house." As is apparent from what follows, Lusk regarded not only the charges sustained by the Western Presbytery as baseless, he also must have raised some question as to ability to receive a fair trial under that jurisdiction. Immediately before addressing his case, the special committee expressed its "decided disapproval" of the conduct of the Western Presbytery in its handling of another disciplinary matter.
He remained in the East until 1845, collecting materials for a chart of the waters between Sumatra and Borneo, which was two sheets that were published in 1845 and 1846. In his absence, Melvill received the decoration of the Netherlands Lion in 1843, and that of the Legion of Honour in 1849. On his return to the Netherlands he was attached to the naval department with the charge of studying the history of the hydrography of the Dutch East Indies. He also undertook, in connexion with P. F. von Siebold, the publication of the Moniteur des Indes, a valuable series of scientific papers, mainly from his own pen, on the foreign possessions of the Netherlands, which was continued for three years.
He was awarded the Royal Society's Royal Medal in 1913: "On the ground of his eminence in physical chemistry, especially in connexion with explosions in gases." In 1907-08 and again in 1923-25 he was President of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society. During the First World War, Dixon became in 1915 Deputy Inspector of High Explosives for the Manchester area, for which service he was made a Commander of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 1918.Citation not found in London Gazette for Harold Baily Dixon In 1922 he was appointed Honorary Professor of Chemistry at Manchester University and supervised research on ignition of gases for the Safety in Mines Research Board in 1927.
One of the first Everton FC teams, 1887 Everton was founded as St Domingo FC in 1878 so that members of the congregation of St Domingo Methodist New Connexion Chapel in Breckfield Road North, Everton could play sport year round – cricket was played in summer. The club's first game was a 1–0 victory over Everton Church Club. The club was renamed Everton in November 1879 after the local area, as people outside the congregation wished to participate. The club was a founding member of the Football League in 1888–89 and won its first League Championship title in the 1890–91 season. Everton won the FA Cup for the first time in 1906 and the League Championship again in 1914–15.
The Standard (London) 1 Feb 1899, p. 5 He played an effective part in expressing the popular desire for peace between England and America in reply to President Cleveland's message on the Venezuelan boundary dispute, and was invited to Washington to preach in connexion with the endeavour to establish an international arbitration treaty. He was twice conferred with the degree of Doctor of Divinity, by Iowa College, United States, in 1893, and by St. Andrews, Scotland, in 1895.The Standard (London) 1 Feb 1899, p. 5 He married 11 August 1875 at the Chapel Street Congregational Church, Southport to Mary Agnes Martin of Osborne, Promenade, Southport, Preston Chronicle 14 Aug 1875, p. 5 and had two sons and a daughter. His brother, Rev.
To be sure, the similarity lies mainly in the fact that in both regions there is a group of brothers, one of whom is capable, the others incapable or foolish, whereas the actual exploits of the two areas are different. Again, it is only in New Zealand that even this slight amount of correspondence is noticeable. In spite, however, of this very slender basis for comparison, it seems, in view of the relative absence of this type of tale from the rest of the Pacific area, that the suggestion of connexion between the two groups of myths is worth further investigation. This is especially evident in view of the second of the two points to which reference has been made, i.e.
Campbell was born in Greenock, Inverclyde, Scotland and at the age of 27 moved to India to join his older brother John. In India, he and his brother were partners in Campbell Clark & Co., merchants of Calcutta, which in July 1799 became Campbell & Co. when the Clarkes gave up their interest in the firm. In 1798, Robert Campbell, with a cargo from Calcutta, visited Sydney to develop a trading connexion there, and he also purchased some land at Dawes Point, near the western entrance of Sydney Cove. In February 1800, he returned to Sydney with another cargo to both settle in Sydney, and to establish a branch of Campbell & Co. In 1801 he married Commissary John Palmer's sister Sophia Palmer (1777–1833).
Timeline of Methodist connexions in Britain The largest was the parent body, the Wesleyan Methodist Connexion, from which a number of offshoots had sprung. The Primitive Methodists were the second largest of these, having arisen in the first decade of the nineteenth century following the conversion of Hugh Bourne and a number of others in Staffordshire to the north of Stoke on Trent. They had sought to recover the early faith and practice of John Wesley at a time when the Wesleyans were hoping to become more respectable. Their return to Wesley's field preaching, notably in the form of Camp Meetings, did not suit the Wesleyans at that time, and Bourne was put out of membership along with several of his companions.
Thomas Charles had tried to arrange for taking over Trevecca College when the trustees of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion removed their seminary to Cheshunt in 1791; but the Bala revival broke out just at the time, and, when things grew quieter, other matters pressed for attention. A college had been mooted in 1816, but the intended tutor died suddenly, and the matter was for the time dropped. Candidates for the Connexional ministry were compelled to shift for themselves until 1837, when Lewis Edwards (1809–1887) and David Charles (1812–1878) opened a school for young men at Bala. North and South alike adopted it as their college, the associations contributing a hundred guineas each towards the education of their students.
Page 157 from Mechanism of the Heavens, Somerville discusses the law of universal gravity and Kepler's laws of planetary motion. Cover page of On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences Somerville conducted experiments to explore the relationship between light and magnetism and she published her first paper, "The magnetic properties of the violet rays of the solar spectrum", in the Proceedings of the Royal Society in 1826. Sir David Brewster, inventor of the kaleidoscope, wrote in 1829 that Mary Somerville was "certainly the most extraordinary woman in Europe - a mathematician of the very first rank with all the gentleness of a woman". Somerville was requested by Lord Brougham to translate for the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge the Mécanique Céleste of Pierre- Simon Laplace.
Beeby had been called to the bar in 1911 and now worked up a successful practice as a barrister. When Holman formed his national ministry in November 1916 Beeby became minister for labour and industry with a seat in the New South Wales Legislative Council. In 1918 Beeby, who had in the meanwhile been elected to the assembly for Wagga Wagga, succeeded in passing an industrial arbitration amendment act though it was strongly opposed by the Labour party. Towards the end of 1918 he visited Britain and the United States and, shortly after his return in June 1919, resigned from the government as a protest against administrative acts in connexion with the sale of wheat and the allotting of coal contracts.
TCDC Office at Grand Postal Building Resource Center library floor at the TCDC's Grand Postal Building headquarter Material library floor at the TCDC's Grand Postal Building headquarter, featuring Material ConneXion Bangkok exhibition Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC, ) is a public resource center in Thailand focused on the design and creative industries. It was founded in 2004 as part of the Office of Knowledge Management and Development, a government-owned public organization, and opened on 14 November 2005. Its oversight was transferred to the newly created Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) in 2018. The main objective of TCDC is to facilitate access to knowledge for Thai residents, as well as inspiring Thai people to be creative through workshops, activities and inspirations from the successful designers worldwide.
In 1739, Lady Huntington joined the first Methodist society in Fetter Lane, London. Sometime after the death of her husband in 1746, she threw in her lot with John Wesley and George Whitefield in the work of the great revival. According to Schlenther, it was Wesley who first attracted her to Methodism, noting a visit to his chapel in Donnington (Wood) in East Shropshire, in which a rare exception to egalitarian principles was made and she was offered a private pew. Whitefield became her personal chaplain, and, with his assistance, following problems put in her path by the Anglican clergy from whom she had preferred not to separate, she founded the "Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion", a Calvinistic movement within the Methodist church.
After her death, much of her movement merged with the Congregationalist Church, who came to predominate in the London Missionary Society, and more joined the Free Church of England in 1863, although there are still 25 Connexion congregations functioning in England, with others in Sierra Leone. In her will, she requested no biography of her should be written and none was attempted until 90 years after her death. Obituaries and tributes were written: Horace Walpole described her as the patriarchess of the Methodists, whilst the Roman Catholic, John Henry Newman, commented She devoted herself, her means, her time, her thoughts, to the cause of Christ. She did not spend her money on herself; she did not allow the homage paid to her rank to remain with herself.
In 1765 the congregation built a chapel seating perhaps 200, also in Cluntergate, adjacent to the house which later became the Working Men's Club. In 1824 a branch of Methodism called the New Connexion erected a chapel in Northgate; the Society was short-lived but the building survives to this day - as a private house. The Primitive Methodists built their first chapel in Horbury in 1841 in High Street, and four years later the Wesleyans built a chapel on the adjoining plot to replace the one in Cluntergate. The Free Methodists built a small chapel in Queen Street in 1857 which served them until 1900 when they built a larger one at the bottom of Bank Street which was bought by Nettleton's in 1958.
The Royal Bavarian State Railways began operations on this single-tracked, standard gauge Lokalbahn through the Aischgrund on 12 July 1904. Leaving Neustadt (Aisch) station the line runs in a northeasterly direction first to the minor station at Neustadt (Aisch) Stadt (km 1.5) and then the along the river as far as the Uehlfeld district of Demantsforth, where the terminus was built, about two kilometres from the centre of Uehlfeld. An extension of the railway down the valley to Höchstadt an der Aisch, which would have proved a through connexion to Forchheim, did not come to fruition. The number of train pairs rose from 3 in 1904 to 4 in 1914; this level of service was also provided in 1939 again.
His ministry lasted until 26 October 1877, when it resigned after a constitutional struggle with the upper house, which had not been consulted about the new parliamentary buildings. The government, however, had succeeded in passing a liberalized crown lands consolidation bill, and a forward policy of public works in connexion with railways and water supply had been carried out. Colton might have been premier again in June 1881, but stood aside in favour of Bray. On 16 June 1884 he became premier and chief secretary in his second ministry, which in the following twelve months passed some very useful legislation, including a public health act, an agricultural crown land act, a pastoral land act, a vermin destruction act and a land and income tax act.
In August 1921 he was appointed Archbishop of Melbourne and was consecrated at St Paul's Cathedral, London, on 14 August 1921, and enthroned at St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, on 15 February 1922. Lees soon showed himself to be a vigorous worker and a good preacher. He was at Melbourne for less than seven years before he died, but his episcopate was marked by the undertaking of the completion of St Paul's Cathedral and by a great increase in the social work of the church; more especially in connexion with the various homes conducted by the mission of St James and St John and the Church of England free kindergartens. He visited England in 1928 and died suddenly at Bishopscourt, East Melbourne, on 10 January 1929.
The group came together when singer/guitarist Andre Mistier wanted to take a break from directing plays around New York City by starting a band that merged rock and electronic music. He hooked up with Yale acquaintance guitarist/vocalist Gerard Toriello, who then brought on childhood friend and drummer Michael Higgins. Taking their name from the concept of not wanting to be limited by one "ism" but rather explore - and ultimately gain understanding for - all that the world has to offer, ism were completed by the final addition of bassist Leigh Battle, who had been previously playing in another band with Higgins. ism began performing together regularly around mid-2004, playing at live venues and festivals including the ConneXion International Music Festival in Jacksonville, Florida in 2005.
The Chronicle of Alfonso III, in both its versions, blames the anonymous "sons of Wittiza" for conspiring against Roderic.According to Rafael Altamira y Crevea, the "connexion between the Muslims and the sons of Wittiza is confirmed by all the chroniclers, and forms a trustworthy starting-point for the history of the invasion," cited in Bachrach (1973), 33n86, who finds it tempting to place the Muslims, the native Jewry, and Achila II, whom he reckons a son of Wittza, in a tripartite alliance against Roderic. Collins (2004), 137-138, rejects any attempt to salvage the historicity of the sons of Wittiza from contradictions in the primary source. Thompson, 251, records "presumably he was opposed by another member of the aristocracy or by a relative of Wittiza".
The Franciscans, unlike the Dominicans, Carmelites and other orders, have never had a peculiar rite properly so called, but conformably to the mind of St. Francis of Assisi always followed the Roman Rite for the celebration of Mass. However, the Friars Minor and the Capuchins wear the amice, instead of the biretta, over the head, and are accustomed to say Mass with their feet uncovered, save only by sandals. They also enjoy certain privileges in regard to the time and place of celebrating Mass, and the Missale Romano-Seraphicum contains many proper Masses not found in the Roman Missal. These are mostly feasts of Franciscan saints and blessed, which are not celebrated throughout the Church, or other feasts having a peculiar connexion with the order, e.g.
From this time onwards Bunting was a exponent of church order and discipline, and an implacable opponent of revivalism. He was received into full Connexion (i.e., becoming an ordained minister) in 1803. He continued to minister for upwards of 57 years in Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, London and elsewhere. In 1835, he was appointed president of the first Wesleyan theological college (at Hoxton), and in this position he succeeded in materially raising the standard of education among Wesleyan ministers. He was four times chosen to be President of the Conference (the ruling body of the Wesleyan Methodist Church), in 1820, 1828, 1836 and 1844, was repeatedly secretary of the Legal Hundred, and for eighteen years was secretary to the Wesleyan Missionary Society.
Up to 1789, when the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion built Tyldesley Top Chapel, the population of Tyldesley was dependent on the parish church in Leigh, an ancient ecclesiastical parish that, from medieval times, covered six townships. As the population grew quickly after 1800, a movement seeking to have an established church in the township developed. Thomas Johnson, owner of the Banks Estate gave land at the western end of the banks on which to build a Commissioners' Church. It was paid for by money from the parliament of the United Kingdom raised by the Church Building Act 1818, and said to be a celebration of Britain's victory in the Battle of Waterloo. £17,000 (equivalent to £ as of ), was promised by the Church Building Commissioners.
Fitzwilliam said he was "the inveterate enemy of all innovation" and "though a friend to popular privileges on ordinary occasions, and having no dislike to the check on public men by popular discussion...I had rather see a bad Minister go uncorrected than a good constitution stabbed in its vitals". He further claimed: > ...under no circumstances whatever will I be in connexion with Mr Pitt. It > is sufficient for a man's life to have been duped once. I hesitate no less > to say that I will never hold communication with the Duke of Portland until > he has made that amende honorable to those...whose weight and consideration > in Ireland he has made subservient to his own purposes and views in this > country.
He is also known for documenting the Turkish Massacre from his own recollections. At one period, in connexion with their Vienna house, there existed an association for the propagation of good books, which is said to have distributed nearly a million volumes, and printed and published six new works each year. To him also they owe the guidance of their first steps in exegesis — the branch of learning in which they have won most distinction — and the kindred studies of the Liturgy and the religious history of their country. At San Lazzaro he founded the printing press from which the most notable of their productions have been issued, and commenced there the collection of Armenian manuscripts for which their library has become famous.
While Schiller felt greatly indebted to the pragmatism of William James, Schiller was outright hostile to the pragmatism of C.S. Peirce. Both Schiller and James struggled with what Peirce intended with his pragmatism, and both were often baffled by Peirce's insistent rebuffing of what they both saw as the natural elaboration of the pragmatist cornerstone he himself first laid down. On the basis of his misunderstandings, Schiller complains that for Peirce to merely say "'truths should have practical consequences'" is to be "very vague, and hints at no reason for the curious connexion it asserts." Schiller goes on to denigrate Peirce's principle as nothing more than a simple truism "which hardly deserves a permanent place and name in philosophic usage".
The first record of the castle and village of Hiltpoltstein appears in connexion with Weißenohe Abbey, founded in 1100,Hubert Pöppel: Zur frühen Geschichte des Ortes und Klosters Weißenohe. In: Bericht des Historischen Vereins Bamberg, 149, 2013, pp. 93-136. when the castle is reported as the seat of the associated Vogt.Alberti 2009, p. 11 An authentic transcript of the privilege of Pope Paschal II to Weißenohe Abbey from the year 1109 is housed in the Bavarian State Library in Munich. Two transcripts, dating to around 1150, in the archives of Bamberg and Amberg, by contrast, contain not only the text of the Papal Bull, but also a list of all monastic estates, including Hilteboldesdorf cum castro (Hiltpoltstein and castle).
His Field Labourer was regarded by many as the most noteworthy picture in the Vienna exhibition of 1834, and his numerous animal pieces have entitled him to a place in the first rank of painters of that class of subjects. The peculiarity of his pictures is the representation of human and animal figures in connexion with appropriate landscapes and in characteristic situations so as to manifest nature as a living whole, and he particularly excels in depicting the free life of animals in wild mountain scenery. Along with great mastery of the technicalities of his art, his works exhibit patient and keen observation, free and correct handling of details, and bold and clear colouring. He died at Vienna on 7 July 1862.
During the Battle of the Somme in 1916, divisions had quickly become exhausted and it had proved impractical to replace corps headquarters and their constituent divisions at the rate necessary to rest tired divisions; corps HQ remained on the Somme and took over fresh divisions as they arrived. By 1917 the connexion between Corps HQ and their component divisions had been dissolved on the rest of the Western Front and territorial titles introduced. After the retreat to the , the XIV Reserve Corps (, [Lieutenant-General] Otto von Moser from 12 March 1917) held the from Croisilles to Mœuvres. The 27th (Württemberg) Division ( ) had spent February and March as a training division at Valenciennes and then been sent to relieve the 26th Reserve Division from Bullecourt to Quéant.
The letter signed by "Aor" was addressed "To the Jews", where he advised all Jews to "go back home". The first issue of its journal, Veilleur, contained an anonymous anti-semitic article that first appeared in a Masonic journal from 1898. The artist André VandenBroeck in his memoirs and biography of Schwaller de Lubicz described him as anti-semitic,André VandenBroeck, Al-Kemi: Hermetic, Occult, Political and Private Aspects of R.A.Schwaller De Lubicz and Joscelyn Godwin commented "Schwaller de Lubicz was not sufficiently vindictive to persist in the course of action followed by Hess and Hitler, but nor was he sufficiently humane, it would seem, to regret his contribution to the currents of the time."Joscelyn Godwin, "Schwaller de Lubicz: les Veilleurs et la connexion Nazie".
Telkom Group Head Office, as seen from Church Square, Pretoria - City Centre (Direction: NNW) Telkom SA is structured under Group CEO, Brian Armstrong. The retail division, including Telkom Business, Telkom Mobile, Consumer Marketing, Cloud, and IT Operations are run by Group Chief Operating Officer, Brite Devassy, and its Wholesale and Networks division (OpenServe) is under Zoltan Miklos. Cybernest focuses on Telkom's newly deployed DCO infrastructure in Cape Town, Pretoria, and Johannesburg, as well as services thereupon, including data hosting, LAN and application management, and managing IT infrastructure for corporate and large business customers. Telkom acquired Business Connexion in August 2015 for approximately ZAR 2.6 billion with the strategic intent of obtaining a significant presence in the Information Technology (IT) market in South Africa.
The physical cause which rendered this effort so painful probably accounts for the infrequency of his appearances in parliament, as well as for much that is otherwise inexplicable in his subsequent conduct. In 1763 he spoke against the unpopular tax on cider, imposed by his brother-in-law, George Grenville, and his opposition, though unsuccessful in the House, helped to keep alive his popularity with the country, which cordially hated the excise and all connected with it. When next year the question of general warrants was raised in connexion with the case of John Wilkes, Pitt vigorously maintained their illegality, thus defending at once the privileges of Parliament and the freedom of the press. During 1765 he seems to have been totally incapacitated for public business.
Edward cleverly managed to escape Wesley's intention by mounting the pulpit, declaring he would deliver the greatest sermon ever preached, and proceeding to read Christ's "Sermon on the Mount"; after which, he immediately sat down. Following worsening relations with the Wesleys, Perronet published The Mitre in 1756, a ferocious attack in verse on the Church of England and the notion that the Eucharist was a priestly rite only to be properly administered in England by Anglican priests. This provoked a schism with the Wesleys and Perronet's connection with organized Methodism came to an end. He preached in the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion until his open aversion to the established church led to his becoming the minister of an Independent congregation.
He was elected a fellow of the Chemical Society in 1876, serving on the council from 1882 to 1885, and was awarded the Society's Longstaff Medal in 1884 for his researches on the chemistry of the carbohydrates. In 1885 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, his nomination citation describing him as Distinguished as a chemist, especially for his researches on the Carbohydrates, which have thrown entirely new light on the constitution of this class of bodies and which are therefore of high importance in connexion with the chemistry of vital processes. He was an original member of the Institute of Chemistry, the Society of Chemical Industry and the Institute of Brewing and served on the council of each.
Operation of the direct route from Nuremberg to Regensburg via the Franconian/Upper Palatine Jura mountains, that shortened the distance by about 40 kilometres, was only possible with the use of powerful new locomotives. Also in this construction programme were the 81 km long Mühldorf (Obb)–Neumarkt (Rott)–Pilsting–Plattling route, opened on 15 October 1875, and the Weiden–Neukirchen bei Sulzbach line, 51.5 km long, that was opened the same day. A fourth, 72 kilometre long, railway connexion running over the border from Plattling via Deggendorf and Zwiesel to Bayerisch Eisenstein (the so- called Bavarian Forest Railway) with its junction to the Pilsen-Priesen- Komotau railway, for which the Ostbahn had been granted a concession in 1872, was still under construction when nationalisation occurred.
However, research revealed that the term first appeared in 1902 in Hungary in the card game Alsós, a variant of Jass for three players, which was heavily influenced by Tarock and was also played in Austria under the name Vannakspiel. There, the Deuce of Bells was called the Eagle Owl and a bonus was awarded if it took the penultimate trick. Why it was called an eagle owl is unclear; the same word, Uhu, is used in Hungarian for an eagle owl, but its connexion with playing cards is not clear. From the game of Alsós the concept was transferred to Hungarian Tarock and was part of an essential refinement of the game in the 1920s, which led to the variant, Illustrated Hungarian Tarock.
Clarke's major work was The Connexion of the Roman, Saxon, and English Coins deduced from observations on the Saxon Weights and Money (London, 1767); another edition appeared in 1771. He also wrote the Latin preface (1730) to the collection of the Welsh laws of William Wotton, his father-in-law; a translation of Joseph Trapp's Lectures on Poetry, annotations on the Greek Testament (the two latter with William Bowyer), and some notes to the English version of Jean-Philippe-René de La Bléterie's Life of the Emperor Julian. A Discourse on the Commerce of the Romans was by Clarke or Bowyer. Clarke drew up a manuscript The Antiquities of the Cathedral of Chichester,’ which was presented by his grandson to Alexander Hay, the local historian.
That year Bruce-Mitford was reacquainted with archaeological work, spending three weeks with Gerhard Bersu at the Iron Age site Little Woodbury. In 1939 he was tasked with leading an excavation, this time at the medieval village of Seacourt. Though Seacourt was a difficult site, Bruce-Mitford was able to acquire complete ground plans of domestic buildings and of the church. It was also "a village deserted, in ruins, and archaeologically sealed within a century of the Black Death"; this precise dating—the village was deserted by 1439—"promised to provide important evidence for specialists in connexion with the chronology of mediaeval pottery and small objects" such as "brooches, ornaments, buckles, fittings of various kinds, shears, horseshoes, [and] nails" the dating of which was "notoriously vague".
Since he is denominated as de Ernle in this document, it is quite likely that he or his family was already known and distinguished from others by the use of that sobriquet or surname. Since the grant of lands was given to him by a family member, it appears logical to assume that his own connexion to the place, like theirs, dated to an earlier period. As for the de Lancinges family itself, to whom Luke de Ernle was kin: they were supporters of the Arundel earls of Sussex who were descended from Roger de Montgomerie, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, a major feudal baron who was granted large tracts of Sussex known as the Rape of Arundel in 1067 or 1068 from his kinsman, William I of England.
He was born at Kilcoona, or Killcooney, a parish near Headford in Galway which takes its name from him. No doubt he went to Lismore on account of his close connexion with St. Carthage, and for the same reason was chosen to succeed him in the school of Lismore. One historian thought that the ancient but now lost "Book of Cuanach", cited in the Annals of Ulster, but not later than A.D. 628, was the work of this St. Cuanna of Kilcooney and Lismore. It is also said that Aldfrith, King of Northumbria, spent some time at the school of Lismore, for he visited most of the famous schools of Ireland towards the close of the seventh century, and at that time Lismore was one of the most celebrated.
St Peter's Church. Wagner was now in ecclesiastical control of a town which was growing rapidly but which had only three public places of Anglican worship: St Nicholas' Church, the Chapel Royal (1795) near the Royal Pavilion, and St James's Chapel east of the town centre (1810–13). Nonconformist places of worship, meanwhile, were numerous: Brighton Friends Meeting House, Brighton Unitarian Church, Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, Union Chapel and chapels for Particular Baptists and the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion all existed by 1824, as did a Roman Catholic church and a synagogue. Several churches were being built or were planned to provide more capacity—but Wagner soon became embroiled in conflicts with some of the people involved. St Margaret's Chapel was built in 1824 to serve the fashionable Regency Square.
"Worth magazine's new owner rights ship by charging wealth managers for write-ups". Riabiz, November 15, 2009 by Brooke Southall Two years later, the company added design industry trade magazine Interior Design and the Furniture Today Group, purchased from Reed Business Information. In 2011, acquisitions included global materials consultancy Material ConneXion and its sister business, creative management agency Culture + Commerce. In 2012, Sandow bought Los Angeles retail brand Fred Segal. The next year, Sandow’s company was named one of Florida Trend magazine’s Top 200 Largest Private Companies in Florida. The same year, Adam Sandow was inducted into The Florida Magazine Association’s Hall of Fame in recognition of his career achievements, influence within publishing and history of giving back to the industry via participation in industry associations or other voluntary and cooperative forms of service.
Austrian east-west trains therefore usually use the route from Salzburg via Rosenheim station in Germany to Innsbruck, transiting the Deutsches Eck link. The line is important, though, especially for regional services, as part of the connexion from Innsbruck to the state capitals Klagenfurt and Graz as well as part of the line from Salzburg to Graz (via the Enns Valley Railway). In addition, the only Austrian coach transport service from North Tyrol to Lienz in East Tyrol leaves from Kitzbühel station on the Salzburg-Tyrol Railway. The line is also fairly important as an alternative route for international rail traffic on the east–west axis, but it is more significant as a feeder for the Tauern Railway crossing the Hohe Tauern range of the Central Eastern Alps from north to south.
They are written in hexameters, a few in pentameters. The best known celebrate the temporary burial of the two chief Apostles in the Platonia under the basilica of St. Sebastian on the Via Appia, the martyrs Hyacinth and Protus in the Via Salaria Antiqua, Pope Marcellus in the Via Salaria Nova, Saint Agnes in the Via Nomentana, also Saints Laurence, Hippolytus, Gorgonius, Marcellinus and Peter, Eusebius, Tarsicius, Cornelius, Eutychius, Nereus and Achilleus, Felix and Adauctus. Damasus also placed a metrical inscription in the baptistery of the Vatican, and set up others in connexion with various restorations, for instance an inscription on a stairway of the cemetery of Saint Hermes. Altogether there have been preserved as the work of Damasus more than one hundred epigrammata, some of them originals and others written copies.
In his Divine Comedy (Inferno, XII, 100-126), in the first ring of the seventh circle of Hell, Dante, guided by Virgil and Nessus, visits those sinners, tiranni / che dier nel sangue e ne l' aver di piglio ("tyrants / who dealt in bloodshed and in pillaging"), who are immersed to varying depths in boiling water. This punishment was not typically ascribed in Dante's age to such sinners, but the Visio attaches it to those who facere praelia et homicidia et rapinas pro cupiditate terrena ("make battle and murder and rapine because of worldly cupidity"). Theodore Silverstein, who first identified the connexion between Dante and the Visio, suggests that Dante's apparent interest in contemporary politics would have attracted him to a piece like the Visio. Its popularity assures that Dante would have had access to it.
In the Febronian controversy he had early taken a mediating attitude, and it was largely due to his influence that Bishop Hontheim had been induced to retract his extreme views. In 1768 St. Blaise's abbey, with the library and church, was burnt to the ground, and the splendid new church which rose on the ruins of the old (1783) remained until its destruction by fire in 1874, at once a monument of Gerbert's taste in architecture and of his Habsburg sympathies. It was at his request that it was made the mausoleum of all the Austrian princes buried outside Austria, whose remains were solemnly transferred to its vaults. In connexion with its consecration he published his Historia Nigrae Silvae, ordinis S. Benedicti coloniae (3 vols, St Blasien, 1783).
It was followed by another provocative release, Convictions suicidaires, his debut studio full album treating taboo subjects of French society including national identity in face of changing immigration trends. This was followed by the mixtape Discographie parallèle mixed by DJ Uka and highlighting a number of collaborations. He prepared the materials for his second studio album Les funérailles des tabous in 2012, but put it on hold13or du HipHop: Despo Rutti - Les funérailles des tabous ne sortira pas instead starting a collaboration with rapper Guizmo and Mokless (from Scred Connexion) for a musical project in 2012,Fnac.com: Mokless, Despo Rutti et Guizmo s'allient pour un album de qualité that resulted in the issue of the joint EP Jamais 2 sans 3 followed by the joint studio album Jamais 203.
In a letter to Isabella Hoppner of 10 August 1821, Mary Shelley, however, stated emphatically that "Claire had no child". She also insisted: > I am perfectly convinced in my own mind that Shelley never had an improper > connexion [sic] with Claire ... we lived in lodgings where I had momentary > entrance into every room and such a thing could not have passed unknown to > me ... I do remember that Claire did keep to her bed there for two days – > but I attended on her – I saw the physician – her illness was one that she > had been accustomed to for years – and the same remedies were employed as I > had before ministered to her in England.Seymour, p. 224; Mary Shelley, > Letter to Isabella Hoppner, Selected Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, > pp. 76–77.
He found a diocese that already had many commitments in connexion with church schools and social work, and the financial depression which began just about the time of his arrival made a strong forward policy inopportune. He interested himself in the question of the re-union of the Christian churches, and in the holding together of his own diocese by preaching peace and goodwill to all, and setting a personal example of plain living and high thinking. At one period he voluntarily gave up a quarter of his stipend, and refused to countenance any expenditure which might lighten his own burden of work. If it was possible to help a parish by attending some function or service he made it his duty to be there, and his relations with his clergy were of the friendliest.
They did not accept the discipline of the Church of England, so the plea of conformity was a feeble defence; nor had they taken out licenses, so as to claim the protection of the Toleration Act. Harris's ardent loyalty to the Church of England, after three refusals to ordain him, and his personal contempt for ill-treatment from persecutors, were the only things that prevented separation. A controversy on a doctrinal point "Did God die on Calvary?" raged for some time, the principal disputants being Rowlands and Harris; and in 1751 it ended in an open rupture, which threw the Connexion first into confusion and then into a state of coma. The societies split up into Harrisites and Rowlandites, and it was only with the revival of 1762 that the breach was fairly repaired.
A Regionalbahn train on the Paar Valley Railway near Niederarnbach The line was built between 1872 and 1875 and opened on 15 May 1875. Plans around the turn of the century for a further link from Pöttmes and Eurasburg were not put into action. Likewise, despite a lot of discussion, nothing came of the idea for a link line from Aichach on the Paar Valley Railway to the terminus at Altomünster of the branch line made famous by Ludwig Thoma (today S-Bahn Line A in the MVV network), which would have provided a direct connexion to the Munich S-Bahn network. In the winter of 1922, service was closed from time to time due to the lack of coal. In 1935, railbuses were used for the first time between Augsburg and Aichach.
The Ludwigsstadt–Lehesten railway was a branch line in southern Germany that branched off from the Franconian Forest Railway at Ludwigsstadt in the Bavarian province of Upper Franconia and ran to Lehesten in the state of Thuringia. It was closed in 1971. In 1885, two months after the completion of the Franconian Forest Railway, a 7.6 kilometre long Sekundärbahn branch was opened that ran from the Upper Franconian town of Ludwigsstadt to the south Thuringian village of Lehesten. The slate quarries at Lehesten, which in 1880 manufactured 646,226 zentners of roofing and housing slates as well as slate tables, were particularly interested in a railway connexion. A state treaty between the Kingdom of Bavaria und the Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen was required, however, to establish the line; this was signed on 16 June 1884.
Like Hurdman Station in the east, the transitway routes branch off in two directions: westward to Kanata and Stittsville, and southward to Barrhaven. The western branch of the transitway from this point is currently incomplete, forcing westbound routes to use existing streets such as Carling Avenue and the Queensway. The station has two distinct platform areas. One platform area serves main transitway route 74 and route 75 to Baseline station and Barrhaven, and routes 61, 62, 63, 64, to Bayshore station, and Kanata, along with numerous Connexion and peak period routes to the western and southwestern suburbs. A second platform serves routes that either branch off to Carling Avenue, such as route 51, route 57 and route 85 (eastbound only), or travel south on the Transitway (routes 58, 82 and 84).
Peak hour connexion routes are served primarily by Double Decker buses. The O-Train (Trillium Line) at Carleton University In 2001, a pilot diesel-powered light rail service project, the original O-Train known today as the Trillium Line, was introduced. The local government announced expansion plans for the light rail to other parts of Ottawa, including a possible link to the Ottawa International Airport. Service to Gatineau would have also been possible, over the nearby Prince of Wales railway bridge over the Ottawa River. However, on December 14, 2006, City Council led by Mayor Larry O'Brien cancelled the north-south light rail expansion project. A new model of the project, to have a citywide integrated light rail system, was made, with work beginning in 2013 and will be completed in 2023.
Though Booth became a prominent Methodist evangelist, he was unhappy that the annual conference of the denomination kept assigning him to a pastorate, the duties of which he had to neglect to respond to the frequent requests that he do evangelistic campaigns. At the Liverpool conference in 1861, after having spent three years at Gateshead, his request to be freed for evangelism full-time was refused yet again, and Booth resigned from the ministry of the Methodist New Connexion. Soon he was barred from campaigning in Methodist congregations, so he became an independent evangelist. His doctrine remained much the same, though; he preached that eternal punishment was the fate of those who do not believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the necessity of repentance from sin, and the promise of holiness.
Until 1985 most of Löwy's works concerned the sociological and historical study of Marxist thought. This applies not only to his doctorate on the young Marx and his Habilitation on György Lukács, but to most of the essays which he published, some of which were collected in books, as well as for two anthologies, on the National Question (with Georges Haupt and Claudie Weill) and on Marxism in Latin America. Marxist epistemology also takes a central place in his work on sociology of knowledge from 1985. The methodological orientation of his research was inspired by Lucien Goldmann's writings -particularly The Hidden God, 1955)- whose approach, associating sociology and history, heterodox Marxism and German sociology, the internal study of cultural works and their connexion to the social structure, served him as starting point.
As almoner of Prince Philip, Carranza came in contact with the prince, and often preached before him and his court. When, in 1554, Philip was betrothed to Queen Mary of England, and was preparing to go to that country for the marriage, he sent Carranza and other members of Spanish orders ahead of him, in order to give support to the queen in her efforts to bring back the country to the Catholic Faith. Carranza remained until 1557 in England, where he was actively engaged, in connexion with Cardinal Pole, as visitator and preacher. He sought to prevent the sale of Protestant books, preached frequently against what he considered as "the false doctrines", and made an inspection of the University of Oxford, from which, by his efforts, a number of professors were expelled.
He argues that Cabrit must have been a member of the urban noblesse of Arles and owner of a small parcel of land near Tarascon, documented in a notarial act of August 1203 at the house of Bertran Porcelet and probably dead by 1225. A Guillelmus Aldebertus Cabritus (Guillem Aldebert Cabrit) was a consul of Arles in 1197 and man known only as Cabritus was a consul in 1209. Guillem Aldebert Cabrit also witnessed the testament of Rostanh Porcelet in 1186 and an 1198 donation to the Knights Templar in Arles by the Porcelet family. That these figures named Cabritus all acted in the same geographical theatre (Arles) and in connexion with the family (Porcelet) over a period of thirty years suggests that it was a single individual of some prominence at Arles.
Wendhusen Abbey, westwork The settlement of Thale probably emerged at the beginning of the 10th century. It was documented in 936 in connexion with the neighbouring Wendhusen Abbey, which had been founded around 825 AD as a chapter of canonesses (Kanonissenstift). Established by an Eastphalian comital family and based on the model of Herford Abbey, it was one of the first monasteries in the medieval Duchy of Saxony. After Queen Dowager Matilda, wife of the late King Henry the Fowler, tried in vain to relocate the convent in 936, it came under the guardianship of the newly established Quedlinburg chapter. The adjacent village was first mentioned in a 1231 deed as Dat Dorp to dem Dale (from 1288 it was given the Latinised description de valle, and from 1303 as von Thale).
His present connexion subsisted three years; but Macneill sickened in the discharge of duties wholly unsuitable for him, and longed for the comforts of home. His resources were still limited, but he flattered himself in the expectation that he might earn a subsistence as a man of letters. He fixed his residence at a farm-house in the vicinity of Stirling; and, amidst the pursuits of literature, the composition of verses, and the cultivation of friendship, he contrived, for a time, to enjoy a considerable share of happiness. But he speedily discovered the delusion of supposing that an individual, entirely unknown in the literary world, could at once be able to establish his reputation, and inspire confidence in the bookselling trade, whose favour is so essential to men of letters.
Connexion of the Saale valley railway to long-distance rail traffic The Saale Valley Railway leaves Gemünden (Main) initially in a northerly direction on the line to Jossa, part of the old Flieden–Gemünden railway, before it branches off to the east after 1.3 km to follow the Saale Valley. It runs along the Franconian Saale from Gemünden until just short of Euerdorf, the river being almost always within view. As a result, the line often describes long curves as it runs through the mixed and pine forests of the greenbelt recreation region and out over the open countryside with good views. Beyond Euerdorf it leaves the valley floor in order to reach the higher-lying station at Bad Kissingen and the old section of line from Ebenhausen to Bad Kissingen.
We consider that he is entitled to the greatest credit for > having made and reduced to practical shape as far back as the year 1912 a > very brilliant invention which anticipated and in some respects surpassed > that actually put into use in the year 1916. It was this claimant's > misfortune and not his fault that his invention was in advance of his time, > and failed to be appreciated and was put aside because the occasion for its > use had not then arisen. We regret exceedingly that we are unable to > recommend any award to him. But we are bound to adhere to the general rule > in such cases as these that a claimant must show a causal connexion between > the making of his invention and the user of any similar invention by the > Government.
During the Battle of the Somme in 1916, divisions had quickly become exhausted and it had proved impractical to replace corps headquarters and their constituent divisions at the rate necessary to rest tired divisions; corps HQ remained on the Somme and took over fresh divisions as they arrived. By 1917 the connexion between Corps HQ and their component divisions had been dissolved on the rest of the Western Front and territorial titles introduced. After the retreat to the , the IX Reserve Corps, responsible for the line from the Scarpe to Croisilles, became and the XIV Reserve Corps ( [Lieutenant- General] Otto von Moser from 12 March 1917) held the from Croisilles to Mœuvres. The 6th Army HQ had decided that the front held by the was too vulnerable to be held by two divisions.
There are two main views on the derivation of the Greek word. According to one, the word comes from the Greek χημεία, pouring, infusion, used in connexion with the study of the juices of plants, and thence extended to chemical manipulations in general; this derivation accounts for the old-fashioned spellings "chymist" and "chymistry". The other view traces it to khem or khame, hieroglyph khmi, which denotes black earth as opposed to barren sand, and occurs in Plutarch as χημεία; on this derivation alchemy is explained as meaning the "Egyptian art". The first occurrence of the word is said to be in a treatise of Julius Firmicus, an astrological writer of the 4th century, but the prefix al there must be the addition of a later Arabic copyist.
In 1840 Manchester College was moved from York back to Manchester (its place of origin), under the name of Manchester New College, and Tayler became professor of ecclesiastical history. He held also a theological professorship from 1852. At a Meeting of the Trustees (25 May 1853) he was asked to accept the offices of Principal and Professor of Ecclesiastical History. Manchester New College transferred to London in connexion with University College at University Hall, and was thus affiliated to the University of London for the next 13 years. Tayler had hoped for an arrangement ”which would enable me to reside permanently in Manchester, and yet preserve my connection with the College as a Lecturer, for a term every session; and more than one overture have I made to that effect.”J.
After the 1830 Beerhouse Act, a kiddlywink (or kiddle-e-wink), which is an old name for a Cornish beer shop or beer house, was thought to have been set up in what is now No. 2 Lower Sheffield and a paraffin store constructed next door (now No. 1). Kiddlywinks were reputed to be the haunts of smugglers and often had an unmarked bottle of spirits under the counter, however farm and quarry labourers were also known to receive beer instead of wages. Sheffield continued to grow and prosper until it was large enough to warrant a chapel and Sunday school. Teetotal Wesleyan chapel, built around 1845, was later a New Connexion chapel and then converted to a Wesleyan School, it has now been converted to a house.
On 11 January 1706, Marlborough finally reached London at the end of his diplomatic tour but he had already been planning his strategy for the coming season. The first option (although it is debatable to what extent the Duke was committed to such an enterprise) was a plan to transfer his forces from the Spanish Netherlands to northern Italy; once there, he intended linking up with Prince Eugene in order to defeat the French and safeguard Savoy from being overrun.Barnett: Marlborough, 158 Savoy would then serve as a gateway into France by way of the mountain passes or an invasion with naval support along the Mediterranean coast via Nice and Toulon, in connexion with redoubled Allied efforts in Spain.Trevelyan: England Under Queen Anne: Ramillies and the Union with Scotland, 102.
Murphy was untiring in his work, travelling and preaching in all the settled parts of the colony, and his diocese gradually prospered. At the time of his death there were 21 churches and 13 priests, and Catholic education had been established.B. Condon, Bishop Francis Murphy and Catholic education in South Australia, 1844-1858: the shadow of the Irish National System, Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society 19 (1998), pp. 26-46. His amiable character led to his being asked on more than one occasion to act as mediator when difficulties arose in other dioceses, and while on a mission of this kind in Tasmania in connexion with the unfortunate differences between Bishop Robert Willson and Arch-priest Therry, Murphy contracted a severe cold which developed into consumption (tuberculosis).
Further evidence that Grant possessed a disputatious temper can be found in the following notice which appeared in the caricature The Political Drama No. 110: "C.J.G. takes this opportunity of informing the inhabitants of Paris, and its vicinity, that he has no connexion [sic] in his capacity as artist, with one Gabriel Shire Tregear, publisher, of London, for some time past, and solemnly prays he may never again." Tregear had been one of Grant's principle publishers during the early part of his career but by 1835 the relationship had clearly come to an acrimonious end for reasons that remain unknown. By 1840 Grant's fortunes were waning and in a letter written in that year he is said to have plaintively referred to himself as "an obscure object in the background" of London's publishing trade.
These soldiers were almost certainly the founders of Methodist worship in the Eastbourne area. Local Methodist historian Carlos Crisford, who later designed Central Methodist Church, first made this claim, and subsequent research has found that there was no Methodist presence before 1803. The first Nonconformist chapel in the Eastbourne area was the "Marsh Chapel", registered in the late 18th century to a group described simply as Calvinists: at the time this could refer either to Calvinistic Baptists or to Methodists following Calvinist theology, such as those who were aligned to the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion. The Marsh Chapel's later history proves that it had no Methodist connection, though: after a period of tension between different factions in the congregation, the church split into two: Independents stayed in the building, and Strict Baptists moved elsewhere and founded a new church.
The Historia Augusta has been described by Ronald Syme as "the most enigmatic work that Antiquity has transmitted". Although much of the focus of study throughout the centuries has been on the historical content, since the 20th century there has also been an assessment of the literary value of the work. For much of that time the assessment has been critical, as demonstrated by the analysis put forward by David Magie: > The literary, as well as the historical, value of the Historia Augusta has > suffered greatly as a result of the method of its composition. In the > arrangement in categories of the historical material, the authors did but > follow the accepted principles of the art of biography as practised in > antiquity, but their narratives, consisting often of mere excerpts arranged > without regard to connexion or transition, lack grace and even cohesion.
He rose to rule Arbanon through marriage with the daughter of sebastos Gregorios Kamonas and Komnena Nemanjić and then succeeded him to rule Arbanon. The ascension of Golem is regarded as a reversion to the native rule of Albania.: "But he was overruled by Demetrios Chomatianos M. In due course the daughter of Kamonas married a local magnate called Golem (or Goulamos), and Kroia and Arbanon reverted to native rule. Golem was connected not only with the Serbian royal family but also by marriage with John Batatzes of Nicaea; and it was through this latter connexion that he was tempted into joining the winning side in Macedonia in 1252, when the armies..." Komnena was the daughter of Stefan the First-Crowned and grand-daughter of Alexios III Angelos, the last Byzantine Emperor before the Fourth Crusade.
Creidlitz station and the electrified line to Rossach It took eight years of effort before the communities of the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in the Itz valley were given their railway connexion, branching off the Werra Railway near Creidlitz, on 4 December 1900. They had to make the land available for the railway at no cost. The line initially belonged to the Prussian state railways and was managed until 1945 by the Erfurt Reichsbahn division. Attempts to extend the route to Kaltenbrunn in the lower Itz valley as far as the Bavarian line from Breitengüßbach to Dietersdorf, which had been opened in 1913, were never realised although it was only 6.7 kilometres distant. To begin with, it was shelved because it would compete with the 15 kilometre longer main line from Lichtenfels to Bamberg.
1868 Program book for the series of Dickens readingsIn 1868, famed Victorian author Charles Dickens presented a final series of "Farewell Readings," at the hall, which commenced on the evening of October 6, with a program devoted to "Doctor Marigold" (from the Christmas Story) and "The Trial" from Pickwick. He had settled with his tour managers, Chappell & Co., on 100 readings for the princely sum of £8,000 pounds. Attendees would receive printed programs and Chappell's advertisements included the following statement: > It is scarcely necessary for Messrs. CHAPPELL and Co. to add that any > announcement made in connexion with these FAREWELL READINGS will be strictly > adhered to and considered final; and that on no consideration whatever will > Mr. DICKENS be induced to appoint an extra night in any place in which he > shall have been once announced to read for the last time.
Elevated walkways connect the two platforms and provide street level access from Carling Avenue. Shopper's bus route 301 (serving Richmond on Mondays), route 303 (serving Carp and Dunrobin on Wednesdays), and route 305 (serving Manotick, Kars, and North Gower on Fridays) travel via Carling Avenue to/from Carlingwood Mall (the terminus for routes 301, 303, and 305). Connexion routes from Barrhaven, Bells Corners, Stittsville, and Kanata only allow passengers to get off at this station in the morning upon request, but skip it altogether in the afternoon with the exception of route 282 which provides service during the AM peak as well as during the PM peak. This includes route 283 that allows passengers to get off at this station upon request during the AM peak, but returns into full service during the PM peak towards Stittsville/Ottawa–Richmond.
" a female under the age of sixteen years," take their place, and the term " woman " means, as before, " a female of the age of sixteen years and upwards." The prohibition of employment underground of women and girls remains untouched, and the pro hibition of employment underground of boys has been successively extended from boys of the age of ten in 1872 to boys of twelve in 1887 and to boys of thirteen in 1900. The age of employment of boys and girls above ground in connexion with any mine is raised from ten years in 1872 to twelve years since 1887. The hours of employment of a boy below ground may not exceed fifty-four in any one week, nor ten in any one day from the time of leaving the surface to the time of returning to the surface.
Babá Ken Okulolo (born September 12, 1950) is a Nigerian bassist and bandleader who was first seen in the U.S. in 1985 with King Sunny Ade's world- touring band. He has played with renowned Afrobeat creator Fela Anikulapo Kuti, highlife master Victor Olaiya, and was a founder of the Afro-rock group Monomono in the 1970s. Now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, he leads four bands that represent his various musical specialties: Kotoja (an international Afro-funk band); the Nigerian Brothers (traditional folk music); the West African Highlife Band (highlife hits of yesteryear); and the Afro-Beat Connexion (modern Afrobeat collaboration with other African and American musicians). Babá Ken has also headlined such venues as Lincoln Center, The Fillmore, The Warfield, LACMA, the Oakland Coliseum, Yoshi's, The Greek Theater, and the Great American Music Hall.
In 1198 the archbishop, however, had anticipated him and his agents in Rome undermined Gerald's case, and, as the pope was not convinced that St Davids was independent of Canterbury, the mission of Gerald proved a failure. Gerald had pleaded not only his own cause, but that of St Davids as a Metropolitan archbishopric (and thus of the same status as Canterbury) reviving the earlier claims of Rhygyfarch and Bishop Bernard of St Davids. It was in connexion with this cause that he wrote his books "De jure Menevensis Ecclesiâ" and "De Rebus a Se Gestis". Gerald returned, and his cause was now supported by the Princes of Wales, most notably Llywelyn the Great, and Gruffydd ap Rhys II, while King John, frequently in conflict with the Welsh, warmly espoused the cause of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
In underwater acoustics, refraction is the bending or curving of a sound ray that results when the ray passes through a sound speed gradient from a region of one sound speed to a region of a different speed. The amount of ray bending is dependent on the amount of difference between sound speeds, that is, the variation in temperature, salinity, and pressure of the water. Similar acoustics effects are also found in the Earth's atmosphere. The phenomenon of refraction of sound in the atmosphere has been known for centuries;Mary Somerville (1840), On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences, J. Murray Publishers, (originally by Harvard University) however, beginning in the early 1970s, widespread analysis of this effect came into vogue through the designing of urban highways and noise barriers to address the meteorological effects of bending of sound rays in the lower atmosphere.
Fitzwilliam wrote to Adair on 12 September that he would support the government on the war and "on all occasions where they support establishment against innovation, monarchy and aristocracy against the inroads of sans- culottism; but beyond these points I profess no friendship or goodwill towards an administration from which I have received such gross ill-treatment". The Foxites were no better: "I don't know that they would wish for the appearance of connexion with me, and I am sure I should but little wish it with them, till such time as all the leaven of sans-cullotism is worked out of their composition".Smith, p. 222. He was now the pre-eminent spokesman for Burkean principles: he wrote to Burke on 30 August 1796 to offer the seat of Peterborough to Burke's friend French Laurence.
Henry of Rebdorf is the name given to the alleged author of an imperial and papal chronicle of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The only connexion between the chronicle to which the name of Henry of Rebdorf has been attached and the foundation of the Augustinian canons at Rebdorf, near Eichstätt, Bavaria, lay in the fact that the first editor of the said chronicle published it from a manuscript preserved there, and later taken to the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, while other manuscripts, displaying no essential points of difference, are known to exist in Klosterneuburg Monastery and in the Hofbibliothek in Vienna. Its title is: Chronica, or Annales rerum ab imperatoribus Adolpho, Alberto, Friderico, Ludovico Bavarico et Carolo IV. gestarum, or again Annales imperatorum et paparum. It is a chronological treatise extending from 1294 to 1362, and consists of two parts.
That part of it which absented itself from the union re-formed into the Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada in 1834, eventually growing into the second largest Methodist body in Canada. In turn the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada and the Wesleyan Methodist Conference of Eastern British America united in 1874, annexing as well the Methodist New Connexion Church in Canada (itself an amalgam of several small groups), thereby forming the Methodist Church of Canada. In 1884 this body joined with the Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada, together with the Bible Christian Church of Canada and the Primitive Methodist Church in Canada, bringing to birth the Methodist Church, with churches in Canada, Newfoundland (which at the time was not part of the Canadian Confederation) and Bermuda. This lattermost union made the Methodist Church the largest Protestant denomination in Canada.
Of his marriage, Priestley wrote: > This proved a very suitable and happy connexion, my wife being a woman of an > excellent understanding, much improved by reading, of great fortitude and > strength of mind, and of a temper in the highest degree affectionate and > generous; feeling strongly for others, and little for herself. Also, greatly > excelling in every thing relating to household affairs, she entirely > relieved me of all concern of that kind, which allowed me to give all my > time to the prosecution of my studies, and the other duties of my > station.Priestley, Autobiography, 87. On 17 April 1763, they had a daughter, whom they named Sarah after Priestley's aunt.See Thorpe, 33–44 for a description of life at Warrington; Schofield (1997), 89–90, 93–94; Jackson, 54–58; Uglow, 73–75; Thorpe, 47–50; Holt, 27–28.
It would appear from her pedigree that the connexion was probably through the parties mentioned in the 1427 manorial transfer, and that there may have been a blood tie between the Michelgrove alias Fauconer family and that of Ernle, in addition to the one of spiritual kinship deriving from the Michelgrove heiress's baptism. John Ernele, Ernle, or Ernley, Solicitor General, then Attorney General of England and, finally, Chief Justice, is mentioned in 1480 as passing the manor to others of his kinsmen, John Clerkson, the elder, and John Inglere, who were great-grandsons of his own forebear, an earlier John Ernele. This is a curious reference as this particular John Ernley was born in 1464 or 1465, and so was not of age to make a conveyance. Moreover, he had an elder brother, also called John, whom historians refer to as John Ernle, The Elder, Esq.
Raghu Ram Pillarisetti is an Indian oncoplastic breast surgeon, the youngest recipient of the Overseas Gold Medal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the founder of KIMS-USHALAKSHMI Centre for Breast Diseases at KIMS Hospitals, the first dedicated and comprehensive facility for breast healthcare in the Indian subcontinent. He is also the founder of Ushalakshmi Breast Cancer Foundation, a not for profit organisation working in tandem with government and non government bodies for spreading awareness about breast cancer and Pink Connexion, the first newsletter from India, a quarterly, about breast healthcare. The Government of India honoured him in 2015 with the award of Padma Shri, the fourth highest Indian civilian award. In 2017, the Medical council of India selected him for the prestigious Dr B C Roy National award for ‘Outstanding service in the field of Socio Medical Relief’ for the year 2016.
Many demolished churches have been replaced by blocks of flats. Florence Court, on the site of the Horeb Tabernacle, is an example from the 1980s. The former fishing village of Brighthelmston, with its hilltop parish church dedicated to St Nicholas, experienced steady growth from the mid-18th century as its reputation as a fashionable resort grew. More chapels and churches were founded as the seasonal and permanent population grew; one of the first was linked to the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, a Methodist-based sect whose stronghold was the county of Sussex (which Brighton was part of). The first chapel on the site, founded in 1761, was the Connexion's first church in England. A Baptist chapel of 1788 in Bond Street, the predecessor of Salem Strict Baptist Chapel (demolished 1974), was the first of many places of worship for that denomination in the Brighton area.
325: "his connexion with it, [al]though sufficiently obvious, has never so far been pointed out". William Shakespeare remunerated for a performance at Whitehall on Innocents Day 1594. The Gesta GrayorumGesta Grayorum, The History Of the High and Mighty Prince Henry (1688), printed by W. Canning in London, reprinted by The Malone Society (Oxford University Press: 1914) is a pamphlet of 68 pages first published in 1688. It informs us that The Comedy of Errors received its first known performance at these revels at 21:00 on 28 December 1594 (Innocents Day) when "a Comedy of Errors (like to Plautus his Menechmus) was played by the Players [...]." Whoever the players were, there is evidence that Shakespeare and his company were not among them: according to the royal Chamber accounts, dated 15 March 1595 – see FigurePublic Record Office, Exchequer, Pipe Office, Declared Accounts, E. 351/542, f.
The following year (1808) Croker entered parliament as member for Downpatrick, obtaining the seat on petition, though he had been unsuccessful at the poll. The acumen displayed in his Irish pamphlet led Spencer Perceval to recommend him to the Duke of Wellington, who had just been appointed to the command of British forces in the Iberian Peninsula, as his deputy in the office of chief secretary for Ireland. This connection led to a friendship which remained unbroken till Wellington's death. The notorious case of the Duke of York in connexion with his abuse of military patronage furnished Croker with an opportunity for distinguishing himself. The speech which he delivered on 14 March 1809, in answer to the charges of Colonel Wardle, was regarded as able; and Croker was appointed to the office of first secretary to the Admiralty, which he held without interruption under various administrations for more than twenty years.
Some generations later, David Hume made a very similar point to Hobbes in other words: > But to proceed in this reconciling project with regard to the question of > liberty and necessity; the most contentious question of metaphysics, the > most contentious science; it will not require many words to prove, that all > mankind have ever agreed in the doctrine of liberty as well as in that of > necessity, and that the whole dispute, in this respect also, has been > hitherto merely verbal. For what is meant by liberty, when applied to > voluntary actions? We cannot surely mean that actions have so little > connexion with motives, inclinations, and circumstances, that one does not > follow with a certain degree of uniformity from the other, and that one > affords no inference by which we can conclude the existence of the other. > For these are plain and acknowledged matters of fact.
Title page of On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences (1834) A science book is a work of nonfiction, usually written by a scientist, researcher, or professor like Stephen Hawking (A Brief History of Time), or sometimes by a non-scientist such as Bill Bryson (A Short History of Nearly Everything). Usually these books are written for a wide audience presumed to have a general education rather than a specifically scientific training, as opposed to the very narrow audience that a scientific paper would have, and are therefore referred to as popular science. As such, they require considerable talent on the part of the author to sufficiently explain difficult topics to people who are totally new to the subject, and a good blend of storytelling and technical writing. In the UK, the Royal Society Prizes for Science Books are considered to be the most prestigious awards for science writing.
The > over-emphasis of personal details and the introduction of anecdotal material > destroy the proportion of many sections, and the insertion of forged > documents interrupts the course of the narrative, without adding anything of > historical value or even of general interest. Finally, the later addition of > lengthy passages and brief notes, frequently in paragraphs with the general > content of which they have no connexion, has put the crowning touch to the > awkwardness and incoherence of the whole, with the result that the oft- > repeated charge seems almost justified, that these biographies are little > more than literary monstrosities. M. L. W. Laistner was of the opinion that "even if the Historia Augusta was propaganda disguised as biography, it is still a wretched piece of literature", while Ronald Syme noted that with respect to the author's Latin prose: > He was not an elegant exponent. His normal language is flat and monotonous.
The constitution of the denomination (called in Welsh, Hen Gorff, i.e. the "Old Body" because, at its formation in 1811 issuing from the Anglican Church, it was an established 'body' or Connexion of believers with roots hailing back to the Methodist Revival), is a mixture of Presbyterianism and Congregationalism; each particular society constituted themselves to be churches and manage its own affairs and were to report (I) to the district meeting, (2) to the monthly meeting, the nature of each report determining its destination. The monthly meetings (known now as Presbytery meetings) were, and continue to be made up of all the officers of the churches comprised in each, and are split up into districts for the purpose of a more local co-operation of the churches. The monthly meetings appointed delegates to the quarterly Associations (now bi- annually), of which all officers are members.
Image Courtesy Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University The college occupies two historic structures in downtown Grand Rapids, between Division and Ionia Avenues and Fountain and Lyon Streets. The seven-story main building contains most of the college's classroom, studio, and office space. The Woodbridge N. Ferris Building contains exhibition space, the Material ConneXion Library, and additional classroom and office space. Facilities include color and black-and-white darkrooms (the color darkroom is one of two remaining color dark rooms in Michigan), photo studios, a library, galleries, an historic furniture collection, sculptural wood- and metalworking shops, a metalsmithing/jewelry design studio, digital fabrication contemporary technology such as wide format inkjet printers, laser engraving/cutting systems, 3D scanners, rapid prototyping/3D printers, CNC milling machines, printmaking equipment, life drawing studios, audio recording booth, 24-hour- access student studios, a coffee shop, and a bookstore with art supplies.
It is essentially the production of a conscious artist, deliberative and selective in his methods. Don Juan Manuel naturalizes the Eastern apologue in Spain, and by the laconic picturesqueness of his expression imports a new quality into Spanish prose which attains its full development in the hands of Juan de Valdés and Cervantes. Some of his themes are utilized for dramatic purposes by Lope de Vega in La Pobreza estimada, by Juan Ruiz de Alarcón in La Prueba de las promesas, by Calderón in La Vida es sueño, and by José de Cañizares in Don Juan de Espina en Milán; there is an evident, though remote, relation between the tale of the mancebo que casó con una mujer muy fuerte y muy brava and The Taming of the Shrew; and a more direct connexion exists between some of Don Juan Manuel's enxemplos and some of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales.
The Georgensgmünd–Spalt railway was opened on 16 October 1872 by the Royal Bavarian State Railways as a branch of the Nuremberg–Augsburg main line, after earlier plans to route the Ludwig South-North Railway from Lindau to Nuremberg via Gunzenhausen, Spalt and Georgensgemünd did not come to fruition. It was the second of the new category of light branch line, the so-called Vizinalbahnen, to be built. The hop farmers of Spalt would initially oppose this due to fears about the steam locomotives affecting the quality of their world-famous hops.Aus der Spalter Heimat, Buchreihe des Heimatvereins Spalter Land, Folge 11 Later, however, when the railway had established itself as a means of transportation, the town of Spalt tried several times to have a connexion built to the railway at Georgensgemünd, but eventually had to pay 80,000 gulden for the line as required by the Vizinalbahn law.
From his early days, but in particular during his time with Decca, Audio Record Review and Hi-Fi News, as well as in connexion with adjudicating the Grand Prix du Disque, Gammond encountered many of the most prominent musicians of the post-war decades. As a boy he met Elgar, he played bar billiards with Finzi while at Oxford, where he also lunched with Sir Thomas Beecham on the same day he hosted Dylan Thomas,See his One Man's Music (London, 1971), p. 155. and years later he dined with Stravinsky at the Savoy. While compiling articles and publicity material he encountered such composers as Sir Malcolm Arnold, Benjamin Britten, Aaron Copland and Sir William Walton, and interviewed such singers as Kirsten Flagstad, Renata Tebaldi, Dame Joan Sutherland, Birgit Nilsson, Victoria de los Ángeles, Régine Crespin, Frederica von Stade, Sir Peter Pears, Carlo Bergonzi, Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti.
Pennsylvania Governor William Bigler sympathized with Erie saying, "Pennsylvania holds the key to this important link of connexion between the East and the West, and I most unhesitatingly say, that where no principle of amity or commerce is to be violated, it is the right and the duty of the State to turn her natural advantages to the promotion of the views and welfare of her own people." Although the governor and state of Pennsylvania agreed with Erie's objectives, people in other states criticized Pennsylvania for its "selfishness". The United States Representative from Ohio, Edward Wade, suggested that Pennsylvania's nickname be changed to the "Shylock State" because it "demanded a 'pound of flesh' from all who passed its borders". On December 26, 1853, Horace Greeley, editor of the New York Tribune, had to travel through Erie on his way to Chicago and had to travel from Harborcreek to Erie in an open sleigh "through a cutting storm of wind, snow, and sleet".
Of the last- named we have only fragments, and the series of the councils under Aurelius is very incomplete. The African collection has not come to us directly: we have two incomplete and confused arrangements of it, in two collections, that of the Hispana and that of Dionysius Exiguus. Dionysius knows only the council of 419, in connexion with the affair of Apiarius; but in this single text are reproduced, more or less fully, almost all the synods of the collection; this was the celebrated Concilium Africanum, so often quoted in the middle ages, which was also recognized by the Greeks. The Spanish collection divides the African canons among seven councils of Carthage and one of Mileve; but in many cases it ascribes them to the wrong source; for example, it gives under the title of the fourth council of Carthage, the Statuta Ecclesiae antiqua, an Arlesian compilation of Saint Caesarius, which has led to a number of incorrect references.
The Commission's remit was to report on London's traffic arrangements and: (a) as to measures which the Commission deem most effectual for the improvement of the same by the development and inter-connexion of Railways and Tramways on, or below, the surface; by increasing the facilities for other forms of mechanical locomotion; by better provision for the organization and regulation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, or otherwise; (b) as to the desirability of establishing some authority or tribunal to which all schemes of Railway or Tramway construction of a local character should be referred, and the powers which it could be advisable to confer on such a body. The area of the Commission's scope covered the Metropolitan Police District, an area of and a population of more than 6.5 million in 1901. In its report the Commission described this as "Greater London" and the urban developed area at its centre as "the Metropolis". The area beyond the Metropolis was described as "Extra London".
She also photographed in the Dandenong Ranges; along the Hume Hwy; in the Central Desert and outback Australia, most notably Oodnadatta, Oodlawirra, Menindee, and Lake Mungo; vineyards and rural villages in the South of France; and the old Jewish cemetery in the centre of Prague. Evans's portrait photographs were taken mainly in black and white, at close range, and were usually environmental portraits that emphasised the psychological connexion between the sitter and his or her own space. They form a diverse cross-section of Australian society from anonymous sitters to intelligentsia and personalities, among them Marianne Baillieu; Barbara Blackman; Baron Avid von Blumenthal; Tim Burstall; Dur-e Dara; Robert Dessaix; Germaine Greer; Elena Kats-Chernin; Joan Kerr; Ellen Koshland; David Malouf; Dame Elisabeth Murdoch; Lin Onus; Jill Reichstein; and Chris Wallace-Crabbe. Evans worked as an honorary photographer for the Department of Aboriginal Affairs in Central Australia and for over ten years documented Australian country towns and events for the National Library of Australia.
The essential basis he finds in the real consciousness, of self as an active striving power, and the stages of its development, corresponding to what one may call the relative importance of the external conditions and the reflective clearness of self-consciousness he designates as the affective, the perceptive and the reflective. In connexion with this Biran treats most of the obscure problems which arise in dealing with conscious experience, such as the mode by which the organism is cognized, the mode by which the organism is distinguished from extra-organic things, and the nature of those general ideas by which the relations of things are known to us – cause, power, force, etc. In the last stage of his philosophy, Biran distinguished the animal existence from the human, under which the three forms above noted are classed. And both from the life of the spirit, in which human thought is brought into relation with the supersensible, divine system of things.
After the completion of the first major railway lines in the middle of the 19th century the Bavarian government became very interested in opening up other parts of Bavaria and also in establishing shorter links within the existing railway network. As a result, aspirations arose for a connexion between the Bamberg-Würzburg railway at Schweinfurt and the Werrabahn at Meiningen, not least in order to improve the accessibility of the Saxon-Meiningen provincial capital. So the governments of Bavaria and Saxe-Meiningen signed a state treaty on 21 March 1868 for the establishment of a railway line from Schweinfurt via Neustadt an der Saale to Meiningen. The Bavarian state railway took on the construction and management of the entire route; each government bore the cost of the section of the line on its own territory. Ritschenhausen station In 1871, after railway operations had begun on the line from Schweinfurt to Bad Kissingen via Ebenhausen, work started on the section from Ebenhausen to Meiningen on 14 June 1872.
Five years earlier they had acquired in the same way from Richard II the advowson of Willian, Hertfordshire, and from John Waltham, Bishop of Salisbury, and Warin Waldegrave that of Great Gaddesden, with leave in both cases to appropriate the churches to their own uses. When Richard died in February 1400 he was at first buried at Langley Priory; afterwards, however, his body was removed by order of Henry V to Westminster Abbey. But the conventual church of Langley still retained a sign of the priory's connexion with the royal family in the tomb of Edmund of Langley, Duke of York, interred here in 1402 beside his wife, Isabella, the daughter of Peter, King of Castile. Henry IV in 1399 and Henry V in 1413 confirmed the grants made to the friars, who therefore could easily prove their title to the Kentish manors, when the escheator seized them in 1420 on the expiration of the term for which they had originally been given.
The method of pasteurizing grape juice to halt the fermentation has been attributed to a British–American physician and dentist, Thomas Bramwell Welch (1825–1903) in 1869. Welch was an adherent to the Wesleyan Methodist Connexion which strongly opposed "manufacturing, buying, selling, or using intoxicating liquors" and advocated the use of unfermented grape juice instead of wine for administering the sacrament of the Eucharist, or communion, during the church service.Hallett, Anthony; and Hallett, Diane. "Thomas B. Welch, Charles E. Welch" in Entrepreneur Magazine Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurs. (John Wiley and Sons, 1997), 481–483; and Haines, Lee M.; and Thomas, Paul William. "A New Denomination" in An Outline History of the Wesleyan Church (4th edition ed.). (Indianapolis, Indiana: Wesley Press, 1990), 68. A few years earlier, Welch had relocated to Vineland, New Jersey, a town started in 1861 by Philadelphia land developer Charles K. Landis (1833–1900) to create his own alcohol-free utopian society, a "Temperance Town" based on agriculture and progressive thinking.
On 30 June 1810 the French army handed over the former principality to what was now the Kingdom of Bavaria, which it had bought from Napoleon for 15 million francs. Bayreuth became the capital of the Bavarian district of Mainkreis, which later transferred into Obermainkreis and was finally renamed as the province of Upper Franconia. As Bavaria was opened up by the railways, the main line from Nuremberg to Hof went past Bayreuth, running via Lichtenfels, Kulmbach and Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg to Hof. Bayreuth was first given a railway connexion in 1853, when the Bayreuth–Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg railway was built at the town's expense. It was followed in 1863 by the line to Weiden, in 1877 by the railway to Schnabelwaid, in 1896 by the branch line to Warmensteinach, in 1904 by the branch to Hollfeld and in 1909 by the branch via Thurnau to Kulmbach, known as the Thurnauer Bockala (which means something like "Thurnau Goat").
Over the course of the 1730s and 1740s, Turnbull published a series of pamphlets and books which drew heavily on his theological concerns. He published a small tract in 1731 which was inspired by a passage in Lord Shaftesbury's writings: A philosophical enquiry concerning the connexion betwixt the doctrines and miracles of Jesus Christ, where he maintains that just as experiments confirm scientific theories, so the miracles of Jesus Christ confirm Christian doctrine. Turnbull then wrote a critique of Matthew Tindal in Christianity neither False nor Useless, Tho' not as Old as the Creation in 1732, which dwelled on the relationship between natural religion and revealed religion. In 1740, Turnbull published A Treatise on Ancient Painting, where he argued for the educational usefulness of the finer arts, based on the idea that painting was a kind of language, conveying ideas and truths about life, philosophy and nature, with drawings by Camillo Paderni.
The British feared that the Ottomans might attack and capture the Middle East (and later Caspian) oil fields. The British Royal Navy depended upon oil from the petroleum deposits in southern Persia, to which the British-controlled Anglo-Persian Oil Company had exclusive access. Oxford historian (and Conservative MP) J.A.R. Marriott summarizes the British debates on strategy for the Near East and Balkan theatre: :The War in that theatre presents many problems and suggests many questions. Whether by a timely display of force the Turk could have been kept true to his ancient connexion with Great Britain and France; whether by more sagacious diplomacy the hostility of Bulgaria could have been averted, and the co-operation of Greece secured; whether by the military intervention of the Entente Powers the cruel blow could have been warded off from Serbia and Montenegro; whether the Dardanelles expedition was faulty only in execution or unsound in conception; whether Romania came into tardily, or moved too soon, and in the wrong direction.
In 1739 a ferry was situated just to the west of Naburn Hall, but by the early 19th century was in competition with a horse and foot road that led from the village street past the hall and across the ings to a ferry close to Acaster Malbis village. The latter ferry is said to have been started by the Thompsons of Escrick after Beilby Thompson married Dame Sarah Dawes to provide a connexion with her estate at Acaster. Due to increased traffic, it proved a nuisance to the Palmes family at Naburn Hall. In 1824 they closed the road with the ferry moving to a point near the middle of the village. The new ferry, for passengers and vehicles, was later worked by wheel and chain and was closed in 1956. A weir was made at Naburn, a mile downstream from the village, in 1741 and a 'dam' or weir and a lock were opened in 1757.
At the formation of the church in the 19th century, many of the Adventist leaders held to an antitrinitarian view, thanks to many antitrinitarian Christian Connexion ministers entering the former Millerite fold. Ellen G. White never entered into debate on this issue, but made some very trinitarian statements in her book the Desire of Ages and transcripts of her sermons in the early 1900s showed her identifying the Holy Spirit as a "Person" and one of the "three holiest beings". Modern Seventh-day Adventists that hold to an antitrinitarian view are in the minority, but they argue that these transcripts are inaccurate stenographer reports that do not reflect her true teaching. Pro-trinitarian scholars in the Church point out that these transcripts were in her possession and she could have modified them at any time had they reflected an inaccurate version of what she said, given the perceived doctrinal importance of the topic.
Durham University's claim is based on it being the third institution to gain official recognitions as a university, through the 1832 University of Durham Act and again in public general acts in 1835 and 1836, and on it being the third university in England to matriculate students on degree courses and to grant degrees. It is opposed by the fact that it did not gain its royal charter until 1837, later than the other three contenders and the claim that it did not hold degree awarding powers prior to this charter being granted. If either University College London or King's College London is accepted as having been a university since its foundation in 1826 or 1829 respectively, Durham's claim must fail. Durham University had its beginnings in an act of Chapter on 28 September 1831, which resolved to accept "A plan of an academic institution, to be called Durham College, in connexion with the Dean and Chapter".
With seven tracks ranked in the Beatport Top 100 early 2017 and more than 60 000 Facebook fans, DJ Maze no loger has to prove his recognition among DJs and general public. He collaborated with : Charly Black, Mr Vegas, L'Algérino, Marlo Rank's, NK, General Levy, Sheraz, Rebakam, M'Passi, Cheb Tarik, Ahmed Koma, Big Red, Jmi Sissoko, Djenna, Ejm, Alias L.J, Djam-L, Deen, La Harissa, Shaka Y Dres, Dina Rae, Truth Hurts, Mohamed Lamine, J'One, Atyka, Samplays, Ortal, Blex, Mr R, Rekta, Lyna Mayhem, Colin High, Dirty Ninos, LIM, Beat de Boul, Scred Connexion, Rebakam, Momo Debouzze.... DJ Maze also had a radio show on a famous French radio (NRJ) and gathered more than one million listeners every night. This radio show allowed the release of a compilation : "NRJ Master Mix 2, Mixed by DJ Maze". In 2016, DJ Maze recorded a new album in the Big Yard Studio (Kingstone, Jamaique) surrounded by Jamaican artists.
His most noteworthy contribution to literature was his portion of the Epistolæ Obscurorum Virorum (Letters of Obscure Men). At first the cloister world, not discerning its irony, welcomed the work as a defence of their position against Johann Reuchlin; though their eyes were soon opened by the favor with which the learned world received it. The Epistolæ were eagerly bought up; the first part (41 letters) appeared at the end of 1515; early in 1516 there was a second edition; later in 1516 a third, with an appendix of seven letters; in 1517 appeared the second part (62 letters), to which a fresh appendix of eight letters was subjoined soon after.. How far Hutten was the parent of this celebrated work was long a matter of dispute. Hutten, in a letter addressed to Richard Croke, denied that he was the author of the book, but there is no doubt as to his connexion with it.
Since at least the ninth century, the legends of Dionysius the Areopagite and Denis of Paris have often been confused. Around 814, Louis the Pious brought certain writings attributed to Dionysius the Areopagite to France, and since then it became common among the French legendary writers to argue that Denis of Paris was the same Dionysius who was a famous convert and disciple of Paul of Tarsus. The confusion of the personalities of Denis of Paris, Dionysius the Areopagite, and pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, the author of the writings ascribed to Dionysius brought to France by Louis, was initiated through an Areopagitica written in 836 by Hilduin, Abbot of Saint-Denis, at the request of Louis the Pious. "Hilduin was anxious to promote the dignity of his church, and it is to him that the quite unfounded identification of the patron saint with Dionysius the Areopagite and his consequent connexion with the apostolic age are due."A.
He arrived at Madras(present Chennai on 25 September 1821. From Madras, they travelled to Serampore by 15 November 1821. He along with his fellow missionary James Peggs finally arrived at mission station at Cuttack via Calcutta(present Kolkata) by 12 February 1822. By 1822, Cuttack became a centre of missionary labour with an outstation at Puri—It was largely due to efforts of zealous Christian Claudius Buchanan, who strongly advocated for Christian institution near the temple Juggernaut(colloquial English name for temple Jagannath Temple, Puri - Ratha Yatra temple car), when he visited in 1806 - After his visit to Orissa, he created public opinion in England for sending missionaries to Orissa - By 1812, missionaries started making appeals to British Government for permission - With change in British government policy by 1813, they allowed the missionaries to work in Eastern India, officially - in 1816, New Connexion of General Baptists as a body resolved to do something to enlighten and evangelize the s with knowledge of Christianity.
As a result, in the early years to about 1906, passenger trains were often classed as mixed trains, the so-called "goods trains with passenger services" (Güterzüge mit Personenbeförderung) or GmP, which resulted in journey times of up to 3 hours due to shunting movements at the stations en route. Plans to link this railway with the Zwiesel–Grafenau line and hence to effect a connexion from Passau as far as Cham, were stymied when the latter was routed close to the town in accordance with the wishes of Grafenau townsfolk. Subsequent plans to build a railway from Grafenau via Schönberg to Fürstenstein from the Deggendorf–Kalteneck railway, which turned off the Ilztalbahn at Kalteneck, also came to nothing. And hopes expressed during the construction of the narrow gauge railway, the Spiegelau Forest Railway (Spiegelauer Waldbahn) in 1908 from Klingenbrunn via Spiegelau to Mauth, to build a standard gauge line between Mauth and Freyung, did not come to fruition either.
He did this for many different gases, and when the gases were ranked by their emissive powers the rank order was the same as it was for their absorptive powers. His February 1861 article "On the Absorption and Radiation of Heat by Gases and Vapours, and on the Physical Connexion of Radiation, Absorption, and Conduction" in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Volume 151, pages 1–36, year 1861, was later republished in the book Contributions to Molecular Physics in the Domain of Radiant Heat, Chapter I; and in the same book there is more in Chapter II section 11 (year 1862), and chapter IX section 6 (year 1865). These laboratory experiments by Tyndall on "the reciprocity of absorption and radiation on the part of gases" were informed by experiments done on solids by Balfour Stewart in 1858 and 1859. The two relevant articles by Balfour Stewart are online as republished in 1901 in The Laws of Radiation and Absorption: Memoirs by Prévost, Stewart, Kirchhoff and Bunsen.
The Ernle family maintained their manorial demesne at Earnley on the Sussex coast for centuries. In the early Tudor period, the original, or Sussex branch, of the Ernle family gave rise to Sir John Ernle (or Ernley), Knight, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas (1519–1520), whose career, begun during the reign of King Henry VII of England reached its height in the reign of his son and successor, King Henry VIII of England. Sir John Ernley's legal and judicial career and family connexions are detailed in the DNB and its successor, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Sir John's descendants remained in Sussex through the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods maintaining their connexion with the manor of Earnley until its sale in 1630, during the first years of the reign of King Charles I. Thereafter, it becomes harder to trace the descent of the Sussex branch of the family, though there are traces of it in Sussex in the 17th and 18th centuries as well as in neighbouring Hampshire.
247 A.D. 1428 [page heading] WILLELMUS ERNELEY tenet immediate de quo vel quibus ignorant, certa terras et tenementa in Yatesbury que nuper fuerunt Agnetis Burdon, per servicium un. f. m. [rendered into English from Latin as follows] WILLIAM ERNELEY holds through subinfeudation, but from whom exactly is unknown, various lands in Yatesbury which were formerly held by Agnes Burdon, by the service of one f. m. Provided, of course, that these references do indeed relate to the same William ERNLE, this seems to indicate that while based at La Manwode in the parish of Earnley in Sussex in 1428, where, by being the first named, he would appear to have been the chiefmost resident (as holder of the manor of Earnley), he also held lands formerly in the possession of Agnes Burdon (widow of Nicholas, elsewhere recorded as Durdon, apparently erroneously) at Yatesbury in Wiltshire. The significance of this connexion between EARNLEY, Sussex and Yatesbury, Wiltshire—while not as obvious as the one with Fosbury, Wiltshire with which John ERNLE, The Elder, was later associated—is not, however, to be glossed over lightly.
Of special significance, not always apparent at the time that they were supplied, are the reports of North Africa and other Mediterranean territories in 1942; on Yugoslavia, Crete, the Dodecanese, and Möhne Valley, Lampedusa, Pantelleria, the geology of certain Alpine tunnels, and various regions of the Far East in 1943; and those on the flying bomb sites in France in 1944. In connexion with this class of work and in the course of a visit to the United States in 1944 by a member of the Museum staff, the opportunity was taken to establish contact with the Military Geology Unit of the US Geological Survey, with most helpful results. Considerable assistance was also given to the Naval Intelligence Division, whose handbooks are extensively used by the Services, by Government Departments, and by British embassies abroad. Chapters were contributed on the Mineral economics of West Africa, the Belgian Congo, Mozambique and Angola, and accounts of the geology and mineral resources of other territories prepared the staff of Naval Intelligence Division were checked prior to printing off.
On September 1, a little before noon, Mr. R.C. > Carrington happened to be observing, by means of a telescope, a large spot > which might then be seen on the surface of our luminary, when a remarkable > appearance presented itself, which he described in a communications to the > Royal Astronomical Society. (Richard Carrington’s paper is then quoted at > length.) On calling at Kew Observatory a day or two afterwards, Mr. > Carrington learned that at the very moment when he had observed this > phenomena the three magnetic elements at Kew were simultaneously disturbed. > If no connexion had been known to subsist between these two classes of > phenomena, it would, perhaps, be wrong to consider this in any other light > than a casual coincidence; but since General Sabine has proved that a > relation subsists between magnetic disturbances and sun spots, it is not > impossible to suppose that in this case our luminary was taken "in the act". > This disturbance occurred as nearly as possible at 11h 15m A.M. Greenwich > mean time, on September 1, 1859, affecting all the elements simultaneously, > and commencing quite abruptly.
Abu Taleb and his mother remained in Lucknow under the protection of the Nawab - "although Nabob Shujaa ad Dowleh was much displeased at my father's conduct, he nevertheless, recollecting the connexion between our families, supplied my mother with money for her expenses and have her strict injunctions to let me have the very best education." They moved to Murshidabad in 1766, but in 1768, within about 18 months of their arrival, Hajy Mohammed Beg Khan died. Abu Taleb had been married into the family of 'Muzaffer Jung - Nabob of Bengal' and spent some time in that prince's service, remaining away from Oudh until, in 1775, after the death of Shuja-ud-Daula and the accession of his son Asaf-ud-Daula, he was invited by the prime minister, Mokhtiar-ud-Daula, to take up the position of Aumildar of the Etawah district. The role combined tax-collector, Lord-Lieutenant and local military controller, but ceased within a couple of years upon the death of Abu Taleb's patron Mokhtiar, and the appointment of Hyder Beg Khan as his replacement.
Bus services through the village had always been minimal and just met the demand to and from Daventry. The village is located in the unprofitable fringes between big bus company areas. United Counties Omnibus Company withdrew the remaining service in 1980 when Northamptonshire County Council withdrew financial support. After that, infrequent services were provided by K W Coaches Ltd of Daventry, a company registered on 16 December 1936 and its name was changed to Geoff Amos Coaches Ltd on 18 April 1983 upon a change of ownership and its base moved to Eydon. The Government’s Rural Bus Challenge led to the formation of the Great Central ConneXion quality bus partnership between Geoff Amos Coaches, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire County Councils. From 4 September 2000 the village was provided with a bus service better than ever experienced before when an hourly service began from Banbury via Byfield, Woodford Halse, back to Byfield, through Badby and Staverton to Daventry and thence through Braunston, HM Prison Onley and Dunchurch to Rugby railway station.
Many new buildings and much industry appeared in the Victorian era. The new buildings included the Independent Chapel (1822), Holy Trinity (1836–1837), Christ Church (1837), Castle Railway Station (1846), the Wesleyan Chapel (1846), the Corn Exchange (1848), the Methodist New Connexion Chapel (1848), W. N. Nicholson Trent Ironworks (1840s), Northgate Railway Station (1851), North End Wesleyan Chapel (1868), St Leonard's Anglican Church (1873), the Baptist Chapel (1876), the Primitive Methodist Chapel (1878), Newark Hospital (1881), Ossington Coffee Palace (1882), Gilstrap Free Library (1883), the Market Hall (1884), the Unitarian Chapel (1884), the Fire Station (1889), the Waterworks (1898), and the School of Science and Art (1900). The Ossington Coffee Palace was built by Lady Charlotte Ossington, daughter of the 4th Duke of Portland and widow of the former Speaker of the House of Commons, Viscount Ossington, designed to be a Temperance alternative to pubs and coaching inns. These changes and associated industrial expansion raised the population from under 7,000 in 1800 to over 15,000 by the end of the 19th century.
The Marriage Acts Compilation Act 1904, 1904 No. 19,Marriage Acts Compilation Act 1904 No. 19 New Zealand Retrieved 4 December 2016 repealed The Marriage Act 1880, 1880 No. 21 and the amendments of 1889 and 1891, The Deceased Wife's Sister Marriage Act 1880, and The Deceased Husband's Brother Marriage Act, 1900. The Act required that marriages shall be solemnised with open doors, between the hours of eight in the morning and four in the afternoon, in the presence of an Officiating Minister or other person duly authorised by this Act, and in the presence of two or more witnesses. The Act specified ten Religious Bodies: The Church of the Province of New Zealand, commonly called the Church of England; The Presbyterian Church of New Zealand; The Roman Catholic Church; The Methodist Church of Australasia in New Zealand; All Congregational Independents; Baptists; The Primitive Methodist Connexion; The Lutheran Church; All Hebrew Congregations; and The Society of Friends. Maori were exempted from the Act but permitted to marry under the provisions of the Act if they desired to do so.
Article 36 requires Parties to adopt measures against "cultivation, production, manufacture, extraction, preparation, possession, offering, offering for sale, distribution, purchase, sale, delivery on any terms whatsoever, brokerage, dispatch, dispatch in transit, transport, importation and exportation of drugs contrary to the provisions of this Convention," as well as "[i]ntentional participation in, conspiracy to commit and attempts to commit, any of such offences, and preparatory acts and financial operations in connexion with the offences referred to in this article". Article 36 does not directly require criminalization of all the above; it states only in the cases of (unspecified) serious offences that they "shall be liable to adequate punishment particularly by imprisonment or other penalties of deprivation of liberty." The Article also provides for extradition of drug offenders, although a Party has a right to refuse to extradite a suspect if "competent authorities consider that the offense is not sufficiently serious." A 1971 amendment to the Article grants nations the discretion to substitute "treatment, education, after-care, rehabilitation and social reintegration" for criminal penalties if the offender is a drug abuser.
In 1896 a short act extended the powers to propose, amend and modify special rules, provided for representation of workmen on arbitration under the principal act on any matter in difference, modified the provision for plans of mines in working and abandoned mines, amended three of the general rules (inspection before commencing work, use of safety lamps and non-inflammable substances for stemming), and empowered the secretary of state by order to prohibit or regulate the use of any explosive likely to become dangerous. In 1900, another brief act raised the age of employment of boys underground from twelve to thirteen. In 1903, another amending act allowed as an alternative qualification for a manager's certificate a diploma in scientific and mining training after at least two years' study at a university mining school or other educational institution approved by the secretary of state, coupled with practical experience of at least three years in a mine. In the same year, the Employment of Children Act affected children in mines to the extent already indicated in connexion with factories.
He asked the Argentine Court to call numerous French officials to testify to their actions: former French President, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, former French Premier Pierre Messmer, former French embassador to Buenos Aires Françoise de la Gosse and all officials in place in the French embassy in Buenos Aires between 1976 and 1983."Disparitions : un ancien agent français mis en cause", Le Figaro, 6 February 2007 Besides this "French connection", María Mendía also charged former head of state Isabel Perón and former ministers Carlos Ruckauf and Antonio Cafiero, who had signed the "anti- subversion decrees" before Videla's 1976 coup. According to Graciela Dalo, a survivor of the ESMA interrogations, Mendía was trying to establish that these crimes were legitimate, as the 1987 Obediencia Debida Act claimed them to be and further that the ESMA actions had been committed under Isabel Perón's "anti-subversion decrees" (which would give them a formal appearance of legality, although torture is forbidden by the Argentine Constitution)."Impartí órdenes que fueron cumplidas", Página/12, 2 February 2007 Alfredo Astiz also referred to the "French connexion" when testifying in court.
Space was made for double track, but only a single line was laid. The work had been estimated at £50,000 and the actual cost was £59,000. This included land acquisition and Parliamentary expenses.Simpson, page 15 The construction was under the general direction of Robert Stephenson. Whishaw described the line further: > The rails are chiefly of the parallel form [as opposed to fish-bellied]... > they are in 16 feet lengths, and fixed in chairs by means of wooden keys; > the chairs are placed 4 feet from centre to centre along the line of > railway; the sleepers are from 9 to 10 feet in length, and of full > scantling... > The station at Aylesbury is conveniently laid out: a triple way, connected, > at a convenient distance from the offices, with the main line, runs into a > railway-dock 33 feet wide at its entrance, and 12 feet at its connexion with > the terminal turn-table, the side space of which is 4 feet 10 inches;... the > quay [loading dock] on either side is about 10 feet in width.
The general method that Crowley used to interpret the obscurities of Liber AL was the Qabalah, especially its numerological method of gematria. He writes, "Many such cases of double entendre, paronomasia in one language or another, sometimes two at once, numerical-literal puzzles, and even (on one occasion) an illuminating connexion of letters in various lines by a slashing scratch, will be found in the Qabalistic section of the Commentary." In Magick Without Tears he wrote: > Now there was enough comprehensible at the time to assure me that the Author > of the Book knew at least as much Qabalah as I did: I discovered > subsequently more than enough to make it certain without error that he knew > a very great deal more, and that of an altogether higher order, than I knew; > finally, such glimmerings of light as time and desperate study have thrown > on many other obscure passages, to leave no doubt whatever in my mind that > he is indeed the supreme Qabalist of all time.MWT Chapter IV. online > version.
Grenfell and Hunt's translation of this document runs as follows: > Chosion, son of Sarapion, son of Harpocration, his mother being Sarapias, of > Oxyrhynchus, to Tanenteris, daughter of Thonis, son of Thonis, her mother > being Zoilous, of the same city, with her guardian Demetrius, son of Horion > and Arsinoe, of the same city, greeting. I acknowledge the receipt from you > through Heliodorus and his associate overseers of the bank at the Serapeum > near the city of Oxyrhynchus, for which Epimachus made the promise of > payment, of four hundred drachmae in imperial coin for wages, oil, clothes > and all other expenses during the two years in which my slave Sarapias > nursed your daughter Helena, known as her father's child; who when you took > her back had been weaned and had received every attention; and I acknowledge > that I neither have nor shall have any complaint or charge to make against > you either in connexion with this transaction or any other matter whatever > up to the present time. This receipt is valid.
The public saw FitzGerald as the proprietor of The Press, but the newspaper saw reason to publicly state that "it is not a fact that Mr FitzGerald has either pecuniary or official connexion" with it; he was however the driving force behind the paper. On 13 June 1863, the first part of Samuel Butler's Erewhon appeared in The Press in an article signed with the pseudonym Cellarius (q.v.) and headed "Darwin among the Machines."Preface to the Revised Edition, Project Gutenberg eBook Erewhon by Samuel Butler. Release Date: 20 March 2005. In 1905, The Press purchased a block of the Cathedral Square site for £4,000. The Board then purchased the right of way (Press Lane) and what was going to be the original Theatre Royal site from the Theatre Royal Syndicate for £5000. The Gothic part of the Press building (occupied by the company until 22 February 2011) was built starting in 1907 and the Press staff shifted into it in February 1909 from their Cashel Street premises.
For centuries, trade in wool, ale, cakes and cheese created wealth for the town. Wool was first referred to in 1268, and cheese was manufactured from the 15th to the 18th centuries. By the late 14th century Epwell village, formerly part of Dorchester hundred, began to be included in Banbury hundred. The Abbots of Eynsham early acquired many of the land rights in Charlbury formerly belonging to the Bishops of Lincoln, including by the year 1363 a 3 weeks' court and a portmoot. The payment of 3s, 4d. were payable to the town's hundred bailiff recorded in both 1372 and 1373, which was perhaps made in connexion with the view of a frankpledge, at which the constable of Banbury had to be present as well as the abbot's steward for the hundred. In 1247 the hundred of Banbury was valued at £5 (100 shillings) a year and in 1441 certainty money due from the northern part of the hundred was 89s. 8d It was made up of payments from Shutford, Claydon, Swalcliffe, Great Bouton and Little Bourton, Prescote, Hardwick, Calthorpe and Neithrop, Wickham, Wardington, Williamscot, Swalcliffe Lea, and the former prebend of Banbury, and 69s. 4d.
VDL Berkhof at Hilversum station in March 2013 GTW train near Amersfoort in July 2013 Voskhod hydrofoil in June 2009 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter taxi in September 2007 Connexxion was formed on 10 May 1999 from a merger between transport companies NZH, ZWN, Midnet and Oostnet. Its name is a mutation of the French word connexion meaning connection. In January 2007, Connexxion took over Utrecht public transport operator GVU and Nijmegen operator Novio.Connexxion consolidates bus operations Dutch News 3 January 2007 In 2007 Connexxion's 33% shareholding in Syntus was sold.Annual report for year ended 31 December 2007 Connexxion On 12 October 2007, Connexxion was privatised with a 67% stake purchased by Transdev-BNG- Connexxion Holding BV (TBCH) , a consortium consisting of Transdev (75%) and Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten (BNG) (25%), beating a Deutsche Bahn / Rabobank consortium and FirstGroup.French company buys Connexxion Expatica 2 July 2007Transdev buys majority stake in Dutch bus firm Reuters 2 July 2007Transdev Acquisition Creates Fourth Largest Public Transport Corporation Group in Europe CNW Group 5 July 2007Annual Report for year ended 31 March 2007 FirstGroup This gives Transdev 50%, BNG 17%, and the government 33% stake in Connexxion.
In 1846 a new company, the Monmouthshire Railway, obtained Parliamentary authority to purchase the entire works of the Monmouthshire Canal system, including all the railways; > The First General Meeting of the Monmouthshire Railway Company was held [on > 11 September 1846]... After congratulating the proprietors on obtaining the > Act of Parliament, which received the Royal Assent on 13 August last, [the > Managing Committee report] referred to the present state and future > prospects of the Company. One of the objects which they had started was the > purchase of Monmouthshire Canal Company, which beside its own course, had a > connexion with some 50 or 60 miles of tramway travelling throughout its > district. This canal had been purchased by the committee at £200 a share... > Among the conditions of purchase it was left to the Canal Company to take > shares in the railway in lieu of the purchase money... The Canal Company had > not yet given notice of the number of shares that it might be their > intention to take... In fact the purchase had been authorised, not completed, and the Monmouthshire Railway failed to raise the cash it needed for the purchase, and the powers lapsed.
The collection contains models of the important official documents usually prepared by the chancery; particularly of letters and official documents in connexion with the death, the election, and the consecration of the pope; the installation of newly elected bishops, especially of the suburbicarian bishops; also models for the profession of faith, the conferring of the pallium on archbishops, for the granting of privileges and dispensations, the founding of monasteries, the confirmation of acts by which the Church acquired property, the establishment of private chapels, and in general for all the many decrees called for by the extensive papal administration. The collection opens with the superscriptions and closing formulae used in writing to the Emperor and Empress at Constantinople, the Patricius, the Exarch and the Bishop of Ravenna, to a king, a consul, to patriarchs, metropolitans, priests and other clerics. The collection is important both for the history of law and for Church history, particularly for the history of the Roman Church. The formularies and models set down are taken from earlier papal documents, especially those of Gelasius I (492–496) and Gregory I (590–604).
28–46): "It tends, however, to prove one thing, namely, that theRasa'il were popular with later Isma'ili missionaries who read, copied, and summarized them to suit their own purpose. But, as stated above, it has yet to be proved that Isma'ili bent of the tracts and of the genuine ar-Risāla al-Jāmi'a was itself a proof of early Isma'ili connexion. Indeed, the tracts speak in two voices on this Isma'ili bent." Stern (1947) Some modern scholars have argued for an Ismaili origin to the writings. Ian Richard Netton writes in "Muslim Neoplatonists" (London, 1982, p. 80) that: "The Ikhwan's concepts of exegesis of both Quran and Islamic tradition were tinged with the esoterism of the Ismailis." Whilst according to Yves Marquet, "It seems indisputable that the Epistles represent the state of Ismaili doctrine at the time of their compositions" (vide, "Encyclopaedia of Islam", 1960, p. 1071) Bernard Lewis in "The Origins of Ismailism" (London, 1940, p. 44) was more cautious than Fyzee, ranking the Epistles among books which, though "closely related to Ismailism" may not actually have been Ismaili, despite their batini inspiration.
The Freshfields report concluded that not only was it permissible for investment companies to integrate ESG issues into investment analysis, it was arguably part of their fiduciary duty to do so.Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer A Legal Framework for the Integration of Environmental, Social and Governance Issues into Institutional Investment: A Report Produced for the Asset management Working Group of the UNEP FI, 2005 (PDF) In 2014, the Law Commission (England and Wales) confirmed that there was no bar on pension trustees and others from taking account of ESG factors when making investment decisions. Where Friedman had provided the academic support for the argument that the integration of ESG type factors into financial practice would reduce financial performance, numerous reports began to appear in the early years of the century which provided research that supported arguments to the contrary.Cogan Douglas, G, Corporate Governance and Climate Change: Making the Connexion, (Ceres, March 2003) In 2006 Oxford University's Michael Barnett and New York University's Robert Salomon published an influential study which concluded that the two sides of the argument might even be complementary—they propounded a curvilinear relationship between social responsibility and financial performance.
Being entrusted with the publication of the official war bulletin, the Teutsche Blätter, by the royal and imperial authorities at headquarters as early as the end of 1813, Herder went to Paris with the allied armies in 1815 in Metternich's train as "Director of the Royal and Imperial Field Press". Subsequent to the conclusion of peace he founded an art institution for lithography, copperplate engraving, and modelling in terra cotta, in connexion with his publishing business. In the course of time upwards of three hundred pupils were turned out from this institution, while the sumptuous illustrations and maps that were issued mark an epoch in the history of this branch of technic–especially the Heilige Schriften des Alten und Neuen Testamentes in 200 biblischen Kupfern (the Holy Writ of the Old and the New Testament in 200 biblical engravings), of which he reproduced numerous impressions by an original lithographic process, and Woerl's Atlas von Central-Europa in 60 Blättern (Atlas of Central Europe in 60 plates, 1830), which was the earliest employment of two-colour lithography. As late as 1870 this atlas rendered important service to the German army by reason of the map of France it contained.
On 18 September 1819 King's journal states. > At last quarter ebb we got underweigh and proceeded to examine the opening > by steering South-South-West towards the deepest part; at twenty-three miles > from Lacrosse Island the gulf is divided by Adolphus Island into two arms; > one of which trended to the South-South-East and the other to the South- > South-West. As the western arm appeared to be of most importance we entered > it and, with a strong flood tide, proceeded with great rapidity; as sunset > approached we began to look for an anchorage, but found much difficulty on > account of the strength of the tides, the great depth of water, and, as I at > first thought, the unfavourable quality of the bottom: at last the anchor > was dropped close to the south-west shore of Adolphus Island in the entrance > of another arm which appeared to trend to the south-east under Mount > Connexion. Phillip Parker King's Plan of Cambridge Gulf on the north west coast of Australia published in 1826 It would seem from the description that this "arm" mentioned in the last sentence, would have been the Ord River, which would wait another 60 years before acquiring a name.
Congratulatory address in the dialect of Forth and Bargy, presented to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland the Earl of Mulgrave Constantine Henry Phipps on his visit to Wexford in 1836 taken from the Wexford Independent newspaper of 15 February 1860. The paper's editor Mr Edmund Hore writes: > The most remarkable fact, in reality, in connexion with the address is this. > In all probability it was the first time regal or vice-regal ears were > required to listen to word of such a dialect; an it is even still more > probable that a like event will never happen again; for if the use of this > old tongue dies out as fast for the next five-and-twenty years as it has for > the same bygone period, it will be utterly extinct and forgotten before the > present century shall have closed. In order for a person not acquainted with > the pronunciation of the dialect to form anything like an idea of it, it is > first necessary to speak slowly, and remember that the letter a has > invariably the same sound, like a in “father”. Double ee sounds like e in > “me”, and most words of two syllables the long accent is placed on the last.
Downman is thought to have been born near Ruabon, Denbighshire, the son of Francis Downman, attorney, of St Neots, and Charlotte (née Goodsend, eldest daughter of the private secretary to George I); his grandfather, Hugh Downman (1672–1729), had been the master of the House of Ordnance at Sheerness. The Downman family is usually known as a Devonshire one, but the exact connexion between the artist and the Devonshire branch has not been traced. He was educated first at Chester, then at Liverpool, and finally at the Royal Academy schools, and was for a while in the studio of Benjamin West. Swedish Baron Gustaf Adam von Nolcken, Swedish Ambassador to the United Kingdom (1780) Downman set off in 1773 with Joseph Wright of Derby, a pregnant Ann Wright and Richard Hurleston for Italy. Their ship took shelter for three weeks in Nice before they completed their outward voyage in Livorno in Italy in February 1774. Downman returned to Britain in 1775.Jane Munro, 'Downman, John (1750–1824)', Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004 accessed 7 Sept 2013 Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire (c. 1780) He settled down for a while in Cambridge (1777), eventually coming to London, where he contributed to various art exhibitions.
This brick building was erected in 1876 for the Primitive Methodist congregation of Brisbane, on a site in Brunswick Street acquired by The Corporation of the Primitive Methodist Connexion in 1875. It was the third Primitive Methodist Church erected in Brisbane. Primitive Methodist Services conducted by lay preachers commenced in Brisbane in 1859, and the first minister arrived the following year. A small church was built in Windmell (now McLachlan) Street, Fortitude Valley, in 1861, and shortly afterwards, a second church was erected in Adelaide Street. By the mid-1870s, a new church was necessary to serve the expanding Fortitude Valley population. Plans for the new church were drawn by Brisbane architect Richard Gailey, who designed a substantial number of Protestant churches in Queensland in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including the Baptist City Tabernacle in Wickham Terrace, opened in 1890. Tenders for the Brunswick Street church were called in February 1876, and the contract was let to John Smith & Sons of Adelaide Street. Several foundation stones were laid on 1 March 1876, and the building was completed in about five and a half months at a cost of approximately , including fittings. The opening service was conducted on 24 September 1876.

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